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Clutches are one of my very favorite wedding day accessories for a few reasons — I think they’re super cute, they’re totally versatile (like, use it for all the pre-wedding parties and events well after the day) and look amazingly chic with your wedding day ensemble. Not to mention they carry the shit you’ll find yourself wanting — lipstick, tissues, vows, bobby pins, mints … your basic emergency goodies that you may not want to stick your brigade with. Bonus: If you opt out of flowers, clutches make a great substitute for something pretty to carry! Here are five of my faves for under $100.

Etsy ModDotTextiles Ivory and Gold Clutch

Gold and Ivory Clutch, $38 from Etsy seller ModDotTextile

These come in so many different patterns and designs, but I’m hard crushing on the angular one in the center.

Macys Style & Co Floral Clutch

Style & Co. Lily Pansy Floral Clutch, $21.99 at Macy’s

Bold florals make a beautiful statement, and will jazz up any outfit after the wedding. ModCloth Hooked on Symphonics Clutch

Hooked on Symphonics Clutlch, $49.99 from ModCloth

A shoulder strap makes this clutch totally versatile from hand-held to wearable.

Nordstrom Glint Metallic Clutch

Glint Metallic Envelope Clutch, $48 at Nordstrom

Classic gold with sleek lines is a perfect choice for your wedding day and will be sure to shine in photos.

Etsy DavieandChiyo Rose Gold Sequin Clutch

Rose Gold Sequin Clutch, $55 from Etsy seller DavieandChiyo

Rose gold? Check! Sequins? Check! Under $100? CHECK! This clutch covers like, ALL the bases of being a totally amazing accessory.

Which one is your favorite? Are you planning on carrying a clutch on your wedding day?

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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewAmidst all the hustle, bustle and must-dos on your list now that you’re in the throes of wedding planning sits one single little nugget of awesome — your registry! Now, of course it’s not “proper etiquette” to discuss gifts, but you’re “supposed” to inconspicuously set one of these bad boys up then let it be discovered by your guests through word of mouth. Everyone knows that getting married and receiving gifts kind of go hand-in-hand, whether we like it or not, and you (almost guaranteed) will be asked / nagged about where you’re registered, so it’s best to just do it and be done. The cool part? It’s a fucking veritable wish list for all (within reason) the cool shit you could think of for your casa, honeymoon and beyond. Whether you go in-store with the zapper gun, running around and scanning the goodies while also making little “pew-pew” noises or you opt to shop from the comfort of your couch with “Seinfeld” reruns in the background and a pizza and six pack to keep you nourished, there are a bajillion options out there. Here are five of our favorites (and the benefits of each):


    Macy's Wedding Registry

    We already know that Macy’s has some stellar fashion totally attainable for BABs, but did you know they have a killer registry program too? When you set up your registry at Macy’s, you can enter into the Registry Star Rewards program, which means that you get 10% Rewards on every eligible purchase you make (uh, hello wedding day accessories!) PLUS 5% Rewards on every eligible gift you receive from your registry. It’s all added to your Rewards card, so at the end of the day, you have some extra skrilla to splurge after the wedding is long over. Sign up here.

    Bed Bath & Beyond

    Bed Bath & Beyond Bridal Registry

    ” ... a pretty nice little Saturday, we’re going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.” Sorry … had to. Anyway, Bed Bath & Beyond is like the holy grail for registering because they have ERRY-DAMN-THANG. Seriously. I could go wander around one of the stores forevz, just imagining how I’d add the various doohickeys and thingamabobs to my casa. When you register at BB&B, if you add certain brands from the company’s Freebook, then you stand to receive free gifts from those brands. Not too shabby, eh? Sign up here.


    Amazon Wedding Registry

    Amazon’s obviously a great place to shop for, well, anything. A bride recently posted on our Facebook page that she found her wedding gown for a killer price as a result of shopping on Amazon. And Amazon recently changed their wedding registry so it’s universal — you can add anything from any site. That’s big. Oh, and not to mention that you can save 10% off most products on the site after your wedding, for a savings of up to $100. Sign up here.


    Target Wedding Registry

    Ugh, I love Target for like, all the things. And I love love love the fact that couples can register at Target, because I totes would (y’all, for serious, 70% of my house is Target). Setting up your Target wedding registry is easy — you can do it online or in-store, and it can easily be managed online. Target offers free shipping over $25 and hassle-free returns (up to one year after your wedding to return or exchange). You can qualify for bonus gifts AND you’ll get a 15% off completion offer toward the remaining items on your registry plus coupons for friends and family. Sign up here.

    Blueprint Registry

    Blueprint Registry Logo

    This one, you guys, this is my jam. The flexibility and the amazingly beautiful design Blueprint Registry this my personal favorite registry option. Add gifts by room from a gaggle of top retailers (Anthro, Crate & Barrel, Dwell Studio and more), register for honeymoon adventures, set up the option for multiple friends to go in on one gift or add anything from any website with their universal bookmarklet. Set up a personalized site with a welcome message to share your registry with friends and family, and receive 10% off all items left on your registry after your wedding date. Sign up here.

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    Rue de Seine Violet

    Happy Thursday, BABs! Today's CAI/GOI request is from reader Sarah, who is searching for a Rue de Seine "Violet" look-alike for under $700. She writes: "Honestly, I don't want to spend more than $700 and am even hoping to spend considerably less, if possible. But I'd love to see anything in the $100-$800 range in case there's anything I might be able to find on…

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    Names: Meg & Steve Occupations: Development Coordinator for a community revitalization non-profit; high school Spanish teacher Wedding location: Pearl S. Buck Estate, Perkasie, PA Wedding Budget: $25,000 ** Number of Guests: 207 Wedding Date: June 20, 2015 How would you describe your wedding: Our wedding had a little bit of everything. We had some traditional elements, but also did things our own modern way. For example, we had…

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    Macy's Adrianna Papell Sleeveless Lace Mermaid Gown

    Oh, guys, Macy's has a wedding shop. Did you know? No? Well, you're welcome. I stumbled upon it last week while browsing -- read, mindlessly shopping (as one does) -- and quite literally squealed in delight (and scared the cats) when I found it. BABs, She of the Beautiful Beads -- Adrianna Papell -- and He of the Clean Lines -- Ralph Lauren -- make…

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    Before we mailed out our Save the Dates (and thus, our website info), we decided to register so that we could include that information on the website as well. We took one Sunday and registered at two different places: Sur La Table and Macy's, the former because we enjoy cooking, and the latter because there's a location just about everywhere our extended families live.  (Granted,…

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    I love long letters from our readers. It gives me a better idea of what to look for. Val definitely delivered - here’s what she said: Hi there ladies! I recently got engaged and I'm on the hunt for a cheap-ass BUT BEAUTIFUL gown. There are two styles I am strongly gravitating towards and so far I have not found any cheap options similar to…

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    From September 24 through October 5th, Macy's is offering a $25 cash rebate on $200 tabletop purchases from one of 26 participating vendors like Lenox, Waterford, Wedgwood, kate spade and even the new Martha Stewart Collection with Wedgwood. oooh la lenox! This is a great opportunity to ease the sting of buying a special couple a wedding gift, or simply to fill out your dinnerware…

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