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Real Bride Elizabeth: Surviving My First Wedding Crisis

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These were the original dresses I picked. For some reason, no one was into them.

 I’d like to think that I am a pretty laid-back bride, and don’t demand too much from my bridesmaids. I have 6 of them, and the fact that they are all willing to fly to North Carolina to be a part of my wedding is amazing to me. I’m not telling them they can’t cut or dye their hair, I couldn’t care less if anyone is pregnant, and I’m letting them pick their own shoes.

Just so you have a frame of reference, here is my cast of characters:

Tegan (Matron of Honor): My little sister

Ali: My littlest sister

Jenna: My friend who I’ve known since we were 3

Cassie: My friend I met in college

Kasey: Another friend I met in college

Amy: My roommate for two years when I lived in Spain

I picked out my bridesmaid dresses pretty quickly, sent them the details, knowing they would get it done eventually. I wasn’t super worried about timelines, and I wasn’t hounding them every day to see if they had ordered the dresses.

Last week, I kept getting this feeling that I should remind them to order the dresses soon. I knew my mom had ordered my sister Ali’s dress, and that my other sister, Tegan, had hers, but I wasn’t sure what the status of the other four were. I was eating lunch on Thursday when I got a call from Kasey. She dropped this bomb on me. “I just ordered my dress and the lady at the store told me they are going to be discontinued in 12 hours!

Um, what? You would think someone might have mentioned it to me. I was at work, but quickly sprang into action, trying to track down my remaining ladies to see if they had ordered their dresses yet. I texted Cassie – she got right on it and ordered the dress online. I ordered Amy’s – since she is flying over from England, I was waiting to order hers until she got her plane ticket. I texted Jenna, the last one to confirm. “Did you order your dress yet?” No reply. I tried calling her. No answer. I wouldn’t say I was panicked at this point, but I was definitely a little frazzled. After about an hour, she texted me back. “I have my appointment tomorrow! I’m so excited!” Well, that wasn’t going to cut it, was it? I let her know the situation and she moved her appointment to the same day.

All I can say is thank goodness Kasey decided to go and get fitted for her dress that Thursday! I realize it would not have been the end of the world if they hadn’t ordered them that day. There likely would have been some left in stores, but still, the whole situation really got my blood pumping!

I’m sure this is only the first of wedding snafus and snags that I will encounter, but as long as I end up with a husband at the end of the day, it’ll all be fine.

Ask Heather: Navy, knee-length, one-shoulder dress sold in stores

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.54.36 PM

Photo courtesy of bridesmaiddressaleca

Dear Heather,

I need to find navy, knee-length, one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses. The catch – under $100 and something that stores carry. My maid of honor lives out of state and wants to try it on before she buys, and I totally agree! I’ve heard too many horror stories of online dresses not fitting right! Help me, please!

Bride Seeking Little Blue Dress

Dear Blue,

I will admit that this is a little outside of my bailiwick. However, I’m attempting to tackle it anyway in the hopes that my lovely readership will chime in with their suggestions.

After copious Googling, it seems like The Dessy Group might be your best bet. I’m not sure where your MOH lives, but they have an easy-to-use store finder and tons of stores. They also sell Alfred Sung, who offers a navy, knee-length, one-shoulder dress for $99.

And now, I’m going to be annoying. I know you said you wanted it to be sold in-store. However, Target now sells bridesmaid dresses. They are not sold in stores, BUT don’t stop reading! They’re affordable (most of them are around $70) and you can return them at Target stores, no questions asked. I actually purchased one a few weeks ago. It arrived super-quick, but it was a bit too small. I went to my local Target Guest Service counter, said “this doesn’t fit”, and they took it back, no further questions, full refund. Plus, if you have a Target REDcard (which is that whole “Would you like to save 5% at Target today” script you hear whenever you shop there), shipping is free. Your MOH could order a few in different sizes, see if anything fit, then return whatever she didn’t like. And they definitely have navy, knee-length, one-shoulder dresses for less than $100.

And now, valuable readers, please chime in! Do you have any recommendations for Blue? Tell us in the comments below where she should go for her ultimate bridesmaid dress!

{Partner Love} For Her and For Him Eases All Your Bridesmaid Woes With Custom Colors & New Collections

Oh, the bridesmaids dresses. That oft-contentious detail that can turn even your most loving, caring homie into a whiny, complaining party pooper. It can be so hard to choose the right color, fit, style, fabric, etc., to appease all your lovely ladies.

But don’t you fret, Broke-Asses, because longtime BAB cohort For Her and For Him is back with even more options to help you get your girls all dolled up and fancy in frocks they’ll love.

If color’s got you going crazy, For Her and For Him can certainly keep that cerulean-hued meltdown at bay with the addition of its Custom Color service. This uber-easy process lets you send that dream shade to For Her and For Him‘s color gurus, who will pore over the vast array of options and find the best match. You’ll receive a photo confirmation, and you can order a physical swatch for extra assurance. For Her and For Him even asks that you provide the number of dresses you’ll want in that color to make sure they all come from the same dye lot and will all be the same shade. WHOA.

Is it color in general that’s got you befuddled? Can’t choose between two shades for the girls to don? For Her and For Him’s new Two-Tone collection is the obvious solution! Whether you’re looking for a cute little peplum number or a strapless maxi in all the right shades of blue, the Two-Tone collection has a wide array of choices.

On the flip side, if vintage is more your speed, For Her and For Him has the right duds to make sure your bridal party is one classy retro act. Sweet 1950s-inspired numbers are the perfect compliment to your big day and are surely something your friends won’t mind wearing again.


And of course For Her and For Him is always looking out for us budget-conscious broke-asses! Special discounts are available depending on the size of your order, and FH&FH’s great team of customer service specialists are always ready to help make sure all your bridesmaids are looking fab on your wedding day.


{Partner Love} Bedeck Your Budget-Minded B-Maids with UltimateOutlet

For the budget-minded b-maid…

Finding sweet yet simple bridesmaid dresses that aren’t total budget-killers is hard, y’all. As a bonafide member of Team Broke-Ass, you want to make sure your girls aren’t getting stuck with those high price tags that are often found at traditional bridal shops and salons.

Have no fear, UltimateOutlet is here. Their uber on-trend dresses can be snagged for as much as 70% percent off and are guaranteed to not cramp your style.

With gorgeous dresses and price points that will leave you singing rather than sighing, UltimateOutlet is a great resource to beautify your bridesmaids. Your sistas will be stoked to save some skrilla and still get something they’d be more than happy to rock over and over again.

Your lovely ladies can also snag some shapewear and lovely underthings to top (or bottom?) off their outfits. Shoes and purses? Yeah, UltimateOutlet has those too. Not to mention sizing that will cover anyone ranging from petite to tall to curvaceous. What else could you need?

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Black & White Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

OMG!  Did you hear?  Jesse G.’s got a crush!  It’s totally tragic because her crush is utterly unattainable!  As in, no longer on the market. (Single tear…) Here’s what Jesse confided in us:

“I need some of your CAI/GOI magic. In this case though it’s not so much can’t afford it as just can’t have it. I’ve got my heart set on black and white print bridesmaid dresses. I found this last summer at White House/Black Market.

And then I waited too long to tell the girls to go for it, and they sold out. I’m trying to stay under $100 because I know my maids aren’t rolling in cash. Help. I need to stop going back to this image over and over again, I can’t have it.”

Poor Jesse!  I say we pop a bottle of wine, curl up with Ben & Jerry, and GET OVER IT!  I’m here to help!  Black & white bridesmaid’s dresses abound!  Jesse, are you totally prepared to be smitten with something new?

Get Over It

Magic Black & White Sundress $32.99

Onyx Nights Abstract Black and White Party Dress $59.99

Dot Necessarily Dress $69.99

Make Me Wanna Shout Dress $94.99

Be careful with ModCloth, Jesse. They only have a limited stock. If you find something there that you absolutely must have, grab it! You can always get your gals to reimburse you. We don’t want you getting your heart broken a second time!

Sangria Sleeveless Dress $67.93

Floral Scroll Empire Waist Knee Length Sundress by Annabelle $24.99

Ever Pretty Spaghetti Strap Floral Printed Cotton Tulle Short Cocktail Dress $89.99

PacificPlex Applique Ribbon Strapless Mini Dress Prom Party Formal Gown  & Sears $71.99

A. Byer Juniors Strapless Print Dress with Belt $23.62

A. Byer Juniors Strapless CG Party Skirt Dress $69.99

Corey P. Jacquard Empire Dress $76.50

Adult Pillow Case Black & White Damask Dress

By KootieZ at Etsy $35.00

Folter Clothing STRAPLESS BLACK ROSE DRESS in Black on Black Rose Print $74.95

I know, I know!  I cheated.  This last one is black on black. But, I just liked it so much I had to throw it in!  Okay Jesse, I gave you halter top, spaghetti straps, & strapless.  You got to see black on white, white on black, black on silver, and black on black.  And every last one is under the $100.00 mark!

Do you like what you see? Circle: Yes or No.  I hope this CAI/GOI got you through your dress dilemma, and now you’re totally head over heels for something that’s actually attainable.  And in the event that this Get Over It didn’t knock your socks off, I have some tips for you.  Don’t search for anything that says “Bridesmaid” if you want to keep the price down.  Use key words like pattern names and dress styles (i.e. sundress, party dress, cocktail dress, & yes, even prom dress). So girl, stop pining away for something you can’t have.  And revel in the endless choices you do have!  You’re bound to find “The One”, just like you found your fiance.  So buck up, Butter Cup!  And lemme know how it turns out!


Unique, Mismatched Bridesmaids’ Dresses for a Brunch Wedding

This was a really fun request!

I’m searching for bridesmaids dresses that feel “dressy” but not “evening.” I have three bridesmaids with pretty unique personal styles, and the challenge of trying to put together a fancy, formal morning wedding and brunch reception.  There will be dancing, there will be a big white shiny gown for me, there will be mimosas.  The colors I’m working with a deep purple, daffodil yellow and silver.  I think it’d be pretty cool if the dresses were different colors or styles to fit my unique ‘maids, but still looked cohesive and fit that funny place between “morning” and “formal.”

Here are some fun and affordable options that you can mix and match to create your perfect bridesmaid look.

L-R: Tulle $42, Tulle $80, Tulle $38

L-R: Ruche $110, Calvin Klein $89, Max and Cleo $138

L-R: Anthropologie $90,  Modcloth $90, Modcloth $48

Good luck in your search!

- Dana F. 







{Up for Grabs} Giveaway Round-up!

Do you wish you had crazy Iron Chef-like skills? Well this week we’re giving away a free copy of Table for Two by Warren Caterson!

Table for Two
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Wanna whip up the culinary skills to wow your significant other? All you have to do to enter to win is subscribe to our Broke-Ass Brigade newsletter. Oh wait, you’ve already subscribed? Then you’re already entered to win! Easy, peasey.

If your wedding style is relaxed and lovely, you’ll freak when you see the gorgeous garments at Amanda Rose Bridal!

Photo by Beulah Anne

Amanda makes beautiful, whimsical wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses with both new and upcycled materials. Her work has a wonderful vintage feel that’s sure to resonate with retro-inspired brides everywhere! This week, Amanda has graciously offered one of our readers a $50 voucher towards anything in her Etsy shop!

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this or any post on the blog this week!

Remember – when you leave a comment, please make sure we have a way of getting in touch with you! If you’d like to leave your email address in your blog comment, be sure to write it out like so – brokeass at awesome dot com!

And Los Angeles BRIDES – a very bad-ass heads up!!! Shae Acopian Detar is a seriously gifted photographer who is ready to put some weddings in her already stunning portfolio… and she’s offering to shoot a few weddings FOR FREE, yo! RUN, DON’T WALK to her site and book that shiz! She’s really freaking amazing.

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Save Your B-maids Some Bucks Too!

This week’s CAI/GOI post is all about the bride’s special ladies.  Her crew.  Her dream team.  Her brigade of bodacious babes.  The women that will stand next to her on one of the biggest days of her life.  And since these ladies have such an important role in the wedding, they are some times required to wear a gown of the bride’s choosing.  And much like wedding gowns, prices for bridesmaid gowns can get out of control.  And chances are your bridesmaids will have to spend extra dough on alterations. And that shiz can add up, yo.

This week’s unique request comes from bride Ashley, who wrote:

The first, which I utterly adore, is a chiffon gown with lace detail from Carmen Marc Valvo which is priced for over $1000! Since our wedding is to be in the evening during November, I would love for them to be wearing a a flowy gown. The darker color and the lace detail pull together the rustic/traditional Spanish feel we are incorporating into our wedding.  I cannot justify requiring my close friends/sisters to pay more than I am paying for my wedding dress for their perfect dress, nor can I expect them to pay over $100 for a dress that needs more work to be suitable. Can you help me find something affordable, but still fits our style?

You bet your bottom dollar, I can, Ashley!  First let’s see the Can’t Afford It version.  Then we’ll get a load of the Get Over It looks.

Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. Sears. $99.2. Jessica Simpson. $99.50.

3. David’s Bridal. $79.95.

4. Vivienne Tam. $88.

5. Alex Evenings. $59.97.

6. JS Collections. $98.

7. Laundry. $99.

8. My Girl Dress. $69.99.

9. Season Mall. $79.55.

10. Sanseed. $58.99.

11. Sanseed. $69.95.

12. Discount Dress Shop. $109.99.

Miss any CAI/GOI gown magic? Catch up here:


It’s Easy Being Green with this week’s St. Patty’s Day Wedding Inspiration

Last week we had a reader write in (with perfect holiday timing, btw) who wanted to know how to incorporate some St. Patrick’s day ideas into her big day without it being too much about the holiday. Sometimes, whether you plan it of not, a wedding can fall on a holiday or a holiday weekend. It happens, but how can you honor that holiday without stringing up green crepe paper and hanging up leprechauns? Easy, peasy. Keeping it subtle is key.

I’ve got just a few ideas going on with this board. For St. Pat’s, I love the combo of gold and varied shades of green. Maybe you could give a nod to St. Pat’s by decorating the dessert table for the holiday. Have your guests take home green candy, shamrock shaped cookies, and any other green goodies you can think of. Put some florals with a bright green stem into a pot of gold.

One thing that’s fun on this holiday is green beer. If you don’t want to go that route, why not treat your guests to a signature green cocktail during cocktail hour?


Now for some fun little things you can do to give a nod to the holiday. I love shoes and I love nails. Can you blame me? I think a cute idea for your bridesmaids or groomsmen is to have them change into some green chuck taylors for the reception. They’ll be able to dance the night away in comfy shoes, and look cute! As far as nails go, green finger nails might be a bit extreme, especially on your wedding day, but green painted toes would look so adorable peeking out of some peep toe shoes!

There are plenty of shades to choose from, but I’m partial to this green hue from Essie!


I hope I’ve given you a few fun and funky fresh ideas for your big day!