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Real Wedding: Natalie & Rich’s Sweet Seaside Elopement In Laguna Beach

These are the kind of pictures I think every bride should see before she starts planning a $25K wedding in earnest. Because you know, if this is all you need for your wedding — a beach, a dress, a beautiful bouquet, the person you love most in the world, your pooch and a few BFFs, well then, why not just elope? Natalie and Rich pulled together a gorgeous elopement in Laguna Beach for almost nothing. Natalie’s dress was $200. The flowers were $80.  The officiant was a dear friend, and performed the ceremony for free. The wedding party all went out for dinner afterwards, and of course, no one let the bride and groom pay for their own meal. We’re so pleased to share this celebration with our readers, because BABs, this is what it’s all about.

From the bride: “I’ve always dreamed of a small, intimate and meaningful wedding for as long as I can remember. One that is about the love of two people and where there is no distraction away from that. The stress of extra details and spending thousands didn’t make sense to us because it didn’t feel like us. We just wanted to make the most important day of our lives be about how much we love each other and not about if the napkins match the chair bows. I’m a Yogi and Rich is so laid back so it didn’t make sense to us to have the one day of our lives that is the day we make our love and commitment officially known to the world be a big, fussy event.”

When we talked about our wedding and what it would feel like, it was no discussion- an intimate, oceanside wedding was the right choice for us. With a couple dear friends and the focus on the most important thing; Our Love. A smaller wedding really suited us – I’ve always had a special connection to Laguna so it was the perfect place for our special day. I arranged my flowers myself and my best friend from Canada came down to get ready with me and be there for us.  My dear friend Gigi sang a beautiful song in Sanskrit which I hold dear to my heart. We all joined in as everyone stood in a circle around us. Then our friend Seth said a prayer for us. We wouldn’t change a thing.”

A gajillion thanks to Natalie and Rich for sharing their beautiful day with us! And special thanks to their photographer friend Seth Heringer for sharing these fabulous photos!

Wedding Porn: Love at Laguna Beach, Part 2

Now, back by popular demand, I present another installment of Billy & Karissa’s beach budget wedding bonanza!

When we left our happy couple in Laguna Beach, they had just both arrived at the altar. Karissa’s sister, Julie, officiated a ceremony they had all designed together. It began with a 60-second silence, in which the guests set their intention to clear their hearts and minds and create a sacred space for the ceremony to take place.

Next, it was onto a candle lighting ceremony, to honor their fathers who couldn’t physically be there and invite their spirits to be present.

B&K had invited us guests to bring a blessing to the ceremony, in the form of advice, a reading, or whatever we found appropriate to the occasion. They must have been truly filled with love, after hearing so many good wishes, such thoughtful advice, and some wonderful quotes. Hunter and I quoted “Its a Wonderful Life” – when George and Mary give Mr. Martini his housewarming gift… “Bread, that your home may never know hunger. Salt, that life may always have flavor. And wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever” and gifted them with each. Its my favorite movie, evah.

Then, the most important part – the vows! They wrote them together, and said the same special vows to eachother. It was really touching, and very them.

(see the maid of honor holding K’s veil down? The wind kept blowing it in her face! It was very dramatic, but understandably not ideal for the bride)

When it came time for the ring exchange, Julie held up the rings and asked everyone to concentrate love and blessings toward them, so they’d be infused with our warmth. Kind of like a ring warming ceremony, but using our tele-spiritual powers. I love this photo.

After all ceremony was over, Julie said that while she was ordained to declare them officially married, so too were we, as friends and family – so we all said at the same time “I now pronounce you husband and wife!” It was very sweet and personal.

Sorry, folks, I didn’t get a picture of the kiss. Some wedding porn this is, right? What was I thinking?!?

Stay tuned for the final installment!


Real Weddings: Love at Laguna Beach, Part I

Thursday, Hunter and I witnessed the marriage of our very dear friends – one of whom (the groom) will be officiating our wedding! It was beautiful. Very beachy, very lovely, very them. Broke-Ass Brides, listen up – this was a very budget-friendly event, but came off extremely luxe and personal.

The wedding was held at The Pacific Edge House in Vacation Village Hotel on Laguna Beach. Basically, there’s a beach house that’s part of the hotel, designed specifically for hosting large events such as weddings. It comes with 3 refrigerators (whoa momma) in a gorgeous cook’s kitchen, an incredible patio with waves crashing right up to it, and loads of space for party goodness. What’s brilliant about it, is that the families can all stay in the one house (they had 12 sleeping there), and it can be a hub for major wedding activities, such as the rehearsal dinner or day-after brunch… as well as the main event.

The night before, they hosted a delicious mexican fiesta rehearsal, with a taco bar and margaritas that the families made earlier that day! We ate cocktail style, very informally – which was great because it gave us all a chance to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones.

The day of the wedding, most of us hung out on the beach, riding the huge waves right in front of the beach house. I even braved the ocean and swam, too! I’ve never seen such big waves on such a tiny shore. It was nature’s wave pool :) The weather was perfect, and we got to see dolphins swimming just off shore.

click any photo to enlarge

Then, it was time to get down to business!

The very handsome Best Man, working on his toast.

The even more handsome groom, and the glowing MOG

The stunning ceremony scene, and dinner tables in wait.

Your intrepid program-maid (moi!)

The big reveal!

One of the most beautiful brides, ever. Girls, that is a bridesmaids dress she’s wearing, and it cost a fraction of normal gown prices! Woot!

Look at his face! SO sweet.

Stay tuned for the ceremony, reception, and more!