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A while back, I got to try Madison Reed’s at-home hair coloring system, and YOU GUYS. I love it. It was super easy, included a bunch of nifty little extras (wipes to get goo off your face, 2 pairs of gloves, etc.) and my hair didn’t completely hate me afterwards. And the shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel shamazing in the weeks afterward.

And now you can try it, too! (Cue super cheesy infomercial music)

madison reed.jpg

Madison Reed wants to give you one at-home hair color kit (it lasts a while, but that’s kind of dependent on your own follicles) and a full-size shampoo and conditioner. The whole shebang is valued at $60, which is about equal to the number of bones you’d drop at the salon, minus the product. So, it’s a smokin’ deal and you don’t even have to leave your casa!

As always, each method earns you an entry; the more entries, the better chance you’ll win. Open to U.S. residents only.

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  • 3/5

    Affiliate Disclaimer New

    You guys, I have a confession: I’m a bottle girl.

    No no, not that kind (I hate waitressing as is. Add a nightclub to it and yeah … NOPE).

    I’m talking the kind that you use when you color your hair. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a natural blonde, but here’s the thing: I want to be blonder. I want ALL THE BLONDE. But I’m frugal (duh), and it’s like pulling teeth for me to spend money on a trim (which happens like once a year). So, I want salon-quality, super easy and uber affordable. And I don’t want to have to mess with it too much. Easy request, right?

    Actually: Yes, yes it is. Because: Madison Reed. This online subscription-delivery company takes alla dem hair-coloring worries (going to the store, trying to find the exact same shade previously purchased, figuring out if the instructions are actually speaking English, etc.) and gives ’em the big ol’ middle finger.

    Sure, Madison Reed‘s website offers pics of their various shades, but even more than that, they have consultants available to help.

    But since I knew that I just wanted ALL THE BLONDE, I picked Roma. And then I was off!

    Just look at dem rootz. Oof.

    The packaging is super pretty and it’s not just “color developer, tube with color, conditioner, gloves and crappy instructions that get ruined if they get wet at all.” Nope. There’s lotsa goodies, including:

    • 2 pairs of gloves (one for coloring, one for the rinsing out process)
    • a shower cap (so you can actually DO STUFF while the color develops, rather than walk around like a giraffe with a neck brace on)
    • wipes to get the goop off your face
    • cream to keep the goop from getting on your face
    • a really rockin’ set of shampoo and conditioner (I love this stuff)

    All this is in addition to the regular color and developer shizz. And the instructions? They’re printed on the packaging, so they’ll hold up even if there’s a color-splosion in the bathroom.

    It says to use all of the color in the tube. I squeezed that mofo like my life depended on it.

    The process is pretty standard: Prep, mix, apply, saturate, wait, rinse, swoon.

    Très good look for me, non?

    Of the many things I really liked about this system was that there was a very obvious lack of strong chemical smell and the color lasts.

    Since Madison Reed is a subscription-delivery service, you can set it to arrive at your doorstep however often you choose. And since you’re skipping a trip to the salon, it saves you beaucoup bucks.

    Mission: Go Blonder complete!

    If you’re thinking of giving your follicles a little color boost before your big day, try this shizz out. For serious.

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