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finestationeryYour wedding stationery is the first impression anyone will get about your wedding: it will give them cues about what to expect from the evening (or morning, or afternoon) and how to dress appropriately. No matter what your style, from traditional to modern, rustic to preppy, black and white to bold color, you’re certain to find an invitation that suits your event and your budget at

At, they’ve got designs from the most sought-after brands, like Kleinfeld Paper, Crane & Co, and Vera Wang, as well as up-and-comers like Jasmine & Woo; you’ll see designs you’ve never seen before, and won’t find anywhere else! Not ready to shop for wedding invitations yet? also offers a huge selection of save the dates (including magnets!), party invitations, and couples stationery so flipping cute that I’d feel hard-pressed to actually mail it to anyone else. No matter your stationery needs, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to first! Plus, this week, everyone wins: BABs can save 10% on save the dates with with the code LOVE10 from now through March 31st!

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DIY With Jenny Doh: The Hollywood Glam Frame + Win Jenny Doh’s Book, Stylish Weddings!


Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon was inspired by the famous premier signs of old Hollywood  movies for this project. There’s something so glamorous and exciting about big flashing  twinkle lights! For the inside of the frame, you could have a photograph, or follow Tiffany’s lead and create a chalkboard. It’s the perfect canvas for adding your own creative stamp to the wedding décor.

What You’ll Need:
Large vintage frame, with sides at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) wide
Tape measure
Strand of umbrella lights with globe bulbs
Black permanent marker
Wire cutters
Drill bit and drill
Scrap wood block
Staple gun and staples

What You Do:
1.  To arrange the lights evenly around the frame, measure the length and width of the frame, and then count the sockets on the strand. Measure and mark out the bulb spacing with a permanent marker.

2. If the sockets have umbrella clips, use wire cutters with a cutting edge to remove them.

3. Choose a drill bit slightly larger than the socket width, so that when you drill the frame, the socket can slide into the hole. Using a scrap wood block as backing for the frame, center the drill tip in each mark and carefully drill a hole from the front side of the frame through to the back. You may need an assistant to hold the frame to keep it from moving while drilling.

4. Remove the bulbs from the sockets and, starting at the bottom corner of the frame, push the socket closest to the cord end through the back of the frame. Carefully centering the staples over the cord (you do NOT want to puncture the cord), staple the cord to the frame on either side of the socket. Repeat with each socket.

5. Secure excess cord with more staples, or use tie wraps to tie excess cord together.

6. Screw in the bulbs and plug in the lights.

To make a chalkboard similar to the one pictured, cut a piece of Masonite board to the dimensions of the frame.  Spray the Masonite with several coats of black chalkboard spray paint. Let dry. Place the  painted board into the frame and use chalk to write a message for the guests.

Jenny Doh’s book, Stylish Weddings: 50 Simple Ideas to Make From Top Designers, takes all of the frustration out of the home creation of fifty different beautiful wedding details, spanning six different themes, so you’re sure to find something that will fit in with your wedding’s style. This week, we’re giving away one copy of Stylish Wedddings: 50 Simple Ideas to Make From Top Designers to one lucky blog reader! Want it bad? Get an easy free entry by subscribing to our newsletter. It’s packed with the best steals, deals, and wedding giveaways on the web, and we’ll never spam ya!

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Win This: Send Out 100 Amazing Save The Dates From The Memory Trunk!

People are so darn busy lately that save the dates are becoming necessary to remind them that yes, they do have plans the third week of August, and not only do they have plans, but they have GREAT plans. A beautiful, vibrant save the date makes people excited about your wedding every time they see it, and there’s no better place to get custom save the dates than The Memory Trunk. The Memory Trunk will work side by side with you, creating the perfect save the date from scratch–working with your style and your colors to make a cohesive whole that will make everyone excited to get their mail. Smiles all around, courtesy The Memory Trunk! This week everyone wins: The Memory Trunk is offering all Broke-Ass Bride readers a 5% discount on their orders from now until August 1st with the code BROKEASS2014! That’s on save the dates, full invitation suites, your entire order!

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Win This: Score A Monogrammed Cake Topper From Initial Outfitters!

Looking for a gift for your maids to thank them for their love, support, and maybe even holding back your hair at your infamous bachelorette party? Showing your thanks no longer has to break the bank, thanks to Initial Outfitters. Initial Outfitters has tons of stuff that make perfect gifts, from monogrammed totebags to pashminas to on-trend jewelry and more! Initial Outfitters doesn’t only have things that would be excellent for your maids. They’ve also got excellent groomsmen gifts: monogrammed pocket knives, money clips, tie tacks, and the ultimate dude-to-dude gift, beer koozies. Because when someone is your bro, you want his beer to stay cold, and that’s a fact. Initial Outfitters should be your first stop when looking for a tasteful personalized gift to thank anyone in your life!

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Win This: Snag An AMAZING Photo Album By Libby James!

After the wedding is all said and done, photos are one of the few things you walk away with, so it only makes sense that you’ll want to have those babies in a beautiful album on the coffee table, ready for anyone who happens over to your home to ogle. Unfortunately, lots of couples end up with sticker shock when they price out said albums. Never fear: Libby James has got your back. Libby James is a professional color lab and industry-leading album manufacturer, so that modern design you wanted? They have it. Luscious covers? They have it. The best quality paper? They have it. And they’ve got it all at a price that won’t make you weep into your hanky. How do they do it? By being one of the big guys and cutting out the middleman markup, Libby James can sell albums at a fraction of the price of other companies, with an average turnaround time of only two days. So splurge! Get a larger size! Add a few more page spreads! Upgrade to a leather cover or a velvety soft matte cover! And take comfort in the fact that you’re getting the best quality for the best price possible…which is the best of both worlds.

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Win This: Get Back On Track With Your Resolutions With Yoga Download! + Five for Friday: Lovely Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

So it’s almost the end of January: have you been slacking on your resolutions already? The ones where you promised to work out more or take more time for you? BUSTED. Here’s something that will help you get back on track with both: YogaDownload.

We’re been working with Yoga Download for a while already, so you may know the drill, but I’m going to recap for those of you just joining us: Basically any style yoga you’d like to practice, they have available on YogaDownload. You can download individual classes to watch later (whenever you’d like, forever!), or with a subscription, you can stream unlimited classes from any device: your PC, your tablet, your phone…so you can’t even use old excuses like “I’m traveling” or “there are no classes around me” or “I just can’t fit it into my schedule”! How much more relaxed, happy, strong, and full of serotonin-y goodness would you be if all of the barriers to entry to regular exercise are removed? That’s what Yoga Download can do for you!

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Oh, we’re not done yet, BABs! In this week’s Five for Friday, I scoured the Interwebz for sweet, lace bridesmaids dresses. I dug up a variety of shapes, sizes and colors … and all under $75! Feast your eyes, darlings! 

xoxo – Christen

“Tour de Allure,” available at Lulu’s, $43.

“Silver Moon Melodies,” available at ModCloth, $52.99.

“Maggie London Fit and Flare Lace Dress,” available at, $44.99.

“Xhilaration Open Back Lace Dress,” available at Target, $24.99.

“Adrianna Papell Pleat Scallop Lace Dress,” available at, $41.99.

What do you think, ladies? Are you going with beautiful lace for your beautiful ladies on your wedding day? 

Win This: Score Killer Photography From LA Budget Wedding Photographer!

Wedding photography is so important; it’s one of the few things you’ll be able to keep after the big day is over. But fitting a quality photographer into your broke-ass budget can be a challenge, especially in a major metro area. Luckily, LA Budget Wedding Photographer has your back!

LA Budget Wedding Photographer operates under the principle that being on a budget is no excuse for bad wedding photos, so they offer great flat-rate packages and ala carte add-ons to fit your needs, from two hours of photography to an entire day. With all packages, you’ll receive printing rights to print your photos at the photo lab of your choice, and with most, you’ll receive a USB stick of unedited images the day of your wedding, so there’s no agonizing wait until you can post the entire shebang to the social media sites of your choice! With these rates, you must be getting amateur photographers, right? Not so! The group of photographers that comprises LA Budget Wedding Photographer are internationally published professionals who use quality equipment, have plenty of wedding experience under their belts, and carry backup equipment. You may have a number of worries on your mind on your wedding day, but when you use LA Budget Wedding Photographer, your photography needn’t be one of them!

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Win This: Send Out 75 Mega Awesome Save The Dates From Brown Fox Creative!

Every single time I get a save the date in the mail with a cutesy-poo photograph on it, I squeal a little with delight. If I received one of the uber-cute ones from Brown Fox Creative, my squeal would likely be heard around the block. What makes Brown Fox Creative Save the Dates different? Everything Brown Fox Creative does is custom designed–there are no templates, so your photos aren’t just plugged in, bada bing, bada boom: a real graphic designer with years of experience is tweaking every detail. When you hire Brown Fox Creative, they’ll create 2-4 personal designs for you, from which you can choose your favorite to then refine into absolute perfection. Brown Fox Creative can do ANY style, so there are no limits to how creative you can go! Plus, their turnaround time is astounding: the whole process from start to finish (aka your doorstep) takes as little as one to three weeks. SHAMAZING! So check out Brown Fox Creative, order your save the dates, and listen for my squeal on the wind!

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Liz and Etiquette Guru Lizzie Post Chat About Dividing Up Wedding Costs

Got a question for Liz (Coopersmith)? Go to the Contact page and let us know what’s up!

So, last week, the crew here at BAB  was offered an interview with Lizzie Post, the Great-Great Granddaughter of Emily Post. Yes, that Emily Post. Lizzie has put her famous last name to good use, tackling taboo etiquette topics on TV, radio, in magazines and online. She’s also authored and co-authored three books out of the Emily Post Institute. She recently partnered with Bank of America to provide advice on how to reduce stress and budget wisely during the holiday season. Reduce stress and stick to a budget? We’re all about that over here, right? So, how long did I have to talk to her, I asked. “Ten minutes,” was her representative’s reply.



It takes me ten minutes to finish saying a sentence, and you know, just by reading this column, how much trouble I have being succinct.  I  took a deep breath, took a look at the Post Institute’s wedding etiquette page, thought a bit, boiled that thought down, and very, very early on Wednesday morning, after a couple of tech glitches (mine) this is, more or less, how it turned out:

Liz C.: I read a little bit on your website about the traditional division of wedding finances, of who pays for what. A lot of the breakdown was familiar; the bride’s family pays for the engagement party, the ceremony, the reception, her dress, the groom’s ring. The groom and the groom’s family pay for the cheapest parts of the wedding,  the marriage licence, the officiant, the rehearsal dinner.  He’s also supposed to pay for the honeymoon, but that still seems a little inequitable to me!

Lizzie P: (Laughs) Sure.

Liz C: That article was written in 2009, and it did point out that those rules didn’t really apply any more - 

Lizzie P.: That’s so true.

Liz C.:   – And couples finance their weddings in various ways: they pay for it themselves, or their families divide the costs right down the middle, or the couple and each side of the family each pay for a third.  But, even in the past four years, the demographics of engaged couples have changed. Thinking about the clients that I work with as a wedding coordinator, a lot of them are older, not as many are walking out of college one weekend and down the aisle the next. A lot of them are professionals that are making good money on their own. Some of my couples are gay, so there might not be that expected separation of “bride’s” responsibilities and “groom’s” responsibilities. 

Lizzie P: Of course.

Liz C: But, even given those circumstances, weddings can be expensive. Nationwide, the average cost of a wedding is between $20-25,000. That can double or triple, depending on where you live. A lot of couples, no matter where they are in life, could use some help with that.

Are there new rules of etiquette  for the division of wedding finances? Given that etiquette is basically what you should expect to do, and what you should expect from others, as a couple planning their wedding in 2013, what should those expectations be?

Lizzie P: What we suggest is that Brides and Grooms sit down and have a very open and candid conversation with both sets of their parents, or whoever they think would be open to helping out, or has said that they want to. Sometimes the conversation is about the traditional financial divisions, and their parents might say, “We’re happy for you, we love you, but you’re on your own.” That does happen.

Liz C.: Yeah, sometimes parents aren’t able to give anything at all.

Lizzie P.: But, no matter what, it’s very important that a couple starts out with a budget that they’re comfortable with, that they believe is going to work for everyone. And, we also suggest that they set up a banking account just for the wedding. And what I love about our partnership with Bank of America is that they have a mobile app, that allows you to check your bank account any time, day or night. So that when you’re shopping for  your dress, or at catering options, or looking at different venues, you can check your bank account and know what’s pending, what’s already been paid, what amount you have left in your budget. You can even set up alerts, to ensure that you pay vendors on time. It’s really easy, and it makes sticking to your budget a lot easier, too, and you don’t have to worry about it. Less worry creates less stress, and less weirdness about the whole thing!

Liz C.: So, branching off of that, if you do need help, how should you ask for it? What should you say? 

Lizzie P: (Laughs) “Hi, I need money!” You can be a little more tactful than that! I think that the best way is to say, “We just wanted to check and see if the wedding budget is something you feel that you can can contribute to, or if it’s something you don’t think you can or even want to contribute to.” Understanding that you might get a “No” is a great place to come from, so you won’t feel so heartbroken if it happens.

Liz C: And from the other side of that, as parents, can you offer financial help, but still set limits on how much, and for what? Should you expect to have control over how that money is spent?

Lizzie P: (Laughs) Right! This is the other part of that candid, respectful conversation that you have with your folks. Not just about the amount, but the expectations of  what comes with that money. So, if Mom says, “I want to pay for your wedding dress,” you can reply, “That is such a generous offer, but I need to find out what you have in mind. Because if you want me in a specific dress that might not be what I want, or what I’m comfortable with, that’s not going to work.”  It’s okay for you to say, “Thank you, but I think I’m going to cover this on my own.” (Laughs) The polite turn-down. And parents should be aware that could be the response they’ll get!

Liz C: A  lot of it is just about simple communication.  People are afraid to say these things, because they think they’re going to offend the other  person.

Lizzie P: But, the more open and honest you are, on both sides, the better off everyone’s going to be.


True, so true – I tell you so all the time. Lizzie was wonderful to talk to ,and, yes,I did mail  her a handwritten thank you note  for the interview. :-)

So, how are you dividing up your wedding finances? And did you get a “No” from your parents, or a demand to do it their way, if they said “Yes”? What do you think of Lizzie’s advice? Let me know in the comments below! And, if you’d like to find out a little more about me and my part of Wedding World, visit t

Also, we have one lovely hardcover copy of Emily Post’s  Etiquette, 18th Edition to giveaway this week! If you want it, give us a shout-out in the comments (and if you really want it, leave a wedding planning/etiquette question for next week’s edition of “Ask Liz”)!

See you at the end of the aisle,