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Free Gorgeous, Rustic Printables from Hoopla House

Hey, BABs! Spring has sprung and it’s time for another batch of FREE (!!!) printables from our homies over at Hoopla House. These gorgeous pieces perfectly complement Hoopla House Creative’s Rustic Revival invitation, which are totally perf for a backyard wedding, garden soiree or farm fete. All you need is these PDFs, a printer and your desired card stock and BOOM! Gorgeous little extras that won’t break the bank.


Click here to download the Rustic Revival Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs

Click here to download Rustic Revival Bridal Shower Bingo


Click here to download Rustic Revival Favor TagsHH-Rustic-Revival-Bridesmaids

Click here to download Rustic Revival Bridesmaid Card

Click here to download Rustic Revival Maid of Honor Card
HH-Rustic-Revival-Name-Banner HH-Rustic_Revival-TV-Banner

Click here to download Rustic Revival banner

(customizable with Thank You or your names!)



Rustic Revival Invitation and Save the Date, available on Hoopla House Creative‘s Website and customizable with colors and card stock. Starts at around $1.30 per invitation.

Rustic Revival not your style? Check out our other free printables from Hoopla House Creative!

Exclusive Broke-Ass Bride Wedding Printables: Free Chalkboard Style Save-The-Dates!

A few weeks ago, we rolled out the very first of our BAB-exclusive wedding printables, provided by Felicia from Acrassy Marketing – these chalkboard style thank you cards!  Now we’re super pleased to present these matching Save-The-Dates! To get the printing party started, you’ll first need to download the front of the postcard, and then back of the postcard (don’t forget the back!!!), from our Dropbox folder. Since they’re postcards, you’ll be printing both sides on the same piece of cardstock, natch. (So economical!) To get the most profesh look possible,  follow these tips from Felicia:

  • For best results, take the printable to a print store with a full bleed printer. If the printable is printed on a regular printer it will have a white edge.
  • Even though the image is black and white, it must be printed in color, otherwise it looks like the printer is running out of ink. The backside can be printed in black and white.
  • Don’t forget to print the postcard on both sides. The orientation doesn’t matter because one side is vertical and one is horizontal.

You’ll definitely want to have this printed on plain white cardstock (available from any craft store or office supply store, some big box retailers, and presumably, most print shops), OR something even nicer, to keep it looking as professional as possible! Cutting each card with a paper trimmer, like the ones sold at most craft stores, will give you a nice, straight edge.

How much do you love these?! Rumor has it that Felicia might be providing us with matching WEDDING SIGNAGE next! SQUEE!!!

Exclusive Broke-Ass Bride Wedding Printables: Free Chalkboard Style Thank You Cards!

Because everyone loves a freebie – the fabulous Felicia from Acrassy Marketing will be providing us with a matching suite of no-cost, BAB exclusive wedding printables! First up, we have these foldable, chalkboard style Thank You notes! To print and enjoy, download the this file from our Dropbox (don’t resize!), and be sure to read these three tips from Felicia for premium printing success:

  • The final size is A2, meaning once the sheet is cut in half it will fit into an A2 envelope.
  • For best results, take the printable to a print store with a full bleed printer. If the printable is printed on a regular printer it will have a white edge.
  • Even though the image is black and white, it must be printed in color, otherwise it looks like the printer is running out of ink.

You’ll definitely want to have this printed on plain white cardstock (available from any craft store or office supply store, some big box retailers, and presumably, most print shops) to keep it looking super profesh! Cutting each card with a paper trimmer, like the ones sold at most craft stores, will give you a nice, straight edge.

Do you absolutely love the style of this printable wedding stationery? Felicia will be providing us with matching STDs (save-the-dates) next! Stay tuned!

Real Wedding: Tori & Trey’s Woodsy, Shabby Chic Fall Wedding

Our fab BAB contributor Tori had a simple goal: to have a lovely little, perfectly reasonably priced 10K wedding. But Tori is an only child – and her parents just weren’t having it – despite the fact that she actually writes for a little blog called The Broke-Ass Bride. Tori’s wedding ended up costing a little more than 10K – in fact, she’s a little too embarrassed to tell you just how much it cost here. Sometimes the best laid plans…ya da ya da ya da. Never the less, Tori’s big, slightly less than broke-ass day is absolutely worth sharing. There’s plenty of gorgeous wedding inspiration and great advice to absorb here! Congrats, Tori and Trey! 

Your Names:

Victoria (Tori) Ward &

Wade (Trey) Traynham III

Your Occupations:

His-  Outside Machinist and Ship Builder New

Hers- Civil Servant in the Mental Health field by day & The BrokeAss Bride CAI/GOI Goddess by night.

Wedding Location:  Virginia Beach, Virginia

Wedding Date: Friday, September 21st, 2012

Wedding Budget:  I wanted to do the entire wedding for $10,000.00 or less but I’m an only child and my parents weren’t having any of my budget wedding nonsense!  They wanted to throw me the wedding of my dreams and that was the sweetest thing!  So we compromised. I saved money on the details, my wedding dress, the bridesmaids’  &  flower girls’ dresses, and where ever else I could and they splurged on the big stuff like venue, catering, photography, & florist.

Approximate Guest Count: 75 guests

How Would you describe your wedding?

My theme was an amalgamation of concepts.  I wanted a fall theme, I loved the color combination of orange and blue, shabby chic, and my honey is a hunter, so I wanted to include some of the things he loves too!  I ended up describing it to my vendors as a woodsy shabby chic.  Trey had a custom camo tie & pocket square. The cake had acorn cake toppers and one of my guests brought acorn shaped cake pops!

It was very family oriented and kid friendly. I encouraged my guests to bring their kids. I remember going to weddings as a kid and being bored out of my mind. So, I did everything I could to make sure the kids had a blast!  It was a relaxed, fun, family-oriented affair.

What was your favorite part of your wedding?

There are several. Trey and I are not religious people but we do have religious family members so we decided to have a ring warming ceremony.  Since the rings were warmed prior to the ceremony, I didn’t get to see it while it was happening but I was truly touched to see the photos!  It was one of my absolute favorite things about the wedding even though I never saw it.

Trey is a big dude. His ring size is 16!  When we exchanged rings, my hands were so sweaty that his ring wouldn’t go on! There was a ripple of laughter through the guests because they all knew that I’d been waiting 11 years for this and the ring wouldn’t go!  We did get it on, but it was a moment of levity in the ceremony that I’ll never forget.

During the reception, we had an open mic instead of scheduled speeches because the members of our wedding party were all very shy.  So I wanted to leave the option to say something open ended.  I made a speech and then, the Best Man spoke. We knew that took a lot for him so it really meant a lot.  But to my great surprise, my Flower Girl and Nephew took the mic!  They are my new husband’s niece and nephew and I’ve known them all since birth.  They were adorable and they spoke about how happy they were that I was finally their Aunt and how much they loved me.  It was adorable.  Then my Ring Bearer took the mic.  He’s my Cousin’s 3 year old son and he wanted to say something like the big kids did but the second he spoke into the mic, he spooked and ran.  It was too cute.  I’ll treasure those memories for the rest of my life.

What did you splurge on?

I splurged on my guest book. I found this amazing seller on Etsy (Lizziemade) who makes hand bound books!  I fell in love. The book was $80.00 but it was so worth it. Lizziemade and I collaborated on the creation of this book and it turned out to be a, one of a kind, truly special book that I will be displaying in my home for the rest of my life!  I also spent $100.00 on custom buttons and temporary tattoos from another Etsy seller Ali of Buttonhead.  And now I have a beautiful monogram to keep and use however I want forever!  My mom splurged on the photographer who I absolutely fell in love with when we met him & his wife at a wedding fair in Norfolk.  And my dad splurged on the venue and the catering that was worth every penny!

What did you save on?

We saved on the actual wedding date.  Did you know that a week day wedding is significantly less than a weekend wedding?  We saved about $2,000.00 by reserving the ceremony site and the reception hall for a Friday.  We also got grandfathered into a lower rate for the venue because we booked prior to their big renovations.  I also chose not to have a wedding coordinator which saved us about $1,000.00.  I also saved on my wedding gown. I bought it at a bridal consignment store in Hampton, VA for a fraction of it’s retail value. I ordered my veil for $35.00 through an Etsy seller and I made my own aisle runner from canvas drop clothes that I found at Walmart.

One of my friends and I picked out the fabric for my bridesmaids’ & flower girls’ dresses and she made them for cost as a wedding gift.  My Aunt Jane bought the burlap and made all the table runners and the ring barer pillow as a wedding gift.  My Aunt Hilary paid for the marriage commissioner, and for the professional art design of our save the dates, and she helped my mom and I shop for the milk glass that held the flower arrangements.

Was there anything you would have done differently?

Looking back, yes. The venue I chose had a list of vendors that we could choose from.  I went off the pre-approved grid to find my baker, my photographer,  my make-up artist, & my hair dresser. I should have chosen a different florist.  While the florist was well known and recognized in the area, he did not listen to my vision and he chose to confront me about the flowers the day of my wedding!  While our flowers were beautiful, I simply didn’t like the florist’s attitude and his reluctance to communicate with me prior to the wedding day. If I had it to do over, I’d find my own florist.

What was your biggest challenge in planning?

There were 2 big issues. It took me forever to find a dress that I liked.  Dress shopping for me was not that one single “AHA!” moment. I tried dress after dress, after dress! It was depressing and exhausting.  Until I found my dress in a consignment shop!  Four months of searching and I found a pre-owned wedding dress that must have belonged to a very thin, very petite bride.  I had to have a corset back put in and had to have length added but the price was right and the dress was perfect.

The date was the was another problem in the planning.  We saved a bunch of dough by choosing to have our wedding on a Friday, but the date proved to be a problem with a lot of my family members who live out of state.  Thankfully at least some of my extended family were able to make the trip for our wedding. My Dad’s family came down from Northern Virginia.  The whole brood came with spouses and significant others. My Aunt and her family traveled from Pennsylvania. My Grandmother (who’s my only surviving grandparent) and my Uncle made the trip to Virginia from Maine.  My Grandmother had a fall and suffered a head injury a few months before and there was some question as to whether or not she’d be able to come. I burst into tears of joy and relief when I saw my “Nammy” after the ceremony.

What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself?

It is imperative that you have some sort of rehearsal so that every one knows where they are supposed to be and what their role is.  We skipped this step in order to save money.  Delegate responsibilities to those offering assistance.  And have a wedding aftermath plan.  After our wedding the venue staff swarmed me with questions about what to keep and what to toss. Our biggest mistake was staying until all our guests had left. We should have left an hour before the scheduled end of the party and left specific instructions with our family and wedding party as to what to collect and what to leave for the clean up crew.

Thirty minutes before the scheduled end of our reception, the venue staff started clearing the hall! I was completely overwhelmed by the inundation of questions. The bridal changing room was locked and we still had all of our bridal party belongings down there as they were shoeing us out the door!  Thinking back, I should have been more prepared and I should have prepared my friends and family better.

What were your top 5 favorite things?

1) Ring Warming & the big ring exchange snafoo!

2) The cohesion of my DJ, my photographer, my hairdresser, and my makeup artist.  They all got along incredibly well and seemed to have the same easy going professionalism.

3) Open mic speeches

4) The cake was beautiful and amazingly delicious!

5) The overwhelming support of my family and friends

Top 5 least favorite?

I do wish that more of my long distance family could have made it to the wedding, and I had envisioned the table arrangements differently, but in the grand scheme of things, none of that matters.  I married my best friend. we had a lovely ceremony  we were able to share our love and joy with the people who know and love us. In the end, that’s all that matters!  And for that reason, it was perfect.

Best/worst wedding advice?

I really didn’t get a lot of wedding advice.  But the best advice I’ve ever gotten in general is to pick your battles.  And I applied that advice to my wedding planning.  Being an only child, I knew I wouldn’t win the budget wedding war.  My parents divorced when I was eleven but they both love me fiercely and I know that I am spoiled.  But I’m not ungrateful!  I chose to get my broke-ass bride fix in the details.

Budget Break Down:

Tori’s folks footed the bill for the big ticket items like venue, cake,  florist, caterer, & photography. Tori has chosen to only indicate what she and Trey ended up paying for here.

Save the dates= $50.00

Invitations= $100.00

The dress including alterations= $1,000.00

Aisle Runner= $20.00 (hand made by me)

Table Runners= $0 (hand made gift from Aunt)

Hair- $60.00/ Makeup- $35.00

Milk Glass- $0 (gift from mom & aunt)

Guest book- $80.00

Pinata- $20.00

Paper Lanterns- $15.00

Buttons & Tattoos- $100.00

Pinata filler- $25.00

Flower Girl Leaves – $15.00

Flower Girl Baskets- $30.00

His Tux- $165.00

His Tie & Pocket Square- $65.00

Photo Booth- $1, 000.00

Marriage Commissioner- $0 (gift from aunt)

Cake Topper=$58.00

Rings- His =$500 Hers =$300

My total was about $4,000.00 after the veil, shoes, jewelry, and gifts for Bridesmaids.


The Yacht Club at Marina Shores

Black Iris Floral

Patti Cakes Bakery

Cuisine & Company

Love Minus Zero 

Shutter Booth

DJ Rodney Charles

Blush Bridal Consignment

Valerie Todesco – Professional Makeup Artist

Clay – Hair

Etsy Sellers


LizzieMade – wedding guest book

Buttonhead – custom wedding favor buttons and temporary tattoos

Pearl Beach Treasures – groom’s camo tie

Bejoyful Paper – wedding stationery

Indigotwin Weddings – acorn cake topper

Ellen Marie Designs – bridal headpiece/veil

Thanks so much for sharing your special day with us, you guys! And special thanks to Love Minus Zero for providing the wedding pics!


{Partner Intro} The Perfect Card Box Is THE Ultimate Keepsake For Your Wedding Photos!

You might’ve noticed that matting and framing your photos isn’t cheap – and it’s definitely not always within a broke-ass budget. If you ponied up the cash for snazzy engagement photos, and you need a simple yet elegant way to display them at your wedding, or forever after, check out The Perfect Card Box!

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After your big day, The Perfect Card Box can be used to showcase your best wedding photos – and preserve a special wedding memento, like your wedding cake topper, or cake serving set. They also make exceptional gifts for all the special people involved in your wedding. If you purchase several and use them as table decor, you can gift them to your b-maids, parents, or any loved one who has been essential to your big day. The Perfect Card Box can be completely personalized – have it engraved with your name and wedding date!

Right now, you can snag an additional savings of 20% off on select card boxes, AND 25% off of engraving services during the month of January! Don’t fuss with elaborate and pricey framing jobs – just choose The Perfect Card Box, an affordable, attractive, and engaging way to display and preserve your cherished memories.


Wedding Inspiration: Creating Country-inspired, Flowerless Tablescapes

This week’s wedding inspiration is a little bit different. We recently received an inspiration request from a bride who wants a rustic country wedding and wants centerpieces that don’t use living florals, but also won’t break the bank. Time to get creative! Think that faux silk flowers are the only alternative to real ones? Wrong. Silk florals are pricey and if you find ones that are cheap, they look cheap. So here are some great alternatives:

Now, on to some centerpiece options! I put together three ideas for a rustic, country centerpieces:

Who says you need to keep your shoes off the table? I say, kick your heels up and put your boots on the center of a table. Use them as a vase or have them standing alone. I know, cowboy boots are expensive, but you can pick some up at goodwill and clean them off. If they look to dirty for your taste, pick a color and spray paint them!

Our second option is a little more romantic. Surround a deer antler with tons of candles for a simple, homespun look. Deer naturally shed their antlers every year (so it’s eco and animal friendly) and you can buy a single antler for around 20-25 dollars, add in the costs of candles and your centerpiece option is under 40 dollars! Score! Also, if you live in a wooded area, you might be able to walk around and find the deer antlers yourself! Just be sure to give them a good cleaning before using them.

Lastly, we have another simple and easy centerpiece option. Place a cowboy hate in the middle of the table. I think a reception room would look so pretty with a simple table-scape like this and using a different hat on each table would look so fun. Surround the hat with some rope or even a lasso and some candles and use a horse shoe for your table numbers by spray painting stenciled numbers on them!

I hope these centerpiece options have inspired you to get creative! Have a blast planning your wedding and remember, there are no rules when it comes to just how creative and crazy you can get while decorating for your big day!

 – Maddie

{DIY or DIE} Hobo Lanterns

{Note: For an intro to Britt, the newest team member of our Broke-Ass Brigade and your intrepid author, click here.}

So you wanna save some skrilla on the decor, but the thought of “Doing-it-yourself” scares the crap out of you? Well, you’re screwed. Go take it out on Martha. Ok, no. I’m kidding. Come on back.  I didn’t mean it. I am here to tell you NOT to be afraid of DIY. I am by no means a hands-on artistic person. I can slap some paint down on a canvas like any other a-hole, but making it look good… Well, that’s a whole different beast.  My fiance Mike and I are ridin’ shotgun on the Broke-Ass Mobile right now, so we know damn well that if we want a rad looking wedding, we have to DIY… or DIE. Once we committed to the daring act of DIY, we hopped in the car and traveled into the eye of the craftstorm Michael’s, blind. We ended up getting some paints… some tissue paper… a glue gun… some heavy cardstock… yarn… ribbon… whatever we could fashion into a centerpiece or a fake flower, we bought it.  But then we got home.  And things got real.  Suddenly, we were at the helm of  hurricane DIY without any idea of what to actually DO with it, and we were indeed screwed.  But I’m not a quitter.  If I say DIY or DIE, I mean it. So we re-grouped.  Realized we needed less crafts and more raw materials… like recycled bottles and vases… stuff that we already had in our house even.  Then our brains started to get more hip to the crafty jive, and we started to clean out our closets. We found endless amounts of re-usable stuff that was just begging us to make centerpieces with. For example, we found buttons, shoe boxes, sheet music, cardboard, magazines, boxes, T-shirts, vases, frames, bottles, misc containers, CD jewel cases, etc. etc. The jewel cases in particular, are what initially ignited my fire to craft hard… Oh yes. When I saw those puppies collecting dust in the closet, I had an urge to craft hard with a vengeance… then live free and craft hard! Yeah, I know. Serious centerpiece inspiration exploding in my face… and that’s when the idea to turn them into lanterns was born! And it didn’t stop at jewel cases.  I soon discovered that any flat surface with an opening for light to shine through would do the trick. SO, I present to you one of my scrappy decor tutorials:

affordable, green and creative – the broke-ass trifecta of crafts!

“HOBO LANTERNS” I find it hilarious that I am about to teach you how to DIY a lantern when I literally flew by the seat of my pants during initial construction. But lucky for me, I made something pretty cool that actually works! Materials:

  1. CD Jewel Cases, sans sleeves. TWO for each lantern. Or any flat surface that can be glued together to make a box. Just make sure parts of it allow light to shine through.
  2. A glue gun.
  3. Tissue paper (don’t think you need to go out and buy this new… look in old shoe boxes and shopping bags)
  4. Re-usable paper: i.e. sheet music, old books, outdated maps… your class notes from Spanish 101 even!
  5. Battery-powered mini-tea lights. Candles. Light strings. The glow of your cat’s eyes. Anything that shines a light.
  6. Paint (optional)
  7. Yarn, string or something of the sort (optional)
  8. Pants (always optional)

STEP #1 Glue your jewel cases into a box shape, leaving the top and the bottom exposed. Pssst! This is a FANTASTIC task for the men to do.  Mike was all over gluing these things together. For him it was like putting together the world’s easiest puzzle over and over. He was a jewel case-gluin’ beast. STEP #2 Glue tissue paper on all sides of the jewel case that are clear (some cases will have all clear sides, and some will only be clear on half. Using both kinds totally works). STEP #3 Cover the non-clear jewel case sides with some of your re-usable paper.  Then cut out shapes like hearts or stars, and glue them on the tissue paper sides in whatever design suits the style of your wedding. I chose to paint flowers on some of my lanterns to give a them a little more color. STEP #4 Place your chosen light source under the finished lantern, and there you have it! A scrappy, but beautiful alternative to illuminating your tables or your outside reception. The best part about hobo lanterns is that they can sit on a table, or be hung from above. That’s where the yarn or string would come in.

You can stack them, or let them roll solo.

These hobo lanterns use recycled chinese character paper and outdated maps…

And scaps of wood leftover from which we built 3-D animals with!

What are some other reusable materials we could use to make Hobo Lanterns?