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Alright grooms, step aside — this one’s for the Best Man.

The day of the wedding is a big day for your bestie, so make sure something small doesn’t fuck it all up. He’ll thank you for life if you take all the right measures and plan it out properly. Trust me, I’ve been in a lot of weddings and you’d be amazed the things people forget. Can you imagine forgetting socks? SOCKS! Yes, I’ve had to send a groomsman to Target for socks. And you know what? They still talk about it.

Below is a list of eight things you should be sure you bring for your groom:

Etsy Coldfeet Socks Groom : Best Man SocksVia Etsy seller ColdFeetSocks

Extra pair of socks: Do I need to retell the story?
Pins: This is for boutonnieres. I swear every wedding I go to they run out of pins for some reason.
Etsy BeadsForYourJewelry Corsage PinsVia Etsy seller BeadsforyourJewelry

Know how to tie a tie and bowtie: Be a goddamn adult already! Know how to tie a tie and a bowtie. Any guys wearing a pocket square? We got you covered on that one.

Reba and Andy Wedding

Image: Alison Yin

Handkerchief: For all the, ahem, allergies. Tissues are fine, but a handkerchief is baller as fuck.
FOOD: Make sure he eats! Cater something, bring granola bars, whatever.
Mints: I mean, duh.
ernest alexander dopp kit
Dopp Kit: This has all your grooming basics, like shaving items, face wash, a comb, etc. It’s always good to have an extra set of toiletries — someone’s bound to forget something. I really like this one from Ernest Alexander.
The ring: FOR GOD-FUCKING-SAKE don’t forget the ring.

Also, if the groom is a drinker, try to keep him from drinking a shit-ton the night before. If he is, you should just bring some Gatorade and a giant jug of water. Just sayin’.

Anything you recommend to prepare groomsmen for wedding day? Any horror stories you have to share? Tell us in the comments (we love hearing ‘em).

  • 11/6

    Hello again, BABs! While we very (im)patiently wait for our wedding album to appear, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite wedding related things: PRESENTS! No, not for us. But for our amazingly awesome wedding party members. I love, love giving gifts and finding amazing deals!

    If you’ve been following my posts for a while, you know that I don’t like things that don’t have a purpose or that are severely cheesy. Basically, any traditional wedding party gift you could think of. So I challenged us to think outside that traditional box and get our wedding party gifts that aren’t etched with our names and likelihoods.

    And here are the results!

    FOR THE MENS: The obligatory tie (I know, did I just contradict myself? Its a really nice tie though!). And a Marvel bottle opener. Each groomsmen got a different character, purposefully chosen by Justin. Amazon has a surprisingly large selection of these, at which Justin was OVERJOYED. The cost of each opener varied, putting the total cost of the gift around $40-50.

    mens gift

    I was really, REALLY proud of my wrapping presentation. My handwriting? Could definitely use some work.

    FOR THE LADIES: Kate Spade earrings in a BAB gift? BRIDES. I cannot yell this enough. Sign up for the Kate Spade newsletter and when there is a surprise sale just BUY ALL THE THINGS (and watch the deal and link roundup on Fridays, because you know the Ten for the Weekend will include it!). I snatched up 5 pairs of those gorgeous earrings for less than $100. RIGHT? Go sign up now, I’ll wait here …

    Okay, so I may have gone a little overboard with the girls. The sequins on the bottom are actually from a clutch that I acquired from Brickyard Buffalo ($8 each). The bracelet on the left was custom made by a dear friend of mine. I commissioned her to make them for the Moms and she wanted to make them for all the girls. They were her gift to us and absolutely beautiful and special. The You Smell soap was just something my 12-year old self thought was hilarious (World Market, $2). The pumpkin pie flavored edible lip scrub is TO DIE FOR. Because naturally I got one for myself (because it was only $3.75 which was a STEAL and I’m going to buy all of my Christmas gifts from that shop).  And that little handkerchief situation was totally an afterthought because I knew there would be tears and I didn’t want anyone to be stuck without a wiping device. It was also a total hit ($12.99 for 9 hankies, or $1.44 each).

    Total cost for each lady gift: $34.

    girls gift

    I actually think there is a Kate Spade sale going on right NOW.  Get those maids something shiny!

    The littles got a variety of things but let me just give you a pro-tip: a sticker book will keep a child quiet and occupied for at least 45 solid minutes.


    I think this is the quietest he was all weekend. STICKER BOOKS WIN.

    And because he has 4 daughters and has lost most of his sanity because of that, and because I love nothing more than giving my father a hard time, I made him a custom father-of-the-bride T-shirt. Seriously though, buy the man a drink!


    Two down, two to go! #fatherofthebride. He only pretends to be this annoyed with me.

    We went a bit over budget, but it is hard not to when you have an amazing wedding party that has been spoiling you throughout the entire process. We were really proud of our gifts and our wedding party definitely appreciated the thought that we put into them. But I mean, you can’t really go wrong with superheros and sparkly things, right?

  • 6/13

    With Father's Day this weekend -- and for those nearlyweds, nuptials on the horizon -- it's about time we turn our attention to the male set for  a hot second, because they need love too. I've always enjoyed how cool and different cufflinks are -- like awesome statement jewelry for dudes. And just as representative of individual personalities as that schamazing cocktail ring or pendant necklace. So for this…

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    Searching for original budget-friendly gifts for your hard-working bridesmaids and groomsmen? Never fear. My fiance and I spent last weekend culling through the Brooklyn edition of the Renegade Craft Fair, a collection of hand-crafted wares by independent designers and crafters, to bring you the latest and greatest bridal part gift ideas. All the mind-blowing gifts featured below are under $50 and handmade by independent artists, who…

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  • 3/5

    Originally, we had 4 people on each side of the bridal party. Now, not so much.The other night Hunter's best friend and "homey of honor" in our wedding, El, called to share the news that he had been cast in a very exciting and promising off-broadway version of Neil Gaiman's book (and now movie) Coraline. We are so proud of him and were totally thrilled…

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    Oh JCrew,What's up with you? How is it possible that with such a gorgeous, playful and rich color line of bridesmaids dresses, you don't offer ties to match for the groomsmen? Srsly. How hard could it be.... just take a bit of that leftover girly fabric, fold it over and sew it.... right? With such a beautifully unique line of bridal options, can we just…

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