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As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve planned to make my own wedding cake. I realize this is not an easy undertaking, and have been warned by multiple friends that this could add additional stress to my wedding day. DIYing is awesome, but making a cake is something you have to do basically the day before and can end in multiple disasters. However, I am a huge baking geek. I love coming up with new and exciting recipes. For me, baking is my “thing.” It’s my creative outlet. It relaxes me, so hopefully that will offset the additional stress. For me to make something beautiful and unique all on my own for my wedding day, something I can share with my husband and my closest loved ones … it’s just very meaningful.

While my self-taught cake decorating skills are still a work in progress, I feel like by then I might be able to make something pretty damn good. My freehand buttercream isn’t too bad, as seen below in last year’s Easter cake:

Holly's DIY easter cake

And my creativity and punniness is on point, as seen in Evan’s last birthday cake (if you can’t tell, it’s supposed to be shaped like a pint):

Holly's DIY birthday cake for her fiance

I know it’s not on par with something a professional would do … yet. So, I did what any grown-ass woman would do with a goal: I took a class!

Here’s the Disney-princess themed cupcakes I made after my first class (with fondant):

Holly's disney princess cupcakes

Not bad, right?

Since then, I’ve been practicing and watching online tutorials as well and have invested in some good quality tools and gear such as a cake turntable. My plan will be to bake the layers a few days before the wedding, freeze them and then do the assembling and baking on-site the day before. I won’t put pressure on myself to do anything too crazy extravagant, but something I can be proud of. Plus, my fiance has eaten every baking success and disaster that has happened so far in our relationship and no matter how badly I fail, he insists it still tastes good. So long we can still shove it in each other’s mouths, I’m happy.

  • 11/21

    Shaina Sheaff Photography

    Credit: Shaina Sheaff

    Hello lovelies,

    I’ll be honest, I haven’t been thinking about wedding stuff much this week. I’ve been very hard at work and probably wont be slowing down until about April. I’m okay with that, though — almost all of the major vendors have been nailed down. We have a venue, caterer, DJ and photographer, and I’ve got my dress. The only two things we have to get on in the next few months are the officiant and the florist. That being said, one of the ideas I’ve been rolling around in the ol’ noggin for the last few weeks is whether or not I really actually need the latter.

    Yes, that’s right. I’m suggesting a wedding without any flowers.


    It isn’t that I don’t like flowers. I love them. But, I generally like appreciating them in natural settings or in gardens. While I’m always grateful when my fiance and boyfriends of the past bought me flowers, I never felt the reaction I felt like I was supposed to. They’re pretty, but then they die and they go in the garbage and you have nothing to show for them, except maybe a begrudgingly liked Instagram post.
    If my gentleman caller wants to spend money on something that will make me feel special, warm and fuzzy, and will last approximately one week, he’s honestly better off coming home with a 2-4*.

    *Canadian slang for a 24-pack of beer.

    Joking aside, I arrived at this conclusion slowly. As soon as I became aware of the cost of flowers, I started looking at places I could cut them from. Centrepieces were the first thing to go. I feel like it would be easy enough to replace them with candles, trinkets or cute table numbers. Then, I considered whether or not we really needed bridesmaids bouquets. Then, altar decor, or in our case, a chuppah. Our wedding is being held in the summer in a beautiful outdoor setting, underneath a large willow tree. Adding flowers to the breathtaking natural scenery seemed to be overkill. Likely, we will just stick with something minimalist like simple fabric.

    So at this point, I was thinking we would really just need a florist for bouquets and boutonnieres. However, I was surprised at the cost for them, too. I could buy a plane ticket for the price of a bridesmaids bouquet. Plus, in my experience, while they look beautiful and make for wonderful photos, I’ve seen the behind-the-scenes of those photos and they kind of seem to get in the way. I considered the possibility that my bridesmaids could carry something pretty other than flowers down the aisle or just keep their hands at their sides. I mean, I know it’s not traditional, but is there any real reason w

    Shaina Sheaff Photography

    hy they can’t?

    As for me, I don’t plan on throwing my bouquet. I could easily carry greenery, or a or paper flowers, or a self-arranged bouquet. Or, again, I could carry nothing at all. I haven’t decided yet, (like I said, my head’s been elsewhere), but I think that theoretically, eschewing a florist altogether could be done, especially at an outdoor venue, without taking away from the fun of the day.

    What do you think? Am I talking crazy? Let me know!


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  • 2/27

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