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Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

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Hunting for wedding stationery can be a totally daunting experience. There are those that say invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding. There are those that press the importance that your stationery is one of the few things you get to hang on to forever afterward. Everyone and your grandma will probz hang your Save the Date and invitation on a refrigerator or cork board. Guys, that’s a lot of pressure. Which is not awesome.

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

What is awesome, though, is how MagnetStreet will make the whole process of choosing, customizing and ordering your wedding stationery a helluva lot smoother and easier.

Broke-Ass Brides have had a soft spot for MagnetStreet for ages, and there’s a (number) of v. good reason(s) for that: The quality of MagnetStreet’s products are exactly what you want. They don’t mess around in getting your goods to you. Their customer service is wonderful and super involved. And they give a shit about your experience.

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

With a multitude of ways to customize your wedding stationery — five styles (gatefold, pocket, square, rectangle and tea length), four paper types (luxe pearl, pressed texture, fine linen and premium smooth) and unlimited color options — it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to find exactly what you want with MagnetStreet. And since they carry everything from save the dates to menu cards and wine bottle labels, it’s a one-stop shop. You can cross-coordinate all of your paper goods, complete with your wedding colors, so that everything ties in perfectly (if that’s your thing).

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

MagnetStreet has a holy buttload of freebies you can get your mitts on to help you make the best decision for, well, you: color swatches, printables, stationery samples, paper samples, checklists, budget guides … it goes on. The best way to make an informed decision is to have all the options available to you. MagnetStreet hits a home run on this front.

And guys, the love between BAB and MagnetStreet is suuuuper mutual, which is why whenever they have a deal, they holler at us to share it with you. Like this bad boy:

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

MagnetStreet has a huge Valentine’s sale going on sitewide — everylittlethang on the site is a deal, with a possibility of up to $150 in savings.

Get Your Wedding Stationery Done Your Way with MagnetStreet

AND: MagnetStreet is having a giveaway over on their Facebook page! They are giving away 300 menu cards to 5 badass brides. Click here for details.



Real Bride Katie: Save the Dates to Satisfy Everyone

Told you I’d be back at it in no time!

With my show closed, I’m down to just two jobs – my full time work, and then the freelance writing I do on the side. The full time is not very demanding and has a lot of downtime, so I felt comfortable diving back into planning, little by little.

The easiest job on the checklist that I could work on in short bursts was getting our save the dates ready to go. We considered skipping them, but with most of our guests being out of town, that seemed risky. Because the vast majority of our guest list is 20-40 years old, we feel comfortable choosing a digital option for most people.

I researched a bunch of options, but I fell in love with a simple design from Paperless Post.


The best thing about this design is that it’s also available on paper. We need about 10 to send to people that we think would understand a paper save the date a little better. We’ll be able to create one design and send it out to all our guests in the format that works best for them. It will still only cost around $60. How great is that?

There are several other sites that provide this service, and some of them are cheaper. But once I saw our mock up, I was sold.

2014-12-17 13.34.03

SOOO cute! It will give a link to our wedding website (still under construction), which will contain hotel and other information.

Why YES, that is a sneak peek of an engagement pic! We won’t get the rest of them back until after the holidays, so I used the one we’ve seen so far as a sample. Ideally, we’ll pick one where you can see our faces instead of smooching for the save the dates! Once we get them back and pick one out, I’ll just have to upload it to the design and they’ll be ready to go out the door, no muss no fuss.

2014-12-17 12.06.03


I’ll share the rest when I get them, but for now, I’ll leave you with the full shot from our friendor, Traynor’s Photography.

Have a happy holiday filled with sugary treats and lots of love. See you in 2015!


Real Bride Emma: Save the Freakin’ Date!

Hello! Sorry I’ve been a little quiet, am-dram life took over for a while and wedding stuff just had to go on hold! But, now I’m back and starting to pick things again.


Time is flying…eek!

With just under a year to go to our wedding, we’ve now handed out (most of) our Save The Dates!

This is one thing that brides can go ker-azzzy on, and I have seen some really wild, whacky and expensive ways to send these out. For those with an unlimited budget that’s all fine and dandy, but for us BABs we gotta get smart.

All your save the dates need to do is tell people which date to save. When you remember what the point of them actually is, it’s pretty easy to get nice and cheap.

Mike and I really like magnets, and we collect them on every holiday we go on. So it made sense to us to go for those for our save the dates. I shopped about a bit, and found that VistaPrint was the cheapest, although there are alternatives. They have LOADS of ready-to-go designs on the site, or if you are a handy type you can design one yourself and upload it. Ours is a design from the site…

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 20.06.29

Bish bash bosh, save the dates done for £50 ($78.19).

Looking for something even cheaper? My lovely friend Natto is also getting married next year and got some gorgeous little mini-business cards done for hardly any pennies at all. And depending on the number you need, VistaPrint often does deals for free business cards!

ProTip: When you’re counting how many save the dates you need, don’t forget to count families or couples as one! I definitely remembered to do that, and definitely DON’T have a box of extra magnets lying around my house.

Am dram bride – out!

Real Bride Jubilance: Finding the Right Invitations Is Harder Than I Thought

Back when we first got engaged, I had a specific plan in mind for our Save the Dates and wedding invitations. I initially wanted our Save the Dates to look like a tweet (because we met on Twitter) and for our invitations to have a nerd theme. In those first exciting days of our engagement, I started Googling, looking for possible ideas that matched what was in my head. And I didn’t find much, which was surprising (I touched on this a bit here).

Nerd invitations were pretty easy to find, but the type of nerd invitations I was looking for was scarce. My fiancé is a mathematician and I’m a chemist, and I wanted invitations that reflected both. I found some chemistry invitations, and some math invitations, but no general “nerd” invitations. There were also lots of video game nerd invites, and while my fiancé and I forged our bond over animated games of Super Mario on my Wii, I couldn’t call us gamers by any stretch of the imagination.

While I was lamenting the lack of cute nerdy invitations, I also realized a crucial point — custom invitations can be expensive, and expensive invitations are not a part of our budget wedding plan. We also realized that we didn’t have to share our wedding theme before the wedding – we could save it for the wedding and wow our guests on our wedding day. Once we decided to do invitations that weren’t custom, I started visiting invitation vendors and checking out both selection and prices.

I figured the best way to decide on an invitation suite is to get our hands on some actual samples, right? I love getting wedding-related things, so discovering that lots of online companies provide free samples gave me great joy. I wound up ordering samples from a variety of companies, including Wedding Paper Divas, Minted, MagnetStreet, and Invitations by Dawn. As I expected, designs that I originally loved online didn’t wow me once I had a physical invitation in my hand. But this wasn’t just my decision — my fiancé had a vote as well. I kinda expected him to defer to me, but surprisingly he has very strong opinions on what our invitations should look and feel like.

My BFF got married this past July, and his new wife raved about Wedding Paper Divas. I liked a lot of their designs online and also that you could receive 8 samples free! I’m all about the free stuff.

Real Bride Jubilance's Wedding Paper Divas Samples

Some of the Wedding Paper Diva invitation samples we received

Real Bride Jubilance's MagnetStreet Samples

Our samples from MagnetStreet

Once we received all the samples, we laid them all out and started comparing. First we whittled down all the ones we liked, and then we compared prices, paper options, and the ability to customize. For us it really came down to 2 companies – MagnetStreet and Wedding Paper Divas. Both are comparable in price, and both had options that we liked, both in designs and paper options.

So what broke the tie? We considered what we’d already chosen. In August we got these awesome Save the Dates from MagnetStreet, which featured a chalkboard theme in green. We thought “why mess with a good thing? The chalkboard theme totally fits into our nerd wedding so let’s carry it through to the wedding invitations”. We adore our Save the Date magnets and our guests have all raved about them and the quality. The great products and fast service have made us big MagnetStreet fans.

Real Bride Jubilance's Save the Date

Our chalkboard Save the Dates from MagnetStreet — ain’t we cute???

And that’s how we ended up choosing the Chalkboard Sweetheart Invitations from MagnetStreet. But the best part is the 25% off coupon we’re using to order them! Initially my coupon was set to expire before we attended our food tasting, but they were more than willing to allow us to use our coupon after the expiration date. Now THAT is customer service! I’m super excited to order these and I can’t wait to get them – yay!

*checks “decide on invitations off the wedding to-do list*

Next up – figuring out wedding decor!

Win This: Score A $125 Gift Card To!

finestationeryYour wedding stationery is the first impression anyone will get about your wedding: it will give them cues about what to expect from the evening (or morning, or afternoon) and how to dress appropriately. No matter what your style, from traditional to modern, rustic to preppy, black and white to bold color, you’re certain to find an invitation that suits your event and your budget at

At, they’ve got designs from the most sought-after brands, like Kleinfeld Paper, Crane & Co, and Vera Wang, as well as up-and-comers like Jasmine & Woo; you’ll see designs you’ve never seen before, and won’t find anywhere else! Not ready to shop for wedding invitations yet? also offers a huge selection of save the dates (including magnets!), party invitations, and couples stationery so flipping cute that I’d feel hard-pressed to actually mail it to anyone else. No matter your stationery needs, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to first! Plus, this week, everyone wins: BABs can save 10% on save the dates with with the code LOVE10 from now through March 31st!

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Real Bride Peach: Bridal Failure

This is my face.

No one tells you how shitty planning a wedding can make you feel sometimes. I was simply not prepared.

Before I expound, I have to make this humble request: If there is actually a 100% tested-and-approved rule book to follow for not pissing people off when planning a wedding, please order it for me on Amazon and send it my way. But as far as I know, there is no such thing in existence.

I wish there was, as it would appear the planning process is filled with potential traps and pitfalls around every corner. Just when you’re patting yourself on the back for checking a biggie off the to-do list, there is someone just waiting to pull you by your shirt sleeve off into a corner and whisper conspiratorially into your ear about how you should have done it.

The guest list, for instance. Trust me on this: Someone will be forgotten. And even if it was COMPLETELY on accident and you have not spoken with them in years, they will be deeply, gravely and irreparably hurt. Or conversely, you may invite someone controversial – someone you know will cause a ripple in the emotional pond, but social obligations win – and suddenly you’re being angrily chastised for your insensitivity. As it turns out, guest lists are a tricky, tricky bitch to tame and you can’t and won’t win, so the best you can do is just make your choices, put on the battle gear and prepare yourself for the reactions.

Speaking of, don’t even get me started on my Save the Dates. I second-guessed my use of the clear address labels. The fonts I picked. The magnet vs paper. The design. The colors. The stamps. When to send them. And what to include in the content of them. In the end, I loved what we sent. And you know what? Apparently I screwed up because I didn’t put the location of our wedding on it. Oh, and I didn’t create a website (or register yet!!) and include that on it too.  I’m a terrible bride-to-be. 

I thought I did so well…

Now prepare yourself, because I’m going to be straight-up, balls-out, honest with you for a minute. Between my bestie (also getting married) and I, we have personally been through the following because of our choices thus far:

  • de-friendings on Facebook
  • nasty phone calls/texts
  • silent treatments
  • family feuds of WWIII proportions
  • fist-fights between grown men
  • being made to feel inferior because of our wedding decisions
  • being told our choices are flat-out wrong
  • requests that decisions be cleared by family members before being finalized
  • emergency therapy sessions (for us)
  • emergency therapy sessions (for family members with us, because of the wedding)
  • Tears. Epic amounts of tears. Ours, especially.

I only wish I was kidding.

If you knew my bestie or me personally, you’d know that we are two of the most considerate and loyal people out there. We are doing everything to try to please everyone on both sides, not rock the boat and be/do all things wedding perfectly. But our very best attempts at playing nice in every single sandbox are being thwarted. Almost comically so.

We DO realize that it’s not just about us and that we have to take other people’s feelings into consideration. But please, somebody tell me what we are doing so terribly. Are we just doomed to offend someone, somehow, no matter what? And does this feeling of inadequacy and “NO, YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!” happen to all brides?

Because at a time when I’m supposed to be dreaming of my gorgeous dress and how romantic the ceremony will be, standing in front of the garden’s waterfall and professing my love to my person… I feel like crap. And I kinda want to bag the whole thing and go elope in Times Square.

Who’s with me out there? Happen to you, too? Tell my bestie and I that we’re not alone.

Till the next throat-punch,

Win This: Send Out 100 Amazing Save The Dates From The Memory Trunk!

People are so darn busy lately that save the dates are becoming necessary to remind them that yes, they do have plans the third week of August, and not only do they have plans, but they have GREAT plans. A beautiful, vibrant save the date makes people excited about your wedding every time they see it, and there’s no better place to get custom save the dates than The Memory Trunk. The Memory Trunk will work side by side with you, creating the perfect save the date from scratch–working with your style and your colors to make a cohesive whole that will make everyone excited to get their mail. Smiles all around, courtesy The Memory Trunk! This week everyone wins: The Memory Trunk is offering all Broke-Ass Bride readers a 5% discount on their orders from now until August 1st with the code BROKEASS2014! That’s on save the dates, full invitation suites, your entire order!

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Wedding Inspiration: Fun, Geeky Save The Dates!

A great place to begin personalizing your wedding is with the save the dates; while wedding stationery is often quite formal, save the dates give you the freedom to be a bit more quirky and fun. Now, you don’t need to send save the dates–depending on how soon you’re getting married, and the number of people you’re planning on inviting, they might be an unnecessary expense. However, if you’re six months or more out from your wedding date and you’re planning on inviting a number of people from out of town, save the dates are a great way to ask your friends and family to keep you in mind as they make plans for both the time and expense of travel. It’s also a great place to include your wedding website information if you’d rather not include it on the formal invitations. I know that as soon as I receive a save the date, I tack it up on the fridge so as not to forget–and looking at any of the following save the dates would make me smile every single time.

Dana’s friends Ben and Renee just made these adorable Save the Dates based on some of their favorite movies, with a little help from their friends:

Photos by: Josh Gibson; Grooming + Layout: Annah Yevelenko-Gibson

Seriously, how cute are these? So stinking adorable!

Five for Friday: Glittery and Gilded Save the Dates

Happy Friday, BABs! In the premiere edition of our new Five for Friday series, I searched the Internetz for my five favorite shiny, glitterized and golden Save the Dates! These pretties are often the first taste of your … well, taste … that your guests will receive in anticipation of your wedding day. While they are by no means necessary, they do serve as a useful (and beautiful!) reminder of when the big day is. AND! Your Save the Dates can be wildly different than whatever you have in mind for your invitations, so don’t be afraid to reach for the (gilded) stars!

“Classic Quill,”, starting at $174 for 100.

“Gold Crest,” Invitations by Dawn, starting at $94.09 for 108.

“Golden Afterglow,” Wedding Paper Divas, starting at $114 for 100.

“Gilded Grace,” Wedding Paper Divas, starting at $139 for 100.

“Glamorous,” Invitations by Dawn, starting at $94.09 for 108.

Any of these glimmering lovelies strike your fancy? What type of Save the Date style would you like to see? Tell us in the comments!