Broke-Ass Tag: Wedding Guest Book


Wedding guest books are a radtastic way to capture memories and messages from your big day, but what do you do with it when all’s said and done? Stuff it into a drawer? Stick it on a shelf to gather dust? Well, no more. With Evergram, family, friends and loved ones can digitally capture wedding wishes meant just for you two lovebirds prior to the wedding, and you can relive those keepsake messages forever.

Evergram compiles text and audio well-wishes, toasts, and even a crazy wedding party video or two into a digital keepsake album that’s delivered to you on your big day, so that you can watch and rewatch to your little heart’s content. It’s also a super awesome way for those who couldn’t attend your wedding to send you their love.

No longer will you have to fuss over what to do with that clunky book, or where you’ll display all those rocks people signed. And you won’t have to struggle to make out who wrote what, since you’ll get to see their faces and enjoy their voices instead.

Since Evergram is so stoked about teaming up with BAB, they’re offering you brides with weddings between Oct. 15 and Dec. 15 free use of the Evergram beta service. But that’s not all! Evergram has got the hook-up for a $20 Starbucks gift card for the first 100 qualifying respondents who get their guests to use Evergram as their way to send you love. What what?!? That’s a whole lotta awesome right there!

Head on over to to request an invite and check out this new way to keep your wedding memories alive forever.