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Dress shopping has brought me equal parts excitement and anxiety. You’re shopping for the dress. I’ve never been a spectator for anyone’s shopping experience before, and have only been bridesmaid dress shopping once. Ten years ago. 

I’d like to add that I sort of hate shopping. I don’t like to try on clothes. I have a solid idea of what looks good on me, and purchase 90% of my clothes online. Does this limit my closet to skinny jeans all from the same store and fit and flare dresses that are just different prints? Yes, but I’m totally OK with that.  

I’m excited for the obvious reasons: It’s my wedding dress — the dress that trumps all others. The one opportunity you have to legitimately be a princess, in whatever way you define that. You’re buying a dress that should make you feel beautiful, and more often than not, will be the most expensive and extravagant dress you’ll ever wear.  

I’m anxious about it for reasons less obvious. I am keeping the entourage to an absolute minimum. My mother, of course, and my aunt, who has been a second mother to me. Those are the two people who this occasion means the most to, aside from myself. As I mentioned, I’ve never gone dress shopping with another bride, and I can only assume that it’s less exciting for spectators. The last thing I want is for my friends to be subjected to a potentially long afternoon of obligatory ooh-ing and aah-ing over whatever potentially hideous taffeta poofball the salesperson thinks I just have to try on. 



Let me circle back to the part where I hate trying on clothes. I am not particularly happy with the idea of a saleswoman that I don’t know helping me in and out of numerous dresses. What do you even wear for underwear? I feel like I have to wear some full-coverage briefs and a sports bra to not feel weird about standing around in my underwear in front of a stranger. I’m sure that’s a bit ridiculous, and I’m over-thinking it, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of it. 

Truth be told, I would probably rather just go by myself, but I know it would break my mother’s heart. I would like to take however long I feel necessary to try on, take off, try on again, to make my decision without feeling like there are other people sitting around bored. So before you hear from me again, dear readers, I will have braved my first, and hopefully only, dress shopping experience.  

I assume I’ll be the same about dress shopping as I’ve been with other decisions in life like apartments or car buying. I know what I want, I don’t dawdle and I make decisions quickly. 

What about the other BABs out there? Was dress shopping your dream come true, or a little intimidating?

  • 11/3

     Happy Monday, BABs! I hope your Halloweekend was wonderful and amazing and so wildly full of fun and candy. For today’s Get Inspired styleboard, I thought I’d get a jump on the holiday season and the soon-to-be abundance of greens and reds and holly jolly that will surround us everywhere we go. Jade is a really striking color of green that will pop in photos, but is a little softer in shade than kelly green, making it a little easier for a variety of skin tones to pull off. Taupe as a neutral would look amazing here and there to tone down the high-energy jade, and ivory isn’t as stark as white so it blends well with the other two.

    Jade Ivory Taupe

    Made with PicMonkey

    Top row: Decorative Moss Chandelier, $46.95-$55.95 at | Peaceful and Quiet Votive Candle Holder Set in Sunset, $39.99 at ModCloth | Paper Pennant Banner, $5 at | Ornate Vintage Framed Chalkboard, $55.95 at | Glass Leaf Tea Light Holders, $33.50-$37.22 for set of 8 at

    Middle Row: That’s A Wrap Teal Green Long Sleeve Dress, $49 at Lulu’s | Leyna Gown, $600 $240 at BHLDN | Ethereal Deal Dress, $59.99 at ModCloth | Honora Gown, $1800 $600 at BHLDN | Lavish and Lovely Dress in Jade, $94.99 $65.99 at ModCloth

    Bottom Row: Top of the World Taupe Sequin Maxi Dress, $44 at Lulu’s | Reliably Refined Necklace, $34.99 at ModCloth | Top: Jade Upgrade Heel, $69.99 at ModCloth | Bottom: Architectural Tour Heel in Cement, $69.99 at ModCloth | LULUS Exclusive Bead Me Up Beaded Taupe Dress, $40 at Lulu’s

    What colors would you like to see together? What’s your scheme look like?

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    Happy Friday, BABs! My love for BHLDN grows ever stronger, especially with the release of it's Summer Lookbook this week. The first image in the lookbook featured one of its gorgeous gowns coupled with an ethereal flowing tulle skirt, and I DIED. Far be it from me to keep the love all to myself, so for this week's Five for Friday, I picked my five…

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  • 4/1

    The Broke-Ass Bride is proud to partner with Brides Against Breast Cancer, turning gently used designer gowns into a beacon of hope in the worldwide fight against breast cancer. If you'd like to donate your gown, here's how. If you're in need of a gown, Brides Against Breast Cancer runs a nationwide tour of gowns, and you should most definitely check it out when it…

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    Photo courtesy of bridesmaiddressaleca Dear Heather, I need to find navy, knee-length, one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses. The catch - under $100 and something that stores carry. My maid of honor lives out of state and wants to try it on before she buys, and I totally agree! I've heard too many horror stories of online dresses not fitting right! Help me, please! Bride Seeking Little Blue…

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    Brides Against Breast Cancer is an amazing charity that we've partnered with--they accept new and used gown donations, which they then send on roadshows across the country to sell to brides like you for an average price of $600! They also do "Run and Renew" 5K events as fundraisers, and every year, they raise around a million dollars for those impacted by cancer. Incredible, no?…

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