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Oh man, it’s like Christmas in (almost) July, you guys. Our love, BHLDN, has graced us Broke-Asses with their Big Summer Sale, knocking down prices on some of your very favorite gowns (uh, helloooo Persiphone) and accessories. While BHLDN always has a pretty stellar sale section, this event includes over 80 styles across the site. UH, yes plz.

Gorgeous gowns are down to as low as $380, bridesmaid and other dresses are going for $60 and up and accessories like the adorable XO Studs are available for $60. So, in other words, get your booty over to BHLDN and score some seriously gorgeous pieces from one of our favorite partners at ridiculously good prices.

Amelie Gown

Amelie Gown, was $1640, now $1200 — Savings = $440Ines Gown

Ines Gown, was $700, now $500 — Savings = $200Lucca Maxi

Lucca Maxi, was $480, now $380 — Savings = $100

Kendall Dress

Kendall Dress, was $300, now $240 — Savings = $60Persiphone Gown

Persiphone Gown, was $1350, now $1100 — Savings = $250

BHLDN’s gowns are amazingly high-quality and come from industry heavyweights like Watters, Todashi Soji and Catherine Deane. Intricate beading, light tulle and delicate lace are staples among BHLDN’s dress collections. No matter your body type, there is a BHLDN gown almost guaranteed to make you feel gorgeous.

But it’s not just the gown game that is strong with this one. BHLDN has pretty accessories on the lockdown, too. Stunning headpieces, swoonworthy shoes and sweet baubles round out your wedding day look while luxurious robes from Eberjay and PlumPrettySugar are perfect for those getting ready photo ops.
Lacework Pumps

Lacework Pumps, were $280, now $180 — Savings = $100Veuve Earrings

Veuve Earrings, were $100, now $60 — Savings = $40Vivacity Heels

Vivacity Heels, were $225, now $140 — Savings = $85XO Studs

XO Studs, were $100, now $60 — Savings = $40

Markdowns like this don’t happen very often, so get on over to BHLDN and take advantage of their Big Summer Sale!

  • 3/4

    Ok, BABs. I did a very not-Broke-Ass thing. Confession is good for the soul and all that, plus, what I did was soooo pretty.

    I blew a lot of money on a pair of shoes for our wedding. At first I was kinda wringing my hands wondering how I was going to justify this expenditure to a bunch of badass, budget-savvy wedding wizards, but then I realized, there’s nothing wrong with spending some extra cash when you can. In fact, the purchase came after a long conversation with my husband-to-be about how we each deserve a splurge — a silly, just-for-us splurge.

    Let’s face it: Staying strictly in budget can be really disappointing. You’re compromising; you’re settling; sometimes you’re completely doing without. It’s totally cathartic to set a little extra aside and just BLOW the money to have that one thing that is absolutely perfect, price be damned!


    Seriously, do it.

    Shoes were a really obvious splurge for me. About five years ago, I had an accident that resulted in my left heel and ankle shattering. Like, the specialist told me, “Your right heel is fractured; your left heel doesn’t exist anymore.” It took a massive surgery, 10 pins and a custom-made metal plate  to get the thing back together. I was told I’d be relegated to orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life, but out of sheer stubbornness, I was back in (sort of) high heels after about two years. Long story short, cheap shoes and I don’t get along. I have to have cushion and support and that usually means money.

    I started hitting up the usual suspects when looking for luxe for less: Neiman Marcus Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, but I was coming up short. Actually, I was coming up tall, as in, way too tall a heel for my now struggling feet and ankles. I’ve always had a “thing” for particularly fabulous footwear, but I was getting sad and claiming, “Fabulous doesn’t come in three inches.”

    One evening I was browsing my normal discount sites online and came across a new (to me) one: The Outnet. They deal in some seriously high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories, but at deeply discounted prices. As I scrolled the mid-heel formal shoes, I found it: Fabulous at Three Inches.Screenshot 2015-03-03 16.26.16

    Five. Hundred. Dollars. I mean, I was under budget on my dress, venue, flowers and food, but that’s, like, a car payment.

    But they were EVERYTHING I was looking for! Pearls and sparklies, ankle straps to keep them on, a heel right at three inches, and I searched online reviews and they all said Rene Caovilla makes extraordinarily comfortable shoes. Oh, bother.

    Out of respect for my fiance, I had promised that I would run big purchases by him and this qualified as big. Expecting him to rein me in and encourage me to find something more affordable, I shot him a message. He didn’t balk. He didn’t cringe. He told me if I was sure, get them.

    I placed the order and after a UPS delivery debacle that rivaled the saga of the engagement ring (delayed delivery, wrong address), I finally had them!


    They fit perfectly and lived up to the promise of comfort. Once I got them on my feet, I didn’t care that I spent a lot. They really were everything I was looking for, and they made me feel FABULOUS!


    They even have glitter soles! Silver. Glitter. Soles! I’m in heaven.

    So I could have settled for something a 10th of the price. I could have used that money to buy slightly more expensive wine or a couple extra kinds of cheese, but as much as I love both of those things, eh, they’re not going to make me squee the way these shoes did. It might be a wasteful expense to some, but I really, really, really love shoes, specifically these shoes. And I’ll wear them again. I’ll wear them on the honeymoon; I’ll wear them for anniversary outing. Let’s be honest, I’ll wear them in the bedroom!

    The point is, you’re going to be making a lot of “us” decisions and a lot decisions to cater to your family. I think it’s healthy to do something just for you — just remember your partner deserves the same privilege. If someone criticizes you, who cares?! You march down that aisle in your gorgeous shoes or your new diamond earrings or cheers your family with pricey champagne or kick off your Chucks before you attack a bounce house in your wedding wear! It’s your wedding, so treat yo’ self!

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  • 7/25

    Y'all, I love helping people out. That's part of the reason why I love working at BAB. So when my girl Becca sent out a Facebook plea for help in finding shoes to go with this dress in Ocean Blue that she's wearing as a bridesmaid for a wedding, I was all over it. Because: Duh. I could help her and I had a great mission for my Five…

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    You guys, I'm admittedly the worst high-heel wearer on the planet. I live for my flip-flops (no, seriously. If there isn't snow in my direct walking path, flip-flops are on my feet. And I'm from Wyoming, so that 's some serious dedication). I'm 5'2", so you'd think the opportunity to be just a little bit taller every once in a while would get me going,…

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