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Broke-Ass Bride Wants YOU To Blog Your Wedding Adventures!

Listen up, aspiring wedding bloggers! BAB is looking for some real brides to share their grand adventure through Wedding World, a land of wonder, inspiration, financial pitfalls, DIY dragons, and etiquette monsters…a fellowship of real brides, if you will!

We’re looking for a newbie bride-to-be (or two, OR MORE) who is at least 6 months out from her wedding date to journal about her wedding planning journey. If you’re in the habit of keeping a personal blog or journal, if you love to engage with people via the magic of blogging, if you’ve got a fresh voice, an irreverent sense of humor, and you’re pulling your wedding together on a budget, you should definitely give this a shot.

Here’s what we’d like from all applicants: a brief letter of introduction, telling us who you are, where you are, when your big day is, and why it’s gonna be amazing. We of course want to know if you have any background experience writing and/or blogging, and a more-than-basic knowledge of WordPress is a HUGE bonus. We’d also love to see the two writing (or blogging) samples you’re most proud of. Please send all applications to Mellzah at Flowers and candy are always appreciated but will have no bearing on the final decision.

These are unpaid positions, but there is the possibility of paid work in the future. We do pay in love, appreciation, glowing recommendations, the occasional freebie, and of course, the opportunity to get your foot in the door of the wedding blogging biz! Please give this a lot of thought before you apply – we need contributors that will be timely, reliable, fabulous, and professional.

The Best New Wedding Books For Newbie Brides!

One of the biggest perks of being a wedding blogger is the shared sense of community we have with our fellow wedding bloggesses. Today, we’re gonna take a warm n’ fuzzy moment to draw your attention to a few fabulous titles some of our favorite blogger friends have published in the last few months – because blogs are great and all, but we know cuddling up with a nice hardbound publication (or your cute little e-reader) is so much cozier. Our top recommendations for new brides are, in no particular order…

The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide by Dana LaRue

book cover

 Why we love it! Well, duh. It’s ours. Written by Dana, edited by the team. Using couples who had real broke-ass weddings. You know all those nifty little tricks and tips we’ve been giving you over the years? Well, they’re in there. Along with a lot that we’ve been keeping stashed, just for this very occasion. Plus, there’s a veritable plethora of real wedding budget breakdowns, best-approach ideas on negotiating your way to a more budget-friendly celebration without sacrificing your vision and, guys, there are recipes. Because: FOOD.

Who’s it for? YOU. And everyone you know. Because who doesn’t need a little help making smart money choices, especially where a wedding is concerned?









Style Me Pretty Weddings: Inspiration and Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration by Abby Larson

Why we love it! Ok, by now you’ve probably had occasion to stumble across Style Me Pretty – one of the most extensive resources of beautiful wedding images and inspiration on the web. But a book of similarly gorgeous and inspirational wedding imagery just seems totally redundant, right? WRONG. I was blown away by how beautiful this book was. Page after page after page made me want to get married AGAIN, like RIGHT AWAY. This book basically redefines the term “WEDDING PORN”. Every page overfloweth with fresh, inspired wedding ideas. CAUTION: If you love your single friends, don’t just leave this book lying around willy nilly. Handling may causes mild to serious cases of wedding fever, which, much like the common cold, remains incurable even to this day.

Who’s it for? EVERYONE. Except that bride who’s going to totally develop a complex if her wedding isn’t subsequently featured on Style Me Pretty. You know who I’m talking about.





The Handcrafted Wedding by Emma Arendoski

Why we love it! This beautiful book was penned by our friend Emma from Emmaline Bride (check out the fabulous Paper Pinwheel Wedding Backdrop DIY Tutorial post she contributed to BAB last year!). Emma is an ace in the hole when it comes to fabulous DIY wedding ideas. This book organizes all of her best ones by category, so if you’re on the hunt for a totally unique save-the-date idea, or an easy peasy gift card box project, you can use this book as a handy reference guide. Or you could just read it cover to cover – you’re going to want to anyway. 

Who’s it for? If you’re freaking everyone out with the number of DIY wedding projects you’re undertaking, you need this book. If you love all things DIY, but you’re short on clever ideas of your own, you need this book. If you’re full of great ideas, but you have no idea how to execute them…hey – hey you! You need this book.





Plan Like a Planner: A Revolutionary Wedding Planning Guide by Bitchless Bride

Why we love it! You thought you loved us for our tell-it-like-it-is, Wedding-Industrial-Complex-be-damned attitude? Well…there is another…Bitchless Bride is our favorite foul-mouthed wedding blogger in disguise…not that there’s a lot of them…let’s start over – Bitchless Bride is one of our favorite wedding bloggers, period.  She blogs and vlogs anonymously because she’s an industry pro with almost 20 years experience – and she has a lot to teach you about bridal etiquette, bridal bitchery, and general bridezilladom. (Also, spoiler alert: she doesn’t always sugarcoat it. And we love her for that.) Her latest book, available for instant download, is full of essential planning advice for every phase of your journey – buying the dress, maintaining healthy wedding vendor relationships – you name it! PLUS, there are totally helpful tools for the proactive bride – timelines, anyone?!

Who’s it for? The bride who can’t figure out where to start. The bride who’s throwing her hands up in the air because wedding vendors never call her back. The bride who has QUESTIONS! SO MANY QUESTIONS! So basically, EVERY bride.




Rustic Wedding Chic by Maggie Lord

Why we love it! Here’s another fabulous title that falls under Wedding Inspiration/Wedding Porn. If you find yourself drooling a little at the thought of burlap table runners, candy apple wedding favors, barn weddings, and loose, organic floral arrangements in antique blue Mason jars, then this is the book for you, my friend. Maggie shared just a few ideas for fall weddings from her book with us last year, be sure to check those out for a tiny taste of Rustic Wedding Chic goodness. And of course, check out her BLOG of the same name for non-stop countrified wedding inspiration!

Who’s it for? Are you getting married in a barn? Are you getting married on a farm? Are you getting married in a park? Are you getting married in the dark? (Ok, that last one is a non-sequiter, but you see where this is going…)





There you have it, brides! Which titles are you adding to your e-shopping cart asap? May we recommend all four?!


Link Lust: The CUTEST Save-the-dates EVER, & More!

SERIOUSLY. How adorable are these personalized save-the-date hankies?! They’re so framable – everyone on your guest list will totally freak. Though if you see anyone wiping their nose with one at your reception, you should have them politely escorted from the building. Of course, cute hankies are just a little taste of this week’s edition of “LINK LUST” – the best in wedding blogs this week!

See first photos and sketches of Molly Sims’ Marchesa wedding dress, and shop similar wedding dresses with sleeves, on BRIDEfinds.

Opting for non-matching bridesmaids dresses? Here’s a head start on vintage pink frocks (in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month) on OK, Now What Bride.

Heart Love Weddings took their first DIY project by storm! We created glamorous pierced tin centerpieces with recycled veggie cans and show you the step-by-step process so you can too!

Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam offers up suggestions for what to wear to a wedding that’s more “Rock-Star Party” than “Virgin Bride.”

The sweetest wedding keepsake for mom, dad and the girls. Come take a peek at our Custom Handkerchiefs on Wedding Chicks.

Ever wonder what you should do before going wedding dress shopping? Lauren of Every Last Detail has the answer for you in this week’s Thursday Tips!

Have you ever had your wedding dress dreams shattered by the word “discontinued”? This week, The Broke-Ass Bride (that’s us, DUH!) helps one lucky bride find a gown that will replace/trump her discontinued favorite.

Link Lust: Fashion Week, Florida Weddings, & All The Best In Weekly Wedding Blog Goodness

Congratulations. You’ve once again survived the M-F grind. Now please –  kick off those heels, grab a cocktail, and peruse this week’s edition of “Link Lust” – all the best in wedding blogs you might’ve missed while you were out makin’ that money – say, for example – this Fashion Week droolfest seen above.

Have you thought of going flowerless? Get some fab ideas from yours truly for creating simple, rustic centerpieces that will cost way less than professional floral arrangements.

J’adore this incredibly sweet, shabby chic, Key West weddingwith French traditions and a purple and green color scheme on Heart Love Weddings this week!

See how Zac Posen’s Spring 2012 runway show will affect bridal trends this season (hint, it involves mermaid style wedding dresses) on BRIDEfinds.

Wedding-related family meltdowns may feel inevitable, but they don’t have to ruin your big day. Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam tells you how to handle the drama with grace.

Enjoy A Afternoon with Elizabeth Messina on the Wedding Chicks!

{Link Lust} We Get By With…

….a little help from our friends! You might’ve noticed that the blog was strangely quiet yesterday. The Broke-Ass Bride, along with many other names in the blogosphere, chose to acknowledge the crisis in Japan with an honorary Blogger’s Day of Silence.  If you missed it, there’s still plenty you can do to raise awareness and assist with the relief effort – be sure to check out For Japan With Love for more info! Once you’ve done that, feel free to mosey back on over here – we’ll be ramping up on wedding content all weekend, with great posts from Dana F. and Robin! And be sure to check out some of these great posts on our  friends’ sites too!

It’s a wonder anyone has time to blink 48 hours before their own wedding, let alone blog – yet our little Mallory shot it out of the park with this profoundly moving post about the importance of distinguishing your wedding from your marriage.

Check out Honey Living’s feature on the way one bride preserved her wedding day memories so she can see them every day.

See the new Kate Spade Bridal Collection of dresses – which hit Nordstrom 3 weeks early – on BRIDEfinds.

Need some Sweet Love? Check out The Wedding Chicks’ new free custom download: the Sweet Love Invitation Suite.

Brides-to-be: Want to make floral decisions easier AND save some money? The March Edition of bWed Exclusive’s month-to-month guide of popular and seasonal flowers is here to help!

Lauren at Every Last Detail is telling it like it is again- this time it’s all about myths having to do with wedding costs!

Help Us Win Best Budget Wedding Blog!

We’re thrilled to be finalists in the Best Budget Wedding Blog category for the Wedding Channel Bridal Blog Awards. Now we need your help to win!

It only takes the click of a button, so please vote early and often… we’d really appreciate your support!

Any help spreading the word would mean the world to us, too. You readers are what makes this blog so freaking amazing… so let your voices be heard!

Thanks a million!


We’re “Wedding Graduates”!

A Practical Wedding was one of my most beloved daily reads when I was engaged. Meg started her blog just a few months before me, and we were both wed within months of each other… so in many ways I viewed her as a sister during the process. Her down-to-earth authenticity kept me honest and sane when I would get bogged down in the details, or fall prey to equating dollars-out with happiness-in.

Like me, she’s still at it (with a gorgeously redesigned site, no less) and leading the Team Practical cause like the bad-ass fairy godmother of wisdom that she’s always been.

Today, she’s featured us as Wedding Graduates… and my heart palpitates with happiness! Go, check out our story and pics, and make Meg your new best friend. She’s a good’un, she is.

Click over for the full post!

And to those of you who came over from APW today – welcome! There’s cold ones in the fridge, and my sofa is hella cozy. We hope you enjoy your stay, and come back often!

Thanks, Meg! We lurve ya, sister!


The Plaza vs Pizza (Or Budget Wedding Tips From The Splurgiest Hotel)

Dudes! Earlier in June we returned to my beloved hometown New York City, baby!  The moment we touchdown, I am always filled with waves of nostalgia and excitement. My first mission, without fail, is to get a bit of that primary food of my youth, New York Pizza. Whenever or wherever we go, I can sniff it out like a blood hound with a lust for lactose (OK, so that doesn’t sound very appealing). But this time pizza was going to have to wait… because the moment we landed, we were in for a much more high-end adventure.

We arrived in NYC a few days earlier than we had planned because of an invitation from The Plaza Hotel for a special bloggers’ luncheon. Yup, pizza was gonna have to take a rain check ’cause baby’s gotta enjoy the finer things in life for a moment (you know I love you NYC Pizza, I’ll be back in 24 hours, don’t you worry).

Broke-Asses in the City

To walk into The Plaza, at any time, is an exciting moment. It has been a staple of grandeur for my entire life and for a long part of the history of New York…. and this was Dana’s first experience. Walking past the the iconic horse-drawn carriages, up the steps, through the revolving door that opens to a grand hall where tea is being served…. It’s grandeur. It’s history. It’s New York romance, and has been for a long long time. So to come home with an invitation to the The Plaza was something very special indeed.

A wedding bloggers’ luncheon, hosted and catered by Great Performances, and featuring chef de cuisine Marc Spooner’s picks for the latest trends in wedding menus, under the vaulted ceiling of the Grand ballroom, was just the way to describe this return home… GRAND.

David Beahm Design presented a table scape of bad-assery

Floral kick-assery, compliments of Floralia Decorators

A Broke-Ass tip courtesy of (the great) David Beahm Design: mirrors make everything bigger and better.  A similar display to these can be broke-ass-ified with sparing, simple blooms or by letting bountiful candles speak for themselves. Reflective surfaces and sparkling light turn a simple display into one that is magical and bigger than life.

We also learned that alternating high and low centerpieces is an easy way to add drama and variety to your tables… (just make sure the tall ones go above people’s heads so they don’t block their view), and that a fun new trend is to mix round and rectangular tables to spice things up!

After learning about tablescapes, we were onto the grub, er… culinary trends (and boy did we eat this part up!)

The tray-passed hors d’oevres gave me a bit of a food boner (is that ok to say when writing about this place?). The Plaza gets all its produce from an organic farm that they own, which is better for your belly and the earth. We especially loved these crispy potato skins filled with sauteed mushrooms and fava beans. We were psyched to hear that more and more couples are requesting organic and sustainable produce from their caterers… go team green!

Chef Marc Spooner shared that other recent trends include tray-passed small bites and dessert options, which encourage guests to mingle and meander (with the added bonus of saving money over plated dinners). People love miniature bites of popular comfort foods like burgers. Once you pop, you can’t stop! Oh, and these wee frozen popsicles? Eff YES.

To finish off the event, we were lead down to the Rose Club where we all shared a glass of champagne. This is perfect spot for an afternoon drink or a late night after-party. There is an elevator right there in the bar, so you can bid adieu to your guests and stumble straight to your room. The only time I get to do that… is when I’m drunk in my kitchen. Can I get a what what?

The whole wedding blogger crew at the Rose Bar (aka: It's hard out there for a Hubby)

It was an incredible return home. I thought a slice of NY pizza was surely my next meal. Ah… but there was more adventure in store for the first day home. Stay tuned…

PS – Big ups to our girl Anne at Aisle Dash for helping organize such a great event!


My Big News (And Then Some!)

Wowza, can I just say I lurve the what outta you guys?  Your enthusiasm about my mystery news was so overwhelmingly heartwarming, it kind of puts my actual news to shame! But the encouraging guesses you listed in the comments made cartoon hearts bubble out of my head all day long! No one quite correctly guessed what’s up, but your answers were actually much more exciting.

The truth is…. I put in my notice at work! (insert slow fade to flashback)

Right around the time I went to Making Things Happen, I set a goal to be out of my day job by the end of May, no matter what. I said to myself, “self, I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but you and I know there’s no other choice!” As May approached, I found myself nearing critical mass as it grew harder and harder to maintain a balance between my day job and the blog. I couldn’t seem to finish anything I started, which was making me tense and angsty. I knew that if I could only dedicate the 55-60 hours/week I spend either working or traveling to/from work, toward the betterment of this site, or my book proposal (or everything) we could make up the financial difference through doing. Hunter and I kept talking about how there had to be a leap of faith, and soon, but we were both terrified of jumping without a net.

A week or so ago, a friend of a friend was looking for someone to handle social media strategy and management for a network of 3 websites… part-time, from home… and she recommended me. I interviewed, got a voice mail with an offer, put down the phone, walked into my boss’s office and put in my notice. Just like that. It was a no-brainer.

Two weeks ago, I had my heart set on a goal with no clue how I’d get there. Two weeks from today, I’ll be working part-time as a social media contractor, doing something I absolutely love, and I’ll finally have the flexibility and freedom be able to hone in on some key broke-ass improvements and ideas with Hunter and Michael that we’ve been dreaming up, making things happen in a way that feels more right than ever! So stay tuned, because we’ve got some hecka fun tricks up our sleeves! I’ve been feeling imprisoned in my little cubicle with no natural light for far too long, but call me Richard Pryor, ’cause I’m BUSTIN’ LOOSE!

Here’s me, at my new job:

Oh, hullo, I am a social media maven! rawr!

Bahahaha! Yeah…. right.
Really, I’ll probably look more like this:

Take me away again to margaritaville. / KIDDING!

But I gotta say that hopefully, sooner than later, your predictions for me will be true, too! From your guesses, you were almost completely split between thinking I was either going to have:

1. A book deal, or
2. My own TV show (this won out by 2 votes!)

The book deal I can understand, because its no secret that I’ve been dreaming of, and working toward getting one. In fact… Just last week I submitted for feedback the rough beginnings of my proposal to the agents I met with in NY.  ‘Memba how I set a goal to get a book deal by my last birthday, and ended up meeting with book agents that very week? Well how ’bout that? Writing a book has been a goal for many years now, and senseless fear has held me back… but I’m going for it! Balls to the wall, baby :)

But, the TV thing? That sounds dope as hell! (and yup, those wheels are turning too!) So, you hear this, WeTV, WeddingCentral, TLC and Bravo? You out there Oprah? Tell your OWN network! My friends here think I should be on tv, and I could definitely get behind that! (Meanwhile, we’re plotting some fun web video segments, so hang in there for those. They’re going to be hecka fun!)

And now that I’ve popped the cork on that good news, I have bonus goodness for you too!

I’m goosebumpitty with excitement to introduce our newest Broke-Ass Team Member…. Joy! (aka HowJoyful, aka Mrs. Poodle, aka the DIY bad-ass of the universe!)

image via Next Exit photography

I met Joy through Weddingbee, but she has grown into a treasured friend who puts Martha to shame with her creativity and moxie. We went to her extraordinarily stunning DIY wedding a few weeks ago, and we’re absolutely thrilled to have her join the team! Each week, Joy will share her broke-ass crafty goodness to inspire your own creations and charm you with her Chilean sass and frass. Her first post is coming right up later today, so be sure to stop back and offer Joy a warm broke-ass welcome!

But before that, I want to thank you for all of your encouragement and kind words. It still stuns me, to be blessed with such a network of love to lean on… and I love y’all so so much right back! Without you cheering me on, I’d never have pushed it this far. Now, because of you really, I get to be my own boss and follow my dreams with all my heart and soul. Schanks, we’re gonna have lots of fun :)