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{Wedding Inspiration} A Budget Friendly, Bohemian Bliss-Inspired Picnic Wedding Shoot

Today we have an extra special treat for the BABs among us who are operating with almost no budget. We’ve waxed poetic before about the virtues of picnic/potluck weddings for brides who don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at their wedding. Well, there’s plenty of picnic-ey inspiration to glean from this “Boho Bliss” wedding shoot from Caryn Noel Photography. (No, this isn’t a real wedding. Kind of a bummer, right? I totally bought into the fantasy, too. I love this faux bride and groom, and their adorable wedding get-ups!) All the decor featured in these pics is vintage or DIY. All of it. This colorful shoot proves that it’s true what they say – all you need is love…and, okay fine, some whimsical vintage glassware.

Here’s what photographer Caryn had to say about her beautiful boho vision:

“My designer friend + I wanted to do something a little different from our normal shoots. We wanted to show viewers alternative outfits for free-spirited out-of-the-box brides as well as low-cost design options for brides on a tight budget. All of the props and decorations are completely vintage or DIY, it is a budget-conscious post and is located in the Midwest. (Farmington Hills//Metro Detroit, Michigan).”

“As a wedding photographer, I see lots of brides get discouraged by costly designs and end up compromising on style or their budget! We wanted to create a colorful look that inspired budget-bound viewers to not be afraid of jumping into DIY nicknack projects to brighten up their wedding. Not only is a DIY/vintage decorated wedding a lot cheaper, but it creates more of a personal/intimate atmosphere.”

Isn’t this ridiculously gorgeous? Special thanks to Caryn and all the wedding vendors involved for sharing!

Location: Heritage Park, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Photography: Caryn Noel Photography

Florals + prop design: Annette’s Creations & Designs

Vintage props: Chris Vennix at Have2Have It.

Hair: Alyssa at New Visions of You Salon

Wedding bands: Andrea Durham Designs

Wedding cake: Lil’ Cupcake Sweet Treats

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} A Boho-Chic Wedding Dress For Under $600

I love long letters from our readers. It gives me a better idea of what to look for. Val definitely delivered – here’s what she said:

Hi there ladies!

I recently got engaged and I’m on the hunt for a cheap-ass BUT BEAUTIFUL gown. There are two styles I am strongly gravitating towards and so far I have not found any cheap options similar to these. If you girls could help me out, it’d be so great! My wedding is going to be at a campsite, it has a rustic, wooden dining hall, and we’re opting for a lot of DIY RUSTIC decor. That being said I want a dress that is “flowy”, not one of those static, hard corsets or A-gowns that look super stiff. The styles I think define me best in regards to wedding gowns are “boho”, “gypsy” and “greek goddess”. I’d prefer straps and sleeves over strapless but I’m willing to see strapless options if they fit the style. Please let me know if you can help a girl out, I can’t afford these but I would love to get over them with some fabulous cheap options! 


Val is looking to spend no more than $600 and has two obsessions – a designer whose dresses go for between $4,000 to $14,000 or a dress a bride custom designed for herself. (That’s a crazy DIY project, right!?) Unfortunately the last one isn’t an option because Val found out that she doesn’t do custom designs. Below, I’ve included a couple dresses our BAB likes. There are a variety of details in which she’s interested.


Samuelle’s Amelie Gown

Samuelle’s Sophia Gown


White Tara Wedding Gown ($180 at GratefulThreads via Etsy)

Cast Away Gown ($450 at Free People)

Temptress Cold Shoulder Maxi ($608 at Free People)

Ivory Chiffon Beaded Sequin Informal ($425 at RetroVintageWeddings via Etsy)

Alexander Wang Sheer Silk-Blend Maxi Dress ($250 at The Outnet)

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Dress, Sleeveless Beaded Racerback ($104.99 at Macy’s)

As we suggested last week, you could also consider renting the gown for your big day. For $100, you could grab either the Yumi Kim Snow Mountain Maxi or the Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Rhodes Harbor Gown. Any other BABs out there have suggestions?


{Real Bride: Carrie} Our Brand New Totally Hippied Out Backpacker Real Bride Gets Engaged In Peru!

Editor’s note: We are super excited to introduce Carrie, our newest addition to the BAB familia! We always pride ourselves in picking REAL BRIDE reporters who are REAL broke-asses, and REALLY awesome – and Carrie is no exception.  She’s a well-traveled gal you’d definitely want to have on your team (but probably not for her navigational skills). Welcome aboard, Carrie! 

Hola, BABs!  My name’s Carrie, and I am beyond thrilled to be joining the team your newest Real Bride!  For super-quick introduction purposes: I’m a midwest native who went to film school in New York, then served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania.  My travel bug has only gotten stronger since then, and in our three years together my fiance Zach and I have traveled as much as possible.  In fact, we just got back from a 7-month-long backpacking trip through South and Central America!  We’ve gotta stay in the US long enough to plan our super-broke-ass-hippie-love-fest-wedding (as we’re calling it) but after that we’ll surely have itchy feet again!


Let’s get to the juicy details though: the proposal!  In true modern fashion (I’m a liberated woman, yo) we had discussed marriage extensively before Zach popped the big Q.  We knew we were headed that way but we both still loved the tradition of the proposal.  So I was patiently (okay, extremely impatiently) waiting as we bummed our merry way through South America!  One day in March, we headed out on a hike through the Cañon del Colca, in Peru.  Although it’s the second-deepest canyon in the world, it’s nothing like the Grand Canyon, which you might imagine.  Colca Canyon is green and fertile, with an icy river running along the bottom and gorgeous snow-capped peaks accenting the horizon.  Needless to say, our hike covered some spectacular territory!

Unfortunately, the directions we were following were totally wrong, and there was literally no one else on the trail to ask for help.  Once I realized that we didn’t have enough water left to keep wandering, I somehow persuaded Zach to turn around (he always wants to explore more!).  We then proceeded to lose the trail, as it was hard to follow and neither of us has a very good sense of direction.  We kind of fail at hiking.  I actually got a teensy bit grumpy for awhile, but once we rediscovered the trail and I refocused on the scenery I snapped out of it (foreshadowing…best decision I ever made!).

Our trail

Midway back, we came to a spectacular spot overlooking the canyon with awe-inspiring jagged peaks in the background.  Here Zach suggested we stop for a “water break.”  I was none the wiser.  Being such a pretty spot and such a pretty day, we sneaked a couple kisses (oh gag, I know), and then….
“Why is he fiddling around in his pocket?  What is he looking for?  Oh my gosh, could this be it?  NO CARRIE, this can’t be it, stop getting your hopes up…OMG this IS it!”
All of a sudden Zach had a tiny metal object in his hand, a nervous look on his face, and a question: “Baby, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?”  “Are you serious?  Is this it?” I still couldn’t believe it.  It wasn’t until this point that Zach remembered to get down on one knee.  He messed up the order a bit.  I didn’t mind.  Then I remembered to answer.  “YES!”  We both shed a few happy tears and Zach started putting my ring (a simple $1 ring he bought from a Peruvian craftsman) on my finger.  Only one problem: it didn’t fit!  I have really bad circulation and my fingers always swell up when I hike at high altitude (weird, I know).  So, due to my fatty fat fingers, my ring didn’t fit at all!

Yeah, the rock Zach set the camera on was pretty crooked.

My new bling!

We set our camera on a rock and took some reenactment pictures, and then the rest of our hike was spent in a blur of happiness and exhilaration.  Also, as soon as we finished our hike and got down to a lower elevation my ring fit perfectly!  Back in town, we celebrated with a buffet lunch that would normally have been way out of our budget.  (We like food.)  Then we Skyped our moms and best friends to tell them to good news.  The celebration eventually grew to include homemade “sangria” (wine from a box+fruit punch) as we watched the Facebook congratulations pour in (getting engaged is like your birthdayx1 zillion!).  What can I say, we are classy backpacking bums.

Although far from what most people would consider “a perfect proposal”, our big day was everything I wanted and more.  Being alone together and surrounded by nature in an epic spot on an epic trip, plus our giddy Peruvian-style celebration, everything about the day was totally “us”!  I love our story and I can’t imagine it happening any differently!

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} 1970s Style Wedding Gowns for Under $1000

This week week we’re featuring a whole range of get over it priced gowns — 1970s style.  Let’s see what our bride had to say:

Hello! I would like to say first that your website it pretty much amazing! I have found a lot of tips here that will help me with my up coming wedding. However, I was wondering if you knew of any gowns that had a vintage 70’s look to them under $1000? It would be really helpful to help me in the hunt for my perfect dress! Thank you so much, keep up the amazing work!

Hmm, so nothing specific about what type of 70s… so I’ll throw in a hearty mix of disco diva and boho prairie princess.

Disco Diva 70s Bride:

1. Robert Rodriguez Black Label. $450.


3. Halston Heritage. $626.50.

4. Parker. $395.

5. Mikael Aghal. $236.25

6. Ports 1961. $567.

7.Elie Tahari. $998.

8. Twobirds. $396.

9. ISSA. $367.50.

10. Kaelen. $1125.

11. Rachel Pally. $233.

Boho Prairie Princess Bride:

1. Thread. $480.

2. Vintage Label. $40.

3. Vintage Gunne Sax. $116.99.

4. Twist & Tango. $136.57.

5. Vintage Label. $225.

6. Snow Milk Haute Couture. $80.

7. Vintage Label. $68.

8. Torn by Robby Kobo. $198.

9. Nightcap Clothing. $680.

10. Temperley London. $825.

11. Nanette Lepore. $298.

12. BHLDN. $600.

13. BHLDN. $600.

Miss any CAI/GOI magic?  Catch up here: