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Affiliate Disclaimer NewLately, we’ve been doing some pretty serious, married-like things. I mean, we recently got a joint warehouse club account. Nothing screams married-ish like a Saturday stroll together through Sam’s Club buying toilet paper in bulk quantities, am I right? Then, the family cellphone plan brought us a shared bill for the first time. On the car ride home from the cellphone purchase, we joked with each other, “Ohhhhnoooo! Shit’s getting serious now!”

Fast forward a few weeks, and now we have moved in together! After almost a year … that’s right folks, we are officially shacking up!

Real bride Heather Shackin up

Card available from Etsy seller CheekyKumquat

This weekend, the last of his stuff will be moved in. We are now embarking on cohabitation, it’s getting real y’all! I am so super stoked to see his face every single day, and we are both so excited to be living together. With this address merger comes the question of finances, shared bills, budgeting, etc. All super-fun topics, right?? More like, all things people can go to war over in a relationship. Money can be a touchy subject if its viewed from an individual standpoint rather than a collective “we” perspective. How many married unions endure extreme strife over money? I don’t know the stats, but I could bet my right arm that its A LOT. This got me thinking about the best ways to set ourselves up for success, or at least contentment, in our financial life together.

As much as I’d rather hug a porcupine than have conversations about money, I feel like its an important thing to get squared away. It’s far better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to anything in life, and this is certainly no exception. The following are on the road map of things we are working on to better our fiscal outlook once we’re married, and hopefully help keep us from battling over the Benjamins down the road. So, here’s what I came up with:

1. Nailing down how much money we both bring in after taxes and insurance.

2. Setting up a budget.

3. Saving first, spending second. For instance, I plan to pay a savings account on a biweekly basis to help build an emergency fund as well as the wedding fund.

4. Setting short-term goals that point us towards a long-term plan to pay off things like student loans and a car loan.

Finally, the biggest and most daunting question for me is whether or not to combine bank accounts at this stage of the game? That one’s still undecided.

I’m not opposed to it, but I have also never done it, so I have no point of reference. For now, I think we have enough changes going on, so we will focus on how to navigate a joint bank account in the future. We are going to get good at this shacking up thing, good at saving, good at budgeting and we are going to be so ready to face our marriage with confidence that we are doing everything in our power to set ourselves up for success.

How have you been preparing for married life beyond the wedding?

  • 4/29

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewI’ve had the idea of carnival weddings on my mind ever since Rachel revealed that would be the theme for her Ohio nuptials. I’ve seen a few weddings with the theme before and have always loved the fun, colorful, eclectic vibes and gorgeous blend of whimsy and romance. It’s kind of impossible not to feel like a kid at heart when attending an event with a carnival theme, and what better time to incorporate games into a celebration? But finding those little extras to help pull the whole thing together can be a little tough.Have no fear, though, my dear, because our homies over at Beau-Coup have tons of the little details that can make a big impact on your wedding day, and they have no shortage of goodies that would be perfect for a carnival wedding.

    Beau-Coup Rock Candy on a Stick

    Rock Candy on a Stick, $150 for a box of 120

    This childhood throwback can easily serve double-duty: Place them in a nice vessel with a flower or big colorful lollipop to act as centerpieces and invite your guests to help themselves after dinner for an extra sweet treat!

    Beau-Coup Hot Air Balloon Paper Lanterns

    Hot Air Balloon Paper Lanterns, $13.95-$15.95 for a set of 3

    These are so fun and classically whimsical! Keep it simple and hang them over a designated spot — like the head table, cake table or guest book area — or got wild and fill up your space with them to keep tons of vertical interest.Beau-Coup Mini Classic Gumball Machine

    Mini Classic Gumball Machines, $2.75-$3.25 each

    How freaking adorable are these?!? Snag a bunch in your colors to serve as favors or just scatter them through the reception space for a fun visual detail.
    Beau-Coup Celebration Balloons

    Celebration Balloons, $6.95 per set

    Skip the standard chair sashes or signs and let these fun tasseled balloons hover over your chairs.

    Beau-Coup Personalized Popcorn Boxes

    Personalized Popcorn Boxes, $$11.95-$14.95 for sets of 12

    What’s a carnival without some popcorn? Rent an old-timey popcorn machine and pass out these fun boxes in your colors for a fun late-night snack.

    How fun are these little extras? What theme are you going with for your wedding?

  • 4/29

    Badgley Mischka Always and Forever Belt

    Badgley Mischka Always and Forever Belt, $50 rental at Rent The Runway So you have wedding money!!! What do you do with it? How should you prioritize your budget categories? The second rule of BAB-dom is this: Spend your dough on the things most important to you (and your partner). The first rule is to make a budget and refer to it often. That's it! But…

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    Roz la Kelin Tiffanie

    Today's CAI/GOI request is for a traditional bridal look with a little pizazz! Reader Michele wrote in on this post asking us to help her find an under $500 version of Roz la Kelin's "Tiffanie" from the "Glamour Plus Collection." The satin "Tiffanie" ballgown features an A-line silhouette with built-in corset and an embroidered and beaded bodice. The delicate cap sleeves, front pleating and side…

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    Shaina Sheaff Photograpghy

    Newlywed bliss. Sunshine and rainbows. Honeymoon phase. Society likes to imply that getting married magically transforms life into this beautiful, perfect thing, but then you hear that sage nugget: “The first year of marriage is the hardest.” Wait. I’m confused. I rarely feel bliss when I’m dealing with something that isn’t just hard, but hardest. I love a good challenge, but I’m not typically twirling…

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  • 4/27


    Bridal shows -- also known as insanely crowded, chaotic mob scenes. Well, that's my experience anyway, limited as it may be. Prior to April 3rd, I had never been to one. I had no desire, and none of the brides I'm close with ever asked me to tag along to one. I do understand their appeal, and I know they can be extremely useful, but they…

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    So right around the time I was getting married, a photographer’s post about why couples should opt for unplugged weddings went viral. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “unplugged,” it refers to a couple requesting their guests refrain from the use of cellphones and other devices during the wedding. Sometimes they ask them not to use devices during the ceremony and other times they ask them to…

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    Changing Your Name Save Time and Sanity with Maidenchange

    The topic of changing one's last name after marriage comes up a lot around here, and for good reason: It's a big decision and it can be incredibly time-consuming to make it happen. There are forms to fill out, materials to get replaced and potentially huge wait times at the DMV or Social Security Office, two places where you likely have to actually make a…

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  • 4/25

    Real Bride Amy's Chittendon VT Venue

    One of the biggest decisions I'm trying to make in my planning process is about how I'm going to walk down the aisle. This is something that is probably a no-brainer for most brides-to-be, but it's something I've been debating. The traditional father of the bride walk isn't an option for me as I haven't had a relationship with my father for most of my…

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