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Wedding stuff is all kinds of pretty — and mighty special — but today’s request from reader Yuki is a prime example of how easy it is for the wedding expenses to add up. Yuki fell in love with a $350 headpiece: 

Hello! I was hoping you might run a Can’t Afford It? / Get Over It! column on the Bluebell headpiece from BHLDN! It’s so gorgeous, but $350 for a headband is steep! Do you have any ideas? Thank you!!! Yuki

Hey Yuki! I hear ya! The Bluebell Halo headpiece is an art nouveau-inspired floral and leaf design (spot on for 2016’s botanical wedding trend, as seen here and here) dotted with crystals and pearls. And hey, the Bluebell was designed by a fellow Ohioan, artist Debra Moreland! (O-H…!)

So pretty! And no doubt a gorgeous and lighter-weight alternative to the more ostentatious tiara while still the perfect accessory for almost any hairstyle. I’ve rounded up a few similar options for under $100 (with a bonus option at the end) — and I won’t judge if you want to wear one of these on non-wedding days, too! 😉 

Can't Afford It

BHLDN Bluebell Halo

Bluebell Halo by Debra Moreland, $350 at BHLDNGet Over It

BBB Pearl Vine Wedding Headband

Pearl Vine Wedding Headband, $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Crystal and Ivory Pearl Bridal Headband by MonaAccessory

Crystal and Ivory Pearl Bridal Headband, $44 by Etsy seller MonaAccessory

Dessy Vintage Look Embellished Bridal Headband

Vintage Look Embellished Bridal Headband, $21 at Dessy

(In gold or silver tone.)

Nature Inspired Hair Vine by ALBridalAccessories

Nature Inspired Hair Vine, $75 by Etsy seller ALBridalAccessories

(In gold or silver tone.)

David's Bridal Silver Leaf Headband

Silver Leaf Headband with Crystal Accents, $39 at David’s Bridal

Rhinestone Crystal Pearl Bridal Headband by AllureWeddingJewelry

Rhinestone Crystal Pearl Bridal Headband, $27 by AllureWeddingJewelry

Pearl Bridal Headband by petals181

Pearl Bridal Headband, $50 by Etsy seller petals181

BBB Tia Floral Bridal Headband

Tia Floral Bridal Headband, $70 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Ivory Porcelain Pearl Flower Bridal Headband

Ivory Porcelain Pearl Flower Bridal Headband, $45 at All Bridal Jewelry

Elvina Freshwater Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Headband by GlamorousBijoux

Elvina Freshwater Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Headband, $92 by Etsy seller GlamorousBijoux

I’ve got a bonus option for ya, too, Yuki:

If you’re feeling crafty, grab a hot glue gun, a store-bought headband or a length of thick satin ribbon, and some crystal or pearl accessories from your local craft store or Etsy. Arrange the embellishments on the headband, starting from the center point of your design and moving outward. Place a drop of glue on the headband where you want to place the bling, then hold it in place (carefully, so as not to burn your fingers on the hot glue!) a few seconds or until the glue cools a bit. Depending on your selected raw materials, you could easily make a headband like this for under $10-$15 (not including hot glue gun and glue — though small glue guns can run as  low as $5 or less). If you prefer visuals, here’s a good tutorial.

Lisa’s Bonus Pro Tip: When hunting for bridal accessories be sure to check out accessory stores in malls and online — especially around prom season, when crystal, pearl, and super-shiny accessories are in abundance! Craft stores are also great sources for affordable pre-made wedding accessories or easily assembled kits. 

What do you think, Yuki? Has the Bluebell Halo met her match in any of these bridal headpieces? I’d love to hear what you choose in the comments below! Thanks again for submitting your question! 

Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you.

*As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.
  • 4/21

    A few weeks ago I wrote about how excited I was about my customized wedding dress – it’s very unique and very me. I also found some gorgeous, comfortable low wedges (and then bought two more pairs in other colors for work, if that says something), the perfect dangly earrings, a matching belt, and a really fantastic feathered, sparkly hair clip for the reception. I can’t wait to put everything together on the big day … except my veil. I really, really dislike the veil I bought, and it’s non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and, unlike the rest of my bridal ensemble, non-Elissa. I tried it on when I initially bought my dress, and loved the way it coordinated with the ribbon belt I put on in the store. The salesgirl told me it was the only one left (in hindsight a sales tactic), and I got caught up in the thrill of the find. I never even looked at the pricetag – it was such a simple veil, one narrow layer of tulle, how bad could it be? It ended up being $80, and even though I felt in my gut that wasn’t a good price, I let the WIC get the best of me and plunked down my credit card.

    So now, almost a year later, the look of my dress, and my bridal look altogether, has changed so drastically from what I envisioned when I bought the veil. I so wish I’d saved this piece for last, or at least shopped around a bit more, because now I’m feeling stuck. Buying another veil is certainly easy enough, but I’m feeling guilty about essentially wasting $80, especially since I’ll likely only be wearing the veil for an hour or two.

    Option One: Get over myself and wear the darn veil. It’s really not that bad, but it’s just not what I’m envisioning for my day. I feel like it’s kind of plain, cheaply constructed, and doesn’t add anything, but chances are strong that I’ll be caught up in the joy of my wedding day and not care anymore.


    Option Two: Like a proud BAB, try and get crafty and re-configure the veil I have. One of the styles I’m leaning toward is an oversized birdcage. I have plenty of tulle to play with on my current fingertip option, but the ribbon edging on it may prove tricky, and I could ruin it altogether. I wouldn’t be able to either wear it or re-sell it, and will have truly wasted the $80.

    veil etsy

    The Mabel Birdcage Veil from Etsy

    Option Three: Get over myself and buy a new veil. My bridesmaid Emily made a great point: yes, I’m only wearing it for two hours on my wedding day, but I’ll be wearing it for the rest of my life in photos. Why tinge them with any kind of regret? With this option, I can try and sell my current veil on a site like Tradesy or OnceWed.

    Even if I decide to go this route though, I still can’t even settle on a style – I just know it has to be different than the one I have. I’ve trolled Etsy for days, and visited a few other bridal salons (including one who tried to sell me a five-foot-long piece of plain ivory tulle for $650). Do I go retro with the oversized birdcage, that shows off the detail on my dress? Classic and dramatic with a chapel length and blusher that can romantically blow in the wind? Or compromise with a full, two layer cascading elbow length, like the one below? I also can’t bring myself to spend more than $50 on a new one, as there are SO MANY other places I want to spend that money right now (like … an awesome meal on our honeymoon).


    I know I have to make a decision ASAP, so that I have plenty of time to order the new one if that’s the route I choose. I also know this is such a silly problem to have, but it does feel good to rant about it. And if nothing else comes from this, I hope another bride reads this post and thinks twice about impulse-buying something non-returnable, a year before the wedding!

    Have you had any accessory regret? How did you deal with it?

    Elissa Stooker
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