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Real Bride Jess: Cake, Cake, Cake!

Vendors are terrifying. In a perfect world I would just have a friend that was a caterer, a friend that was a florist, a friend that was a DJ, etc. Unfortunately that’s not my situation. I, like most brides, have to rely on the good people of yelp (and like minded websites) and the recommendations of my venue and friends.

How I feel when going around in circles with 50 different vendors.

That being said there were two vendors that I didn’t even have to think about: Photographer — thanks Suzanne at SheWanders for being so bomb; and cake. As a little kid, my family and I used to go to VG’s for donuts every weekend. Michael calls me a “doughnut snob” because I don’t think anything compares to a VG’s raised crumb doughnut. VG’s also made all of my childhood birthday cakes. That being said, there was no question in my mind that if I could have VG’s make my wedding cake I would.

Last weekend I picked up my flavor samples — marble cake with vanilla frosting, one with raspberry and Bavarian cream, and the other with chocolate mousse filling.

Now let me say a couple of things that reinforce why I love VG’s:

1. They give you two 7” round taster cakes for free. This meant that my whole entire family got to taste the cake and I even had leftovers to bring into the office.

2. The flavors were AMAZING. I don’t usually like fruit filling (many of the tasters felt the same way) and only got the raspberry because my mom wanted to try it, but we all loved it! The cake itself was super moist and tasted great four days after I first got it when I brought it in to work.

3. They totally worked with my out-of-town difficulties. Since I live in LA and VG’s is in San Diego, I couldn’t really do an in person consultation, but they work great via e-mail & actually respond to me in a timely manner.

4. They don’t want to charge you a million dollars. Their quote was similar to what my parents paid for their wedding cake 25 years ago.

The bottom line: VG’s is fantastic. It’s one less vendor that I have to stress about, and that makes it a tiny bit easier to deal with the rest of the craziness.l

Yes, this is actually a cake made by VG’s. Isn’t it fabulous?


{Partner Love} A Cake To Remember Has The Finishing Touches For Your Simply Sweet Wedding Cake

DIY-ing your wedding cake can certainly be an easy way to save some skrilla on one huge wedding expenditure. You snagged a killer recipe, YouTube-ed how to frost that bad boy, and have a darling topper that perfectly epitomizes you and your future hubster. But it still seems like something is missing, the sweet treat seems a little … blah.

Etsy seller A Cake To Remember has mastered the fine art of finishing touches to add a little extra oomph to your confection. Whether you’re determined to full-on DIY it, or you just can’t be bothered to learn how to make gumpaste flowers before your big day, A Cake To Remember has the tools to satiate your sweet needs. With tutorials, molds or all out floral arrangements, your cake will be top tier with a little help from this crafty shop.

With 17 years of custom wedding cake mastery, there is little that can’t be conjured up by the mastermind behind this Etsy shop. From cake topper tutorials and silicon molds for the craftier of us, to the straight-up pre-made flowers, pearls, autumn leaves, and other decorations, A Cake To Remember has you and your cake covered. And since the lady Kara herself uses all the stuff in her shop on her own cakes, she knows it’s good to go and will be a huge hit (on the sweet tooth) during your wedding day!

If you’ve got questions on what items A Cake To Remember offers that will best suit your needs, then sit back and relax. Kara will help guide you down the Candyland-like road to sugary delicousness and wedding cake bliss.

Of course, A Cake To Remember knows us BABs well enough to look out for our needs. Slap in the coupon code BROKE during check-out and snag 10% off your order! Dig in, Broke-Asses!


{Up for Grabs!} The Giveaway Round-up!

We’ve seen some adorable cake-toppers in our day, but these may uh, take the cake… I mean, c’mon!!! Squirrels in love?!

Hilary from Bunny With a Toolbelt is the crafty genius behind these whimsical critters, and this week she wants to giveaway a $50 voucher towards any cake-toppers or custom creations in her Etsy shop! That’s right, you could own your very own pair of twitter-pated squirrel friends!! Or dog friends, or gator friends… the options are nearly endless!

All you have to do to enter to win is subscribe to our Broke-Ass Brigade newsletter. Oh wait, you’ve already subscribed? Then you’re already entered to win! Easy, peasey.

Once you’re all settled in your sweet new marital pad, you’ll need to deck those walls with some brain-tingling original art…

20X200 is a fabulous place to source unique & affordable art and photography prints! Each print is a limited edition, and prices start at a mere $20! Each week 20X200 unveils 2 exclusive new prints – you can preview them by signing up for their weekly newsletter here! Wanna snag a few sweet pieces for your walls? Well, this week we’re giving away a $40 gift certificate to 20X200!

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post telling us which 20X200 print you’d love to showcase in your space!

Kick Ass Cake Bash :: Happy, Yummy Fun!

Whenever we throw a party, guest-ertainment is always at the top of our list. Getting your guests involved can be the thing that takes your party from ho-hum hoedown to an all out throw-down… so when we started working on the Kick Ass Cake Bash, Hunter, Leslie, Earl, Beth and I immediately started hatching plans for fun. And if you’re ever looking for wedding cakes in Los Angeles, Fantasy Frostings is where it’s AT!

The event space looked amazing, thanks to Beth Helmstetter‘s hardworking team. One of my favorite details was these Origami Cranes hanging from the rafters.

Origami cranes by Michelle Chang.

The Dollhouse Hair & Makeup team was on hand to do glittery and bedazzled bad-ass cupcake tattoos, or chopstick accessorizing for the ladies’ hair.

I kinda love it. PS: my dress cost all of $12 thanks to a sale at Tulle!

They also dolled up our Alfred Angelo wedding gown models from NTA Talent – and those ladies were looking super lovely!

The models loved their Alfred Angelo gowns!

We love photo booths, but wanted something unexpected and quirky to match the kitschy Japanese inspired theme… and Oh, Snap! Studios was the perfect find! They brought in a freaking adorable Japanese tea house setup and some of the craziest props I’ve ever seen! The silly poses people came up with kept me laughing every time I walked past their station. I loved it! Check out more of our funny photos on the Oh, Snap! website gallery!

I love the hamburger helper hands!

As a couple of serious foodies, we know there’s nothing worse than being at a party and leaving hungry, so we had food and drink coming out the wazoo, yo. Not only were there sweets enough to send a nation into diabetic shock from Fantasy Frostings stunningly gorgeous dessert display, but delicious savory bites from The Food Matters, yummy and healthy cocktails from O.N.E. beverages, and a Pinkberry yogurt bar on the way out the door at the end of the night. If that wasn’t enough, we sent home Kick Ass Cake Bash cookies from Weddingish in the gift bags, along with issues of The Bride & Bloom magazine, lipgloss tins from e.l.f. cosmetics, and a few other goodies.  Yeah, we like our guests fat and happy. And who could resist the adorable “maids” of Royal/T Cafe?

The waitresses at Royal/T Cafe dress in these adorable outfits!

Speaking of the dessert display, Leslie had a stroke of brilliance when she invited her girlfriends from The Bachelor to create inspiration boards from which she then designed the cakes and displays. DeAnna Pappas, Amanda Rantuccio, Holly Durst, and one of our intrepid photographers, Holly Steen from Cakes and Kisses Photography created diverse and dreamy inspirations that we hung next to the confections so our guests would understand that each cake in the Fantasy Frostings’ Broke-Ass Cake Collection is custom designed with the bride and groom with the same full-service attention that their celebrity clients love so much.

Holly's was pink, feminine and romantic.

....And her cake was just as girlie and delicate as she is.

DeAnna’s was my favorite, and they designed the whole dessert table after hers – all pink lemonade-y and refreshing.

A mouthwatering feast for the senses.

A flavor party in your mouth!

Holly Flora’s work was a huge influence on our wedding flowers, so when Beth suggested having her create a work of floral art for the event, I was so hyped! The floral mural she created was unbelievably luscious and exquisite. The guys from Aspect Lighting came in and made this mural absolutely glow in an ethereal warmth. It was stunning!  They made the party spaces so much warmer and sexier, and projected some ultra trippy and cool effect onto the dance floor.

I just wanted to lay on it and roll around.

As broke-asses, we’re suckers for free swag, and we definitely wanted to give our partying buddies something to remember the night by, so having Family Industries on hand to do on-demand custom screen printing of Broke-Ass T-shirts was ridiculously awesome. The guys who run Family Industries are straight up rad dudes, the kind you want to grab a beer with, and so creative and nice. They brought 4 screens and let guests choose which artwork they wanted and where to place it. Most popular style? Strategically placed boobie cupcakes.  They also printed a cuppie onto Hunter’s tie so he was the most stylin’ (and sweet) hubby in the room.  I smell a new wedding trend… how dope would it be to go to a friend’s wedding and get a cool tie or t-shirt as a favor?

Guerilla fashion.

Gives new meaning to the nickname "sweet tits"

Then of course, we had the amazing, the radical badical, the ever-jamtastic Flashdance DJ spinning beats all night. I can’t count how many compliments we got on the DJ that night, and it just proved once again, that Michael is the only DJ for us. As Hunter so eloquently put it during our (spastic and ineloquent thank you’s) when recalling the time I sprained my ankle dancing my face off at our wedding – “Michael is the only man who ever hurt my wife, and I thanked him for it”. Not only a totally genius musical ninja, but a good friend that I love partying with whether its over beers at a neighborhood haunt, or in a room with 400 caked-up revelers.

Spinning beats like a freak!

And my favorite entertainment moment of the evening, when after our thank you’s, Hunter and our friend K.U. performed a rap they had composed especially for the occasion, surprising everyone in attendance and showing off their mad skillz.  There are few things sexier than a husband who writes raps for his wife, I’ll tell ya…. I love to watch him perform!

"Rock your Broke-Ass"

I really have to give it up to Beth Helmstetter, without who’s planning prowess and flawless execution of the evening, we’d have been utterly lost. She brought some amazing ideas to the table, and made our vision for the evening come to life in unexpected and wonderful ways. I can’t imagine doing it without her, she was a lifesaver of awesomeness.

We also want to give major props to our sponsors The Bride & Bloom magazine and NTA Talent. Without their support and generosity, none of this would have been possible. We are so proud to have had them be such a major part of the evening – and loved getting to celebrate all together!

All in all, it was a totally memorable and unique event, and so nice to get to host all our friends with fun and interactive elements, lots of delicious food and drink, and all the broke-ass love in our hearts.

All photos by the fabulous Shannon Lee.


Champagne Promises….& Broke-Ass Dreams.

If you’ve been reading here for a while then you know that we are constantly trying to get in shape, create a healthy diet, and generally do things that make us feel like the bad-asses we strive to be. If only it was as easy to give our bodies a makeover as it was to give our blog one!

Our blog header recently went from a big headed Broke-Ass graphic to what our youngest twitter follower calls “Princess!” (She’s two, but we’ll take it), and it is all thanks to our new sponsor, Astrid of Champagne Promises LLC.

The moment we saw Astrid’s amazing work, BAB and I looked at each other and said, “I want to go to there.”

So we went…

From this…To this…
To TaDazzle!

Until recently, Astrid was based out of Switzerland, running the incredibly successful (and awesomely named) Potato Mamma Design. Her work has been featured in countless magazines and campaigns from Marie Claire to Diesel. Lucky for all of us, Astrid has fallen in love with the U.S. and with wedding design. Now the mind that designed for The Knot (click here to play with a dress up widget she designed for The Knot) can create your own custom invitations!

We were really picky when searching for someone to redesign our blog, but Champagne Promises was right up our ally. All of Astrid’s designs are fresh to death but also incorporate that timeless element of class from the fifties and sixties. You know that, “How can they be so smooth and sexy? I need to buy myself a martini set” kind of classic cool. MadMen much?

Frank, Dean, Sammy- Meet the Mrs.

But invitation design is just the beginning. Why not make this custom design the custom branding of your wedding. The same uniquely you image from your invites can be used for save the date magnets, bachelorette coasters, heck even the big day’s cake topper.
From won’t you come to Yummy yum yum (yeah I said it)

Our makeover wasn’t easy just because Astrid is so talented, she is also a delight to work with. She is incredibly thoughtful, even when it comes to her price points. If a fully custom design isn’t in your budget, Champagne Promises has multiple options to choose, including “ready to order” designs that can be tailored as much or as little as you like. It can truly be a Champagne design on a beer budget! The possibilities are as large as your imagination, or larger because Astrid will take your idea and run with it. But when your 3rd cousin asks, “Who thought of these AMAZING invites?” you can just say, “We did.”

Sweets For The Sweet

I love the concept of a groom’s cake at weddings. How cute, to have at least one element that celebrates the boy’s taste, likes and general boyness! I didn’t know they existed, really, until after I became engaged… and I’m given to understand that they have more popularity in the south. But we’re in southern california, right? Yeah, baby…

My man really isn’t into sports, and while he appreciates video games he is not ruled by them. (I know, I’m lucky, right?) He used to love comic books, but that time has passed. There is, however, one love in his life that I cannot replace nor compete with. And I share this love, so it seems the ultimate choice for his special cake. Ladies and gentlemen (if any men actually read this), I humbly submit to you….

(image source)


Hunter grew up in Manhattan, and loves pizza more than any other food. He says it is the food that erases all class lines in our country, and he’s right. On a recent trip to NY for his HS reunion, we ate pizza no less than twice daily… often thrice! Yes, I gained like 10lbs. but it was so worth it folks. There is nothing like new york style pizza for breakfast. And, you really haven’t lived until you’ve had noodle pizza. I’m just sayin’.

Pizza has always been a constant in our relationship. For a while, back in Chicago, we had a Sunday night ritual of pizza and The West Wing. Anytime we see a pizza place, we inevitably say “pizza!”, but, because we’re dorks, we’ve taken to lisping it, so it comes out “peetha!”. Our friends think we’re crazy, but we can’t help it. Its a disease, I tell you. We’re even seeking a homey pizza joint for our rehearsal dinner.

So, its the perfect choice. I’m hoping to have our talented friend Lorri make the thing – I’ll have updates as time passes. But, I’m so excited to have such a herald of my Hunter – city on the outside… sweet inside – to honor him at the wedding.

Damn, now I want pizza. Le sigh.