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Affiliate Disclaimer NewValerie's completed save the date

If you caught my last post, life has been a little unpredictable lately, right in the midst of preparing for an industry talk at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and trying to DIY these Save the Dates.

When I decided to make these myself, I knew that the industry talk was coming, but assumed I’d be able to manage both of those simultaneously. Our unexpected circumstances have absolutely diminished any mental energy I have to complete the Save the Dates. Not to mention, I was way too ambitious about manually stamping the addresses and I mis-judged the amount of materials I need so those are currently en route from Amazon.

Another issue I’m having is that the ink on the envelopes also ended up a little wonky — I bought samples of the envelopes and cards, as everyone suggests, however, they magically vanished. I remember them sitting on our dining room table, but after that, I have no clue what happened to them. I needed to get started on them, so I just winged it, and hoped for the best. The return address stamp bleeds, and becomes a little illegible. The address stamp pad take FOR-EVERRR to dry, which is fine, but it drastically slows down the process and I can’t leave 40+ Save the Dates laying all over the house.

addressing save the dates

I’m definitely not going to say the Save the Dates are a disaster, because they by no means are. I love the way the actual cards themselves came out, and that’s what everyone puts on their refrigerator anyway.

Real Bride Valerie's Save the Dates

The envelope is going to get thrown away, so I can get over that. I also found some pretty postage stamps that coordinate well with the elegant/natural/vintage thing we have going on. We hand delivered a Save the Date to both sets of parents, and they seemed to like the way they turned out.

Valerie found vintage rose stamps to use on her save the dates

As someone who has always made their own Christmas cards, I thought this was going to be a breeze. I also thought this was going to be a major money-saver, which I can say that it absolutely has not. I think if I could start again, I would’ve left the card the same, but simplified the addressing on the envelopes. I procrastinated pretty hardcore on my industry talk preparation (which was presented Saturday, btw) and it left me scrambling this past week, pushing back any work on the Save the Dates. If you’re going to DIY, keep it simple!

Any other BABs have DIY struggles?

  • 1/26


    Our first official wedding correspondence is going out in a week or two (as soon as I get around to DIY-ing them) — our Save the Dates. Everyone we’re close to knows that we’re getting married. It shouldn’t be a secret or surprise to anyone when they arrive in the mail. It’s also not as if our wedding and getting married doesn’t already seem real; my dress is ordered, our venue is secured, our photographer is booked.

    For some reason, sending out the Save the Dates brings up another wave of the “I can’t believe this is really happening” feeling all over again. I will be both relieved and anxious to drop these bad boys in the mailbox.

    Relieved because that’s another thing to cross off the to-do list (or Trello board, which is what I’ve been using to stay organized but that’s a topic for another day). Anxious because other people are officially involved now — people we love and care about. In other words, elopement is off the table, and there’s no going back now.

    I love wedding planning. I am a solid decision-maker. I am convinced that we are going to have a lovely wedding, and our friends and family will have a wonderful evening. With that being said, there have definitely been a few times where I look at this production we’re creating (albeit a relatively casual one) and think how much easier it would be to run away with my fiance and go somewhere, anywhere, and get married alone and scrap the whole thing.

    But alas, we’re definitely past the point of no return now, and the Save the Dates simply solidify that. From here on out, friends and family are making plans, preparing to attend and we’re preparing to be the centers of attention which is neither of our favorite places to be. Not to mention, it would absolutely devastate my parents, and I’m confident my future parents-in-law as well.

    Our Save the Dates will be on burgundy and kraft brown card stock that we’re purchasing from a local store called Broadway Paper, a rubber stamp from Etsy and some undetermined doodads from Joann Fabrics. We have jute string and ivory lace and we haven’t decided which we’re using yet. I purchased gold and black ink pads as well. I’m looking forward to sharing photos with all of you, dear readers, once they’re completed, hopefully next weekend!

    Have any of the other BAB’s out there felt this way about their Save the Dates?

  • 1/22

    Wedding Paper Divas Warmly Written Save the Date

    It's been said that invitations set the tone for your wedding, but Save the Dates serve an entirely different function. They don't have to be anything like the invitations and can be personalized in so many ways -- whether you want to include a photo from your engagement session, tell the story of how y'all met or you just want to be mysterious while also…

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    Hey everyone! Remember back when I showed you a teaser for our engagement pictures? My friends at Traynor's Photography gave me the rest of our pictures over the weekend! And, just like us, our pictures are goofy, ranging from mildly silly ... ... to completely ridiculous. We chose to use a fun picture for our Paperless Post save the date, also. Why not have a little…

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    One of the things I notice about wedding planning is the amazing accrual of stuff -- from planners to printouts to swatches, you have stuff that you're toting around to various meetings, fittings and brunch with the ladies. It would certainly be nice to have a place designated just for wedding stuff, because everything should have a place, right? Etsy seller Digital Printsess makes sturdy,…

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  • 5/19

    invitediy copy

    I am admittedly not the craftiest beaver on the block; and it's true, many a craft has beaten my ass to the ground and screamed in my face "Martha Schmartha, yo!" But that doesn't, for some reason probably linked to estrogen and my passion for all things glittered, squelch my lofty craft ambitions and attempts at greatness. Or, more accurately, attempts at not-complete-failure. I used to be…

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    People are so darn busy lately that save the dates are becoming necessary to remind them that yes, they do have plans the third week of August, and not only do they have plans, but they have GREAT plans. A beautiful, vibrant save the date makes people excited about your wedding every time they see it, and there's no better place to get custom save…

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    When it came to STDs, (insert sixth grade level laugh here), Zach and I didn't feel the need to be fancy.  While I certainly appreciate the beautiful, ornate paper STDs and invites out there, they just didn't strike me as a must-have item.  Plus, we loved the idea of going paperless!  Sending the majority of our STDs and invites via email will save trees and…

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  • 3/14

    Annie at Thriftfulness tipped me off to her adorable, DIY and dirt cheap wedding save-the-date cards which she made using rubber stamps! She detailed the how on her blog, so check it out! What a great and easy craft that can be used for all sorts of wedding-y goodness, right? Have y'all heard of "light painting"? It seems like all the new rage, and its…

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