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Dearest BAB readers, you never cease to amaze me. Your taste in gowns is outstanding, and your requests are so humble, kind and grateful. Truly, it’s my pleasure to help in whatever small way I can. This, week, though, reader Stefanie’s request (in a comment to this post) hit like a punch to the gut — because her generosity is precisely part of what makes her a BAB: 

Hi~ I am having a destination wedding in Hawaii but since my closest family members (sister, niece, grandmother) won’t be able to afford to come, most of the budget for the wedding will be spent on them and giving them a nice week long vacation (their FIRST EVER).

I fell in LOVE with Maggie Sottero’s dress Phyllis 5MR054 . I found it for $1,400 but am looking for something less than $500. I absolutely love the detailed back and goddess style. Can you use your super powers for me?

Stefanie, with that heart of gold you’d be stunning in a burlap sack, but let’s see if we can find you some alternatives that will help you to provide your family with their first vacation ever … in picturesque Hawaii!

The Maggie Sottero Phyllis is a breezy goddess-style chiffon gown with beaded underbust detailing and a show-stopping, ornate back design, so I’ll be looking for gowns that combine an airy silhouette with just a touch of glam. 

Can't Afford It

Maggie Sottero Phyllis

Maggie Sottero Phyllis back

Maggie Sottero Phyllis Gown, $1,399 at Best Bridal Prices

Get Over It

La Femme 21505

La Femme 21505, $398 at Best Bridal Prices

Terani Couture Crystal Paisley Evening Gown

Crystal Paisley Evening Gown by Terani Couture, $416 at eDressMe

Mary's Bridal Chiffon Beaded Bateau Gown

Mary’s Bridal Style S15-2586, $378 at Best Bridal Prices

Eden Beaded Sweetheart Chiffon Gown

Eden Silver Label Wedding Dress Style SL006, $450 at Best Bridal Prices

Camille La Vie Beaded Collar Wedding Dress

Beaded Collar Wedding Dress by Camille La Vie, $500 at eDressMe

Mary's Bridal Beaded Ruched Bodice Gown

Mary’s Bridal Style S15-2589, $338 at Best Bridal Prices

BCBG Max Azria Rayah Gown

BCBG Max Azria Rayah Gown, $398 at Shopbop

Unique Vintage Chiffon Sweetheart Corset Gown

Chiffon Strapless Sweetheart Corset Gown, $88 at Unique Vintage

Pair a strapless chiffon goddess gown with some back bling:

BHLDN Flynn Capelet

Flynn Capelet by Moyna, $260 at BHLDN

BHLDN Trickling Capelet back

Trickling Capelet, $140 at BHLDN

Like I said, Stefanie, it’s incredibly generous of you to prioritize your family’s trip over your own gown — and yet, I have no doubt that you will be radiant in whatever you choose to wear! I hope your Hawaii wedding is magical and that you and your family enjoy the vacation (and of course, the wedding)! Let me know if any of these gowns caught your eye. I love hearing about the happy endings to your Can’t Afford It? / Get Over It! stories. And please share the wedding with us — especially if you wind up with one of these beauties!

Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you.

*As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.
  • 8/3

    Photo by Andie Freeman Photography

    Photo:Andie Freeman Photography

    I’m pretty organized. Okay, very organized, obsessive compulsive even.  I still use a paper calendar and color code events. I’m the one to coordinate events among friends, and plan trips with my fiance, so I thought I would have no problem planning a wedding.

    I’m realizing it’s about more than organization, though. I can coordinate vendors and make payments, no problem, but I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas for themes and centerpieces and decor. I can’t see it come together.

    My venue has a coordinator, but we haven’t met in person yet. We’ve corresponded via email, but I haven’t been wowed. I’m worried that the day-of coordination, setting everything up and trying to bring everything together, will be stressful and hard for me to manage on my own. I was convinced I didn’t need help, but I’m considering hiring someone, at least for day-of coordination, but I’m still holding back because I hate to spend money on something I can do myself!  I mean how hard can it be, right?

    Then I have visions of my wedding day, waking up that morning and rushing down to the reception site to arrange centerpieces and set up little chalkboard signs before hair and makeup.  And then I wake up from that nightmare in a cold sweat.  On the other hand, I like to be in control of all things, and the thought of giving that up and leaving one of the most important days of my life in someone else’s hand is another nightmare altogether.  The other factor for me is that my wedding is a bit of a destination, a few hours from home, so I can’t go to the venue often to meet with my coordinator, and I’ll have to load up and bring everything with me for that weekend, having assembled everything and done the work at home beforehand.  I’m not even really sure if a planner could help with this.  So what to do…

    So have you used a planner? Or not? Did you regret your decision?  I need some tips for keeping my sanity and trying to balance my role as planner and bride!  Help please!

  • 7/20

    Amy trying on V-neck styles

    I've been dreading dress shopping for months, but after much prodding from friends, I caved, suited up in some Spanx and headed to David's Bridal. I know David's is a great budget friendly option, but based on some previous experience with their dress quality and hearing lots of customer service horror stories, it wouldn't be the first place I would want to buy a dress.…

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    Amelie 1

    We've got a special two-parter for you this week, BABs! Check back tomorrow for Part 2! BAB reader Kary has a dilemma. She's fallen in love with *two* gowns (and a wonderful man), with a budget of about $2,000. She says: I am planning a small beach wedding for June, 2016, in Sand Key, Fla., and a large, outdoor reception at home, after our return.…

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    Finding a photographer has been a challenge. Pictures are probably the number one priority for me for the wedding, so it's something I really want to get right. It's the one thing I'm not willing to skimp on, however I don't really want to spend a million dollars either. I thought by doing a Sunday morning affair, I could save on photography costs a bit, especially…

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  • 5/25

    For Mother's Day, my mom and I went away for the weekend.  We had nice time, and chatted here and there about the wedding. While we don't argue, I will say we are totally not on the same page. We aren't super close, my mother and I. We aren't estranged, but we also aren't Rori and Loreli either! The wedding is just an example of how…

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    I want to save money where I can on my wedding (#duh), but more than anything, I want to save my sanity. Wedding planning can be stressful. For many, it becomes a second job.  I already have two jobs; I don't need a third, so minimizing the stress level is the name of the game for me. The biggest way to minimize my strife was…

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    A few years ago, I was in a lot of weddings.  It seemed like all of my friends got married within a short period of time. Although I was honored to be a part of their special days, I would be lying if I said that the 'maid duties didn't put a strain on my enjoyment of the event. There I am in the bridal…

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  • 4/13

    As I mentioned, I'm trying to keep my wedding small as one way to save money. I want my guest list to be more "want tos" than "have tos."  There are inevitably a few in the "have to" category, mostly extended family. Another perk of having a wedding at a bit of a distance is that it weeds out those that care from those that…

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