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{Partner Love + A Giveaway!} The Memory Trunk Will Customize & Awesomize Your Wedding Stationery

Ladies, I know. Invitations, Save the Dates, place cards … holy overwhelming, Batman. They’re often the first impression your guests will get regarding the look and feel of your big day. They’ll hang on fridges, be shown off to friends and family and generally be a big ass showcase of what is to come. You can get lost in a sea of huge online retailers …OR, you can hit up the rad shops on Etsy like The Memory Trunk.

The Memory Trunk uses high-quality designs and paper products,  but they offer them at prices that won’t murder your wallet. Whether it’s a design you stumble upon in their Etsy shop or a simmering idea in the back of your brain, The Memory Trunk can sign, seal, deliver and it’ll be yours. Customization like whoa. Unlimited changes so you can get it juuuust right. If you like a design, but have a particular card stock in a local craft store you love? Easy peasey. The DIY option allows you to purchase a PDF of your preference and print it out all on your own.

AND!!! Because The Memory Trunk loves you guys, they wanna throw a little giveaway your way.

Leave a comment on this post with your email (eg: christen {at} brokeassbride dot com} to snag yourself:

10 Table Number Cards

40 Place Cards

(Cards will be printed on thick, pearlized card stock paper with black ink and are valued at $45.)

Oh, wait, you thought that was it? Pfffft. You know we wouldn’t leave you hanging like that. Head on over to The Memory Trunk’s Facebook page, give it a good ol’ Like and receive 5% off your order plus free shipping when you use “BROKEASS2012″ at check out.


{Guest Post} An Adorable Cake Push-Pop Tutorial, Courtesy Of Sweet E’s Bake Shop!

Today, we’re pleased to present you with a deliciously decadent (and sublimely simple) DIY tutorial from the lovely ladies at one of our favorite L.A. bakeries – Sweet E’s! If you’re not an L.A. local, you may know them from appearances on shows like Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” or Style’s “Tia & Tamera.”  

Sweet E’s Bake Shop has been providing the Los Angeles metro area (not to mention countless celebs) with divine baked concoctions since 2009, and we’re so honored they took the time to share this fabulous Cake Push-Pop tutorial with us! These bad boys are a fabulous idea for special occasions like bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or of course, WEDDINGS! Once you master the technical know-how, you can go totally crazy with flavor combinations. Oh, the sugar-tastic possibilities…Take it away, Sweet E’s sweeties! 

Supplies: 9″x13″ cake, 3 cups of frosting, 2″ circle cookie cutter disposable piping bags, sprinkles, scissors, spoon, knife, & Push-Pop Containers. Yields approx. 10-12 Push-Pops.

Step 1: Once the cake is completely cooled use a 2″ circle cookie cutter to cut out 2″ circles of cake. Repeat this step until there is no more room on the cake.

Step 2: Next, Cut each 2″ circle of cake in half to create the thin cake layers in your Push-Pop.

Step 3: Now, fill your disposable piping bag with your favorite frosting.

 Step 4: Cut the tip off of your piping bag, about 1″ from the bottom.

Step 5: Set your frosting bag aside and start layering in your cake.

Sweet Tip: The bottom of an extra Push-Pop container works great as a tool to push your cake to the bottom of the container.

Repeat Step 5 until all your Push-Pops have 1 layer of cake in them.

Step 6: Using your frosting bag, add a thin layer of frosting on top of the 1st layer of cake.

Repeat Steps 5 & 6 until there are 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of frosting in each Push-Pop.

Step 7: Then top off the Push-Pop with a frosting swirl and decorate it with colorful sprinkles!

L.A brides – want to sample the delicious goodies at Sweet E’s Bake Shop for yourself? Hell, want to buy their baked goods in quantity for your big event? When you mention that you saw them on The Broke-Ass Bride, you can get 10% off any order! WIN. 


{Partner Update} Get 15% Off Of MagnetStreet’s Customizable Save-the-Date Styles!

That’s right, our fab sponsor MagnetStreet is offering 15% off of their 10 most popular save-the-date magnet designs through September 27th! You can personalize them with fun pics, different colors, fonts, and wording! To snag this special deal, just use the discount code: WHBTA15 at checkout.

Budget Wedding Web-Shopping Brilliance!

Come on now, let’s all save some money! No, not the deprived, wish-I-could-but-I-can’t, poor little poor girl type of saving…. that’s no fun for anyone! Why should we have to sacrifice taste or style in the name of savings? Eff that noise! A budget wedding don’t have to look like no cheap wedding! There’s far too many ways to have your taste and keep it too, and I’m bouts to lay down my secret shopping savings weapons, so you can get your splurge on… without the guilt.

First up…. Group Buying Power!

Sites like SocialBuy, Groupon, Living Social and more are cropping up faster than starbucks joints, and many of the deals they proffer work just as well for weddings as they do for weekends. From manicures and massages to cheap date night dinners and fun summer playtime outings, you can keep these deals to yourself, or give them as gifts to friends, family and bridal party members. They work by maximizing the power of the masses, so sharing these deals with your friends is to your advantage. Most deals score you discounts of 50-70% off. Those numbers make my fingers itch to hit BUY!

Which tees it up for….. Members Only Sales!

On a similar but different note, members-only sites like Gilt Groupe, Rue La La and more sell high-end designer duds, accessories, gifts and more at deep-ass discounts (up to 70%) in limited quantities and for limited runs. This is major jackpot for those have-to-have-’em heels or a rehearsal dress (or suit for the dude) to knock their socks off.   You need an invite to join, and the link above is mine to you. (You’re welcome!) But they sell out fast, so check early and often if they’re featuring a designer you adore. Swirl (Daily Candy’s new sample sale site), is now in Beta testing, but looks just as bad-ass as any of ‘em. And now, with the birth of travel-specific sites with the same savings bent like Bonvoyou, (or Gilt’s jetsetter department) you can plan your honeymoon or get your wedding night digs for a deep discount as well.

Next up…. Promo Code Mayhem!

Listen closely. Before you hit “buy” on ANY online purchase, you best make sure you’ve checked out Retail Me Not which aggregates the best codes for savings like percentages off and free shipping. Just type in the name of the site you’re buying on, and pull up the most recent promo and coupon codes available. Then just plug into your purchase page, and reap the rewards. They even made a special wedding coupon book, to help brides find more ways to save! This one is a no-brainer. If you don’t do this religiously, I can’t help you.

While we’re online…. SEARCH for SAVINGS!

Search & Win

How cool is this? is a search engine that rewards you for roaming the web! Every time you search, you earn yourself “swag bucks”, redeemable for gift certificates and all kinds of stuff. If you shop through their shop-and-earn site, you can rack up even more swagbucks. Trade in your cell phone or fill out surveys if you just can’t get enough. Rewards for websurfing? A brides dream! Broke-Ass Bonus: Sign up with the code ‘SwagBride’ to get 20 bonus swagbucks, which you can add to the 30 free bucks you get for joining. That’s 50 free swagbones to play with, just for getting started. Awwww yeah, you’re welcome.

So, saving some green while shopping online is pretty sweet. I think we can all agree on that, yes? But check this out: Most of these sites have bomb-ass referral programs so by spreading the savings to your peeps, you earn more for yourself. Its a win-win, you share the love, you get the love. And you’ll want to share the love. Heck, I’m doing it right now :)

Happy shopping, and happier saving! Got a secret weapon for savings? Share the love in the comments!