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BlissPaperBoutique Printable Envelope Template

Envelope template available from Etsy seller BlissPaperBoutique

It’s official, we are officially getting married. I just dropped off the Save the Dates at the post office. With a huge wink and promise of future cookies to the post master, he lovingly hand-cancelled each of my postcards. I feel like a mother bird watching all my fledglings leaving the nest. Who knew dumping a stack of paper at the post office would illicit such an emotional response?!? *Wipes eyes with lacy handkerchief*

In this digital age, I saw no reason to sit and painstakingly hand-address each and every single Save the Date postcard. Avery makes a line of mailing labels that are clear. I snagged some clear 1”x 2 5/8” Avery 18660 labels to use on the Save the Dates and the invitation envelopes.

The thing I had the hardest time with was making a mail merge template that would allow me to address the invitations in the traditional sense. The standard, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy John, works well and fine if you have a married couple that shares the same last name on your invitations. In this day and age though, there are a lot of blended families. Not everyone shares the same last name, or they are unmarried, or any number of things. After arranging and rearranging everything a million times, I finally came up with a template that allowed me to accommodate all the flavors families come in. Both original documents are made in Word and Excel, but Google Drive has an Avery add on extension that will let you create labels in Google Docs if you don’t own Word.

I thought I would share the wealth so that if you wanted to make your own labels, you would have a bit of an easier time. You can find the Excel spreadsheet here and the Word mail merge label template here.

When you download each file, save them in a place you can easily access. You can go into the Excel file and update the information with your guest list. I left a few examples in there to give you an idea of what it should look like. Once you have your guests in the Excel document, go ahead and open up the Word template.


You will be prompted to select a data source for the SQL. Select Yes and select the Excel file where you have saved your guest list.



Go to the mailings tab in Word and there you have all your mail merge tools. There is a preview results section on the screen. Make sure this is set to label 1. If you click on this, it will pull in the information from the Excel sheet and you can see your labels live. It lets you scroll through pages of labels so you can check them for any errors.



Load up the printer with the labels, and BAM, some nice clear labels that saved you hours of time holding a pen and dealing with hand cramps. WOOT!  Hope some of y’all find this helpful.  Enjoy your cramp-free hands!

Have you figured out an easy way around hand-lettering your stationery? Share in the comments!

  • 6/28

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewA few months ago, we had received some invitation samples from Minted and fell in love with their Delicate Dots design. I loved the extra elegance foil adds, and since we have a relatively short guest list, we decided to splurge on the invitations a little.

    We were finally able to get our order in this past weekend, and I can’t wait to receive them! My plan is to get burgundy paper or ribbon to use as bands, wrap some of the same jute string around them as I used for our Save the Dates, then use a wax seal to hold the string in place. We’ll see how DIY I’m feeling, given my overly ambitious Save the Date fiasco. They turned out great, I just spent way more time and effort on them than I had intended.


    What’s perfect about this design is the kraft paper pulls in some rustic elements, the gold and lowercase type font feels a little vintage, and the modern calligraphy and gold brings out the industrial elements. I don’t think that you could say our wedding is rustic, or vintage, or industrial — it’s very much a mix of our favorite elements of each. These are a perfect indication of what guests can expect at our wedding, and I love that!

    Do you feel like your invitations were a good representation of what guests can expect from your wedding?

  • 6/14


    Four months to go, BABs! I’ve always assumed I’d be one of those brides who was impossibly low-key and go-with-the-flow. And that has remained true for most things, but I’m finally starting to feel like things are creeping up on me; family and vendors are needing more and more details and decisions that haven’t been finalized. Within the last two weeks or so questions from…

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    Cake Topper available from Etsy seller Glittered Bride I am not one of those women who get excited about baby showers or bridal showers. A bunch of women mingling about the hors d’oeuvres and mimosas and how they know the bride or mother-to-be has never been my forte. I can’t say as I’ve been to a single shower that I wasn’t dying to leave by…

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    Photograph available from Etsy seller StovallPhotography Whelp, BABs. Turns out the hotel contract that I raved about in my previous post got pulled. Last week Monday, I gleefully took my lunch hour to walk up to the hotel to drop our contract off. The hotel was more beautiful than the pictures. The historic look of the hotel would be perfect for our photos. I ended…

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  • 5/3


    Photo available from Etsy seller KevinKlimaPhoto Hotels have been my largest vendor disappointment to date. Last year, I was really excited to learn that a brand new, boutique-style hotel was being built directly across the street from our ceremony location and venue. Couldn’t get much easier than that, right? I knew it would be a bit pricey, but was prepared to shell out some cash…

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    Art Deco Garnet Earrings from Etsy seller DeKaraDesigns

    It’s taking everything I have to not call my bridal shop and check up on the ETA of my dress. I ordered it in November, and they said it would be in, in “April.” So vague. I’ve been waiting patiently, Googling the phone number of every ignored political robo-call, just in case they called ... and didn't leave a message for some reason. You never…

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    If you caught my last post, life has been a little unpredictable lately, right in the midst of preparing for an industry talk at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and trying to DIY these Save the Dates. When I decided to make these myself, I knew that the industry talk was coming, but assumed I’d be able to manage both of those simultaneously. Our unexpected circumstances…

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  • 11/17


    Things are clicking, you guys! I mentioned previously how enamored I was with Relics Vintage Rentals and what an amazing resource they were for cool, vintage décor rentals. We made an appointment a few weeks ago, and have finally started making some decision on items and I couldn't be happier seeing this coming together. The first thing we knew we wanted was chalkboards. We chose two…

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