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Get Inspired: Grey, Teal and Bursts of Yellow for Your Fall Wedding

I was browsing through some fall weddings on a big, well-known wedding website, and I was struck by how many were kind of … meh. I mean, sure, there is TONS of gold in fall weddings — and we all know how much I love gold — but the palettes, for the most part, seem so muted or they’re the same basic jewel tones over and over. Guys, c’mon! Let’s bring some color into this bitch, yeah? Sunflowers happen to be in season for autumn, and it doesn’t get much more bright than these fun blooms! For complementary colors, I didn’t have to look far — inspiration is everywhere! Teal and grey are great bedfellows for cheery yellow, as teal’s richness is mellowed out by a lighter grey tone, which is great for silver lovers!

Get Inspired: Grey, Teal and Bursts of Yellow for Your Fall Wedding

Top row, from left: Paper Tassel Garland, Beau-Coup | Country Charm Bridal Bouquet, Bloominous | Charcoal Grey Recycled Glass Vase, Luna Bazaar | Teal Tissue Paper Pom-Pom, Luna Bazaar | Middle row, from left: “Ainsley” Dress in Sunlight, BHLDN | Mignon White Pleated Chiffon Evening Gown, Unique Prom | Fête to Print Dress, ModCloth | Jeweled Strap Wedding Dress, Ann Taylor | Sunny Socializing Dress, ModCloth | Bottom row, from left: Make a Scene Heel, ModCloth | Dance Instead of Walking Heel in Grey, ModCloth

What are your wedding colors, darlings? Are you having trouble coming up with ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

Five for Friday: Books to Curl Up with This Fall

Aside from its propensity to have perfect outdoor drinking weather (helloooo beer garden!) and a slew of cute new fashion finds, fall also seems like a good time to get my nose buried in a few good books. Throw open the windows to let the crisp air in and get rid of the summer stuffiness, bake some cookies, pour a glass of vino and crack that puppy open while the kitties surround me with cuddles. Heaven, right? So for this Five for Friday, I found five books that are either wildly enticing and I can’t wait to get my mitts on or beautifully inspiring for this fall. Obviously, the no. 1 book I would recommend would be our book, but I figure that goes without saying (don’t have a copy? Get it here). 



“#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso

“A #GIRLBOSS is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.”

It’s been a powerhouse summer over here at BAB, so this seems like an appropriate read. Plus many lovely girl bosses, who I respect profusely, highly recommend it.

Inspired Wedding

“The Inspired Wedding” by Emma Arendoski

This beautiful hardcover is chock full of themes, ideas, inspiration and gorgeous photos. Whether you’re pre-engaged, engaged or just really love beautiful things, “The Inspired Wedding” won’t disappoint. Plus, it was written by the lovely lady behind Emmaline Bride, so you know it’s good.


“Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,” by Jenny Lawson

Guys, if you don’t know and read The Bloggess, you really ought to start. Jenny is freaking hilarious. I’m bound and determined to get around to reading her book this fall, because I don’t just feel but I KNOW that I’ve been missing out.


“Humans of New York,” by Brandon Stanton

I began following the HONY Facebook page at the behest of a former BAB editor, and every single post gives me pause. Some are funny, some are gut-wrenchingly sad, some are achingly honest … but all are absolutely beautiful. Brandon Stanton does a fan-fucking-tastic job at what he does.

financial lives of the poets

“The Financial Lives of the Poets,” by Jess Walter

This is one of those books that I started reading because the title seemed oddly fitting (writing/editing + finances? Duh). I kept reading because it was funny and sad and had a tinge of a super bumbling, clumsy “Breaking Bad” feel to it.

What books are you picking up this fall? Have you read anything good lately? Spill in the comments!


Real Bride Kate: How Our Wedding “Theme” Chose Us

First and foremost, let me emphasize that I am not one of those traditional people who believe a wedding must have a theme. I know, me, untraditional? Shocking. Therefore, Daniel and I did not approach our wedding planning with the goal of creating a theme. Instead, we chose items based on our likes and dislikes, and a wedding theme naturally emerged as our planning progressed. I want to share the questions we asked ourselves with you, not only so you can understand how our “theme” evolved, but so you can use it when shaping your own wedding theme or simply sorting out the finer details.


This is our invitation, which features our first wedding “must,” the color red. Picture taken by our friend, Teresa.
  1. What is a must?

Think about the one style/theme detail that is non-negotiable and begin there. When it came to “choosing” a color for our wedding, it was a no-brainer. I adore the color red. As in – It. Is. My. Spirit. Color. I love red so much that I will be wearing a red wedding dress. It only made sense that red become the main color of our wedding. When Daniel began the search for our wedding invitations, he searched for ones with red accents and found the gem above from Wedding Paper Divas. It gave us our secondary and tertiary colors, black and white, which we also happen to love. Easy and natural.


These are two of our “vintage-y” centerpieces. Each table will have a different centerpiece that can be used as a lantern for our outdoor reception.
  1. What is your style?

I don’t mean your wedding style. Think about the two of you as a couple and your material belongings. Are your wardrobes full of chic dresses and sharp suits? Is your house decorated in ultra-modern stainless steel fixtures and geometric patterns? Do you love muscle cars and collect rock memorabilia? Whatever your style is in your life – let your wedding reflect that. Don’t worry about what is trendy; worry about what is you as a couple. For me and Daniel, our style is vintage with a modern twist, which is reflected in almost every detail of our wedding, simply because we let our natural style lead our choices.

Book Mark Favor

This is the sample book mark favor from FaithfulCrafter on Etsy. Ours will have a custom reading from our wedding ceremony.
  1. What are your passions?

Think about hobbies, passions and places you two share. Figure out a way to work these into your wedding aesthetics. Daniel and I both love reading and academia, so without our even noticing it, books began creeping in as a theme. First, Daniel suggested doing a reading from Homer’s The Odyssey in homage to the “long-distance” side of our relationship. Second, we bought bookmark wedding favors (with red accents and a vintage flair, of course). Then, I decided to have bouquets made from book pages (luckily, my bridesmaids are all writers and bookworms, too!). Now, I’m running with the theme and even trying to work vintage books into the centerpieces. Books reflect our passions, emphasize black and white as part of the color scheme and just plain make us excited to decorate. What’s better than that?!

Book Page BouquetThese are the sample book page bouquets from PumpkinsandButtercups on Etsy. My bridesmaids and I are having each bouquet custom made out of our favorite novel!
  1. Most importantly, what do you want?

When it’s all said and done, you don’t need a theme or special colors or even decorations if you don’t want them. Sit down with your partner and brainstorm your dream wedding. Then, figure out how you make it happen within your budget and your personal style. I can tell you from experience: once you open yourselves up to happiness, it will find you!

In the end, I guess you could say that my and Daniel’s wedding theme is “literary vintage” with a color scheme of “red, black and white.” But, really, we don’t need those labels. It’s just us.

What about you, BABs? How did you determine your “theme”? 

Winning Wednesday: Glam Up Your Wedding withThe Rustic Wedding Handbook

Rustic weddings are gorgeous. Duh. There’s a pretty whimsical feel to them that helps make your wedding day a little extra special and romantical. And they tend to be pretty DIY-heavy, which adds a great personalized touch.

Maggie Lord, the schamazing mastermind behind Rustic Wedding Chic is kinda sorta the guru of rustic weddings. Remember when she did this rockin’ tutorial for us? Welp, that’s just one of many many beautiful how-tos. In her book, “The Rustic Wedding Handbook,” she shares even more how-to goodness, plus she gives some great tips and ideas on how to style your own rustic wedding.

Winning Wednesday Glam Up Your Wedding with The Rustic Wedding Handbook

And, of course, she wants to share with you, BABs! Get yourself in on the game by completing each task below to earn entries to win “The Rustic Wedding Handbook!”

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Feeling Inspired? The Broke-Ass Bride Wants You to Join the Team!

Hey you!

Yeah, you!

Do you spend your days thinking about weddings, dreaming up different themes, schemes and gorgeous details? Can you easily get lost in the pages of gorgeous bridal magazines or scrolling through wedding blogs? Do you have a Pinterest board(s) dedicated to various ideas and styles for the big day?


Fantastic! We need that head-in-the-clouds kinda gal as The Broke-Ass Bride’s new Wedding Inspiration Guru!

This gal will:

  • Know her way around WordPress
  • Easily toss one post per week into the ring, with a healthy respect toward deadlines
  • Have some serious style skill, or at least knows how to write about it
  • Know how awesome weddings and parties are, and be inspired by them in all facets – glam get-togethers, rustic soirees, geek chic galas, backyard bashes … the possibilities can’t stop, won’t stop
  • Get what it is to be a Broke-Ass, and can bring ideas into the realm of broke-assery
  • Be keen to contribute to a rockin’ blog with amazing readers, great tips and a kick-ass mission
  • Know that e-hugs and e-high fives are the best kind of payment, since this is an unpaying gig. However, there is a possibility to earn some skrilla down the road, and we’re always happy to dole out love, schamazing recommendations and even the occasional freebie.

Do you or someone you know fit the bill?

Email with an intro (we wanna know who you are!), a sample of your writing, and a link to any Pinterest boards that show off your knack for wedding themes/style.



Real Bride Tiffany: Our Budget-Friendly Wedding Website

Ah, the wedding website. A necessary thing in this day and age. And a necessary thing for someone like me who hates answering questions. It is on the Internet, I say! I do actually always say that … don’t ask me, puh-lease just Google that shizz.

We wanted traditional paper invitations because: #1 I love me some paper and some graphic design and; #2 not all of our guests are completely Internet savvy and would prefer the snail mail version anyways. But we did also want a website for more information that wouldn’t be included anywhere else … the entire point of a wedding website.

The thing about those websites though, well, some of them can be QUITE cheese-tastic. I appreciate the free templates that a variety of wedding sites offer. They just felt very much so not us and not actually as customizeable as they claim. But paying for one? Out of the question. Paying $15-$30 a month or $75-$100 a year was just not something we were interested in.

Our solution was simple. We both have experience with blogging platforms, which are typically free. We both have remedial to not-so-remedial design abilities. We can DIY this website!

Step 1: Use a blogging platform to build your site layout and customize away. We used Blogger because that is what we were both comfortable with at the time. I used dafont to search through about one billion (free!) font options and nearly went blind. And the I used Photoshop to create the header and buttons {Eds. note: If you don’t have Photoshop, try PicMonkey}.



Step 2: Fill in the blanks! We left out the traditional wedding website sections such as “our story” and crap like that because, honestly, if you don’t know our story you probably won’t be invited in the first place. We chose to include: wedding details (duh), accommodations (featuring a map and all of the details needed to book), around town (for the out-of-towners to explores during their visit), registry links and our email addresses for contact information (featuring a picture of that cat because she needs to be included everywhere). Oh AND an open letter to Bill Murray which we will get to at some point during this journey …





Step 3 (optional, but no one likes clunky URLs and grandma isn’t going to remember that whole “blogspot” inclusion so help a sister out): Purchase a domain name from somewhere like GoDaddy (we paid about $15 for one year).

Now, I must warn you. Our website is nowhere near as awesome as this one, but it is still pretty dang awesome AND hopefully will meet the needs of all of our guests. And at the end of the day, it cost us only $15. Done and DONE.

Wedding Inspiration: Something Blue with Doctor Who!

It’s no surprise that we have a little geek side over here at BAB. I mean, let’s be real. You don’t get this cool by not having a daily dose of geekery in your diet. And what better way to celebrate your inner fangirl than adding bits and bobs to your wedding day?




When you first glance over at my group of friends, I’m the Phoebe to their Chandler, Joey and Ross. But what you don’t see on the outside is that this edgy, bubbly chick can definitely get her nerd on, especially when it comes to Doctor Who (and minions!).

Kevin and I recently decided to revisit the series, starting from our dear Mr. Christopher Eccleston and suddenly I was overwhelmed with the desire to have a Doctor Who themed wedding (again)! Just picture it, a touch of color in every direction – you don’t even need to be a Whovian to enjoy some good, ol’ blue!



Bring a bit of classic art to the table with a cake mimicking the famous work by Vincent van Gogh!



Pinterest has some amazing recipes for drinks – ask if your venue allows you to do a customized cocktail and serve up some Killer Kool-aid (adult style!).






Now there’s the standard TARDIS or “Timelord” and “Companion” ring sets, but this little beauty completely sold me. Simple and classy with a touch of inner-geek!



“Nine hundred years of time and space, and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” So why not lock their memory into this customizable TARDIS guest book!






Between you and me, I could not be more thrilled that I came across this! I had an idea to use the sonic screwdriver to hold up my bouquet but could not find someone else who had done it. Until now! I can guarantee I’ll be holding this on my day – nerd moment all the way!



Now we just need a bouquet to give away!




What a sweet, little addition to your aisle. Dress up your flower girl with a blue tutu and your ring bearer with a bow tie (because they’re cool) and not only do you have an adorable picture but a little Matt Smith to drive the girls crazy.



Sapphires are such a beautiful accessory to have. They’re classic and timeless, but can be used in the most unexpected ways.



And lastly, a touch of navy blue on your dress, how could you go wrong? Or if you want to go all the way, perhaps add a small TARDIS on the inside of your dress for your “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue”!


Are you incorporating any TARDIS blue into your wedding? Or do you have something else subtle and sneaky that’s a must-have?

Five for Friday: May the Force Be with Your Wedding Day

Happy Friday, Broke-Asses! Since this weekend holds a v. special holiday for the geek in me, I figured celebrating Star Wars Day with a roundup of my five favorite ways to incorporate that oh-so wonderful of trilogies (the originals, duh) into your wedding day. You could always go with the obvious Star Wars-themed cake or Leia’s signature buns, but in case you already have plans for your sweet concoction or follicles that don’t involve geekery, here are five easy and fairly subtle accessories to pay homage to your inner Jedi:

R2 Afraid of the Dark? Lights from ModCloth, $34.99

R2D2 Afraid of the Dark String Lights from ModCloth, $34.99

These little droids would be pretty rockin’ strung up around the bar or cake. or use them to light up centerpieces on all the tables!Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.21.37 PM

Star Wars Yoda Green and Grey Skinny Tie from, $55

The subtle print makes it easy for your dude to use the force and not disrupt your carefully planned color palette. Chose wisely, he did!

Sterling Silver Ring Pair – I Love You / I Know, Amazon,com, $79.95

Show your love the Han and Leia way with these sterling rings.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.23.57 PM

Millenium Falcon Blue Print Cufflinks from, $60

Wearing these cufflinks would be a super easy and inconspicuous way to smuggle Star Wars into your nuptials.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.37.47 PMSaber the Flavor Shaker Set from ModCloth, $21.99

Put these great shakers on the table so your guests can flavor up their grub with a little bit of the dark side!

Are you planning on including your favorite pieces of geekery into your wedding day? Tell how me in the comments below!


Wedding Inspiration: Calling All Country Cowgirls!


So you’ve roped him in, atta girl! Now it’s time to set up the stables and prepare for the rodeo. Here’s how to skip the mud, the animal droppings and the chewing tobacco without losing that country goodness!

To me, the ultimate dream setting for a country wedding would be a barn; enriched with history, oozing with charm and perched high up in the mountains surrounded by nothing but nature. But for arguments sake, let’s say you can’t afford it or just simply don’t know what to do with the space you have.


I love this barn in Austin, Quebec.


Decor can set the whole mood for your celebration. Do the Pinterester thing – get all the mason jars! Check out your local thrift shops, or Amazon sells them by the dozen. Working on a super tight budget? Then repurpose all those jars from your spaghetti sauce! Paint them and turn them into little vases, candle holders, drinking glasses or a wonderful centerpiece. When it comes to an outdoor/country wedding, take cues from your surroundings and go with in-season flowers in the area to save some skrilla or just get some wheat! If there isn’t enough space inside the barn, set up an area for a dance floor outside (make a Plan B for a tent, in case of bad weather). Place some picnic tables and hay barrels nearby with quilts draped on them for easy and maneuverable seating, and add tiki torches for a little mood lighting (just be careful with hay and open fire). You can use some of those mason jars as lanterns and direct guests to soft patches of grass, away from the wedding raucusness, with a blanket and so they can lay underneath the stars – whoever said that romance was overrated clearly never enjoyed a starry night.

And now that you’ve spent the time making your space look good, it’s time to look in the mirror! Kick up your boot-clad heels in a sweetheart, tea length dress, full of flow and lace. Add add a touch of bling for sparkle, and there’s no takin’ the country out of this girl!








If you’re looking to get them mugs all good ‘n’ stamped with your new hitched name, check out this Etsy shop.



What wedding is complete without twinkly lights?



Don’t judge me, I’m totally having a S’mores bar at my wedding. So I’m biased when I say that this is an idea I absolutely love!





Are any of you BAB’s having yourself a country wedding? How are you ramping up your theme?