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Ask Liz: Wedding Travel Near, Far & Farther

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Yeah, it’s not just the distance that’s tricky.

Dear Liz, 

Is a 35-40 minute drive too far between the ceremony and reception sites? I want to get married overlooking the valley that I live in, then have the reception at a hotel on the beach. It’s a pretty drive…


Actual Miles

Dear Miles,

If this is what you want, you should do it – it happens all the time. But, you need to be realistic about the distance, in order to make it work. First of all, 30-45 minutes is at least an hour, given “people flow” (TM Liz), the amount of time it takes folks to leave, get in the car, figure out where they’re going and how to get there, and arrive. Oh, and traffic. Traffic is not going to miraculously disappear because it’s your wedding day. I wish it would, because that would certainly make my professional life easier, but it won’t, especially if everyone else is heading to the beach, along with your guests.

So, what does that mean? It means that you have to figure out the logistics of decorating two locations that are a two-hour round trip apart. It means that you have to make it very, very clear to your guests that the ceremony and reception are not a hop, skip and a jump away from each other. It means that you have to schedule cocktails and dinner both early enough and late enough so that everyone will actually be able  to enjoy them. It means that you have to be prepared if some of your guests can make either the ceremony or the reception, but not both.  A lot of thought, a little bit of effort. Prepare for the worst, and work towards the best solution.


Photo by Kate Murphy Photography

Dear Liz, 

I have a question relating to destination weddings. My fiancé and I have chosen to wed in Italy, because frankly, it’s surprisingly less expensive! We also wanted to highlight the true celebration of marriage, which is Love, and avoid the big circus production of a wedding, too. With that being said, are brides still allowed to have bridal showers despite having a destination wedding? Are honeymoon registries tacky? We will celebrate with close friends & family on our return.


A Broke-Ass Sposa

Dear Sposa,

You can have a bridal shower, as long as someone is willing to throw one for you – you can’t host it for yourself. “Etiquette” also says that you shouldn’t invite people to the shower who aren’t invited to the wedding, but I think there might be a little wiggle room in there, depending on who you’re inviting to the wedding, and who’s hosting the shower. As far as the tackiness of honeymoon registries, the debate rages on. Me? I’m a fan.

So, what are you doing to make the travel between your wedding and reception easier for everyone involved? Any tips for managing a destination from home? What do you think of my advice? Let me know in the comments below. And, if you would like to find out more about me and my little part of wedding world, go to

See you at the end of the aisle,



{Ask Liz} Quick Wedding Budget Tips & Destination Showers

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Dear Liz,

I am in the process of planning my wedding, which is this October 12. I ‘m having a really hard time staying in my $7,000 budget. I have already purchased my dress (which is not included in my budget because I way over did it). Food is my biggest dilemma,now. I could care less about the food but my mother is telling me that is what people remember most about a wedding. I am doing buffet style which is cheapest, but do you do chicken and fish, fish and beef, beef and chicken?? IM OVER IT! I wish my wedding planning was more enjoyable at this point but I do not know how to get out of this “money over everything” rut!! Please give me the best advice on saving on food, center pieces AND wedding favors for my guests!

Seven months out, and FREAKING out

Always a crowd pleaser, you know?

Dear Seven,

How about “good” and “quick” advice? If your budget is tight, then keep it simple: Beef, chicken, and a vegetarian option, if you (or your Mom) think that there are enough guests who will want it. If not, keep it to beef and chicken. I’m cutting out fish because it can be a little expensive depending on the market value. Add a couple of side dishes or a salad, no extras. You didn’t say if your venue is catering, but if not, do you have a favorite restaurant? Start there and see if they can deliver to your venue.

Centerpieces and bouquets. Again, keep flowers simple, small and seasonal. Check out my Budget Wedding Tips Pinterest Board for ideas.  Throw votive candles around at will.

Favors. Food – Candy, cookies, cupcakes – are still the only things I never have to pick up and toss at the end of the night. A DIY candy buffet with cute take-home bags works, too.


What happens in Vegas is…just too hard for everyone to get to.

Dear Liz,

I live on the west coast.  Two of my bridesmaids as well as most of my close friends live on the east coast, as do my future in-laws.  My family, which includes my sisters who are also bridesmaids, is in the Midwest.  I have friends spread throughout the US.  When it came to the wedding, we decided to have it near where we live now and everyone’s been very cool about that.  However, I’m now getting a lot of questions about where I want to do my bachelorette party and bridal shower.  I HATE when brides or grooms make their bridal party and friends fly somewhere expensive for elaborate bachelor or bachelorette parties.  But it seems like there’s no way to include all of my important people without SOMEONE flying.  The east coast would have the highest number of important people but having a shower and bachelorette party there would inevitably lead to my family being hurt – yet I don’t really want to make my friends all fly to the Midwest.  I’m really torn as to how to do something fun with the people I care about without costing most of them a ridiculous amount of money.  Any suggestions?


-Tri-State of Mind

Dear Mind,

Actually, the simplest solution would be for YOU to be the only person flying around! So, bridal shower and bachelorette on the East Coast on one weekend, and then a bridal shower and bachelorette party in the Midwest on another weekend. Two trips. Talk to you hosts about spacing them out enough so you can recover in between!

How is everyone getting to your pre-wedding parties? And do you have any budget tips for Seven? Share in the comments below. And, if you would like to find out more about me and my little part of Wedding World, go to

See you at the end of the aisle,



{Ask Liz} Jumpstarting Your Wedding & A Few Words About Bridal Shower Etiquette

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Fill these seats carefully! (Photo by Pictilio)

Dear Liz,

My brother is getting married in May and his bride-to-be has asked for my help with planning the wedding. We will have to travel about four hours to where it is taking place. There will more than likely be 50 (or less) guests in attendance, which is what they want. She doesn’t feel terrible about leaving a lot of people out on her special day especially since she knows a lot of them wouldn’t want to make the trip. I was just wondering is it acceptable to invite uninvited guests to a huge bridal shower in her honor??


Shower Struggle

Dear Struggle,

Yeah…no. You really can’t invite people to the shower who haven’t been invited to the wedding. Showers = gifts and money. So basically you’re telling them that even though they weren’t important enough to watch her get married, they can still travel X amount of hours to give her a blender. Plus, you’ll be positioning your future sister-in-law – publicly – as “the woman that didn’t invite them to her wedding”. At some point, to someone, she will have to explain why, and probably have to do so over and over again.  Trust me, someone will mention it or ask for details. Awkward. Awkward, awkward.  If you are worried about a low turnout, invite the guys, too.


Resistance is futile.

Dear Liz,

I just got engaged! Is there some type of simple check list, for starting to plan a wedding? Like…

1- Budget

2 – Guest list

3 – Dress??

I’m so overwhelmed by the whole process!


In the Deep End

Dear Deep,

Welcome to Wedding World! First of all, bonus points for putting your dress third. That sort of practical thinking will get you far around here. Start with your guest list – his list, your list, and your parents’ lists. And, yeah, if your budget is a consideration, figure that out while you’re getting your guests together. You should reserve half of your budget for your ceremony and reception site, and your catering. A little perspective - a comparable wedding dinner at Olive Garden for 100 guests would be around $5,000. Those are also the first three things you need to pay for. Once you got that done, I give you permission to start shopping for your dress. You should probably book a photographer first, but there’s no reason to be a saint. Have fun!

Who did you invite to your bridal shower? How long did you resist shopping for your dress? Just engaged, and got questions? Let me know below! And, you can find out more about me and my slice of Wedding World at

See you at the end of the aisle,


{Guest Post} An Adorable Cake Push-Pop Tutorial, Courtesy Of Sweet E’s Bake Shop!

Today, we’re pleased to present you with a deliciously decadent (and sublimely simple) DIY tutorial from the lovely ladies at one of our favorite L.A. bakeries – Sweet E’s! If you’re not an L.A. local, you may know them from appearances on shows like Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” or Style’s “Tia & Tamera.”  

Sweet E’s Bake Shop has been providing the Los Angeles metro area (not to mention countless celebs) with divine baked concoctions since 2009, and we’re so honored they took the time to share this fabulous Cake Push-Pop tutorial with us! These bad boys are a fabulous idea for special occasions like bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or of course, WEDDINGS! Once you master the technical know-how, you can go totally crazy with flavor combinations. Oh, the sugar-tastic possibilities…Take it away, Sweet E’s sweeties! 

Supplies: 9″x13″ cake, 3 cups of frosting, 2″ circle cookie cutter disposable piping bags, sprinkles, scissors, spoon, knife, & Push-Pop Containers. Yields approx. 10-12 Push-Pops.

Step 1: Once the cake is completely cooled use a 2″ circle cookie cutter to cut out 2″ circles of cake. Repeat this step until there is no more room on the cake.

Step 2: Next, Cut each 2″ circle of cake in half to create the thin cake layers in your Push-Pop.

Step 3: Now, fill your disposable piping bag with your favorite frosting.

 Step 4: Cut the tip off of your piping bag, about 1″ from the bottom.

Step 5: Set your frosting bag aside and start layering in your cake.

Sweet Tip: The bottom of an extra Push-Pop container works great as a tool to push your cake to the bottom of the container.

Repeat Step 5 until all your Push-Pops have 1 layer of cake in them.

Step 6: Using your frosting bag, add a thin layer of frosting on top of the 1st layer of cake.

Repeat Steps 5 & 6 until there are 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of frosting in each Push-Pop.

Step 7: Then top off the Push-Pop with a frosting swirl and decorate it with colorful sprinkles!

L.A brides – want to sample the delicious goodies at Sweet E’s Bake Shop for yourself? Hell, want to buy their baked goods in quantity for your big event? When you mention that you saw them on The Broke-Ass Bride, you can get 10% off any order! WIN. 


Ask Liz: About Second Weddings

Dear Liz,
My fiance and I are both getting married for the second time. I love the idea of wearing a beautiful dress and sharing this day with my closest friends and family, but I’m not sure the etiquette for a second wedding. I am content with court-house nuptials and a low-key party afterward. I have spread the word that I don’t expect or want bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc. Honestly, I’m not that interested in spending tons of money or having the headache of a big celebration. Do you have any ideas or advice for a small, casual celebration for the second (and last) time around?
Better The Second Time Around

Your idyllic second marriage can start with an idyllc second wedding. Totally up to you. (Courtesy of B&G Photography)

Dear Better,
There are a few benefits to second marriages, and I think one of the greatest is the stress factor – as in, there isn’t as much where the wedding is concerned. At least that’s what I’ve found with the second-timers I’ve worked with, and the ones I know personally, actually. You already get what a lot of first-time brides are still trying to focus on, that’s it all about you and the guy you love, pledging the rest of your lives together, with a nice party with your nearest and dearest afterward. Just that simple. My sister-in law, Tristan Coopersmith, wrote a great article last week on this subject, pointing out that even though it is a second marriage, you’re still going to share a lot of “firsts” with each other, too. Like for instance, the first time the two of you are having your wedding!
At any rate, the rules to second weddings remain the same as with the first. That being, there is only one rule: HAVE THE WEDDING YOU WANT.  You want small and casual, figure out what that looks like to you, and go for it. Courthouse ceremony followed by dinner? Excellent.  If there is stuff that you absolutely want to do, do it. If there isn’t, don’t.  Let everyone know, and then stick to your guns.
You said that you don’t expect it, but don’t be surprised if your friends and family do want to throw you a bridal shower or bachelorette party, though. And you should think about participating, since they’re only doing it to show how much they care about you and support you, and that’s never bad. Don’t be afraid to enforce limits.  If you feel Vegas is too extravagant, spend a night out on your town. Enforce a no-stripper mandate. Whatever it is that you feel comfortable with! That’s another thing that second wedding should definitely be about: Comfort.
So, what do you guys think? Are any of you wedding for the second time, and what did you definitely want or NOT want this time around? Any tips for Better? Let me know in the comments!
See you at the end of the aisle,