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I make things. It’s sort of my deal. Whether it’s cooking, painting or Christmas cards, creating things with my hands is something that means a lot to me. I’ve been struggling to come up with ways to make things for our wedding and still keep an elegant, vintage look. To me, calligraphy is a luxury that’s definitely out of our broke-ass budget, but it packs a lot of punch in the elegance factor. I love the small details that simply take everything up a notch. Plus, I’m always a fan of things I can do while sitting at my coffee table, watching a Lifetime movie and drinking a glass of wine.

I do realize that I can print envelopes and place cards in a nice script font and call it a day, but the idea of my wedding being without details that I made myself, feels entirely inauthentic to me. That’s not who I am and my friends and family know that.

So, that being said, the first thing I’ve dubbed as my own is the calligraphy. I don’t remember why, but I used to do it as a kid, along with a number of other nerdy, solitary things — like spending hours playing solitaire while creating dozens of cassette tapes of music recorded directly from the radio. (Weren’t you bummed when you caught the DJ speaking, or missed the very beginning of the song?) I’m sure I’m seriously dating myself now. There were these things called “cassette tapes … ”

Anyway, I’ve recently received my supplies — turns out calligraphy isn’t that hot of a thing these days, and what I wanted wasn’t available in the store so I ordered online from Blick. I have the feeling this might be something I’d really enjoy, and really be good at, so we’ll see how it turns out. Maybe I have a little freelance career in calligraphy in my future.

Are there any BABs out there who’ve mastered the art of calligraphy? Any tips or tricks to share?

  • 7/29

    ‘Sup BABs!

    I’m back once again with a bibbity, boobbity blog, and this time I am super excited to be able to give a massive shout out to Miss Harriet de Winton.

    I am very lucky to have this lady in my life, and even more lucky to have so much help from her with wedding stuff. She’s been super supportive from day one, and has said “yes, absolutely” to everything I’ve asked of her.

    And more! She has recently gone one step further and has HAND DRAWN our invitations.

    OMIGOD you guys, I cannot tell you how gorgeous these invitations are. I won’t pop them on here, as I want our guests to see them for the first time in real-life. BUT, she does has a website chock full of other designs she has done.

    I’m just gonna leave these here:
    Harriet Rococo


    Credit: Dewinton Paper Co.

    I’m so pleased that our invitations will be unique to us. It feels so incredibly decadent to have something so fancy and bespoke. They set the tone for all the individual little touches we want on our day, and hopefully will get people really excited about our wedding.

    As a BAB, however, I will say that the concession we are making to budget (and the environment) is that only day guests will get the printed version. Evening guests (bar a few who may not be tech savvy enough to have email) will get a lovely virtual version. Same design, same tender care, just less tree-death.

    And if you’re looking for a stationer for your wedding, I can’t recommend Harriet highly enough. She is super efficient, incredibly talented, and I know she’d take the same care over your invitations as she did for one of her oldest friends. She’s just like that.

    Am Dram Bride – out.

    Emma Watkins
  • 2/27

    RubyMay Etsy

    For you brides that got engaged over the holidays and are looking at a wedding this summer, you've very likely starting to put your feelers out for invitation styles that you enjoy. As I've sat browsing through some of the new styles this season, I keep finding myself drooling over bright, bold and beautiful designs. Eye-catching jewel tones and simple but striking patterns make a statement…

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    Wedding Stationery

    Hunting for wedding stationery can be a totally daunting experience. There are those that say invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding. There are those that press the importance that your stationery is one of the few things you get to hang on to forever afterward. Everyone and your grandma will probz hang your Save the Date and invitation on a refrigerator or cork…

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    Get Inspired Charcoal Grey, Kelly Green and a Pop of Yellow

    BAB reader Beth was having a little trouble pulling together all the color elements of her kelly green and charcoal grey with daisy yellow accents, so, of course, like good little bloggers do ... we came in and totally took the reins on this biatch. And let me tell you -- it's no easy feat finding a charcoal grey dress that either isn't a sweater…

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  • 9/10

    We know that invitations are one of the first elements of your wedding that convey the look and feel guests can expect on the big day. We also know that wedding invitations can be super pricey. And holy bananas, are there options! Foil, letterpress, embossed, pocket, flat, square, shapes, laser cut ... where do you even begin to begin? Made with PicMonkey Well, you can…

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    I have been completely hesitant about this post because: #1 I could talk about paper for days and #2 I OVERSPENT and am mildly shameful. It was DIY hell but totally worth it. When I first started browsing invitations, I hated everything. Well, not hated. But I just couldn't find what I was looking for. I was also, as per usual, mildly horrified at the cost. I…

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    *This paid post has been brought to you by our friends at MagnetStreet. You guys know our homies over at MagnetStreet, right? You should. Because they've been longtime partners with BAB and they're always throwing some killer deals your way. But before we get to that good bit, for those of you newbie Broke-Ass Brides out there, lemme tell you a little about our pals.…

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  • 6/19

    You've heard it a thousand times: Your wedding stationery is the first impression guests will get of your wedding. Whether it's classically traditional, whimsically romantic or the ubiquitous rustic-chic, your invitations should convey your wedding vision. Whether you swoon for Claire Pettibone-esque florals or dig clean and chic typography, WildHeart Paper has a mountain of gorgeous offerings to ... well ... drive your heart wild. With…

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