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Every single time I get a save the date in the mail with a cutesy-poo photograph on it, I squeal a little with delight. If I received one of the uber-cute ones from Brown Fox Creative, my squeal would likely be heard around the block. What makes Brown Fox Creative Save the Dates different? Everything Brown Fox Creative does is custom designed–there are no templates, so your photos aren’t just plugged in, bada bing, bada boom: a real graphic designer with years of experience is tweaking every detail. When you hire Brown Fox Creative, they’ll create 2-4 personal designs for you, from which you can choose your favorite to then refine into absolute perfection. Brown Fox Creative can do ANY style, so there are no limits to how creative you can go! Plus, their turnaround time is astounding: the whole process from start to finish (aka your doorstep) takes as little as one to three weeks. SHAMAZING! So check out Brown Fox Creative, order your save the dates, and listen for my squeal on the wind!

This week, one lucky BAB will win 75 save the dates from Brown Fox Creative! Want them bad? Get an easy free entry by subscribing to our bi-weekly newsletter! It’s packed with the best wedding deals and steals, and we’ll never spam ya!

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  • 12/3

    Last year’s million dollar winners!

    Picture this: It’s a gorgeous late spring day. The warm sun is filtering through the trees, making the venue shimmer and sparkle. Music drifts through the air, and as the song changes, the assembled crowd turns and gasps: it’s you, in a breathtaking designer gown. It’s a million dollar wedding, and it’s yours.

    No, we’re not telling you to take out an enormous loan and throw this pricey fête yourself, we’re saying that you should enter to win The BRIDES Live Wedding Event! Here’s the deal: you and your sweetie make a video entry telling BRIDES about yourselves, your love story, the proposal, your perfect date night, why you think you should win, and which charity you’d support and why. Submit some recent photographs (make sure to get permission from the photographer!), answer a few short essay questions, and you’re in, baby!

    Here’s where things really get exciting: every single aspect of The BRIDES Live Wedding Event is chosen by the general public: from the dress, to the cake, to the decorations, to the honeymoon–EVERYTHING! This means that those random outliers of bad taste that everyone struggles with, the moments of “What was I thinking!?”–those won’t happen with this wedding, because no one is going to let you strut down the aisle like you stepped out of an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras. No way! Everything will be top notch gorgeous, the best of the best.

    So let’s recap: a million dollar wedding plus $50,000 in prizes, guaranteed gorgeousness, planned for you, practically stress free…what are you waiting for? Break out the video camera and enter now!

  • 12/19

    YOU GUYS. This is legit broke-ass brilliance right here. Brides is hooking it UP with a super sleek wedding giveaway. We're not just talking a centerpiece here, an accessory there ... they're going whole-hog with this bad boy. Say your "I Do's" at the uber-chic St. Regis Monarch Beach resort in Dana Point, CA. Get your hair did by TRESemme, topped off with a veil from Bel Aire…

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    Hey Hey Hey! So, this week's newsletter giveaways are pretty darn rad... have you entered to win? Each week we give away a fabby prize in Win This, and it couldn't be easier to enter. Just sign up for our (awesome) newsletter, and you're automagically eligible to win a prize every week! This week you can score a personalized poem from I Want A Poem!…

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