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{Partner Love} Put Your Game Face On With Natural Cosmetics From Mia Mariu

If you’re well on your way to your wedding day, make-up is likely a budget decision that you’re currently debating over – should you do it yourself, or spend the bucks and get your face all prettified by a pro?  While it’s certainly awesome to be pampered prior to the walk down the aisle, we Broke-Asses can’t always pony up the dough to get it done.

If you are DIY-ing your own wedding day glamour, Mia Mariu‘s line of natural skincare products and mineral-based makeup can help you put your best face forward as you walk down the aisle. Mia Mariu focuses on enhancing your natural beauty-liciousness, and making you picture perfect for that wedding day photo sesh.

Need a little help on how to get the perfect look for your pout? The Mia Mariu blog features tutorials to get you through even the most frustrating makeup application (cat-eye liner, anyone?). Have some questions about exactly which shade of foundation and powder will make you glow? Mia Mariu‘s personal advisers will guide you in the right direction and make sure you come out looking classy, not clownish.

And because Mia Mariu really wants to help you get your glow on on your big day, we’ll be rolling out a Broke-Ass/Miu Mariu giveaway later this week! Because, really, free cosmetics are always a welcome addition to your wedding, amirite?


{Win It + Weekend Wrap-up} Win Nanoblur And Fake Flawless Skin In Seconds! Four Winners This Week! PLUS: BAB-Exclusive Deals!


You want to look your best in photos and video, and so you’ve read all about HD primers and specially blended foundations, and now you’re ready to turn out your pockets for a formula that may well not work with your skintone or type–STOP! Keep the foundation you love and that suits you and pick up a tube of Nanoblur instead! Nanoblur is an amazing new product that you can use over or under foundation (or with no foundation at all!) and basically makes it look like you’ve photoshopped your face in the best possible way, leaving your skin soft and glowing, with visibly reduced pores and redness.

But don’t just take it from me–Dana tried Nanoblur and loved it! “It gave a great finish to my skin without adding oil or too much shiny glow the way other light-reflecting finishers do. For the price, it’s a product I plan to use for a long time to come.” There you have it: straight from the mouth of the BAB! This week, four lucky Broke-Ass Bride readers will win a tube of Nanoblur and leave all of their friends wondering why they suddenly look so radiant – and by being subscribed to this newsletter, you’re already entered to win! And while you’ve got Nanoblur on the brain, be sure to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook!

Southern Nevada photographer Brilliant Imagery is hosting a FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY GIVEAWAY! To find out how to enter, click here! You have until Feb 1st to enter, and all entrants receive 15% off on any of her wedding photography services!

UK retailer Minna has a gorgeous bridal department that’s perfect for brides who draw their inspiration from everything from “Downton Abbey” to 1960’s woodstock. Minna is offering BAB readers 15% off their bridal wares with coupon code: BABJAN13 – valid through Jan 31st! (This coupon code excludes children’s,lace fabrics, and home goods.) Minna also offers FREE worldwide shipping, so BABs everywhere can take advantage of the sweet savings!

Sincerely Ink, the super hip “mail from your mobile device” company is offering BABs 20 free credits with the code brokebride; use them to send out your save the dates, all without ever setting foot in a post office!

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We’re Banding Together With Mary Kay To Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence

Today we’re taking a little break from our regularly scheduled programming to shed some light on a serious issue that affects the lives of all women everywhere (even if it’s never affected you directly).

Domestic violence is the number one cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 to 44. To help stop this cycle of violence, Mary Kay has produced a series of video shorts, the first of which we’re debuting for our BAB family right here. Help us support the cause and bring attention to the issue of domestic violence by watching the Give Dreams documentary short below, narrated by Maria Menounos (who you’ll recognize from “Extra”). With each view we can change the future of domestic violence today.



Please watch the full video,  take it to heart, and if you feel compelled, give us your commentary. As an extra incentive to participate, Mary Kay will award one of our blog commenters a red Mary Kay clutch filled with their fragrance and mascara products, as well as samples of their Beauty That Counts Creme Lipstick. From now through Dec. 15th, a dollar from every sale of this limited edition lipstick will go to The Mary Kay Foundation and its efforts to end domestic violence.

{Partner Intro} With e.l.f. cosmetics, your wedding day make-up is in the bag

If you’re anything like me,  you have a tiny bag of beauty necessities that you use everyday – a trusty lip balm, concealer, a light mascara, your fave lipstick, something to zap blemishes, etc. – but when it comes to your wedding day, you’re gonna need to give your glamour routine some serious OOMPH. When I look into my “special occasion” make-up bag, it’s kind of a disaster zone. Eye shadow dustbunnies everywhere, lip gloss stains, finishing products I’ve barely used, and a billion tiny samples sizes. There’s obviously a giant make-up disconnect between my day-to-day and my wedding day. Well, a little e.l.f. is coming to the rescue.

You might’ve seen e.l.f. cosmetics in stores, but they also have a full range of beauty products available online, including fabulous beauty kits for your big day! If you want to grab all those make-up must-haves in one simple step, check out their Modern Bride Collection – 6 essential pieces, one ridiculously low price – only $20! Why sacrifice hundreds of dollars from your wedding budget on pricey department store make-up? At some point, every gal realizes that $35 for a single lip color is a little…excessive. But at the same time, we can’t blame you from not wanting to pick through that dusty ol’ make-up bag full of forgotten beauty finds on your wedding day either. So allow yourself a little splurge. And why keep it to yourself? e.l.f. beauty kits make fabulous gifts for your bridesmaids!

And of course,  there’s no need to wait around for an excuse to look fabulous! Need to flesh out your beauty repertoire with new accessories? Grab e.l.f.’s The Newlywed Look Collection! It comes with 11 fab studio make-up brushes, plus all the basics you need to turn your grumpy morning mug from “meh” to marvelous!

Whether you’re cosmetics crazed or just looking for a few fresh beauty finds to make your wedding day prep even more special, e.l.f. has everything you need for eyes, lips, and face – and at ridiculously affordable prices!