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Real Bride Katie: Finding an Engagement Picture that’s So Us

Hey everyone!

Remember back when I showed you a teaser for our engagement pictures? My friends at Traynor’s Photography gave me the rest of our pictures over the weekend!

And, just like us, our pictures are goofy, ranging from mildly silly …

Katie & Andrews Eng CD-55

Katie & Andrews Eng CD-63

… to completely ridiculous.

Katie & Andrews Eng CD-83

Katie & Andrews Eng CD-99

We chose to use a fun picture for our Paperless Post save the date, also. Why not have a little fun with them? A shot like this is much more us and much more interesting than a serious posed one anyway, don’t you think? Plus, it’s been said that your wedding stationery helps set the overall feel and expectations of your wedding day, and we think it’s necessary to include a picture that’s totally representative of who we are.

Katie & Andrews Eng CD-78

I think save the dates are a great way to be a little more casual. Only your very close relatives are really thinking about what they need to wear to your wedding, so there’s no need to worry about conveying the formality level of your wedding this far out if you don’t want to. Mix it up!


Winning Wednesday: Strut Your Stuff with a Tote from Digital Printsess

One of the things I notice about wedding planning is the amazing accrual of stuff — from planners to printouts to swatches, you have stuff that you’re toting around to various meetings, fittings and brunch with the ladies. It would certainly be nice to have a place designated just for wedding stuff, because everything should have a place, right?

Etsy seller Digital Printsess makes sturdy, tough (go on, put it in the wash) and super cute tote bags that can get the job done. And she designed one for a little show you might have heard of … “The Bachelorette.” Digital Printsess‘ bags appeared in Ashley Herbert and JP Rosenbaum’s wedding special.



Aside from making these super awesome and customizable totes — I can totally see carrying this one while honeymooning on the beach — Digital Printsess also creates beautiful save the dates and invitations. Oh, and she’s totally Broke-Ass friendly: the totes start at $20 (bridesmaid gift, anyone?) and her save the dates and invites start at $15 for the digital file.

digital printsess.jpg

And now to the good stuff: You can score a Digital Printsess tote of your own which can be customized with your own info!

As per usual, completing each task below earns you one entry — you must click on the green box saying “I completed.” Open to US residents only (sorry darling!) Good luck!

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DIY or DIE: Custom Envelope Liners Full of Sparkle

dana envelope liner

I am admittedly not the craftiest beaver on the block; and it’s true, many a craft has beaten my ass to the ground and screamed in my face “Martha Schmartha, yo!” But that doesn’t, for some reason probably linked to estrogen and my passion for all things glittered, squelch my lofty craft ambitions and attempts at greatness. Or, more accurately, attempts at not-complete-failure.

I used to be such a pesky perfectionist about my crafting attempts that it would ruin the whole experience, and often, never even attempt them out of fear of failure. But what I learned over time, is that part of the point of DIY is embracing the imperfections in the art. The little hints of humanity in each creation that remind the maker and the recipient that it was made with blood, sweat, tears, and love. And wine. Always wine.

Our Save the Dates were easy. We found an inexpensive style we loved on Etsy, and made a few small design tweaks with the lovely girl who designed them. She arranged for printing, and a couple weeks later, they arrived in the mail. And they’re beautiful! But, I’m such a shameless whore for embellishments — mainly in the form of sparkles — that I couldn’t leave well enough alone. And when I went shopping for some adhesive crystals to add dimension and glitz to our design, I found myself sneaking supplies for glittered envelope liners into my basket, like a sugar addict smuggling cookies in with her produce. I couldn’t help myself! The girl at Paper Source pointed out how simple it was, thanks to their easy peasy trace & trim templates. I had always thought it looked so challenging, but the temptation was just too strong.

And it was SUPER DUPER EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY FOR SHEEZY, kids. Like, foolproof. So, lest any of my fellow brides and grooms shy away from dressing up their STD’s, invitations or thank you cards … I’m here to walk you through it!


Envelope Liner Template Kit

Double-sided Tape Runner

Gold Glitter Wrapping Paper Roll (or solid/printed paper(s) of your choice. Just make sure it’s not cardstock-weight. That would make it too bulky.)

A7 Envelopes (or whatever size fits your inserts. The Paper Source kit comes with templates for 4-bar, A2, A6, A7, A9, 5-3/4″ square and 6-1/2″ square envelopes. Bonus!)


Wine (psa: never craft without wine. trust.)


invitediy copy

Steps to greatness:

1. Lay out your liner paper, face down, and trace the envelope liner template that corresponds to your envelope size, in pencil. You can see from my picture that I maximized space by nesting the “peaks” into one another so I wasted as little paper as necessary, and had to make less cuts overall.

2. Trim along the lines to create individual liners.

3. Slide a liner into your envelope. It will nestle in snugly, and you’ll see it doesn’t overlap with the glue on the lip of the envelope flap.

4. Fold the flap down, and crease across the fold with your finger.

5 & 6. Open the envelope back up, but leave the liner folded down. Run your double-sided glue tape across both top edges of the “peak” of the liner.

7. Fold the envelope flap back down against the liner and press firmly along the edges of the peak.

8. Open your envelope and admire your handiwork!

See? Couldn’t be easier. Just trace, trim, fold, glue and you’re finished!

It’s such a simple, inexpensive project, but it really adds so much personality to the invitation experience. I just might start doing it with every thing I send! It’d sure make paying bills a lot more festive 😛

Go forth, and line your envelopes with wild abandon, friends… and relish in your crafty bad-assery! You won’t be sorry, I swear.


Win This: Send Out 100 Amazing Save The Dates From The Memory Trunk!

People are so darn busy lately that save the dates are becoming necessary to remind them that yes, they do have plans the third week of August, and not only do they have plans, but they have GREAT plans. A beautiful, vibrant save the date makes people excited about your wedding every time they see it, and there’s no better place to get custom save the dates than The Memory Trunk. The Memory Trunk will work side by side with you, creating the perfect save the date from scratch–working with your style and your colors to make a cohesive whole that will make everyone excited to get their mail. Smiles all around, courtesy The Memory Trunk! This week everyone wins: The Memory Trunk is offering all Broke-Ass Bride readers a 5% discount on their orders from now until August 1st with the code BROKEASS2014! That’s on save the dates, full invitation suites, your entire order!

This week, one lucky BAB will win 100 save the dates from The Memory Trunk (white or off-white matte paper with matching envelopes)! Want it bad? Get an easy entry by subscribing to our bi-weekly newsletter! It’s packed full of the best deals, steals, and giveaways from across the web (plus some BAB exclusive deals) and we’ll never spam ya!
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{Real Bride: Carrie} The E-STD…A Very Simple Save The Date

When it came to STDs, (insert sixth grade level laugh here), Zach and I didn’t feel the need to be fancy.  While I certainly appreciate the beautiful, ornate paper STDs and invites out there, they just didn’t strike me as a must-have item.  Plus, we loved the idea of going paperless!  Sending the majority of our STDs and invites via email will save trees and save us money!  Some may still think it’s iffy, from an etiquette point of view, but as you’ve probably realized by now, we don’t really bow to tradition very much.

To make our STD, all I did was use GIMP photo editing software (Photoshop’s free, downloadable twin) to add text to a cool picture of us taken at the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia.  I downloaded the awesome fonts for free too! (Check out for free fabulous fonts!)  I’m no photo-editing wizard, but I think they turned out pretty well for the amazingly low price tag of $0!

To send these out, we just attached the photo to an email titled “Save the Date!” and then wrote a short personal note to the invitee in the body of each email.  I think it added a nice intimate touch!

Did anyone else send out e-STDs or e-vites?  Would you like receiving an e-vite for a wedding, or would you think it was tacky?

{Wedding Inspiration} Real Reader Save-the-Dates!

Annie at Thriftfulness tipped me off to her adorable, DIY and dirt cheap wedding save-the-date cards which she made using rubber stamps!

diy save the date
She detailed the how on her blog, so check it out! What a great and easy craft that can be used for all sorts of wedding-y goodness, right?

diy save the date
Have y’all heard of “light painting“? It seems like all the new rage, and its being used to make some pretty effing rad save-the-dates by you crafty readers!

Laura + Chase put Chase’s mad skillz to use and created this edgy and creative light painting postcard save-the-date for 100 guests for $55 total! You can learn more about how they did it here (and check out some of Chase’s other cool work while you’re at it). Don’t you just love this?

Melodee + Kris got in on the light-painting action with this cute, short and sweet save-the-date video, using Kris’ mad video techniques and the help of some family and friends!

Kira + Kyle sent in their playful and adorable save-the-date with a great reader tip! “I’m a graphic designer and artist so I designed our save the dates and had them printed at for about .40 cents a piece, and after envelope and postage each save the date ended up being about $1.00 a piece. Print Pelican was the only place I was able to find on the internet that could do the square magnets that I wanted and did it for much cheaper than most of the other printers that could only do rectangles.” Check it out:

Elena + James kept it simple, sweet, and affordable by laying some Vistaprint discount code action on a photo from their engagement session, and got their save-the-dates out to 50 people for less than $30!

cheap wedding save the datephoto by Stephanie Reinish

Brooke + Toon’s creative video showcases stop-motion and their personalities in an adorably charming (and literal) way.

Nick + Rebecca’s movie poster save-the-dates such a fun twist on the norm! They worked their broke-ass brilliance and had their friend Sean design them for free in exchange for the graphic design experience, and they printed them at the vocational school for only 50 cents each! Holler!

movie poster save the date
This one is my favorite:

I’m so proud of y’all, rocking your broke-asses like gangstas! Brings a proud tear to my wee, bionic eye.

Did you make something for your wedding that you’d like featured? Send it in, yo!


Save-the-Dates for Only Slightly More Than Zero Dollars

There have been some pretty awesome save-the-dates on The Broke-Ass Bride recently, so I am sharing ours with a bit of humility (but only a bit, because our save the dates are pretty rad):

Depending on how you look at it, our save-the-dates came in waaay under budget, or waaay over budget. Allow me to explain: The original number in our budget spreadsheet for save-the-dates was $200. Folks, I honestly have no idea where that number came from. I think we got that estimate out of some Wedding Industrial Complex-sanctioned book or website. We fell significantly short of that number, thankfully: the grand total was just around $70 bucks.

But I can’t pat myself on the back too much, because I really, really wanted our total save-the-date spending to be zero dollars. There is no greater feeling in the world than typing “$0″ into the “actual spending” column of our budget spreadsheet. I wish Excel offered more text options so I could make the $0 glitter like it was on a fourteen-year-old girl’s MySpace page. Like this: $0

The image for our save the date was 100% free Our wedding photographer is, conveniently, one my best friends, so he’s giving us the usage rights for our engagement and wedding photos. (We are also getting his labor at a STEAL rate. I could—and will—write a whole separate post about how to deal with paying friendors.)

I downloaded that font, Marker Twins, from, which is a great resource for free high-quality fonts. I should warn that it is also an easy way to lose hours of your life as you try to find the font that best represents the voice of your inner four-year-old, for example.

[I just lost another hour.]

I did the design work using GIMP, which is free image manipulation software. It’s extremely versatile and pretty easy to learn how to use, especially if you are familiar with other (outrageously expensive) design programs.

So how did we spend $70? Well, my original $0 plan was to simply email that image to our guests. But I failed to account for the fact that there are still people out there whose lives are not conducted primarily on the Internet, and that demographic accounts for the bulk of my mother-in-law’s guest list. So I had to revert to snail mail.

Which meant printing. We used Overnight Prints. I have almost nothing but nice things to say about Overnight Prints. Let’s get the not-nice thing out of the way: it is a terribly misleading name for a business. It’s like if you named a bar “Sobriety.” [Ugh, I can totally imagine that bar. It would be full of hipsters. They’d have Scrabble sets for street cred but they’d all be short on tiles.] Unless you pay steep shipping prices, you will not get the prints even remotely overnight. But as my mother always said, patience is a virtue. Overnight Prints is really easy to use, and the print quality is fantastic. They almost always have some kind of promotion running, so be sure to search for promo codes!

We also had to pay postage. Postcard postage is cheaper than envelope postage, but with our big guest list that still added up to a little over $30. One mistake I made was not buying extra postcard stamps. I thought I’d never have any reason to use them again! But as it turns out, between my terrible handwriting and other errors, we’ve had over a dozen return-to-sender postcards. If you don’t mind return trips to the post office, don’t worry about buying extras. Our post office is a soul-staining pit of despair, though, so I wish I’d just paid a few bucks for some spare stamps.

While $70 is seventy more than $0 , but I’m still putting save-the-dates in our “budget win” column. We had great results for a reasonable total price, and you know what, people LOVE getting physical mail that isn’t bills. I’m looking on the bright side here.

So am I the only Broke-Ass Bride who needed to print save the dates to accommodate a technologically un-savvy guestlist? Has anyone else experienced a budget win, but still longed for the sparkly zero dollar mark?


{Wedding Inspiration} Real Save-the-Dates from our Readers!

Catherine, my gorgeous and talented friend (aka stylist-extraordinaire behind The Life Styled) shared her save-the-date video with me and I just about died. It’s freaking brilliant. And funny. And so so smart.

“Why won’t you just pick a font?!?” LOL.

Then Jerry wrote in, to share the m-fing RAD save-the-date card they made using their kitchen wall, some chalkboard paint, chalk and a whole lotta creativity. Its just too charming and cute. I can’t take it. (and the unicorn? I die!)

cheap wedding save the dateJerry wrote:
We used our kitchen wall as the canvas, and with a can of chalkboard paint and and eventual handful of broken chalks later we were able to come up with this. Everybody loves it and says that it captures our personalities… …We aren’t the “frolicking through a garden” photos kind of couple, so I wanted something that would capture our personalities. The unicorn is an inside joke that started when I announced during our Thanksgiving prayer how “Dana (my wife’s name) is more magical than a unicorn”.  I have always done all of the birthday invitations in the family, so I knew that sending these to be printed at was the cheapest way to go. I did some research and found some hard 4×6 acrylic frames with magnets and mounted them for way less than the 4-5$ estimates per unit that I was seeing online. Many people don’t even realize that the lettering was drawn out on the wall, but I ALWAYS make sure to let them know….its my emotional reward I guess.

And then there’s Molly and Max, who shot their hipster-meets-hippie-meets-happy save-the-date video, guerilla-style at a flea market in San Diego. I love their choice of music and their editing style. Really I just totally want to have a drink with these two. Uh, oh. Sound the alarm… Its a full-on couple crush alert!

We LOVE getting to gawk at and share your wedding goodies, so keep ’em coming! Your creativity and moxie inspire our balls off, you know that right?

Aren’t these ones rad? Which is your favorite?


Real Weddings: Khali + Potsch: A Vintageously Chic E-Shoot

What happens when you mix two colorful actors with personalities as big as their hearts, and a photographer with style unique enough to fit?  You get these kick ass pictures, people. We’re talking unique, delightful,  drool inducing photos… saturated with color, charm, and creative spirit… and shot by one of our faves, Kelty at Steep Street.

Khali and Potsch snuggle up on a vintage couch and make themselves feel at home.

I speak from experience when I say that Kelty hit the jackpot with this bride and the groom, my dear friends Khali and Potsch… a simply fantastic couple, teeming with energy and creativity, and hypnotically stylish. Believe me when I tell you that these are two of the most effervescent, inventive, and utterly fun people we’ve had the pleasure to call friends. Khali is a cross between a blonde bombshell of the fifties, and a colorful style maven… and Potsch looks like he just crawled out of an urban outfitters magazine or marlboro commercial. They’re one of those magnetically fabulous couples, you know what I mean? They have such a strong perrsonal flair and are 100% authentically true to their signature style… their personalities and energy are radiant in every way. (can you tell I adore them?)

This picture reminds me of an old silent film. Khali is a damsel in distress and Potsch is going to save the day!

Khali found Kelty through a wedding blog (stalking pays off!) and fell in love with Steep Street’s trademark style of mixing color and texture in vivid and exciting ways. So she decided they had no choice but to road trip it up to Portland with a car full of clothing for some outfit changes, and meet with Kelty for her very own engagement pictures. And now we all get to enjoy the gorgeousness that resulted!

The new and improved "American Gothic" painting. Now complete with a blue vintage hat!


Color me in love - with this vibrant feast for the eyes!

Khali also helped Kelty know what kind of styles she liked by creating a collage of old sepia photographs from the twenties for inspiration, and clearly these photos evoke a similar energy. They first shot at a vintage furniture store that gave them full access: they staged furniture, created their own prop set-ups, tried on old hats and were really making the photos their own. In Kelty’s words, “It was almost difficult to approach them for close-ups because I felt like I was intruding on a scene — they often had full dialogues and took on new characters in each location!”

In one word? HOT.

Creating and staging little vignettes is an easy way to incorporate your own unique style into the photos as well. You can do it anywhere that suits you as a couple, but before you start taking snapshots and re-arranging the displays, just be sure to get the owner’s permission.

They paid homage to their kitty with a prop tiger head they found.

I love all of the colors and elements in this photo. I've been playing "I Spy" with it.

They later shot in a tree lined meadow, rich with the colors and textures of nature and evocatively epic looking trees. This dreamy backdrop looks like the couple went deep into an enchanted forest, but really they are just right off the road! I love how the colors really pop against the nature around them.

Potsch & Khali. Now complete with their very own ampersand.

This picture is full of energy....and makes me want to go play hide and seek or tag.

The ever-artsy Khali worked her super creative mojo to use of these outdoor shots and create a postcard save the date that’s huge on charm but small on cost! Mine’s hanging on my fridge right now!

How's that for broke-ass with sassafrass?

I sure hope Kelty’s photographs of Khali and Potsch makes your eyes and heart as happy as they made ours! If you’re like us, and can’t get enough of Khali & Potsch, be sure to check our her blog Boots & CatEyes and their shop, Honey B wearables and usefuls. And if THAT’s not enough, well fine. Here’s a bad-ass stop motion video Kelty made of K&P dancing it out, to make you love them even more!

We’ve been head over heels in love with Steep Street for a long time, but seeing how Kelty captured our friends vibrant, infectious energy just made our jones to meet and work with her like a zillion times stronger. And awww yeah, we’ll get to meet her at K&P’s wedding this October! You can see more of this session on the Steep Street blog, or visit her website for even more eye candy and inspiration!

Are you doing anything special to let your true colors shine, in your engagement shoot?