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Our first official wedding correspondence is going out in a week or two (as soon as I get around to DIY-ing them) — our Save the Dates. Everyone we’re close to knows that we’re getting married. It shouldn’t be a secret or surprise to anyone when they arrive in the mail. It’s also not as if our wedding and getting married doesn’t already seem real; my dress is ordered, our venue is secured, our photographer is booked.

For some reason, sending out the Save the Dates brings up another wave of the “I can’t believe this is really happening” feeling all over again. I will be both relieved and anxious to drop these bad boys in the mailbox.

Relieved because that’s another thing to cross off the to-do list (or Trello board, which is what I’ve been using to stay organized but that’s a topic for another day). Anxious because other people are officially involved now — people we love and care about. In other words, elopement is off the table, and there’s no going back now.

I love wedding planning. I am a solid decision-maker. I am convinced that we are going to have a lovely wedding, and our friends and family will have a wonderful evening. With that being said, there have definitely been a few times where I look at this production we’re creating (albeit a relatively casual one) and think how much easier it would be to run away with my fiance and go somewhere, anywhere, and get married alone and scrap the whole thing.

But alas, we’re definitely past the point of no return now, and the Save the Dates simply solidify that. From here on out, friends and family are making plans, preparing to attend and we’re preparing to be the centers of attention which is neither of our favorite places to be. Not to mention, it would absolutely devastate my parents, and I’m confident my future parents-in-law as well.

Our Save the Dates will be on burgundy and kraft brown card stock that we’re purchasing from a local store called Broadway Paper, a rubber stamp from Etsy and some undetermined doodads from Joann Fabrics. We have jute string and ivory lace and we haven’t decided which we’re using yet. I purchased gold and black ink pads as well. I’m looking forward to sharing photos with all of you, dear readers, once they’re completed, hopefully next weekend!

Have any of the other BAB’s out there felt this way about their Save the Dates?

  • 12/8

    Affiliate Disclaimer Newmatt7

    One of our sneak peek photos provided by SK Photography

    One of the things I was most excited for as my wedding approached was the free time I was sure I’d have once everything was said and done. For the past four years, any time Matt and I weren’t at least trying to think about the wedding, I felt an overwhelming amount of guilt. In the past year, as things have ramped up, wedding planning has taken over most of my free time. If I wasn’t on Pinterest looking for decor ideas, I was on Facebook talking to other brides about vendors and solutions to issues that might pop up. If I wasn’t doing that I was sending out emails to vendors and my bridal party. Weekends were spent in Michael’s craft stores, or searching for the best prices for items on the web. If none of the above applied, I was probably meeting with a vendor.

    A couple of days after the wedding, once the massive amount of tagging and congratulations had stopped rolling in on Facebook (which was so appreciated and humbling), I sat down at my computer and realized I had no idea what to do on the Internet anymore without a wedding to plan. I literally didn’t know what to do with myself. I refreshed my Facebook feed a few times and then walked away from the computer altogether. It was a little bit like right after I graduated from college — you get so used to always being busy that you forget how to just unwind.

    So what did I do? First I jumped into a bunch of things I had put off for the wedding. Matt and I caught up on a bunch of TV shows. I bought a couple of comics I had let fall by the wayside during the planning process both because of the cost and time element. I caught up on sleep. A week after the wedding, I was still exhausted from it, so I enjoyed the extra time I had to nap. I occupied myself with all sorts of things I had put off in the weeks, months and years prior to the wedding.

    Catching up on normal life, post-wedding. Comic book time!These are just a few of the comics I caught up on in the immediate aftermath of the wedding. It’s seriously so nice to get lost in something else besides my own life for a little bit.

    Eventually, my mind turned back to planning. I found myself refreshing my email for my sneak peek of the wedding pictures (which we received and now I’m even more pumped for the rest of our pictures!) and being even more active in Facebook wedding groups than before the wedding. I had items to sell that didn’t get used for the reception and questions to ask about things such as where/how to go about preserving my gown. Even more importantly, with the wedding in my rearview, I felt like I could offer other brides advice with confidence. I had made choices I was overjoyed with, and a few I might do differently. Talking about being a bride at a wedding and actually being one are very different things and being able to offer insight into that experience with others enriched the experience of planning. Our wedding was amazing and that, in and of itself, made all the trouble of planning worth it, but having something to give back to others because of all of it made it even better. Being a few weeks removed from the wedding when I started really talking to other brides was great too because it gave me a chance to gain some serious perspective about the whole purpose: What was worth the worry, what wasn’t and what I’d do if I had it to do all over again. 

    The next big thing I did on the Internet was go and review our vendors. Just about all of our vendors were amazing so I was excited to put reviews out there for them. I started out with rating them on Facebook and then moved on to Yelp and finally WeddingWire. WeddingWire actually offers incentives for vendor ratings. They enter you into contests and offer coupon codes for things like photobooks when you rate a certain amount of vendors. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! I am hopefully helping other brides find their vendors, helping out my vendors by giving them feedback and in most cases raising their star ratings and getting myself a free album.

    Finally, there were some wedding pages I disconnected from. If The Broke-Ass Bride was first wedding blog you ever found, you’re extremely lucky. For a while before I found this site, I was awash in sites that were bogged down with old-school etiquette and lots of negativity about what brides “had” to have for their wedding count as a wedding. I think that was what delayed a lot of our wedding planning in the first place. I’m not sure why I kept them on my newsfeed until this point. Maybe part of it was for decor inspiration. Maybe there’s a part of me that’s a glutton for punishment. Anyway, one day after the wedding, something popped up that was really negative toward brides who stepped outside of the box to have a budget wedding and I decided I was done having my Facebook “like” contribute to something like that.

    There may be a day when I walk away from wedding planning altogether. Someday the information I have on the local wedding industry will be outdated and my well of money-saving ideas might dry up. Matt and I will have other things in our life that take precedent over other people’s weddings. Maybe once our wedding pictures and video are in, we won’t feel quite so compelled to keep up with these kinds of things. For now though, I’m enjoying being able to help others make sense of the wedding industry, even if it’s just through conversations on wedding yard sales. Having struggled with it for a long time, I know how frustrating it can be and how alone you can feel not knowing what’s the next right step. I’m glad I took some time to get back to my non-wedding interests (and to catch up on my sleep!), but I’m just as happy to add wedding planning to my interests now. If a conversation I have with someone gets them down the aisle quicker or more comfortably, my super long engagement will have been more than worth it all along.

    How have you re-grouped after your wedding?

  • 11/20

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