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{Partner Love + A Contest!} Invitations By Dawn Has Some Baller Invites On The Cheap, & A Pinterest Contest to Boot!

YOU GUYS. (Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, but this is important.) Invitations by Dawn. Let’s chat, shall we?

I must admit, I’m a pretty serious mom-and-pop-store lovin’ kinda gal. And when it came to my wedding invitations, I wanted so hard to keep it small, but with my 200 invites, it proved a difficult task. So, being the resourceful Interwebz maven I am, I searched high and low for something that would be uber unique to our small Hawaiian fete. I stumbled upon some super rad, and super cheap ones that had the Hawaiian islands and were made to look like an old-school treasure map. Slap some of our faves The Beatles lyrics on there? That’s a match made in stationery heaven!

Our invites were not only something I love so hard it hurts, but they were really affordable and we had so many customizable options, as well as amazing customer service. (Our proofs had a whopping error I missed the first time around and there were no problems fixing them.) They were printed on high-quality paper and were a cinch to fold up and make purdy for those mailboxes.

Thus, I was stoked to find out that Invitations by Dawn was doing a Pinterest contest. Yessssssss!!!!

Here’s the deal:

- Head on over to Pinterest.

-Follow Invitations by Dawn. Http://

- Go ahead. Create a wedding board. Already got one? You’re a step ahead.

- Hit up that hashtag and tag each pin with #dawninvitescontest

- Send it up! Email your completed board to

Onward, ye brides-to-be! Go forth into the great battle for amazeballz wedding invitations! May the best bride win!

{Partner Love} Brilliance Wants You To Get The Most Bling For Your Buck

Every girl loves diamonds (even a broke-ass). But not every girl can afford them (especially a broke-ass). However, our fabulous partner Brilliance aims to step in and fix that…

Brilliance recognizes that not everyone can afford Kim Kardashian-size bling and wants to help you step out in style, and stay within your budget. From awesome sales people to their Pinterest board of infographics giving the down-n-dirty on your shiny precious, they’ve got your back as you get your bling. And just because you can’t throw down ALL the dolla dolla billz doesn’t mean they’re going to skimp on the attention to detail. Brilliance will take you from a diamond-induced dazed to a sparkly finish.