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David’s Bridal Busts Out A Big Ol’ Heaping of Savings

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It’s Christmas in July! No, not really, but pretty damn close, y’all.

David’s Bridal is having their hugest sale of the season. And by huge, we mean RIDICULOUS. For serious. From wedding dresses to styles for your entourage to all those pretty little sparkly adornments, prices are slashed across the board:

* Wedding dresses that were originally $300-$600 are now as low as $99, with discounts of $50-$200 off David’s Bridal’s largest selection of frocks.

* All bridesmaids dresses (except Special Value dresses, which are marked as such) are $20 off.

* Regular priced jewelry and shoes are Buy One, Get One 50% off (heeeyyyy bridesmaid gifts)!

* And for the extra cherry on top, all clearance accessories, shoes and gifts are an extra 40% off.

OK, that’s a lot of info, right? And what are you supposed to do, just amble on into the store and try to figure out what’s what amid the chaos? Nah, we wouldn’t do that to you. To start, if you dug any of the dresses in this post then you’re in luck — those beauties are all game for some dollar-saving action! But I’mma go ahead an do you an even bigger solid.

I pulled together a few favorite looks and worked with the team at David’s to pair them with accessories that (shock! gasp!) are also on sale so you can attack this awesomeness with a game plan and come out on top. Cool? I thought so.

Gown YP3344, Necklace MNJ2905, Earring CZ108

Gown: $774 Necklace: $50 Earrings: $10

Style Tip: strapless gowns are perf for a statement-making necklace. Keep your other bedazzlers sweet ‘n’ simple — a pair of simple studs pull the look together without being too much.

Gown WG3672, Blusher WPD17121

Gown: $649 Headpiece: $79

Style Tip: Want vintage? Get a blusher. Bonus: They’re versatile, so if you decide to slip into something shorter for the dance floor, this little baby will easily work for both outfits.

Gown WG3532, Headpiece 35986C001, Bracelet 9721


Headpiece: $19.95 Bracelet: $12 Gown: $499.99

Style Tip: Though small, a little clip with a dash of sparkle is a good way to add some pizazz to your hair without rocking a veil. The flower clip complements the beaded floral applicque bodice. Throw on some arm candy and you’re all set!Gown V9409, Veil 850, Veil WPD17939


Veil, Top: $299.95 Veil, Bottom: $49.95 Gown: $449
Style Tip: Want to ooze that bridal feeling on your big day? Grab a veil.  mid-length tulle style with a pencil edge (bottom) is soft and subtle while a longer cathedral-length amps up the drama. Try on various styles to see what works best for you.
Gown KP3696, Veil V390, Necklace 80018Necklace: $10 Veil: $129.95 Gown: $649


Style Tip: Traditional and timeless, pearls are a gorgeous option without the bling overload. They add a little shimmer without blinding anyone and are a very classic bridal accessory.Bridesmaid in Sangria F15530, Headband H22490, Shoe Feliz


Headband: $8.99 Shoe: $49.95 Dress: $139.95
Style Tip: Gold + jewel tones = holy regal, Batman! However, the metallic hue also works well with neutrals and pastels. So, of course, gold wins.Bridesmaid F16004 in Petal, Shoe Andrea, Shoe Savannah in BegoniaShoe, Top: $59.50 Shoe, Bottom: $59.95 Dress: $79.99

Style Tip: Blush is an ever-popular color for your brigade. Go with the sweet and feminine look by pairing a light pink frock with gold, or make a statement and go bold.Bridesmaid F15749 in Marine, Bracelet 10034318BR, Earring 10034316Er

Dress: $149.95 Earrings: $19.95 Bracelet: $25.95

Style Tip: Pull together a coordinating look by adding baubles in a color palette that matches their dresses. The two tone accessories here only help enhance the dark blue dress.Bridesmaid F15711 in Apple, Bracelet J8007B, Earring 70503124

Dress: $129.95 Bracelet: $30 Earrings: $15.95

Style Tip: A short ‘n’ flirty dress gets a glamorous makeover with some serious #sparklez. Skip the necklace with an illusion neckline, and opt instead for earrings and a bracelet.Bridesmaid F15701 in Begonia, Handbag Dazzle, Shoe Jazz

Bag: $49.95 Shoes: $79.95 Dress: $99.95

Style Tip: If your crew is donning something bright, metallic shoes and accessories are probz the way to go. In styles of their choosing but in one shimmery hue, they’ll look coordinated without being too matchy-matchy. Plus, um, can we talk about that knuckleduster clutch?
Bridesmaid F1555 in Horizon, Bag Mayan

Dress: $69.99-$79.99 Clutch: $29.95

Style Tip: Let your crew customize their look — you pick the frock, they get the say over how they accessorize. Perhaps gift them with a gorgeous clutch that will complement their styles.

Well, Broke-Asses, what are you waiting for? Get thee to David’s Bridal and save some skrilla on your wedding day goodies!

Which of the above looks is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


Toast to Your Big Day with

Sponsored Post DisclaimerToast to Your Wedding with iCustomLabel.comThe great thing about DIYing your own wedding bar is that you can make a trip to Trader Joe’s and stock up on some good ol’ Two Buck Chuck without any of your guests being any the wiser … except for the label giving away your thrifty little secret.

Good thing has got you — er, your bottles covered. Champagne, beer, wine, water bottles … if you can drink it, they can label it. Keeping that bubbly on ice until the toasts? No prob, Bob. They’ve got a waterproof label for that. Celebrating with Cubans and cupcakes? It’s cool, cigar bands and toppers are on the menu, too. Giving food as favors to your tired, slightly tipsy guests? Yep, they’ve got labels to tackle that job as well.

Affordable, durable and gorgeous, can help you dress up those bottles to use as gifts for your brigade or just leave your mark on all of your drinkable wedding goods.You can order just one, or you can order 500 (and the more you order, the cheaper they get).

Add a special touch with a cute photo of you and your partner or print all the labels with your special wedding motif and your guests will be oohing and aahing over the design all while sipping their Andre.


Make the Memories Last with Albums from MyPublisher

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Leather-bound Photo Album by MyPublisher

Long after the cake is eaten, the dress is preserved and the confetti is swept up (and the hangover is gone), you’ll still have the photos of your amazing budget wedding to remember the day you and your love built your baby family. You shelled out a pretty penny for an amazing photographer who captured every detail of the day, so don’t let those stunning pics languish on a disc in a desk.

The aesthetically pleasing and drop-dead gorgeous flush-mount albums from MyPublisher ensures your wedding photos are preserved and available for ogling at any time. You get your hand in how the pics are laid out, and MyPublisher‘s profesh design service will make sure it’s to your liking.

Flush Mount Photo Albums from MyPublisher

With super stylish leather and don’t-mess-with-me thick pages, that killer shot of the best man and his amazing derp face will have a home from which to blackmail for the rest of time.

Smooth Leatherbound Wedding Albums from MyPublisher

Photographers often offer albums that come at a super premium — which can be a lot to ask when you’re already shelling out some serious cash for their services. MyPublisher lets you get around that bugger by getting an equally high-quality album for less than what most shutterbugs charge.

Save Your Favorite Wedding Day Memories with MyPublisher

Because MyPublisher loves BABs so much, they’re giving you a free 7.75″x5.75″ pocketbook photo book — perfect for a rad little save the date story or  just a cute way to hold all your e-pics, and easily be able to show ’em off to your friends! Click here to score your pocketbook (just enter your email on the page and you’ll get the party started)! While you’re there, check out their full-size photo books, which could be a rad guest book idea!

There’s No Hand-Wringing over Walmart’s Affordable Wedding Rings

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Guys, let me tell you: It’s super easy to find the national average of what couples spend on engagement rings (a single search yielded steady results ranging from $4,000-$6,000+) but wedding bands are a whole ‘nother ball game. After four search attempts and even asking a group of other wedding bloggers, the best I could come up with is a post from 2014 on that cites couples spent an average of $1000 on her band and $500 on his (uh, discrepancy much?). Holy bananas, guys.

This immediately led to me thinking about the number of my friends and family who’ve lost their rings. And that number is a bit staggering. In fact, I have one friend-couple who both lost their wedding bands separately of one another but almost at the same time (his was hidden by their 3-year-old daughter, hers remains lost in the abyss). And this isn’t the first time for them, either. Google “lost wedding band” and the results are plentiful. Think about that.

While the wedding band itself is ceremonial and has changed in meaning in recent years — it used to signify the alliance between families, now it’s a physical reminder of the vows you’re making to one another — the desire to spend oodles of money on these tiny circles has also changed. Plus, y’all, we’re broke-asses. We want affordable options for ALL THE THINGS.

Logically, why should you spend a bajillion dollars on a wedding ring that is apparently so easy to lose? For my first wedding, we spent $50 total and had gorgeous rings that were extremely personalized. We wanted to stay under budget, and realized we could always get new rings later, if we decided it was something we wanted to invest the money in  (given the circumstances, I’m SUPER glad we went the cheap route).

Walmart has a great variety of wedding bands in real metal with real diamonds for not real expensive. Sure, the spendiest one tops out around $12K, but there is a huge variety for under $250.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.02.29 AM

Tungsten Wedding Band, $20.57
Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.02.05 AM
14K White Gold and Diamond Ring, $230.96
Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.03.43 AM
Titanium Rose Gold Plated Band, $10.95

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.02.54 AM

Diamond Accent 14K White Gold Wedding Band, $239

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.10.29 AM

Palladium Comfort Fit Band, $174.99

While Walmart may not be a place you would turn to for all of your wedding needs (though they certainly have some cute dresses that would looks adorbz  on your brigade), it’s worth considering for your wedding rings. I know many a couple who face trepidation about wearing their rings during work because they’ve shelled out so much skrilla for them and fear damage or loss. While the sentimental heartache might be more difficult to overcome, there may be some solace found in purchasing your wedding bands at more reasonable prices.

DIY Your Day-Of Schedule with Timeline Genius

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Timeline Genius
One of the great perks to hiring a great wedding planner is that you have someone who already knows their way around a wedding timeline or two. But a wedding planner certainly doesn’t fit into every broke-ass’ budget, and you still need some sort of schedule to tell you — everyone else — what to do and where to be on the day-of.

You already know some of the basics: Ceremony at 5:30. Hair and makeup at 3. Reception at 7. Gotta be donezo and outta there at 11. But …

When does your partner and their crew arrive? What about the band? And the caterer? When is all the photoing supposed to happen? How about the cake cutting, first dance and toasts? Timeline Genius

Guys, that’s a lot to wrangle by your self when you’re DIYing your own schedule. But Timeline Genius can give you a little peace of mind. For about $60, you can plug in the pertinents — who, what, where and when-ish — and it’ll spit out a super profesh timeline for you and your crew to operate off. Timeline Genius is totally customizable by what you actually plan on doing during your wedding day — no first dance? No problem. Want to do a first look? There’s a button for that. If you’re wrangling tons of peeps or are just super nervous, you can spring for the VIP package — $99.99 — that includes a review with a Master Bridal Consultant (schmancy!) who’ll make sure all your shizz is in place to help you be a zen bride on your wedding day.

Once you get your super fancy sched from Timeline Genius, pass it out to your peeps — everyone from your photog to your hair and makeup to your flower girl’s mom — to make sure you’re all on the same page so you can glide down that aisle with your sanity firmly intact.


Add the Cool Couple Factor with Sunglasses by Promovizion

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Add the Cool Couple Factor with Sunglasses by Promovizion

I’m kind of a huge fan of a bride and groom rocking sunglasses on their wedding day. Now, not necessarily during the ceremony or during some of the more sweet, serious moments, but certainly while hanging around at cocktail hour and of course on the dance floor and photo booth because, … #duh.

Even better? When said sunglasses are pimped just for you by our homies at Promovizion. Whether you want full-lens coverage or just a subtle nod on the legs, they’ve got shades that won’t make you throw shade. And you’ll save some cash when you order in bulk, so that’s pretty rad.

Add the Cool Couple Factor with Sunglasses by Promovizion

Guys, if you’re having a beach wedding, a farm fete or are just planning on being outside a bunch on your wedding day, stock up on these bad boys. Yes, we usually advocate edible or drinkable favors, but as a girl with a vast collection of sunglasses garnered from conferences, fairs, events and more, I can hardly say sunglasses aren’t useful.

Personalize these bad boys with your wedding deets, colors — yes even metallic and light-up — and Promovizion will have them to you in no time … seriously. Promovizion‘s turnaround is 24-48 hours. Can’t make up your mind? It’s cool. They’ve got on-site designers to help find the right pick for you.

Add the Cool Couple Factor with Sunglasses by Promovizion

Promovizion also has rad customized shirts, perfect for a bach party or to distinguish your bridal brigade during the rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding festivities.

You guys already are the cool kids, why not solidify your awesome status with Promovizion shades that fit the bill?

Nix the Fuss with Send ‘n’ Seal Invitations from Ann’s Bridal Bargains

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Nix the Fuss with Send 'n' Seal Invitations from Ann's Bridal Bargains

A standard invitation suite has a whole helluva lot of components: Outer envelope, inner envelope, the invitation itself, RSVP card, reception card and that random piece of tissue paper that is seemingly v. important … but no one can figure out its true purpose (poor tissue paper). And each one of those components costs money — which is how invitations to your truly amazing, but still broke-ass, party can start costing you an arm, a leg and half your soul.

It’s cool, though. Ann’s Bridal Bargains has the easiest, simplest, prettiest and most cost-effective way to get your invites out and without sending you into debt: Send & Seal Invitations. Because: #duh.Nix the Fuss with Send 'n' Seal Invitations from Ann's Bridal Bargains


Get rid of all the fluff — sorry, extra tissue paper — and send your guests everything they need in one adorbz little package. It’s an envelope, invitation and RSVP card all in one. You just fold up the invitation and the RSVP postcard — conveniently attached at the bottom — and seal it with the included seals. Slap a stamp on that bad boy, drop it in the mail box and chillax until the RSVPs start arriving — in swarms, likely, because your invites are just that rad.

There’s no need to assemble anything. There’s no super spendy postage to consider because of odd-shaped or uber heavy card stock. And there’s no need to worry about making sure that each suite has all of its pieces. Which, let’s be real, is pretty awesome. Who’s got time for that bullsh, anyway?

Nix the Fuss with Send 'n' Seal Invitations from Ann's Bridal Bargains

Ann’s Bridal Bargains has a buttload of other invitation options, too, y’all. And they’ve got ’em at broke-ass friendly prices, because they get that great style doesn’t have to come at a frightening price. Since Ann’s Bridal Bargains is special homies with Invitations by Dawn, they have access to the prettiest, most up-to-date designs but are able to offer them at a bigger discount. That’s pretty baller.

And, of course, they have a special offer just for you, Broke-Asses! Head over to Ann’s Bridal Bargains and get 20% off your purchase of $99+ when you use code BROKE20. Good for any damn thing on the site until 3/31.


Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

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Hunting for wedding stationery can be a totally daunting experience. There are those that say invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding. There are those that press the importance that your stationery is one of the few things you get to hang on to forever afterward. Everyone and your grandma will probz hang your Save the Date and invitation on a refrigerator or cork board. Guys, that’s a lot of pressure. Which is not awesome.

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

What is awesome, though, is how MagnetStreet will make the whole process of choosing, customizing and ordering your wedding stationery a helluva lot smoother and easier.

Broke-Ass Brides have had a soft spot for MagnetStreet for ages, and there’s a (number) of v. good reason(s) for that: The quality of MagnetStreet’s products are exactly what you want. They don’t mess around in getting your goods to you. Their customer service is wonderful and super involved. And they give a shit about your experience.

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

With a multitude of ways to customize your wedding stationery — five styles (gatefold, pocket, square, rectangle and tea length), four paper types (luxe pearl, pressed texture, fine linen and premium smooth) and unlimited color options — it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to find exactly what you want with MagnetStreet. And since they carry everything from save the dates to menu cards and wine bottle labels, it’s a one-stop shop. You can cross-coordinate all of your paper goods, complete with your wedding colors, so that everything ties in perfectly (if that’s your thing).

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

MagnetStreet has a holy buttload of freebies you can get your mitts on to help you make the best decision for, well, you: color swatches, printables, stationery samples, paper samples, checklists, budget guides … it goes on. The best way to make an informed decision is to have all the options available to you. MagnetStreet hits a home run on this front.

And guys, the love between BAB and MagnetStreet is suuuuper mutual, which is why whenever they have a deal, they holler at us to share it with you. Like this bad boy:

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

MagnetStreet has a huge Valentine’s sale going on sitewide — everylittlethang on the site is a deal, with a possibility of up to $150 in savings.

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

AND: MagnetStreet is having a giveaway over on their Facebook page! They are giving away 300 menu cards to 5 badass brides. Click here for details.



That’s Metal: Tungsten World Makes Wedding Bands Your Way

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While we’re on the subject of rings this week, we should totes shift the attention from the high-octane bling to that little circle that takes center stage on your wedding day.

That's Metal: Tungsten World Makes Wedding Bands Your Way

Now, when it comes to bands, especially wedding bands for the mensfolk, there are a huge variety of options. — gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, tungsten, cobalt chrome, ceramic … I mean, whoa. And people have a lot of opinions about which metal is the “best” for rings … but as with all things wedding at The Broke-Ass Bride, we say do what you want and what makes you happy. And damnit, not all rings fit a broke-ass groom’s budget.

But, at Tungsten World, you can find a pretty huge range of alternative metal wedding bands at prices that make broke-asses smile. No, you’re not getting some cheapo ring that’ll turn your finger green or shatter with the slightest hint of breeze. Nope. These guys have the real McCoy, which means you get all the steeze and quality without spending a bajillion bucks.

That's Metal: Tungsten World Makes Wedding Bands Your Way

Gold and platinum may be classic, but it kind of sucks when your ring gets all dinged and scuffed after only wearing it for a bit. But that’s soft metals for you. Alternative metal bands? They’ve got the real toughness. They’ll stand up to scratches and they’ll do it with style, yo.

But don’t think you’ll be stuck with the run-of-the-mill, same ol’ tungsten bands: Tungsten World has the ability to customize your rings the way you’d like — think gemstones, elaborate colors and even custom imaging. Because shouldn’t your wedding band be how you want it? I mean you will be (hopefully) wearing the thing for the rest of forever.

That's Metal: Tungsten World Makes Wedding Bands Your Way


The coolest option, though? Fingerprint wedding bands. It really doesn’t get much more personalized or sweet than that. You send in your fingerprint, Tungsten World laser engraves the pattern on your wedding band and now you have the ultimate customization. And that’s pretty freaking rad.

And, of course with Valentine’s right around the corner, Tungsten World is running a super rad sale right now, with many handsome rings clocking in at well under $200. So grab your partner and get your booty over to their site to find your very own preciouses.