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I don’t want to skip any steps on my engaged journey. All of the celebrations, the special moments and opportunities to connect with loved ones are a part of my experience. However, I know those moments can be costly, so although not super-involved in the planning of my bachelorette party, I wanted to ensure that it did not break the bank. 

I shared with my Matron of Honor three must-haves to ensure that the celebration was memorable and cost efficient:

Extended travel was not super important for me. 

I knew I wanted to get away from my normal surroundings but it wasn’t necessary to go out of the country or even in a cross country trip. We traveled two hours from home, bonded on the road trip and my MOH secured an amazing rental home with more than enough space for all seven of us. Not to mention we were at the top of the mountain and the scenic view was amazing!

I wanted to “rage” without clubbing.

I am a wine drinker so my idea of a good time includes a corkscrew and a carafe. Each of the bridesmaids brought two bottles of their favorite wine (with no price restrictions) for a fun night of wine tasting — yes, please sign me up! Icing on the cake: Our meals were fantastic and the quality exceeded the cost. Oh and I can’t forget the pop-up dance parties in the car. Rage on.

I had a blast! Photo Credit: Candace Banks

I wanted to do something a little unusual.

I’ve read so many articles about what you are supposed for your bachelorette party. Everything from strippers to scavenger hunts! Though all fun activities, I just knew they really weren’t for me. I’m a Pure Barre fanatic, so rather than pour a lot of money into paying for things that were “traditional,”  I wanted to do one of my favorite things to do with my favorite people. My Matron of Honor planned a Barre-ty for us and we had the entire studio to ourselves! After our 55 minutes of mind-body connection, we raised a cup of rose and toasted to all of the positive vibes from “embracing the shake!”

Pure Barre-ty with my “I Do Crew” Photo Credit: Bri Pennie

It was 72 hours of bliss with my bridesmaids!

How are you celebrating your last fling before the ring?

  • 4/12

    Modern RSVP card available from Etsy seller EmmyPaperie

    Every wedding planning book, blog, article advises that you should set your RSVP date for one month before the wedding. It seems to be a logical request. Most important vendor deadlines require that you confirm your final head count at least one month before the wedding. Let’s re-read that last sentence, “at least one month before the wedding.” I highly doubt that your contract says that you can ONLY submit your headcount 30 days before the big day, the words “at least” are very very important.

    Attendance numbers are important which is why I asked that my guests RSVP 12 weeks before my wedding date, here’s why:

    I’m not just feeding my guests, I creating a guest experience.

    I need to know how many chargers to buy, how many table linens to buy/rent, how many centerpieces to create and how many bottles of booze to buy.

    We need more than 30 days to make adjustments.

    Our final headcount can make or break the decision to have a four-tiered cake or a two-tiered cake, and as a courtesy to our cake baker we can actually give them time to make just what we need.

    I’ve never missed an RSVP deadline, said no one ever.

    Someone will forget to go to the wedding website and RSVP. Someone will misplace the RSVP card and once found, mail it back well past the deadline. Someone will text you and say they never received the invitation. Someone will mess up your perfectly planned timeline to finish up your seating chart. Do you know how you can remain calm, cool and collected?  Give yourself the gift of time!

    Hand Stamping & Getting the Invitations Ready to Be Mailed

    Have you ever been to a wedding and noticed all of the leftover food and the uneaten cake that is being boxed up for a family member to store while the newlyweds honeymoon? I know your answer is yes –because we all have. The minute that I began planning my wedding I declared that I would NOT be that newly minted wife, who out of the corner of my eye noticed all of the leftovers.

    The joyful reaction will the most definitely be there when your guests receive their invitations, regardless if it’s six months or four months before your wedding and you will burst with joy when you have all of your RSVPs in and you have enough time to make budget savvy decisions.

    Just in case you were wondering, for my summer wedding, the Save the Dates hit everyone’s inbox in early December and the invitations landed in mailboxes in April with a May RSVP deadline.

    How much time are you giving your guests to RSVP?




  • 3/15

    Paradise, a place of timeless harmony. Yes, sign me up! That's exactly what I need after months of planning and a day of the best case of sensory overload that I anticipate I will ever feel. We just don't want to invest a TON of money into an amplified vacation, better known as our honeymoon. With that in mind, Travis and I sat down and mapped…

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    ... I am still on the hunt for a florist, how about you? The original plan was to keep the flower plan simple: bouquets and boutonnieres only. Well that plan is not realistic! Who was I kidding? I love fresh flowers and buy them weekly to decorate my house. A minimal flower presence at my wedding was a silly idea. What was I thinking?  I…

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    Invitations are just one of those things on my list that are not super important. At least they weren't important in the beginning. Of course, slowly but surely as I started to confirm my wedding vision my thoughts started to shift. I naturally began to consider foil cut designs, envelope liners and beautiful calligraphy until I realized that these extras were costly and time was…

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  • 1/31

    My Pinterest board is filled to the brim with ideas. I've considered everything from building an altar from used pallet boards to growing my own rose garden and assembling the bridal bouquet. It's time for an intervention! I've known for years, well before I was officially engaged that I would be a "do it yourself" bride. Not just because of the cost savings but also…

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    My fiancé and I are social and at times private people. We enjoy both quiet and unpublicized time with loved ones as well as social media engagement and interactions. It's a healthy balance. With that being said, our wedding website needed to reflect both sides. We desired to create an informative and functional wedding website to share our love story with visitors and inform our…

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    I am from Texas. Travis is from Michigan. We have different backgrounds and our own way of doing things. A year ago, we traveled to different cities to celebrate the Holidays independently of each other and it was on Christmas morning, 2015 that we decided that we would not spend another Christmas away from each other. Home is where the heart is. Photo Credit:  Rayna…

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  • 12/12

    So the wedding registry process is NO JOKE!  So many options and so much advice, not to mention I need to select things that I think I will like -- rather love -- for a long time ... seriously?! Thank goodness I have a fiance who has an appreciation for the finer things in life and was down to join me at a couple of…

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