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Photo from this wedding

As I mentioned last time, my partner and I don’t always agree on our perception of the urgency of certain things. Generally, I plan in advance, and he does things at the last minute. In undergrad, I would study for the whole week up until the exam. He would cram the night before, and usually do better than me. I plan events in advance, and he wings it at the last minute. It’s so infuriating! The guy was born under a lucky star for sure.

Naturally, the wedding has been the same.

For example, I purchased my dress 13 months in advance. He started thinking about getting his suit when his mom mentioned it about a month ago at her last visit, declaring that she wanted to chip in to buying him a new suit for the wedding. Awesome!

I know nothing about suits, as I’ve never worn them.

I didn’t realize that they’re not just purchased off the rack, but that they have to be ordered, tailored and custom made. I figured that out when we went to the shop for a consultation, with Evan insisting that he just wanted to look but not choose anything right away, as he wanted some time to decide what he wanted.

The obscenely well-dressed and meticulously-coiffed man at the shop insisted that we order a suit immediately, because the summer colors would be sold out by June.

I panicked.

He wanted grey, and I made the mistake of pointing out that my dress is a bit of a creamy-champagne color. Suddenly, a discussion about clashing and complementing began happening. He would have to pick a grey that would contrast the dress appropriately, or else we might blending together in the wedding pictures like an amorphous blob. I began to worry … what if they ran out of the color he liked? What if they didn’t have it in time?

However, when we finally picked out he suit last week, the lucky star struck again. He looked amazing in a great suit that needed only minor tailoring, and because it was later in the season, it was on sale … about 60% off, to be precise.

I don’t know if I’d recommend doing the same thing, but if you have a year or more before the wedding, consider buying items at the end of the season — they might be on sale!

Another checked off the to-do list!


  • 6/12

    Wedding countdown chalkboard available from Etsy seller LavishLilLuxuries

    Earlier this month, it was the one-year anniversary of the day he proposed. Not to sound cliche, but I cant believe how much time has flown since then. We’ve also hit the three-month countdown until the wedding and that is an incredibly exciting and yet terrifying feeling.

    While we have all of our gotten our vendors booked, deposits paid, dress fittings and hair trials booked, wedding bands ordered …

    I have this constant creeping feeling that I should be planning at every spare moment I have.

    What should we serve at the rehearsal dinner?

    What kind of favors should we have?

    How should we organize the tables?

    Its a disconcerting feeling at the best of times, its extra intrusive and annoying when someone such as myself is, lets say, trying to focus on something like writing her master’s thesis.

    I don’t concentrate well to begin with. All these random details flying around my head have me feeling like I’m constantly spinning. Part of me just wants to sit down and bang out the details from start to finish, but unfortunately, my fiance doesn’t share my sense of urgency, and I think we’ve only received back about 15% of our RSVPs. Dang.

    I’m guessing these situations are part of the reason why some people might hire a wedding planner.

    Speaking of things I can’t afford …

    Holy smokes, are we ever over-budget.

    I remember the days of innocence, where I was baffled by the idea of a single event costing tens of thousands of dollars. This is partially our fault for failing to do research beforehand. When we drew our budget up initially, I just massively spitballed what I assumed things cost based on previous experience: For example, I used to work at a flower shop when I was in undergrad. I remember mid-size floral arrangements costing about $50-$75 (CAD). Therefore, I assumed my bridal bouquet, at approximately the same size, would cost roughly that. I’m not proud to admit this, and I’m assuming everyone who’s reading this right now is laughing at the sheer naïvete of my assumption. You can bet your collective asses that the lowest estimate I got for my bouquet was more than double that. So naturally, in the end, our entire floral budget was more than double what we thought. Oops.

    Thankfully, we were able to make some cuts, like requesting smaller centerpieces, and eliminating the flower girs’s floral crown (as adorable and Instagrammable as it would have surely been, she’s 4 years old and it would have been pulled off and trampled on the ground in a matter of seconds). Our relatives were also able to lend us some money to cover the additional costs. Thankfully, all is not lost, and we can adjust.

    Word to the wise: Don’t rely on what you think you know — do some research!

    There are entirely too many helpful websites (like this one *wink*) available to help you make an informed decision.


    How’s your planning coming along? Share in the comments!



  • 5/30

    Novelty socks available from Etsy seller shopsockprints As I may have mentioned already, my partner, bless him, has been wonderfully supportive and helpful throughout the entire process of planning our wedding. This has transpired despite my occasional failures to delegate, as I wrote about in my last post. He’s also been extremely chill about pretty much everything that’s been suggested. Whereas, his list of must-haves…

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    I want to talk about our wedding party. There seem to be a lot of traditions and rules in North American/European anglophone culture surrounding bridesmaids and groomsmen that there is heavy pressure to follow. I imagine that if you have been reading my posts thus far, you probably know how I feel about arbitrary rules, especially if they are outdated, rooted in sexism or classism and/or…

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    Photography print available from Etsy seller HumboldtStreet One big question about wedding planning that loomed over us for months was, where were we going to have it? Evan and I are both originally from the prairie region of Canada, and most of our families live out there. Currently, we both live and work in Ontario. Most people expected that we would have our wedding in…

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  • 1/23

    Hi BABs, I’ve noticed that there are a few common questions people ask you when you tell them that you are engaged. They consist of “ohmygosh! Let me see the ring!” “How did he propose?” "Do you have your dress yet?” “When’s the big day?” and finally, “where are you going to go for your honeymoon?” As much as I love talking about myself, and…

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    Credit: Juniper Photography I’m sure many people have ideas about how they want their weddings to be even before they start planning them. Maybe they know for sure they want to get married on the beach, or they’ve always known they would wear a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations. I had ideas like that too -- my matrimonial must-haves, if you will.…

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    Well, BABs, we thought we had it all figured out. We found a venue that was cheap, and beautiful, and agreed to allow us to supply our own alcohol without adding corkage. We were pretty happy. The venue had just contracted a local Italian restaurant to provide catering. We contacted the manager to set up a time to meet, and she was lovely. We told…

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  • 11/21

    Credit: Shaina Sheaff Hello lovelies, I’ll be honest, I haven’t been thinking about wedding stuff much this week. I’ve been very hard at work and probably wont be slowing down until about April. I’m okay with that, though -- almost all of the major vendors have been nailed down. We have a venue, caterer, DJ and photographer, and I’ve got my dress. The only two things…

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