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Happy Friday, Broke-Asses! It’s starting to get a little chilly in my little corner of North Texas, but that just means nights around the fire pit with good friends, good beer and good music, plus some super cute and cozy outfits. But I digress. I’ve been thinking a lot about small, fairly inexpensive ways to ultra-personalize your wedding day. From rubber stamps to complementing your sweet tooth to cake toppers and more, there are a few little extras that will ensure everyone knows whose love they’re celebrating (like they don’t already know).Metal Letters from

Metal Letters, $40 at Fab

As much as I love vintage marquee signs, they can be time-consuming to DIY and they’re spendy af if you’re looking to buy. For a similarly industrial look without dropping a bunch of dime, these awesome metal letters from Fab get the initial (heh) point across, and are just as chic in your home after the wedding.Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 8.30.27 AM

Rubber Stamp, $31.95 from Holmes Stamp & Sign

Holmes Stamp & Sign has a huge variety of designs for your wedding, and with the right information, you can super easily DIY your own Save the Date (this tutorial could easily be adjusted for such a project). Holmes sent me one of these stamps for my new business and I’ve loved leaving my mark in random places. Because the ink pad is integrated into the stamp design, it’s as easy as throwing the whole shebang into my bag and working on a little guerrilla branding as we wait for our biz cards. You could also use these stamps on your escort cards, menus, programs … so many options.

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Cityscape Save the Date Cookie, $8 for 12 from Eleni’s New York

Oh, ya’ll. Cookies + Save the Dates? Yeah, count me in. Eleni’s New York has a pretty killer selection of cookies for any occasion, but their wedding cookies take the … cake? But really, from this cityscape design to generic couples or rings to cookies imprinted with a photo of you and your partner, these cookies are great for save the dates, wedding favors … or even thank-you cards! I love the idea of leaving them at each place setting for a little midnight snack for your guests. Also: They’re delicious.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.14.03 AM

Personalized M&Ms from My M&Ms

So, prices vary for this depending packaging and personalization, but they start around $59.99 for bulk personalized order. And y’all, they’re M&Ms with YOUR FACES on them (you can see me and my fella rocking our unicorn and T-rex Halloween onesies above). Whether you set up a candy buffet or just leave a little tin of the sweet treats at each guest’s place setting, this is a little personal something sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face.Zime Personalized Peg Wedding Cake Topper

Personalized Cake Toppers, $76 from Etsy seller zime

I’ve seen customized cake toppers that have run the gamut from classy to … um. Scary? But these little personalized peg people are just straight adorbz. I mean, look at that side-eye! The zime Etsy shop has a ton of options for customization (uh, wanna include your cat? It can be a thing). Sure, $76 might seem like a little bit of an expenditure, but this is one of those wedding keepsakes I, personally, would proudly display.

How are you adding a personal touch to your wedding day? Tell us in the comments below!

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    vintage blue suitcase wedding decor

    Suitcase available from Etsy seller VintageAtmosphere

    Have you wondered what you’re going to do after the wedding with the loads of fake flowers, chalkboards and whatever other delightful piece of wedding décor you couldn’t bare to part with? You may even have magical ideas of turning it into a wreath for your front door or re-purposing it for the holidays. Of course, some make great home decor, but some are just … eh.

    Let’s be real: The odds of it ending up in a plastic bin in your basement and repeatedly getting moved and then eventually thrown away or rummaged is probably pretty high. For a budget-conscious couple, that’s money being thrown away.

    We’ve come to realize the answer for some of the fun, funky decor we want would best be acquire through renting rather than buying. The company that we’ll be using, Relics Vintage Rentals, works this way: Make an appointment to check out their fabulous warehouse full of awesomeness, choose the items that suit your style, receive a quote, then pay a deposit to hold your beloved items until the big day. You can either pick them up, or they can deliver. Relics even has an in-house artist who helps with lettering on those chalkboards Pinterest fanatics love. (Time saver!)

    In many cases, you can rent everything from small decor items and full sets of china, to furniture and large scale architectural pieces. Your local rental business may even help with full wedding design as well.

    Before you make an appointment, you’ll want to have some information already decided upon with your partner:

    • Venue and date. (Duh.)
    • Your wedding style: Many decor rental businesses lean heavily in the vintage or rustic direction, however, don’t discount these places if you’re going for a really shiny glam or bright funky look. You might luck out on an item you wouldn’t naturally consider that will create a really eclectic and unique style.
    • Approximate number of guests: How else would you know how many pieces of table décor you’ll need without knowing how many tables you’ll have?
    • Your list: Come armed with a list of what you need, with a little wiggle room built in for that impulse piece you just have to have. (Don’t worry, you’ll figure out what to do with that vintage typewriter later.)

    Another piece of advice is to keep your excitement in check. Less is more. Our venue, for example, is in a historic building that really doesn’t need much décor (which ended up being a really budget-friendly decision, in and of itself). Seriously consider your venue before you go crazy on all the cool pieces you’ll find at these warehouses. You want accents, not clutter.

    Now go forth, and dream big! Your décor budget just got a little more friendly.

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    Nick and I wanted to DIY a lot of aspects of our wedding, not just to save money, but also to make the day feel more authentically “us.” We’re both creative people, and wanted to use this opportunity to have fun with ideas and projects. I also define DIY success as being able to complete all our projects without having a mental breakdown – blood…

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    Hello again! I'm back, this time to tell you about the reasons why wedding professionals are awesome. I came into this process thinking that -- since I'd done it before -- I knew everything about how to do this whole wedding planning thing, and exactly what I wanted. Imagine my surprise when I walked into a vendor meeting and went "Uhhhhhhh ... " Crap! I'm sitting there with a…

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     Happy Monday, BABs! I hope your Halloweekend was wonderful and amazing and so wildly full of fun and candy. For today's Get Inspired styleboard, I thought I'd get a jump on the holiday season and the soon-to-be abundance of greens and reds and holly jolly that will surround us everywhere we go. Jade is a really striking color of green that will pop in photos,…

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    Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, I often convince myself that I can create ANYTHING. Even though my brain and my severe lack of patience tell me otherwise. Even so, my wedding crafting to-do list reached about 10 items too many. To resolve this problem, I turned to my best Internet friend, Etsy. BABs, if you are unfamiliar with Etsy, get outta town! But keep…

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    In honor of the premier of the new season of "Doctor Who" this weekend (and because I have a serious obsession), it's a perfect time to holler out to my Whovians and give a nod to those space-lovers out there for this Five for Friday. These are all fairly subtle accents, so it's not like you're going full geek -- not that there's anything wrong…

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    Image courtesy of Photo Pink Dear Heather, I refuse to spend big bucks on flowers. What else could I use? Brittany Dear Brittany, The possibilities are endless, and I love non-floral decor. I even have a tag on my business blog dedicated to this very topic. Because I have faith in your ability to Google for images, I'm only going to include a handful of…

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    Spencer's Giveaway Redux.jpg

    OMG. YOU GUYS. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am (and clearly, a little jealous) about this giveaway. Images provided by Spencer's. Collage made on PicMonkey. Because of my v. steadfast rule opinion that every wedding should have a disco ball, I busted my butt to try to make this happen for one very lucky Broke-Ass Bride. And thanks to our seriously fun…

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