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Essence Photography

Credit: Essence Photography

Wedding planning can be stressful enough with plenty of time to plan, but when you’re short on time and also short on the perfect vendors to fit your vision and budget, the stress can get real and real fast.

Perhaps your ideal photographer booked up quickly or ended up being outside of your budget, and you put off your search until you could dedicate more time to finding the right fit — and now you’re less than six months away from your big day and you’re still photog free.

Or maybe you just don’t want to wait to get hitched, but you don’t want to elope, either. It can be tough to find all the pieces to the puzzle as time ticks away.

Stephy Wong Photography

Credit: Stephy Wong Photography

Enter: Last Minute Wed, a website that bills itself a mix of Groupon and a larger traditional wedding website where you can find talented pros to help make your big day come to life. Created by a husband and wife team, Last Minute Wed is a one-stop-shop for wedding deals of all kinds, ranging from coordination and planning to photography to hair and makeup and beyond.

Susan Shek PhotographyCredit: Susan Shek Photography

Whether you’re taking your damn time and have a year to go before you walk down the aisle or you’ve got a fire under your feet and are less than six months out, you’ll find customized deals exclusively on Last Minute Wed to help you get all the little details in order and within your broke-ass budget. Simply use Last Minute Wed‘s wedding concierge page to specify which wedding professionals you’re in search of and when your big day is and then let them come flocking to you with deals catered to you and your nuptials.

Monika John Photography

Credit: Monika John Photography

Don’t think that just because you’re working on short time you need to sacrifice quality. Last Minute Wed allows amazingly talented professionals to share their unbooked dates so you can work with the very best without spending the very most.

Head on over to Last Minute Wed to check out the deals in your area or connect with vendors to receive your own custom offers.

  • 8/29

    Sponsored Post Disclaimerbasic_invite_26Finding wedding stationery that suits you and your partner’s style while not costing an arm and a leg can be one helluva daunting task, especially as stationery is the first taste your guests will get of your wedding style. With options ranging from huge mass-printing sites to small bespoke boutiques, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not even know where to begin.

    Vintage-Botanical-1000Which is why we turn to Basic Invite to help us get the invitations and announcements we want without pulling our hair out. With nearly unlimited color options and instant previews on their website, you can easily choose the paper goods that best match your wedding style. Throwing the “what you see is what you get” trope out the window, Basic Invite allows you to customize each element of your design with more than 160 different color options, allowing you to get exactly what you want out of your wedding stationery.

    Simple-Wreath-1000Need even more customization? They got you, boo. Basic Invite will even pony up a printed sample of your custom design so you can see it, touch it and make sure it’s really what you want — which is pretty reassuring when you’re about to place an order for 150 invitations and save the dates. And the fun doesn’t stop at the cards themselves — Basic Invite gussies up the outside of your stationery, too, offering over 40 different envelope colors and ensuring your wedding paper goods truly stand out among the crowd.

    basic_invite_46With a stock of over 200 designs — and invitations that are all part of a set, so you can seamlessly transition from save the date to bridal shower to invitation suite to day-of paper goods and thank you cards — Basic Invite helps ensure your stationery are as one-of-a-kind as your love.

    Shop Basic Invite’s wedding paper goods now!

  • 6/24

    Oleg Cassini Cap Sleeve Illusion Wedding Dress from David's Bridal

    As a special treat this month, we’re partnering with David’s Bridal to bring you four special edition Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! posts (catch the first three here, here and here), featuring their very own gorgeous styles. David’s Bridal, a name synonymous with affordable wedding gowns in a huge variety of styles, has been dressing women for all types of special occasions for over 60 years —…

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    Catering Your Own Wedding Do It on the Cheap with Sam's Club

    Original photo: Shaina Sheaff Photography So you've decided to tackle the wedding food on your own (or a very gracious friend with mad skillz has stepped up to the plate). Go you! It's a great way to save some money and add a very personalized touch ... but it can be a helluva task. Timing, preparation, serving and not to mention cost ... the biggest cost,…

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    DIY Wedding Flowers from Sam's Club

    DIY wedding flowers can be a tough project to take on -- especially when it comes to figuring out where the hell to order your blooms from. Putting your trust in a wholesaler you're not entirely familiar with could potentially result in flowers that are a bit off-color (uh, peach and hot pink aren't the same, y'all) and it can be tough to find bulk…

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  • 6/6


    After the Champagne has been drunk, the dress preserved and the top tier of the cake has been stored for later eating (or not, because: cake) and you and your partner transition from Broke-Ass nearlyweds to Broke-Ass newlyweds, logistical life stuff takes front and center. You might be starting to shop for a home, changing your name or combining your accounts and looking at ways to…

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    As a special treat this month, we're partnering with David's Bridal to bring you four special edition Can't Afford It? Get Over It! posts, featuring their very own gorgeous styles. David's Bridal, a name synonymous with affordable wedding gowns in a huge variety of styles, has been dressing women for all types of special occasions for over 60 years -- in fact, 1 in 3 brides…

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    Paperrama Custom Wedding Guestbook

    After the wedding is all said and done you and your new partner will be settling into married life and tackling whatever challenges come along with it, which may include decorating your new home together with artwork and other goodies. You may have a few wedding odds and ends that will wind up on shelves -- or in drawers -- for years to come, but…

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  • 4/25

    Changing Your Name Save Time and Sanity with Maidenchange

    The topic of changing one's last name after marriage comes up a lot around here, and for good reason: It's a big decision and it can be incredibly time-consuming to make it happen. There are forms to fill out, materials to get replaced and potentially huge wait times at the DMV or Social Security Office, two places where you likely have to actually make a…

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