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{Real Bride: Carrie} Wedding-Induced Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Confession: Wedding planning has turned me into a way more superficial brat than I used to be.

There’s nothing like imagining walking down the aisle with all those eyes on me, plus getting professional photographs taken of myself, to make me worry like crazy about how I will look.

Yes, I know everyone says brides ALWAYS look beautiful.  I know I have dreadlocks so I won’t seem like a traditionally-styled bride no matter what, not that I want to.  But I still feel tons of pressure to look my best!  This pressure is mostly self-inflicted, and lately I’m just feeling like an ugly duckling!

Oye vey.

Pardon the bitchfest for a moment, but my two main complaints are my weight and my skin.  In a way, the weight is the easy one.  Too many desserts and cervezas have taken their toll on my midsection, but if I really commit to healthier choices I know I can shed a few pounds by June.  I don’t want to be unrealistic and go on a torturous diet, just lose the beer belly and get more fit!  I know if I can pull it off I’ll feel much more confident on my wedding day!

My skin has always confused me.  First of all, my skin tone is very uneven, freckly, and red.  I blame the Irish in me.  I’ve tried several different makeup regimens over the years but I always end up looking shiny by the end of the day.  With an outdoor summer wedding, I’m really worried about looking like a sweaty beast in all the pictures!  Secondly, I have really dark under-eye circles.  No matter how much sleep I get or how little caffeine/alcohol I drink, they remain.

The concealers I’ve tried never really hide my circles as much as I’d like, and they too end up melting down my face after several hours.  I’m really worried about how I’m going to DIY my wedding makeup when I’m not even satisfied with my day-to-day look!  I’m terrified I won’t feel confident and I won’t like how I look in the photos.  I know these concerns are totally stupid and conceited, but I can’t help feeling stressed about the beauty aspects of the big day!

Has anyone else been infected with Ugly Duckling Syndrome while planning “the most important day of your life”?  Anyone have advice on longer-lasting makeup brands?

{DIY or… Live?} The Broke-Ass Makeup Conundrum

One of the hardest lessons for a Broke-Ass Bride is that it is sometimes cheaper to hire someone to do something for you than it is to do it yourself.  Broke-Ass living can give you control issues.  You tabulate every cent you spend in a color-coded spreadsheet, you try to will yourself to be warmer so you don’t have to turn up the thermostat, you have to build the fortitude to resist the siren call of cute spring dresses (or shoes, or vintage books, or sports cars: whatever your consumerism poison).  It’s bound to make you a little Type-A. I think that’s why we love DIY so much: it’s not just the savings, its not just the fun of crafting, it’s that we get exactly what we want.

This is why I am not hiring a makeup artist for my wedding.  Because I’m a control freak about my face.  I worry that if I let a stranger make me up I’ll look like Marge Simpson after Homer shot her with the makeup gun he invented:

But I know from experience that it is often cheaper to hire someone to do your wedding day makeup.  When my sister got married in 2008, I offered to do her makeup for her so she could save some $$.  Problem is, my sister doesn’t wear makeup. Ever. So we had to buy EVERYTHING. The cost of that first makeup shopping trip would have easily covered the price of a makeup artist. And of course we had to make a second trip when we found out that the lipstick shade wasn’t quite right and the allegedly-waterproof mascara wasn’t cry-proof. That would have covered the tip. At the time, I justified that spending because hiring a makeup artist lasts for one day, but these products would be good for at least several months.  But my sister still doesn’t wear makeup. If I had to bet, she never used any of that stuff again after her wedding.

But what if you’ve already got a whole drawer full of makeup? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to DIY your wedding makeup in that case? Sure… but only if you can promise yourself you’re not going to let the wedding justify buying a lot of new products (especially products more expensive than what you normally buy).

Can you make that promise? I know I couldn’t. I have everything I need. But didn’t the wedding justify replacing my worn-out powder brush? Ye$. Shouldn’t I find a waterproof eyeliner that doesn’t flake off? Of cour$e I $hould. Wouldn’t  this be a great time to finally try foundation primer? Ab$olutely!

$150 dollars at Ulta later, I’m at twice the price of the makeup artist quote I got from my hair salon. [In a lot of areas, the price of a makeup artist is considerably more, but I could have easily spent twice as much at Ulta.  TRUST ME.]  Unlike my sister, I will use these new products on more than one day. But I wouldn’t have missed them if I just used the money to hire a makeup artist for my wedding.  I’m really not following my budget here. I’m following my heart.

Because now I know that I won’t have my eyebrow scar filled in with brow pencil by a well-meaning pro while I’m not paying attention. I won’t have to worry about my skin reacting to any strange products in the artist’s kit. I won’t have to worry about not looking like myself on my wedding day, because the same person who always does my makeup will be doing it.

So while I’ll repeat today’s lesson that Broke-Ass Wedding Planning is that DIY is not always cheapest, but add on: sometimes it’s worth it anyway. If you’re not into makeup and never will be, and you don’t have control issues about how your face looks, go ahead and hire a makeup artist.  If you’re like me and obsess over your makeup too much to outsource it, just make sure you don’t think DIY makeup is “free,” and allot some money in your budget for new products.  And if you are somewhere in between, take stock of what products you might buy, check the rates of local makeup artists, and let your budget be your guide.

Where do you fall on this spectrum? Are you hiring a makeup artist? Were you surprised how expensive doing your own makeup can end up being?