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Guys, I was hanging out on Pinterest a lot this week (let’s be real, I do that every week) and realized much to my dismay that we totally lacked a board full of pretty wedding dresses under $500. WHUT? How is that even possible for us, the queens of “Can’t Afford It? Get Over It!“? Anyway, I’m v. sorry for the oversight, and the ship has been righted, I assure you, and you can check out our full Wedding Dresses Under $500 board, which will be updated as we find more and more droolworthy styles. Many of these dresses may not be labeled as actual Wedding Dresses, but damnit, why do they have to be? A wedding dress is anything that you put on and it makes you feel amazing and you’re comfortable getting married in. Hey, y’all, you’re at The Broke-Ass Bride! There are no rules.

 BHLDN480Lucca Maxi Gown, $480 (ivory only) at BHLDN

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.11.19 AM

Chi Chi London Metallic Lace Dress, $121 at Asos

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.22.14 AM

Vera Wang Deep V-Neck Lace Gown, $341 at Bloomingdales

Ouma Gold Sequin Sweetheart Strapless Tea Length Party Dress

Sequin Strapless Sweetheart Tea Length Party Dress, $460 by Ouma on Etsy

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.21.52 AM

Monique Lhullier Bridesmaid Shirred Chiffon Gown, $258 at Nordstrom

Which is your favorite, BABs? Tell me in the comments below! (Want to know mine? I’ll bet you can figure it out.)

  • 5/21

    Doing my best Uncle Joey up there with that title! And if you don’t get that reference, please re-evaluate your life choices.

    cut it

    Via Creative Commons on Flickr. Because if you don’t get the reference, you gotta figure it out for yourself.

    Fellow BABS, I have a confession to make. I know, you’re all, this girl and her confessions what does she think this is … A BLOG? Trust me, I know. But I have something to share with you today. Something that brought me to The Broke-Ass Bride in the first place and made me the BAB I am today.

    I am a cheapskate. A penny pincher. Cheapass, if you will. Basically, I HATE WASTING MONEY. Which is why I had so many finance-related breakdowns in the beginning stages of planning as I was finding out how much things cost.

    My basic philosophy has been this: Anything that is not functional, anything that is wasteful, or anything that will die should not have money spent on it. And while it may not be saving us thousands, every penny counts! So I bring to you today, easy things that we are cutting out of our wedding that will save us money — even just a few pennies.

    • Family flowers (SAVINGS: $75). The first florist that I met with recommended a more modern take on honoring your family, rather than giving them a bulky floral situation that they will knock off and step on at some point in the night. I haven’t quit figured out an alternative yet, but I did make sure that no one would be offended but not receiving the traditional and proper florals.
    • Favors (SAVINGS: $200). FAVORS SHMAVORS, I say. I do, I really do. I appreciate favors and always take them from weddings. However, I am probably part of the 20% that actually does that. They will just get left behind and live in a box in my closet forever. Or worse, if we chose a sweet treat I would eat them all and gain back all of that weight I am losing for my special day (spoiler alert: I have yet to lose a pound … ). Also, we are providing an open bar for our guests. And that is a favor that everyone can enjoy!
    • Full Glitz Invitations (SAVINGS: I’m going to guess, approximately $250-500). This is definitely a topic for another blog post, but I have a love affair with paper. And there are definitely some invitations that made me consider taking out a loan. But unless I could guarantee that each guest would save them forever in a gold frame, I was not prepared to spend more than $3 per invitation. Stay tuned …  
    • Stereotypical Bridal Party Gifts (SAVINGS: Who Knows???). In addition to not wanting to waste pennies, I hate wasting THINGS. I hate buying things just for the sake of buying things (except for ceramic animals and knick-knacks). I want to get my ‘maids something useful and/or really special that they wouldn’t get themselves. Something functional, you know? The last thing they need is another tote bag or personalized cup (which I already gave them anyways).
    • Excessive signage (SAVINGS: ????). Listen, I am into functional directional signage at events that alerts guests to important locations: where to eat, pee and party. Not all at once, hopefully. In my signage searches I have noticed an abundance of twee little signs that are cute, but also wasteful because after your wedding, then what? Also, I think that by now everyone in the entire world and beyond knows to choose a seat and not a side. And if they don’t, maybe they shouldn’t be out in public anyways …

    One thing I am still on the fence about? Wedding programs. I find them functional, but I also find them wasteful. I KNOW they will be thrown away and left behind, but they can also be really helpful for people that may not know the bridal party. How does the world of BABs feel about programs?

    So, BABs. Am I cutting out too much for the sake of saving pennies? What are you cutting out?

  • 3/24

    I was over the moon when Jessica emailed me to say that she'd won free wedding photography from Beyond the Ordinary Photography's contest because she'd read about it in our newsletter, because it's always exciting when the work I've done has helped to make a real difference in someone's life. If you're already subscribed to our newsletter, you know that Beyond the Ordinary Photography is…

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    Angela and Jay had their beautiful wedding in January of this year, incorporating meaningful locations, the support of their community, and some Arizona flair. Seriously, how cute are these cactus favors? It goes to show that you don't need to spend $30,000 to have a beautiful, memorable wedding day...and since their family and friends were involved throughout, they were able to start their married lives…

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    Your "I dos" are a moment of gravitas, a quiet but weighty culmination of your decision to spend your lives together. In honor of their serious decision to make this commitment, Destry and Lanny decided on a similarly intimate wedding ceremony and reception: 40 invited guests, immediate family and the closest of friends. By this decision, they were able to spend more time with the…

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  • 2/26

    Choosing a venue can be one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning. And in San Diego, the options are endless. You can get married at the beach, on the bay, at the beach, at a winery, at the beach, on a ranch, at the beach, in the city, and also the beach. Did I mention THE BEACH? If you are sensing snark, your…

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    Got a question for Liz? Go to the contact page and let us know what's up! First of all, I want to give a shout out to the all the Newbie Brides and Grooms out there. Welcome to Wedding World. It's very pretty, you're going to love it! Dear Liz,  My partner and I are deciding between having our wedding at an upstate location or…

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    Theresa wrote me recently, asking for some help getting over the Claire Pettibone Midnight and its stunning perfection for their upcoming wedding under the UW's blooming cherry trees. Her dress budget runs $500-$1000 but would prefer to keep things on the lower end if possible. She added, "I am nicknamed Tinkerbell, I am spunky, fun, colorful, and I've been told that I "sparkle". That's why…

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  • 12/30

    You guys, I gained like a lot of weight over the holidays. I wasn't able to work out for about a month, and let my hormones take over my hunger, and the holidays hit, and my parents were here for two weeks, which consisted of taking them to all our favorite restaurants and always ordering dessert... and, well... you can imagine the implications. The puffy,…

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