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How do you choose your maid of honor? Until recently the question was easy: my high school best friend & mother of my two goddaughters. As I grew closer to one of my college roommates, however, I started to wonder. Once I got engaged it was a dilemma: I love my high school best friend, but I knew that my college roommate had more time & resources to do the planning. How could I choose?

We’ve all seen enough “Say Yes to the Dress” to know that bridesmaids are tricky. You have to be delicate; say one wrong thing and you have disaster and drama. I’d heard horror stories of people that had no maid of honor, and equally scary stories from brides who had one tyrannical maid of honor.

So rather than choose between them, I asked them both! My high school friend is married so she is technically my “matron of honor” while my roommate is my “maid of honor”. I wanted to make sure that neither of them was hurt by this decision, and I made sure they each knew how important and invaluable they are to me in this process.

Me & Bailey in San Francisco

Me & Tessa in an LA bar

Anyway, I was right! They both totally understood my decision and were super stoked to my matron/maid of honor.

I’m so excited to have both of these ladies (plus my sister & sister-in-law to be) by my side on my big day!


  • 2/25

    Cute. Legitimately cute.

    In one of our many efforts to keep our wedding simple and laid back, Zach and I decided not to have an official “wedding party.”  It’s not that we don’t have friends who we’d love to honor with this position, as I think both of us could easily pick a few close buddies to stand up with us.  It’s more that we just don’t really see the point.

    I mean, dressing alike is cute when you’re toddlers…And then all of a sudden it’s cute again when you’re a fully-grown adult if you’re in a wedding?  I don’t get it.

    We didn’t want to boss people around and tell them what to wear and what to help with for our wedding.  Honestly, we hope that our friends and family will voluntarily step up and help us out of the goodness of their hearts, not out of obligation because of some “title” we’ve bestowed upon them.  We’re still involving some special people in the ceremony by having them perform readings, and both of our best friends will still be giving toasts at the reception.

    Still cute?

    Another factor in our decision was that our wedding is only going to have about 60 guests.  The more people you put up front the emptier the seats will look!  I don’t want our ceremony to look like no one is there because there are no butts in seats!

    Anyone else forgoing a traditional wedding party for a more casual approach?

  • 5/6

    Last week, Universal treated myself and a few members of Team Broke-Ass to a sneak preview of Bridesmaids, which we turned into a girls night out surrounded by many a cocktail. I was so excited for this film. The all-star line-up features some of my very favorite female comedic actresses, and the uber-duo of producer Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, Superbad) and director Paul Feig (creator…

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    I promised you some DIY, and the conclusion to the story of how I asked Dawn to be my Matron of Honor.... but prepare yourself: I am not the craftiest meatball in the sub.To make the moment special, I decided to make a book for her to chronicle our story, with a very happy surprise ending. For inspiration, I went to our local 99cent store…

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    Deciding on who to have by our sides on the big day was relatively easy. In the early days, we considered just having 2 folks stand up with us on either side, to keep things simple. But as time went on, we realized that having family surround us was very important, too. Ultimately we decided to include all our siblings (5 combined), and a few…

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