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Picotte Photography Contest Finalists!

We had so many beautiful, adorable, clever and sweet entries for the free photography contest with Suthi Picotte…. narrowing it down to just 5 was really challenging! While we wish we could put all of the entries to vote, (and in no particular order) these are the five couples we’d like to introduce! (you can click on the images to enlarge)

First up, we have….

Shannon + Marcos
August 13, 2011 – Denver, CO

This is how it happened… The story of how he asked–and I said YES.

Marcos believes in me-  he allows me to just be me-When I’m with him I feel like I am at my best. Marcos excites and inspires me to reach for more and to give and share more. He is kind and funny and still so  interesting to me everyday. I love him more everyday– with all of my heart.

Please join us in Denver Colorado for our August 13TH, 2011 wedding! We will pay for travel expenses and all the margaritas you like! The opportunity to work with you and capture this huge life moment for us would be a blessing!

***I attached a photo of me and Marcos on the political campaign where we met working for a cause we believed in! dang- I love him so much!

Next up, we have…

Faryl + Nick
July 24, 2010 – Upstate, NY

The two of us are both from, and currently live in, New York City. We have been together for almost 8 years and a little over a year and a half ago we bought a small old farm Upstate, which is where the wedding will be. ALL of our money went to buying that land and the two of us are more than intimidated by the idea of having a wedding and being able to afford it. Photography, is to us, one of the most important elements to a wedding. We love each other like crazy people, but other than loving each other we love photographs of each other. So this is pretty major.

Here’s our save-the-date video!

This is a link to my blog.

I AM CRAZY ABOUT MY H.T.B. (Husband to be!). He makes living so fun and when we get stressed about the wedding we just talk about BEING married, and try not to think about GETTING married. It works every time.


Next up is….

Ally + Mike
4.16.2011 – Brooklyn, NY

My amazing wedding buddy Naz told me about this contest (we’re both in the midst of planning our weddings), and since I, too, am a broke-ass bride in need of a photographer, I had to throw my ticket into the ring–and the best way to do that is to tell you the story of how I got engaged.  It happened this past Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend.  But it was no simple go-out-to-a-fancy-restaurant-and-put-a-ring-in-the-champagne proposal.  This one involved a White Castle.  And a prank.  And a fake wedding.

Yes, I think I may be the first bride in history who had a wedding first, THEN got engaged.

Let me explain: on Valentine’s Day, certain White Castles around the country do a special “Celebrate Your Love (of the Crave)” celebration, with candles, a maitre d’, printed menus, and yes, even the need to make a reservation.  So, my group of friends decided it’d be fun and funny to stage a fake proposal at the White Castle, just for the sake of a few laughs and to test out our guerilla acting skills.

As we’re planning this, my friend Shaun suggests to (my now fiance) Mike that Mike should ACTUALLY propose to me after we’ve performed our little sketch in the White Castle.  Yes, Shaun wants Mike to propose to me in the White Castle parking lot, under the glaring lights and in the presence of the dumpsters.  Needless to say, Mike thinks this is an awful idea.

However, Shaun is persistent (and annoying) enough that Mike gets fed up–so much so that he now wants to play a prank on Shaun.  The prank: Mike pretends to propose to me in the White Castle parking lot, and I turn him down.  Horribly.  I start to cry and drive off without him, leaving Mike to turn haplessly to Shaun and say, “Shaun, this is all your fault!”

Well, this plan goes off without a hitch.  In fact, it goes so well that Naz (my wedding buddy!) thinks we should take it one step further.  So we do: we call up Shaun the next day to tell him that we’ve worked out all our problems–so well, actually, that now we want to get married.  Right now. At City Hall.  But, we tell Shaun, since City Hall is closed, we want to have a mini wedding ceremony at our house to celebrate with friends.

And yet again, the prank goes off exactly as planned, and Shaun falls for every bit of it.  He organizes an amazing wedding ceremony at our house, complete with flowers, music–the works.  Little does he know this is all a prank on him.  However, little do I know that the prank is soon to be turned around on me: because after the big reveal to Shaun (which we slyly worked into our “fake” vows), Mike turns to me with a box of cupcakes from my favorite bakery and says, “Let’s get this party started right!”  And what do I find in the box of cupcakes?  A REAL engagement ring.  Of course, I say yes–after making sure it wasn’t another prank, of course.

So that is my story.  Long and epic?  Yes.  But surely something to remember.
The full story in video form can be found on my wedding blog}

Next is…

Elizabeth + Ross
July 30, 2011 – Portland, OR

Please accept my humble entry for the Suthi Picotte photography contest! It’s a little ditty I refer to as “Boomdeyada,” for reasons that become obvious. I apologize for the random file server delivery, but the video was too big to send through regular email. My name is Liz, and my fiance is Ross. We’ll be getting married near Portland, Oregon on July 30, 2011. If we’re lucky enough to win, we would of course be happy to pay Suthi’s travel expenses.

P.S. If it wasn’t clear, the inspiration for the video is the Discovery Channel commercials. And the instrumental accompaniment I downloaded from Olga Nunes’s website.
And last but not least…

Ila + Hiroki
June 6, 2010 – Costa Mesa, CA

I’m sure my date would be booked since it’s so close, but it sounds like a fun contest! Hopefully you’ll see that I’m head over heels for my boy.

Please find the attached file, which will be my submission. I have also attached a photo of myself and my fiance.


Aren’t they all just the cutest? It’s too hard to choose, so we’re leaving it up to you!  You have one week to vote on which couple you’d like to see win the free wedding photography package valued at $4,000, courtesy of Picotte Photography! You can vote more than once, but only once a day so…

Click here to vote for your favorite lovable couple! . .

One Entry Per Person Per Day. Voting closes Monday, May 17th at 5pm pdt


Wedding Porn: Suthi + Sanjay: A Feast Of Color & Texture

When people who work in the industry get married, magic almost always ensues, so we’ve got an awesomesauce (and timely) real wedding feature today! It’s the stunning wedding of Suthi and Sanjay! Yep, the same Suthi of Suthi Picotte Photography who’s giving away a free wedding photography package with us (hurry, you can still enter!). For now though you can enjoy these gawjuss photos and take away some wedding inspiration too from this phenomenal green wedding!

We big puffy heart Suthi and her gorgeous wedding!  Through her lens at work, she has seen her fair share of gorgeous dresses, decor, and inspiration… so she was well versed in inspiration when it came time to envision very own ultra fabbie wedding. Suthi had a tremendous entourage of wedding visionaries including florals by Holly Flora, event planning by Angel Swanson of Love and Splendor, and photography by Amy and Stuart. Suthi & Sanjay tied the knot in Los Angeles, and because they are both in the arts (Sanjay is a film producer), naturally their wedding was overflowing with creativity!

Serious eye candy for the stylephile in us all!

Suthi looks like a goddess while getting laced into her stunning dress

The absolute best thing about the wedding was that Suthi and Sanjay incorporated loads of colors and textures into their day. Suthi wore a dress that looked good enough to eat with all of its decadent layers of pleats and ruffles. Yum! She looks like a porcelain doll getting all laced up! I swear, this dress is one of my favorites ever, and guess what yo? You can rent this exact style of St. Pucci at a fraction of the cost at A One Night Affair!

Love this St. Pucci gown? You can rent it for $800 at!

Her colorful and trendy bouquet took a mix of colors and consistency orange orchids, green succulents, pink peonies, and deep wine colored roses and were tied together with a bright aqua colored ribbon. Y’all know I love a girl who’s not afraid of some color!

Holly Flora made sure that Suthi's bouquet was bursting with colors. Gorgeous!

They laced in some insanely fly personal touches, such as a beautiful vignette in the entryway complete with exquisite sari fabric, feathers, florals, old family photos, letters and peacocks. A vignette is the perfect eye-catching way to greet your guests and introduce your theme and overall feel of the event… and if you use objects from around your home or from your family/friends, it doesn’t even have to cost a dime!

I totes want my living room to feel like this!

A close up of the vignette reveals old family photos, letters, and personal items to make the display a beautiful expression of Suthi and Sanjay's history and family lineage.

The ceremony and reception was held at the ever-hip Marvimon House – a convertible indoor/outdoor space. The ceremony was outdoors, with a gorgeous swag backdrop accented with Margiold garlands, weaving Indian tradition into their design.

Don't you adore their style? To die for!

But holy Holly Flora, how much do you love love love the tablescape?! The long and rustic wooden tables featured a bounty of myriad colors including using orange, pink, blue, and purple napkins to identify the tables (using color rather than table numbers or something similar) and an earthy moss table runner. Look familiar? That’s because this very wedding inspired our own wedding tablescapes! Moss is a surprisingly inexpensive and sustainable decor option that adds tons of bang for its buck!

All the vases and votives are from Holly Flora's exquisite collection of eclectic vintage glassware.

Take a moment to enjoy the whimsical florals, colors and textures. Now tilt your head to the side so you prevent drooling on your keyboard.

The varied heights of the vases and the differences in florals and tea lights create a visually drool worthy display. I love that not everything is so matchy-matchy. You can scour flea markets and estate sales you can create an eclectic and visually interesting display, even on a budget! Using bud vases and small vintage glassware for vases requires less floral expense as well because you only need one or two buds per vessel.  Just combine various sizes, colors, and textures and you’ll create a truly beautiful and unique space that will be one of a kind without breaking the bank while being more eco-friendly. Plus after the wedding you’ll have a great collection for your home or to give as gifts!

The small details like this jade tiger add whimsy and drama. Everywhere you look you see some new detail!

This venue is truly decadent! The lighting and decor fit so perfectly.

Guests picked up truffles as a gift from a table decorated with mushrooms and amethyst.

This is one of my favorite wedding photos ever. It communicates such a sexy vibe and mood!

Suthi and Sanjay truly had a magical day with luscious details, texture and personality. Go ahead and take some of this inspiration for your own big day… I know I did!  Be bold. Use color. Infuse your personality. Go absolutely wild and it will look incredibly decadent and personal!
And don’t forget to enter the free wedding photography contest to get a chance to work with Suthi – open until May 1st!