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Affiliate Disclaimer NewIt’s been really nice to take a breather from wedding planning for a bit. I feel like we’ve really stayed ahead of the game by scheduling roughly a task a month or so. It has always been a goal to make planning as stress-free as possible. I never wanted to look back at this experience as a frustrating or stressful time. It helps that my fiancé and I have the same taste, in literally everything. Things have simply been moving along effortlessly.

It felt really good to get those Save the Dates out a week or two ago. I might’ve bit off a little more than I could chew with those, but I think we’re both happy with the end result. It felt like I had really checked something major off of our to-do list when I dropped them in the mailbox.

Valerie's Completed Save the Date

It was also a weird sense of self-consciousness. I felt unexpectedly concerned about what other people thought of them. In my mind, this is the first impression that people are getting about your wedding. It was only after a friend texted saying they were sweet and the amount of care, time and handiwork shows, that I felt like I made the first impression that I had hoped.

So the next thing coming up is to try on my dress. It’s scheduled to arrive at the beginning of April, and I am dying to try it on. In the moment I made the decision about my dress, it was definitely a gut decision. I was 100% convinced until the next day or so, when I looked back at a picture of it. Now that the look and feel of the wedding has evolved and started to come to life a little more, I’m really thrilled to try it on again.

One of the last major details is our invitations. I have been looking into ways to create them as cost effectively as possible, without fully DIY-ing them. I am looking into purchasing a design, possibly from Etsy, and printing them ourselves. I really like the look of those wax stamps, similar to the one found on Etsy below, so I’m hoping to secure some jute cord (the same that’s on the Save the Dates) on the front of the stack of invitations and RSVP cards. So while they aren’t DIY’d, per se, there will still be that hand crafted element that’s really important to me.wax_stamp

Elephant Wax Stamp available from Etsy seller Backtozero

Our Broke-Ass budget is still pretty well intact, which I’m happy to report. Some things came in high, some came in low, but I still consider that a win!

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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewEtsy TimeandMaterials Question Mark Charms

    Wedding planning can bring up a lot of unanswered questions.
    Charms available from Etsy seller TimeandMaterials

    It’s been a busy month! At the beginning of December, we visited our venue for a tasting event. They organize the event as a mini bridal show, so some local vendors also attend. We had lots of delicious food and met some great vendors. We actually had a really good time, but we left we lots of decisions to make.

    That started the detailed planning phase of our process. We have all the big stuff, date, venue, photographer — now, it’s time for the small stuff, and I’m definitely sweating it! Here’s what I’m contemplating:

    1. The Menu:

      Do you really need to offer Level 3 appetizer? Is that extra $5 per person worth the amazing mini chicken and waffle skewer?  Sure, it’s cool, but does anyone leave a wedding thinking how awesome the cocktail apps were? Should we add a pasta to the buffet? Do we need a carving station?

    2. Dessert:

      We picked a delicious cake flavor, but I’m thinking of offering a second option. Our first choice is a maple cake — perfect for Vermont and our brunch reception, and did I mention delicious?! Since it’s a white-based cake, I’m thinking of doing a chocolate option, too. She had a great chocolate espresso cake at the tasting, but some people don’t like coffee-flavor, so I’m debating chocolate-hazelnut.

    3. Invites:

      How much information is too much information to include in the invitation suite? How early should we send them out? I want to send them out earlier since it’s a bit of a destination, in order to give guests time to plan travel. How long do you give people to RSVP? Is a month not long enough? Is two months too long? Who makes the final cut?

    4. Flowers:

      What kind of flowers do I choose? Do I really need flowers for the ceremony, to decorate the arbor, etc. when we’ll only be there for 15 minutes? Do I get bulk flowers and spend the morning or evening before making arrangements, or is it worth it to pay the florist to do it?

    5. Seating:

      Do I REALLY need a seating chart? I went into the planning process totally against it, but all the “experts” seem to say you need to have them, that people don’t like a lack of direction. If I do one, then I need to come up with a display and escort cards. Sigh.

    6. Registry:

      This is sure to be a topic all it’s own for a future post. Where to register? Online or in-store? What to register for?

    7. The Honeymoon:

      To take one, or not? Where to go? And when? Should we go right after the wedding, or wait to recover from the craziness? Three days? A week? Longer?

    So that’s the list swirling in my brain, all the little nitty gritty details and decisions. So how do you decide? Did you ever regret the choices you made? Flipping a coin is looking pretty good right about now!

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    FullSizeRender (1)

    I have to say, I’m pretty proud of how my wedding invitations turned out. I didn’t realize invitations were even something I cared about ... until I did. Here I had come up with a whole big list of priorities and not-so-importants to try and be sure that I properly focused my efforts, limited funds, and time, and suddenly I realized super late in the…

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    CA STD

    There are things I don’t miss about wedding planning: the seemingly endless hunt for affordable vendors, the DIY materials and 24-packs of craft beer piled up all over my living room, and of course the anxiety dreams where I show up to the church on my wedding day having forgotten to buy a dress, but it doesn’t matter because all my guests forgot it was…

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    WonderfullyHooked2U Mr & Mrs Hangers

    1. Love yoga but hate going to classes? Yoga Download is offering their Yearly Elite membership for $60 (normally $90) with code EARTH15YE until 4/23. 2. Etsy seller WonderfullyHooked2U is hooking BABs up with 20% off at her shop when you use Coupon20 at checkout. Oh, and score free shipping with code Brokebride. Love these personalized hangers! 3. Want to show off your engagement pics?…

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    Nix the Fuss with Send 'n' Seal Invitations from Ann's Bridal Bargains

    A standard invitation suite has a whole helluva lot of components: Outer envelope, inner envelope, the invitation itself, RSVP card, reception card and that random piece of tissue paper that is seemingly v. important ... but no one can figure out its true purpose (poor tissue paper). And each one of those components costs money -- which is how invitations to your truly amazing, but…

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    Back when we first got engaged, I had a specific plan in mind for our Save the Dates and wedding invitations. I initially wanted our Save the Dates to look like a tweet (because we met on Twitter) and for our invitations to have a nerd theme. In those first exciting days of our engagement, I started Googling, looking for possible ideas that matched what…

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    Hi all! First of all, let me apologize to my friend, Rachel. Rachel got married a few years ago and I was hurt that she didn’t invite me or any of her other friends from junior high through high school. Now, as a Broke-Ass Bride, I totally understand and apologize for being mad. OK, let’s talk about one of the most difficult aspects of your…

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    I don’t know about the rest of the USA, but in Kansas, engagement parties are relatively uncommon. I’ve heard that they’re a growing trend, but my area’s philosophy seems to be: “Why bother? Wait for the wedding!” In Australia, however, engagement parties are a huge deal. As my Aussie friends inform me, their philosophy is: “Any excuse to celebrate!” And you know what? I think…

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