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There’s No Sinking Feeling with Solemates

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You guys, I’m admittedly the worst high-heel wearer on the planet. I live for my flip-flops (no, seriously. If there isn’t snow in my direct walking path, flip-flops are on my feet. And I’m from Wyoming, so that ‘s some serious dedication). I’m 5’2″, so you’d think the opportunity to be just a little bit taller every once in a while would get me going, but really, the only time I’m faced with the prospect of rockin’ a killer pair of stilettos is for a wedding or some other schmancy event. And those are usually in the spring or summer and outside. Since I’m laughingly far from a dainty ballerina who can flit about on her toes, heels + grass = inevitable sinking, which takes me back to my starting height, but adds a splash of comedic relief as I try to unstuck myself.

SM logo_no HH_web

For years, I’d been seeing the Solemates High Heeler around the Internets — but I think my initial introduction was in a wedding magazine, when I was planning my first wedding. And my curiosity has been piqued ever since. Last November, in Florida for my fella’s cousin’s wedding, I was finally in a situation where I could try them out for myself … and nudge right into the good graces of his family by getting a pair for the bride’s mother — who was wearing a pair of killer heels that would have javelined themselves right into the soggy lawn. That’s what I like to call a double-win, if I do say so myself.

I got them, immediately put the Solemates on my go-to black strappy heels and dashed — er, rather, hobbled like a baby giraffe learning to walk, because I’m that graceful — outside to see if they really, truly, actually worked. And they did. Duh.

This is me. For realz. Can’t you tell by the unicorn outfit?

So, what are they and what do they do? Solemates High Heelers are little plastic things that stand about an inch tall, slip onto the bottom of your heel and expand the base size of your heel, keeping you from sinking like a stone or falling through the cracks in the boardwalk. They come in clear, black, silver or gold, and since grass is typically taller than an inch, you can’t see them in your wedding photos. Not that people are closely examining what’s going on with your stiletto anyway, though I guarantee that there will be chicks who note that you and your needle-thin spikes seem to be floating above the grass and will ask you what your secret is. They come in different sizes — narrow, classic and wide — to accommodate different heel fatnesses (making up terminology here, folks) and you can pop them on and off different heels to reuse for each wedding and each different pair of shoes. Bonus for you city slickers: Wear them with your heels on cobblestone to protect your precious kicks and save yourself some skrilla by making your trips to the shoe doctor less frequent.


If you’re planning on wearing your fanciest shoes for your wedding, or as a bridesmaid, you should probz get some of these. And if you’re the bride, go ahead and get the Wedding Rescue Kit, one for yourself and one for each of your girls. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the long run. With a huge swath of goodies inside (earplugs, tampons and antacid, just to name a few) any wedding disaster can quickly be averted and the partying can continue.


Five for Friday: Fun, Flirty Pops of Floral

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Happy Friday, Broke-Asses! From what the ubiquitous Facebook has been telling me, spring has definitely sprung, and with that comes the beginning of beautiful blooms. Now, I’m not a huge flower person, but I can certainly appreciate a nice little dose of floral from time to time. So in the vein of minimalism and the spirit of the season, here are my five favorite floral items, all under $60 for this week’s Five for Friday:

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.42.11 PM



Reese Green Floral Print Pointed Pump, $43Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.38.49 PMHappy Hour Ditsy Hip Flask, $22

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.45.46 PM


Padraic bow tie, $45

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.53.04 PM


Miss Daisy Studs, $26

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.49.13 PMParis Pencil Skirt, $60

Are you feeling poppy (heh, get it?) enough to don some daisies? How do you like to wear your floral?



{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Erdem-Inspired Floral Kitten Heels for Under $56

This bride is obsessed with a pretty unique pair of designer floral kicks. We don’t know where this obsession stems from (GET IT?!?!), but we’re here to help, per usual.


I’m on a very strict budget for our wedding I was able to get my dress made and altered for around $400!
Looking for shoes now and it turns out I have very expensive taste! First floral kitten heels I fell in love with turned out to be $479!!!
Please help me find a shoe just as amazing as the one I am looking at now.
It is so hard to find floral shoes that have a small heel as these do.
Thank you!

The challenge with falling in love with really specific, designer shoes is nothing in the “affordable” realm will really be spot-on. As a budget-minded bride, that can be a bummer – but don’t let it be. An open mind is the key to finding a reasonably priced option.



Erdem Floral Printed Kitten Heels (£479 at A Woman and Her Shoes)


Liz Claiborne Johnnie Floral Pump ($39.94 at DSW)

Anne Klein Harquin ($55.99 at Zappos)

Anne Klein Christa ($24.99 at 6pm)

BC Footwear In The Winners Circle ($43.01 at 6pm)

Lucky Emmie Ballet Flats ($29.99 at Victoria’s Secret)

 Libby Edelman Alize Floral Flat ($29.94 at DSW)

Sequined Rosette Ballet Flats ($19.80 at Forever 21)

Without knowing your size, it’s hard to throw out one-of-a-kind options. But consider doing a bit of searching on Etsy. There are some vintage options there with floral flare like these size 8s from Wild Rabbit Vintage or these vegan floral pumps from KlubKidVintage. Also, just for fun, check out these shoes from the 1960s – they’re amazing!

Loverly Lace Accessories For Your Big Day

Lace  is a feminine, romantic classic – and it’s so IN right now. Whether you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous lace gown, shoes, or hair accessories, we’ve made you a little lace primer. So without further ado, here are some affordable lacy pieces for your wedding day.


Dress $298 // Shoes $165 // Clutch $64 // Gloves $40 // Headband $85 // Shrug $70 // Necklace $20



Fancy Wedding Flats for Under $100, Part 2

Back in the early spring, I posted a roundup of affordable and fancy wedding flats. Well, since I’m such a huge fan of flats, and since it’s been quite a long time, I wanted to show you another round of cheap, fancy flats, all for under $100, that would look amazing under your wedding gown or on your bridesmaids.

G by Guess, $49Mel, $40

Betsey Johnson, $70

Nine West, $79

Fergie, $90

Restricted, $55

Me Too, $62

Nine West $79

Nine West, $51

MICHAEL Michael Kors $70

Anne Klein, $50

What color flats would you wear under your wedding dress?

-Dana F.

Link Lust: Our Bloggy Girlfriends (& Boyfriends!) Show A Little Leg…

This week we’d like to welcome Preston Bailey ( a dude wedding blogger, y’all!) to our humble little blog swap….

BRIDEfinds has photos of the Vera Wang black wedding dresses that rocked the bridal world this week.

If you’ve always thought wedding garters were old-fashioned and silly, you’ve simply got to see these gorgeous garters Preston Bailey’s Bride Ideas found. These garters are stunning works of art!

Don’t panic, but there are things you might not know about your own wedding. Things that may end up costing you extra time and money. The Broke-Ass Bride totally has your back though.

A few naughty and nice black pumps to go with Vera Wang’s black wedding dresses from OK, Now What Bride.

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Bridal Booties

No, dirty birdies.  The booties you put on your feet!  I’ve got a bride who is in love with a pair that costs a whopping $625!  If you’re a broke ass bride, then you’re probably saying, “Well, I can’t even spend that much on my dress, let alone on a pair shoes!” Let’s see what bride Lauren wrote:

I need CAI/GOI help!

Casually looking for the perfect shoes for my upcoming wedding, I came across Ann Roth’s Swoon booties and fell in love with them! I am a budget bride, but am finding myself continually going back to look at them again and againm trying to justify this splurge. Save me from blowing my budget! Your CAI/GOI are so helpful. Got any suggestions for me?

Can’t Afford It: 

Get Over It:

1. Charles by Charles David. $80.

2. Camilla Skovgaard. $267.99.

3. DKNY. $255.

4. Martinez Valero.  $96.22.

5. L.A.M.B. $355.

6. Loeffler Randall. $229.90.

7. Vanitee. $49.99.

8. Chinese Laundry. $53.99.

9. XOXO. $28.66.

10. Funtasma. $43.95.

Miss any other CAI/GOI magic? Catch up here:

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Shoes… Yes, Shoes!

Sorry if this week’s CAI/GOI post appears to be a bit bizarro this week. I got inspired to change things up a bit from a dear reader named Maggie who wrote in asking this question: “Can you do a Can’t Afford It?/Get Over It shoe edition??” Maggie is absolutely smitten with the Elopement Pumps from BHLDN‘s new bridal line. Not only are the shoes way out of this broke-ass bride’s budget, but to top it off, the shoes would cost her an additional $50 to ship to her residence in Canada. She would be spending upwards of $400 on a single pair of shoes. For one day. So Maggie wants to get over these shoes and has requested that her get over it picks be in the $100 or less range.

Let’s do this.

Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. T.U.K. Retails for $45.

2. Ziginy. Retails for $99.95.

3. Seychelles. Retails for $90.

4. Kimchi Blue. Retails for $39.

5. RJ Girl. Retails for $50.39.

6. Calvin Klein. Retails for $79.45.

7. Plasticland. Retails for $52.

8. Vintage picks from Etsy. All sell for less than $50.

Did you like the Shoe Edition of CAI/GOI?  Yes? Then you’re in luck! CAI/GOI is now taking shoes requests!

Miss any CAI/GOI gown magic? Catch up here:

{Up for Grabs} Giveaway Round-up!

“Pardon me, do you have the time? Oh no, that’s fine, I don’t mind waiting – I’ll just stand here and eyeball you while you rummage through your giant hobo bag to find your stupid cell phone.”

This is probably an encounter you’d like to avoid, no? Well let me tell you a little story. Long ago, in an age before cell phones, there was this totally boss, portable time-telling device…

Crow Watches - The Toddy was known as the wristwatch. Let us illustrate the beauty of the wristwatch for you, using the scenario described above.

Someone would ask: “Pardon me, do you have the time?” and you would reply “YES! It’s 9:45!” OR “Sorry, I don’t have a watch, for I am a loser.”

Well, non-wristwatch-wearing  losers, we put this awesome giveaway together with you specifically in mind. This uber modern watch is the Toddy from Crow Watches – and it’s quite a beaut! It’s colorful, it’s contemporary – it announces to the world “I am an efficient and effective human being, for I wear a wristwatch.”

To enter to win this hot orange Toddy, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter. That’s right, if you get this newsletter in your inbox every week, you’re already entered to win! If you haven’t subscribed yet, simply sign up here!

Brides n’ bridesmaids – we know you have a lot on your mind – the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect pedicure – but wait a minute. Back up to those shoes. You want them to stay perfect right? Well two words: park wedding. Your priceless pair of peep-toed kitten heels is destroyed by mud in under an hour. Sad times. But wait! There is a solution…

The Solemates High Heeler

Enter: The SoleMates! The SoleMates High Heeler is an  ingenious little device that attaches to your heel and prevents it from digging into the grass or mud, or falling into cracks! Totally amazing, right? And they come in a variety of colors and styles!

Wanna snag enough SoleMates for you and your entire bridal party? Well you’re in luck, because this week we’re giving away SIX PAIRS to one lucky winner!

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this or any post on the blog this week!

Good luck!