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Cash Registries Get Beautiful with Tendr

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Have you figured out what you’re doing for your registry? More and more couples are going the cash registry route for their wedding wishlist – whether they’re saving up for a house down payment, are whittling away at starting their marriage debt-free or are looking to go on an adventure of a lifetime with their honeymoon.

Cash Registries Get Beautiful with Tendr

And, y’all, there are a TON of cash registry options out there. But Tendr blows ‘em all out of the water, just on looks alone.

Tendr provides the most aesthetically pleasing interface that actually feels like a gift-giving/receiving experience, rather than just the shuffling of cash over the Internetz. Tendr is set up to be elegant and streamlined, but still incredibly personalized and wildly in touch with modern technology.

You as the couple registering, get to set up your own unique page welcoming your guests and giving your friends and family the lowdown on how you plan on using their gifts and all the monies are slid right into your personal bank account for safe-keeping. Simple, right? You have no idea.

Cash Registries Get Beautiful with Tendr

Your guests give you a monetary gift in three easy steps:

1. Personalize a card from Tendr’s collection.

Cash Registries Get Beautiful with Tendr

2. Fill-a with skrilla.

Cash Registries Get Beautiful with Tendr

3. Hit send!

Oh, and you can hit ‘em right back with an instant, free thank-you card to let your guests know you got their gift and are super grateful. The rates to use are comparable to other cash sites (5% paid from the couple’s gifts, not on top of the gift paid by the guest), but the personalized cards and pretty interface are really what makes Tendr stand out from the rest of the pack.



Vintage Dresses Get New Life with Blue-Eyed Boutique

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Vintage Dresses Get New Life with Blue-Eyed Boutique Photo by Emily Delmater Photography


Photo: Emily Delmater Photography, courtesy Blue-Eyed Boutique

Vintage dresses and accessories are gorgeous, but can seem a little dated. Because, I mean, #duh. They’re old. But online retailer Blue-Eyed Boutique, who started out as an Etsy shop (and y’all we love us some Etsy), is here to help … and with a shiny new brick-and-mortar store in Biddeford, Maine, to boot.

Blue-Eyed Boutique is the brainspawn of Hannah, who stumbled onto Etsy, sold her slightly reworked prom dress to a woman in France and had a total lightbulb moment. Which, thank goodness, because homegirl has a way with the old and her prices are uber Broke-Ass friendly.
Vintage Dresses Get New Life with Blue-Eyed Boutique photo by Justine Johnson Photography


Photo: Justine Johnson Photography courtesy Blue-Eyed Boutique

Hannah started collecting vintage wedding dresses when she was in college and gave them a little tweak here, a tuck there and breathed new life into the dated frocks, bestowing the classic femininity with some modern sleekness. And she’s been having such success with it, that she’s decided to expand her online boutique to a real live storefront.

Because the items at Blue-Eyed Boutique are upcycled, they’re also eco-friendly (yay, Earth!) and they’re totally easy on the wallet (yay, BAB homies!). Most of the designs fall nicely under $500.

Vintage Dresses Get New Life with Blue-Eyed Boutique photo by Emily Delmater Photography


Photo: Emily Delmater Photography courtesy Blue-Eyed Boutique

So, Maine brides with a penchant for the nostalgic, get thine booty over to the real, actual Blue-Eyed Boutique in Biddeford to see what Hannah’s got available. For the rest of us poor souls, we’ll just be over here on the website deciding which dress makes us swoon the hardest.

Winning Wednesday: Bedeck One of Your Bridesmaids with TopWedding

Oh, it’s been a minute since we’ve had a giveaway, hasn’t it? Well, TopWedding is here to change that.

In honor of their beautiful new arrivals of bridesmaids gowns, TopWedding is giving away one of the sleek silhouettes, perfect for a formal affair or wintry bash. With a huge range of colors and styles available, and since they’re manufactured overseas, TopWedding has dresses to complement any style of wedding theme with prices accessible to nearly any budget.

Winning Wednesday: Bedeck One of Your Bridesmaids with TopWedding

This is a sampling of the dresses TopWedding has to offer. A few of these styles are eligible for the giveaway.

One lucky BAB will get one dress out of their pick of  six different styles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). As per usual, each task below earns one entry. The more tasks completed, the more entries earned, the greater chances of winning, ya dig?

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Winning Wednesday: Get Your Big Day Set with Elegant Wedding Invites

We know that invitations are one of the first elements of your wedding that convey the look and feel guests can expect on the big day. We also know that wedding invitations can be super pricey. And holy bananas, are there options! Foil, letterpress, embossed, pocket, flat, square, shapes, laser cut … where do you even begin to begin?

Winning Wednesday Get Your Big Day Set with Elegant Wedding Invites


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Well, you can start with Elegant Wedding Invites, which strives to provide both classic and contemporary designs at totally BAB-friendly prices, and throws in things like RSVP cards, envelopes, free shipping over $40 and easy customization. Borne from the concept of injecting humor into wedding stationery, Elegant Wedding Invites has grown to recognize the need for classic style at affordable prices.

But just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get the gorgeous details that are filling up your Pinterest — Elegant Wedding Invites has stationery featuring lace, burlap, chevron … and yes, ones with a confetti-like motif. So, you know, they covered the bases. And it doesn’t stop with stationery — Elegant Wedding Invites also has favors and toppers to make sure you’re fully good to go on your wedding day.

And of course, since it’s Winning Wednesday, they’re going to shower you with some extra love: One lucky BAB will score $200 in credit to spend at Elegant Wedding Invites on anything from your full invitation suite to those little wedding extras.

As usual, each task earns you an entry. The more tasks you complete, the more entries you get, the better your chances of winning. Ya dig?

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Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget

Guys, let’s talk paper. I know, we talk paper a lot. But we’re usually talking paper that’s already designed and mass-manufactured, which is great for those who are not putting huge stock (get it? Card stock? Heh.) into their stationery.

But what about those of us who yearn for the luxurious life of custom-designed letterpress invitations?

Well, darlings, let me introduce you to Letterpress Printables. Y’all can become fast friends. Because this girl gets it.

Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget.jpg

Here’s what Kristen (great name, right?) has to say about how this whole party started:

In 2007, when planning my own wedding, details came together pretty quickly. Destination wedding? Yes please! Wedding gown? Third one I tried on! Invitations? $1300! Wait …WHAT?

So I searched … and searched and eventually wound up designing my own invitations and working directly with a letterpress printer for the “low” price of $700.

I thought, there HAS to be a better way.

Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget

For years I worked as a print and packaging buyer for Fortune 500 companies. I knew how to work with printers, I knew how to find a good price. I knew that I could combine my love for letterpress and my skills as a print buyer to provide letterpressed stationery that was affordable. Seven years, two states and two children later, Letterpress Printables was born.

OK, so homegirl obv. knows where us broke-asses are coming from: You love the look and feel, but the price makes you cringe. So Letterpress Printables bridges that gap by bringing you the luxurious cotton, complete with the design element of your choice, and leaves the rest up to you.

Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget

So you get gorgeous blank cards with a hot chevron stripe or gorgeous peonies adorning the sides, and then you knock out the wording and other details with a glass of wine in hand and hit print. Simple, right? And you get a helluva lot of control over how it looks and reads, which is awesome.

Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget

Credit: U Me Us Studios

And at $38.99 for a pack of 20 invitations, you’re saving some serious skrilla. And don’t we all like that?

Head on over to Letterpress Printables to check out all her options!

BONUS: Kristen is gonna hang out with us from time to time for some awesome DIY or DIE action on how to do your invites at home. 

Winning Wednesday: Design Your Own Kicks with Project Shoe

When I was planning my first wedding, I had a very specific idea in mind for my shoes: I desperately wanted peep-toe, kitten-heel slingback pumps in turquoise and white polka dot. I’ll go ahead and let you Google that to see what you come up with …

A whole lot of nothing, right? Yeah, that’s what I got too, and not much has changed in the four years since my original search. And you know what? That sucked. Now, of course, my polka dot love has become a love for glitter, which is ubiquitous, so life is a little easier for this girl.

But if that hadn’t been the case, at least now I could turn to Project Shoe, a new company that allows for custom shoes from the bottom up. No, seriously, you can design damn close to whatever you want — loafers, slingbacks, high-heeled oxfords — let your shoe-lovin’ mind run wild.

I got to try my hand at it, and I was hoping to have my shoes well before this post, but since I’m extremely Libra (read: indecisive), I didn’t actually make up my mind until about a week ago. And since the shoes are custom, it takes a hot minute for them to be made and delivered (OMGGGG … I want them now). But, let’s chat about the awesomeness of this, shall we?

Project Shoe Design Screen

This is where you start. Are you starting to see my dilemma?

From there, it just gets … more. You can choose various toe shapes — pointed, round, cap, loafer, peep-toe, etc. — and heel shapes/heights. Then you start in with the fabric and color. And they’re all glorious.

There’s a whole heap of leather, textile, woven, silk, pony hair and — yep — glitter (11, to be precise) options. Depending on the design of your shoe, you can have as few as two different spots to choose the material or as many as five. Based on the swatches Project Shoe sent me, the materials are all solid, high-quality materials that won’t auto-destruct as soon as you wear them out a few times.

Project Shoe wants you to try it out for yourself: One lucky Broke-Ass will win the chance to design her own shoes!

Project Shoe Collage.jpg

Each of the options in the box below is one entry method. The more you enter, the better your chance of winning! Share your shoe design on Twitter or Instagram, making sure to tag both @brokeassbride and @projectshoe, and leave the link URL in the comment section below! Open to US residents only (sorry, love!).

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Winning Wednesday: Easy Name Change is a Game-Changer

So, you’ve got your dress, your venue, your RSVPs have started flowing back in and the scene is set for one helluva rockin’ party. You’re gonna dance the night away with your love and share sweet and adorable moments with your best buds. You’ll be announced for the first time as “Mrs. Whatsisface” (assuming you’re changing your name) and a new wave of giddiness may wash over you. You’re married!

Now, make sure the name sticks!

easy name change collage.jpg

Easy Name Change makes it … well … easy to change your name. Rather than juggle a bunch of forms from a bunch of different branches and bureaus, Easy Name Change helps you build a kit on their website — just check off which departments need to be notified of the change — and Easy Name Change will figure out what forms fit your needs. And since all the paperwork is personalized, you can just throw down the ol’ Herbie Hancock and slip ‘em in the mail.

Considering, on average, a bride or groom changing their name needs to notify around 15 different organizations, it makes it easier like whoa to have a little help in the process. And you can even get a head start — forms tend to get changed and updated a lot, so it’s recommended to knock out this task within 3 months of your “I Do”s.

Oh, and lucky you! Easy Name Change is gonna hook you up! Either tweet about this giveaway or to leave a comment on this blog post to win a kit from Easy Name Change.

Use the Rafflecopter entry form below — you have to hit the green box with the checkmark for your entry to be counted!

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Get Your Dudes Their Duds and Stress Less with Menguin

*This post is brought to you by our friends at Menguin.

BABs, lets be real: Wrangling guys and outfits can often be kind of a pain. Sure, some dudes dig dressing up, but certainly not all do. Add in measurements, try-ons, tailoring … it’s easy to see why the task of finding a wedding suit would be one that continually gets put off. I mean, there’s gotta be a simpler way, right?

Duh. Of course there is. And, as per usual, The Broke-Ass Bride has the inside scoop.


Menguin takes a huge ol’ chunk of that hassle of renting a tux and just chucks it on out the window. They help cut out time by doing pretty much all the dirty work online: You can style, fit and pay all from the comfort of your couch, and the tux will come right to the door … and can even be returned the same way thanks to the rockin’ prepaid Tuxbox. I mean, simple, right? Even the most Jeff Spicoli-ish of groomsmen would have a hard time mucking this up.

And of course, dear Type-A brides, you get to remain in control by not only styling the dudes, but also by being able to track where they are in the ordering process, so if good ol’ Spicoli happens to be in the party, you can dutifully light a fire under him when he needs a little jumpstart.


No time to get the guys down to the shop for fittings? Menguin’s e-Tailor can do the work, as long as he has a webcam at his disposal. Or, you know, he can go the old-fashioned route and go to a regular tailor for measurements and input his specifications right in their system.

At $160, you’re getting all the pieces — jacket, pants, shirt, tie/bowtie, cummerbund/vest and shoes — and since it’s delivered right to the front door, you’re saving on gas. Which is always pretty rad. Color-matching helps ensure everyone is nicely coordinated, and if any piece of the tux doesn’t fit right, just holler at Menguin and they’ll overnight a replacement. I mean, that’s service, people.

And now for the really good shit:

From now through Aug. 8, the groom’s tux is $1 if he has 5 or more homies ordering from Menguin. YOU GUYS. $1. Just give ‘em a shout at 1-844-MENGUIN and mention you saw it on The Broke-Ass Bride.

Extra special double-plus bonus: A portion of all proceeds at Menguin go toward aiding penguins who’ve been affected by oil spills. I mean, comeon.



Made with PicMonkey

It doesn’t really get much easier than that, does it, BABs? Get thee on over to Menguin to get the ball rolling!




MagnetStreet is Busting Out a Major Sale, Because: ‘Merica!

*This paid post has been brought to you by our friends at MagnetStreet.

You guys know our homies over at MagnetStreet, right? You should. Because they’ve been longtime partners with BAB and they’re always throwing some killer deals your way. But before we get to that good bit, for those of you newbie Broke-Ass Brides out there, lemme tell you a little about our pals.

- They care about you. And what you want. From customized color options (no, really. Custom color.) to free samples to MagnetStreet’s Just One program that lets you get a single Save the Date, Wedding Invitation or Wedding Program fully dolled up with your wording and color so you can see it in real-life action to know you’re making the best decision for you. It’s like trying on an outfit before you buy it … but with card stock!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.45.51 AM

Customized Color. For serious.

- They cover all the bases. Eight different invitation styles (tri-fold, pocket, rectangle, etc.), 14 Save the Date options — seven of which are magnets — and pretty much any other stationery option you could want. Choices, people.

- They know what they’re doing. Our current Real Bride Peach ordered her invites from MagnetStreet, so I’ll let her chat this one up:

Working with MagnetStreet has been one of the easiest things I’ve encountered in my wedding planning! Not only is their selection of designs is outstanding, but their ability to customize everything to suit your needs is what sets them apart. We loved our Save the Dates so much that we also purchased our custom invitation suite from them. We add major bonus points for their promotional discounts and speedy delivery, plus a social media presence (Twitter) that is fun and involved! Hands down, partnering with MagnetStreet for our wedding essentials has been nothing but a delight.

OK, so now that you know that MagnetStreet is all kinds of rad, hold on to your hats, because they’re about to lay down the hammer of awesome.


From now until 7/14, get a gargantuan 25% knocked off your order of Wedding Stationery! *Cue fireworks!*

Guys, this isn’t just a deal, it’s a huge deal. So, say you’re getting 150 invites (which means you’re having a holy butt-ton of people at your wedding — Reminder: You only need one invitation per household, not per person) on smooth paper. At full price, that would come out to a hefty $225 + tax. With this sale? You save about $56, so that pummels that dollar amount down to around $175. And that could mean those cute earrings or, say, personalized Champagne flutes!

Head on over to MagnetStreet, figure out what it is you want and make sure to enter WEFOURTH at checkout to save 25% on your order of wedding stationery!