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Happy Friday, Broke-Asses! I’ve been thinking a lot about winter weddings (it’s coming, after all!) and I’m totally loving the idea of gorgeous, shimmery, non-traditional gowns set against the crisp white of winter snow. Winter weddings are also a great way to save some skrilla — it tends to be a bit of an offseason (save for the weeks around Christmas and New Years, as well as Valentine’s Day), as the vast majority of weddings take place from May through October. Gorgeous non-traditional dresses make for amazing, impactful wedding gowns, and they often run significantly less because you can buy them off-the-rack (just find a good seamstress or tailor) or rent them for incredibly cheap. And! You can def. wear them again if you buy — think New Years, black-tie weddings or just a super fancy night out. Here are five of my favorite non-traditional wedding gowns that would stun at a winter (or anytime) wedding for under $500:

Adrianna Papell Floral Beaded Gown from Dillards

Adrianna Papell Floral Beaded Gown, $300 at Dillards

Nha Khanh Silver Harmony Dress from Rent the RunwayNha Khanh Silver Harmony Gown, $125 Rental ($825 Retail) at Rent the Runway
Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman from Saks Fifth Avenue

Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman Embroidered Tulle Gown, $464 (Was $1160) at Saks Fifth Avenue

Sparkle Within Dress from ModCloth

Sparkle Within Dress, $329.99 from ModClothTeri Jon by Rickie Freeman Jacquard Trumpet Gown from Saks Fifth Avenue

Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman Jacquard Trumpet Gown, $384 (Was $960) at Saks Fifth Avenue

BONUS (because I couldn’t help myself):Badgley Mischka Night at the Oscars Dress from Rent the Runway

Badgley Mischka Night at the Oscars Gown, $120 Rental ($620 Retail) from Rent the Runway

Would you pick any of these for your wedding day? Which is your favorite?

  • 9/24

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    You guys. I’m getting married this weekend. In fact, by the time you’re reading this, I may already be married and suffice it to say, I AM ALL OF THE EXCITE. The DIYs are done. The booze is bought. All I have left to do is zip up that dress and marry the love of my life.

    In the style of silly tradition, several of my favorite ladies ushered me into the world of the wedded with a bachelorette party for the ages last weekend. Being that I’ve always had far more guy friends than girl friends, this old standby left me a little nervous. “Please no penises. Please no penises. Please no … wait, is it actually ‘penii’? Either way, please none of them,” I thought. I should have known my bestie would do right by me, but the giddiness really set in when I found the second-most exciting dress of my bride-to-be journey.

    landscape portrait

    “Hey, I thought this was the Broke-Ass Bride! That dress looks expensive!” Well, in another world, this to-die-for Kate Spade sparkledress was totally spendy, but in some broke-ass brilliance fashion, the borrowed dress was a whopping $30 from Rent The Runway. I was gifted a sweet $50 promo-code hookup and managed to snag the earrings as a bonus. Sparklez for days, y’all.

    UPS dropped off the garment bag the Friday before the party and all I had to do was wear it, then swap out the pre-paid shipping label and drop it off by noon the following Monday. No muss, no fuss, just a lot of feeling fabulous and mugging for the camera.

    pizza party

    As a lover of glitz, I knew I was going to have a great night, even though bachelorette parties aren’t really my “thing” … or so I thought. Part of me had been dragging my feet, muttering about gender stereotypes and societal expectations and wondering why these were even still a thing and if I could invite dudes. What I got was a killer reminder that, #duh, I know some really amazing women and I don’t celebrate with them nearly enough. Everyone came together using their respective skills and talents to make it a fun and totally creative night with plenty of quirks and inside jokes … including this glorious example of intentionally bad Photoshop that I will keep forever and display at my wedding.

    Wine and picture

    I’ve struggled a lot with trends and tradition in this process, but I’ve come to realize that “tradition” hasn’t ever let me down. A lot of things, including the bachelorette party, have been … call it “modified traditional” and it just works. Going for an all-out, no-boys-allowed party gave me the opportunity to re-learn why I love these women so much, but just like literally everything wedding-related, you can do whatever you damn well please if it works for you.

    I’m not telling you how to live your life, but I am going to tell you to celebrate. Celebrate everything! Even if it’s just a happy high-five, celebrate every little mundane moment of your love because this is it. This is forever and it’s freaking beautiful. Congratulations, everybody! Now I’m gonna go marry the love of my life. See you when I’m married!

  • 2/19


    Hello my lovely BABs! Are there any Bostonians out there? I don't know whether to be thankful the midwest hasn't seen THAT much snow, or jelly because of how much fun yous guys are having. I mean, snow tunnels to get to work?! Sledding off roofs? C'mon, can it be that bad? OK, I know snow sucks but at least you're having fun with it,…

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    Five for Friday: Hot, Affordable Pieces from Rent the Runway's 5Y Collection

    Rent the Runway, a fashion candyland of sorts for broke-asses with spendy taste, is celebrating their 5th birthday in style (#duh) with super hot, exclusive designs from some of my favorites -- Marchesa, Monique Lhullier, Lela Rose, etc. -- at totally affordable prices for rent. Darlings, if you have a must-be-seen holiday party this year (newly promoted? Gunning for a promotion? Newly engaged and want…

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  • 7/11

    We talk a lot about buying pretty dresses around here, but sometimes that's not in a person's budget or on their list of must-purchase items, due to skepticism of throwing down hefty bills for a dress they'll presumably only wear once. What we don't mention a whole heap is renting your dress. Renting is often a considerably cheaper alternative, thanks to companies like Rent the…

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    Ever sat on the couch dreaming of delicious food? All of your favorite dishes in one place, making your day extra special; it’s the kind of vision a girl diets to enjoy. This week’s BAB has food on the brain – my kind of gal. Hello, I have been searching non-stop for the past three months to find the right dress. I think my problem…

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    This week’s BAB Sofia has some amazing couture taste! The wonderfully unique neckline created by the detailed draping of the sleeves on her Le Spose di Gio dream dress is truly to die for. Hi! I am in love with a wedding dress from Le Spose di Giò. It is the dress CL31 from the Classica Collection. I am not sure about the price but…

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  • 4/4

    It’s rare that one dress embodies everything a bride wants in her wedding gown. Often we’re split between many options because of small details. Jane, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants, but it’s twice her budget. I would be SO grateful if you would use your amazing dress-finding skills to help me out with a sudden and major case of CAI/GOI: I…

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