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Sponsored Post DisclaimerAs a special treat this month, we’re partnering with David’s Bridal to bring you four special edition Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! posts (catch the first three herehere and here), featuring their very own gorgeous styles. David’s Bridal, a name synonymous with affordable wedding gowns in a huge variety of styles, has been dressing women for all types of special occasions for over 60 years — in fact, 1 in 3 brides end up walking down the aisle in aDavid’s Bridal frock. Hell, I was a David’s Bridal bride for my first wedding! And few things are better than when David’s Bridal busts out a huge heap of summer savings, as they’re doing through June 28. Select clearance wedding dresses, normally in the $300-$600 price range are now $99 while select wedding dresses originally $750-$1650 can be found for $499.99 and all clearance accessories, dresses, shoes and gifts can be snagged for up to a whopping 70% off — with dresses starting $19.99 online and $29.99 in store and shoes, accessories and gifts start at $9.99. All clearance wedding dresses — yes, even designer frocks! — are up to $500 off their original price.

Can't Afford It

Short and sweet is the name of the game for our last post in the series (see our previous posts featuring mermaid, ballgown and halter styles), which I’m stoked on because I loooooove short wedding dresses. Our Can’t Afford It? dress is a boatneck, cap-sleeve Oleg Cassini for David’s Bridal exclusive, adorned with beaded lace appliques that will run you about $750. Couldn’t you just imagine twirling the night away in this stunner (complete with some killer shoes)?Oleg Cassini Cap Sleeve Illusion Wedding Dress from David's Bridal

Oleg Cassini Cap Sleeve Illusion Wedding Dress (CMK513), $750

Get Over It

Strapless Tulle and Lace Tea Length Dress at David's Bridal

Strapless Tulle and Lace Tea-Length Dress (KP3701), $399.99-$449.99

Truly Zac Posen Lace High Low Tank Wedding Dress at Davids Bridal

Truly Zac Posen Lace High Low Tank Wedding Dress (ZP341412), normally $1250, sale price $399.99

Melissa Sweet Short Lace Wedding Dress

Melissa Sweet Short Lace Wedding Dress (MS251101), normally $900, sale price $499.99

Oleg Cassini Tea Length Lace Tulle Wedding Dress

Oleg Cassini Tea Length Lace Tulle Wedding Dress (CWG663), normally $850, sale price $499.99

Love these styles? Head over to David’s Bridal to take advantage of their Sensational Summer Clearance sale through June 28!

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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewLongtime Broke-Ass Bride friend Georgia Hardstark emailed us recently about sharing her fun, funky, tradition-eschewing, $16,000 wedding. In the true spirit of The Broke-Ass Bride, Georgia and her husband had the wedding they wanted — at the venue they loved, in the clothes they adored, with the decorations they actually gave a shit about — and all within their budget and paid for the wholeshebang for their 105 guests themselves. Here’s how Georgia recommends having the wedding that’s right for you. And a huge shoutout to Timony Siobhan for the wonderful photos!

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony SiobhanI have never been a traditional person. For one thing, I never thought I’d get married, so planning a wedding was a clean slate for me. I knew I didn’t want it to be “fussy,” and the only reason I was OK with it being “tacky” was because we got married at The Madonna Inn, which is charming because of its tackiness. I didn’t want to spend a ton on a dress, which I ended up buying from ModCloth, or on invitations, which we did online for about $100, or on flowers, which were picked out and bought the night before from the local florist. Basically I didn’t want a wedding to put Vince and I in debt, as we were paying for the whole thing ourselves.

    What I did want was for our wedding to reflect mine and Vince’s quirky, laid-back personalities, and for all the guests to have an incredible time. Considering I’ve been told that guests are still finding glitter from the DIY photo booth in their clothes three months later, I’d say we achieved it.

    Here are six ways I shirked tradition to make sure our wedding fit our style and personalities:

    1. I Didn’t Have A Wedding Party

    Having a bridal party seemed like a cruel thing to do to my friends, what with making them buy ugly dresses, throw me multiple parties and forcing them to do menial DIY labor leading up to the wedding. Aside from that, having a bunch of people flanking Vince and I at the altar seemed devoid of intimacy and more about honoring our friends instead of the bond Vince and I were celebrating that day.

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony SiobhanI spent the whole morning with my closest girl friends: one doing my hair, another snapping pics and a couple others putting together my bouquet. They helped me set up the banquet hall to fit my vision, and the whole time we laughed and listened to Katy Perry and pounded coffee. It was freaking awesome. When it was time to walk down the aisle I already felt so blessed to have the best friends in the world. Total wedding day bonus.

    2. I Walked Myself Down The Aisle

    Having my father, whom I love dearly, walk me down the aisle seem archaic and didn’t celebrate the strong, independent woman my parents raised. I’m in my 30s and haven’t lived with my parents or relied on them financially for over 15 years, so having them “give me away” irked the feminist inside me.

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony Siobhan

    So I walked my damn self. I did hug my mom and dad when I passed them on my way to the altar, and I also had a father/daughter dance, which I hadn’t been planning to do before deciding to walk myself. We danced to Paul Simon’s “Graceland” as a nod to the music we listened to on road trips when I was a kid. Later my dad said the dance was “awkward and fun … just like our relationship.” Spot on.

    3. I Did My Own Makeup

    What I wanted on my wedding day was to look like the best version of myself. As someone who’s on camera for a living, I’ve had my makeup done more times than I can count. Professional makeup looks amazing on camera and in photos, but in person, it can look garish and overdone. Plus makeup artists will back me up when I say that the “natural” look takes almost as much makeup as glam does.

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony Siobhan

    So I called over my favorite makeup artist for a lesson, hit up Sephora for a consultation, spent half the GDP of a small country on products, and the day of the wedding I did my makeup myself. The biggest things I concentrated on were a good concealer for under my eyes and to even out my skin, great eyeshadow technique and my expert fake lash applying skillz (ask a makeup-savvy friend to do this if you suck at it).

    OK and in interest of full disclosure, a bit of Botox and a lil Juvaderm helped give me a well-rested look. This is SO not necessary, but I felt I needed just a bit of help. Just be sure to do a test run months before the wedding to confirm that you like it, and get the actual procedure at least a month before your big day.

    4. I Cherry Picked Traditions

    I’m Jewish in tradition, not religion, and Vince is equally devoid of all things non-secular. He was surprised to hear that I still wanted to steal a few traditions from Judaism, but what is a party without a Hora? And you don’t get many chances in life to be lifted in a chair by your strongest family and friends. Plus, smashing a napkin-wrapped glass right after the ceremony is super fun, and has the added bonus of meaning the past is the past, and life starts now.

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony Siobhan

    Even if you want some religious aspects to your wedding, that doesn’t mean you have to do them all. Pick the ones that actually have meaning to you and make you feel a closer spiritual connection to your future spouse and to your family. And feel free to tweak the ones you pick and even make up new ones!

    5. We Had Our 2nd Favorite Person Marry Us

    Vince being a comedian and both of us having a ton of funny, creative friends gave us a huge pool of potential people to officiate our wedding, which honestly made it harder rather than easier. Do you pick your best friend? His best friend? If you pick the latter will it piss off the former? If you pick your cousin and then find out he recently had an affair does that doom your own marriage?*

    *true story

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony Siobhan

    Instead of choosing from our pool of friends and family, we choose a guy whom we both really liked, is super funny and comfortable on stage, we aren’t that close to, has a great marriage and had officiated before. He got to know us over a few dinners, and we got to know his lovely wife and their love story. He was the perfect person to marry us, and I can’t imagine having a better ceremony thanks to his wit and sincerity.

    6. I Chilled The F*ck Out

    Listen, things are gonna go wrong the day of your wedding. I promise. It was literally pouring rain the entire day of our wedding. Our photographer was late and a few of our more wild friends dropped LSD before the ceremony. As I walked down the aisle I was trying to hold back the tears so it all came dripping out of my nose and when I got to the alter I realized I didn’t have a tissue so I had to stop the wedding and ask for Vince’s pocket square which I proceeded to soak with snot. Someone stole a bottle of vodka from the bar and poured it into the non-alcoholic punch and even though I purposely didn’t invite little kids to the wedding, suddenly the party was awash with tiny fingers poking the cake and trashing the photo booth set up.

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony Siobhan

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony Siobhan

    But guess what?! It was awesome! All of it. If you accept that things aren’t going to go perfectly, as it tends not to in life, you’ll be much more likely to roll with the punches. Grasp the perfect moments and pause them in your head because those are the things you’ll want to recall when the day is over and you have the rest of your life to think about it. Unexpectedly high-fiving my 6-year-old nephew on my way to the alter, the unplanned but perfectly timed tossing of my bouquet to my best friend when it was time to read my vows, seeing Vince the first moment I walked into the ceremony and how awestruck I was that this was real; I was really getting married, and to the best person I’ve ever met!

    Hold those little things close and let the other stuff be funny stories you tell after the fact and when you’re giving advice to friends planning their own wedding. Ideally this will be the only wedding you ever have, so make sure you hold it close to your heart and enjoy it. But maybe ask your friends save the LSD for the after-party.

    A Real Wedding that Eschews Tradition || Photo: Timony Siobhan

    Thank you, Georgia, for sharing your fun wedding story with us! And a huge congratulations!

    Catch more of Georgia’s fun and funny life adventures by following her on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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    Well, they did it again. We knew they would, didn't we? BHLDN dropped their fall line this week, and it's inspired by ballet. So it's suuuper flowy and graceful and dreamy. And they nailed it, of course. There are even more glittery shoes (these and these are killing me) and they added some new toppers to give a new twist on a convertible dress.  But…

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