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Cozy Up to Couplez for Diamond Bling on a Budget

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Cozy Up to Couplez for Diamond Bling on a Budget

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for broke-ass couples they can be a bit of a pipe dream. Sure, it’s easy to sub out the precious stone with sapphire, emerald or your other gem of choice, but when only a diamond will do, you have to find some options.

Cozy Up to Couplez for Diamond Bling on a Budget

Or, you can get the legit shit from Couplez.

Couplez sources 100% natural diamonds which then — flaws and all — go through some clarity enhancement to tamp down those flaws and pump up their looks and brilliance. We’re not talking andy faux bling thing here — this uber-tech process just ups the “Oh! Shiny!” factor. And since size does matter (to some), this is a pretty BAB-friendly way to get that big ol’ rock on your tiny budget.

Cozy Up to Couplez for Diamond Bling on a Budget

Couplez keeps their whole process in-house, from the diamond selection to the cutting to the jewelry design, and then they shuffle it right off to the consumer. Get that? No middle men = no jacked up prices. And we like it when there aren’t jacked up prices. The majority of the rings they offer are under $2000, but there’s a pretty baller selection under $1000. That’s damn good for diamonds.

Cozy Up to Couplez for Diamond Bling on a Budget

You know the diamonds Couplez uses are the real deal because they come with International Gemological Certificates. And the company stands by their shizz, offering a lifetime warranty. Guys, that’s lifetime — like, forevz. Oh, and they’ll ship your goods for free. And we just love free, don’t we, BABs? But if you’re wary about buying online, Couplez has a 30 day, no-questions-asked return policy. Worse yet, if something happens to your precious? Well, they’ll just bust out some repairs at no cost to you (unless, of course, you’re replacing missing stones).

Cozy Up to Couplez for Diamond Bling on a Budget

Speaking of free: They’re conflict free, yo! Ain’t no blood diamonds up in this bish!

Bonus: Head on over to Couplez and take advantage of the Valentine’s Day Sale to get up to 70% off certain products on the site.

Super Bonus: Take an extra 10% off through February 13 with code VALENTINESDAY2015 at checkout.

{Partner Love} Got A Thing For Bling? PrimeStyle Has the Wallet-Friendly Hook-Up

Hey, newbie BABs! Did you just get engaged? First, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now, are you still on the hunt for a pretty sparkler? Or are you on the lookout for baller wedding bands that won’t murder your budget? Either way, PrimeStyle has your answer. Whether you’re looking for something simple, sophisticated, and budget-friendly, or a completely blinged-out beauty, there are hundreds of sparkly diamond options to choose from. Need matching bridal accessories for your big day? PrimeStyle’s uber huge array of engagement rings, wedding bands and other pretty baubles will leave you beautifully bedecked on your wedding day.


Because PrimeStyle is also the jewelry manufacturer, you’re guaranteed to get your rock at at a rockin’ price. And don’t think this means you’re relegated to what you see on the site … you have the option to fully customize your ring with whatever cut and carat size your heart desires … while making sure it’s in your price range, of course.

Not so sure what you’re looking for? Let PrimeStyle’s customer service reps help you out. They have the skinny on the outrageous bling and will make sure you are left swooning, not swearing.

So go forth, BABS, and get your bling on!