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The Best New Wedding Books For Newbie Brides!

One of the biggest perks of being a wedding blogger is the shared sense of community we have with our fellow wedding bloggesses. Today, we’re gonna take a warm n’ fuzzy moment to draw your attention to a few fabulous titles some of our favorite blogger friends have published in the last few months – because blogs are great and all, but we know cuddling up with a nice hardbound publication (or your cute little e-reader) is so much cozier. Our top recommendations for new brides are, in no particular order…

The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide by Dana LaRue

book cover

 Why we love it! Well, duh. It’s ours. Written by Dana, edited by the team. Using couples who had real broke-ass weddings. You know all those nifty little tricks and tips we’ve been giving you over the years? Well, they’re in there. Along with a lot that we’ve been keeping stashed, just for this very occasion. Plus, there’s a veritable plethora of real wedding budget breakdowns, best-approach ideas on negotiating your way to a more budget-friendly celebration without sacrificing your vision and, guys, there are recipes. Because: FOOD.

Who’s it for? YOU. And everyone you know. Because who doesn’t need a little help making smart money choices, especially where a wedding is concerned?

 A Practical Wedding by Meg KeeneA Practical Wedding by Meg Keene

 Why we love it: Meg’s got a smart head on her shoulders, and her book and blog are tangible proof. There tends to be a lot of fluff in Weddingland, but this book cuts through to the core of why we have weddings — from the marriage to the family symbolism to the meaning behind traditions. The APW book is a no-bullshit approach to your wedding day.

Who’s it for? Anyone who believes weddings and sanity aren’t separate entities. And for couples who need a heaping dose of real talk.

The Inspired Wedding by Emma Arendoski

The Inspired Wedding by Emma Arendoski

Why we love it: The author behind the Emmaline Bride blog curated seven gorgeous themes and all their bits and bobs. Along side swoon-worthy inspiration photos, Emma crafts perfect descriptions of how to seamlessly design your wedding day. It’s great inspiration for a DIY bride.

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes coffee table-style books full of gorgeous pictures and great tips on how to tie together various elements of your wedding day design.

Style Me Pretty Weddings: Inspiration and Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration by Abby Larson

Why we love it! Ok, by now you’ve probably had occasion to stumble across Style Me Pretty – one of the most extensive resources of beautiful wedding images and inspiration on the web. But a book of similarly gorgeous and inspirational wedding imagery just seems totally redundant, right? WRONG. I was blown away by how beautiful this book was. Page after page after page made me want to get married AGAIN, like RIGHT AWAY. This book basically redefines the term “WEDDING PORN”. Every page overfloweth with fresh, inspired wedding ideas. CAUTION: If you love your single friends, don’t just leave this book lying around willy nilly. Handling may causes mild to serious cases of wedding fever, which, much like the common cold, remains incurable even to this day.

Who’s it for? EVERYONE. Except that bride who’s going to totally develop a complex if her wedding isn’t subsequently featured on Style Me Pretty. You know who I’m talking about.

The Handcrafted Wedding by Emma Arendoski

Why we love it! This beautiful book was penned by our friend Emma from Emmaline Bride (check out the fabulous Paper Pinwheel Wedding Backdrop DIY Tutorial post she contributed to BAB last year!). Emma is an ace in the hole when it comes to fabulous DIY wedding ideas. This book organizes all of her best ones by category, so if you’re on the hunt for a totally unique save-the-date idea, or an easy peasy gift card box project, you can use this book as a handy reference guide. Or you could just read it cover to cover – you’re going to want to anyway. 

Who’s it for? If you’re freaking everyone out with the number of DIY wedding projects you’re undertaking, you need this book. If you love all things DIY, but you’re short on clever ideas of your own, you need this book. If you’re full of great ideas, but you have no idea how to execute them…hey – hey you! You need this book.

Plan Like a Planner: A Revolutionary Wedding Planning Guide by Bitchless Bride

Why we love it! You thought you loved us for our tell-it-like-it-is, Wedding-Industrial-Complex-be-damned attitude? Well…there is another…Bitchless Bride is our favorite foul-mouthed wedding blogger in disguise…not that there’s a lot of them…let’s start over – Bitchless Bride is one of our favorite wedding bloggers, period.  She blogs and vlogs anonymously because she’s an industry pro with almost 20 years experience – and she has a lot to teach you about bridal etiquette, bridal bitchery, and general bridezilladom. (Also, spoiler alert: she doesn’t always sugarcoat it. And we love her for that.) Her latest book, available for instant download, is full of essential planning advice for every phase of your journey – buying the dress, maintaining healthy wedding vendor relationships – you name it! PLUS, there are totally helpful tools for the proactive bride – timelines, anyone?!

Who’s it for? The bride who can’t figure out where to start. The bride who’s throwing her hands up in the air because wedding vendors never call her back. The bride who has QUESTIONS! SO MANY QUESTIONS! So basically, EVERY bride.

Rustic Wedding Chic by Maggie Lord

Why we love it! Here’s another fabulous title that falls under Wedding Inspiration/Wedding Porn. If you find yourself drooling a little at the thought of burlap table runners, candy apple wedding favors, barn weddings, and loose, organic floral arrangements in antique blue Mason jars, then this is the book for you, my friend. Maggie shared just a few ideas for fall weddings from her book with us last year, be sure to check those out for a tiny taste of Rustic Wedding Chic goodness. And of course, check out her BLOG of the same name for non-stop countrified wedding inspiration!

Who’s it for? Are you getting married in a barn? Are you getting married on a farm? Are you getting married in a park? Are you getting married in the dark? (Ok, that last one is a non-sequiter, but you see where this is going…)

There you have it, brides! Which titles are you adding to your e-shopping cart asap? May we recommend all four?!


{Win This} Brides, It’s Time for Your Groom to Step Up! Win Your Man a Copy of The Man Registry Guide for Grooms!

All the best web advice in handy paperback form!

You’re a team now, so why does it seem like you’re doing all of the wedding planning while your manly counterpart plans out his game-watching schedule for the week? One way to get him engaged in wedding planning is with a copy of Be the Man: The Man Registry Guide for Grooms.

The Man Registry is the web’s leading wedding resource for grooms and groomsmen. Chris Easter, one of the co-founders of the site, has compacted all of this imformation into an irreverent read-it-on-the-toilet-size guide to the big decisions and obstacles that men will face leading up to, during, and after the big day. In addition to tons of practical advice, the book is peppered with lighthearted stories, helping readers learn from the insights and missteps of all the grooms who came before them.

Armed with a copy of Be the Man: The Man Registry Guide for Grooms, grooms will stop feeling lost  and overwhelmed by seemingly inscrutable wedding etiquette and traditions, and will be able to step up to the plate, be part of the process, and own the day: after all, it’s a hugely important day in his life, too!

This week, one lucky BAB will win a copy of Be the Man: The Man Registry Guide For Grooms!

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{Up for Grabs} Giveaway Round-up!

It’s time to announce our very first giveaways of the new year! A special note to those recently engaged brides who may be joining us for the first time  – EVERY WEEK we woo you with the salacious promise of kick-ass content, gorgeous real wedding coverage, and awesome FREE swag!   As a new bride-to-be, we know you’ve got a ton on your mind.  You’re probably anxious to iron out every detail of your glamorous (yet budget-friendly) wedding, but FIRST – have you perused any of the titles on our suggested reading list?

You’ve probably already made the giddy phone calls to all your bff’s asking them to be your B-maids. They were ecstatic for you, no? But as you float high above the earth on your comfy cloud of bridal bliss, don’t forget that signing up to be a bridesmaid is a major obligation. Any gal who’s ever carried a small bouquet knows what I’m talking about. You love your bff to death, but being a bridesmaid has its own set of woes, not to mention its own price tag!

Bridesmaid on a Budget by Sharon Naylor

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, or a bridesmaid-to-be, you’ll definitely be able to put Sharon Naylor’s Bridesmaid on a Budget to good use! And now THREE LUCKY READERS can snag a FREE copy, just for being a stand-out recruit of the Broke Ass Bride Brigade!

Where do you enlist, you ask? Well, if  you get our newsletter in your inbox every week, you’re already a recruit! If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter… click here to sign up!

And now, a special shout out to all our DIY brides! Looking for loads of crafty new wedding projects to beautify your ceremony with? Well look no further, because we have one copy of The Paper Bride by Esther K. Smith to give away to one lucky reader!

This adorable tome is packed with all manner of gorgeous paper projects! Not super crafty? Never fear! Most of these instructional how-tos only require paper, scissors, and tape.

To enter, just leave a comment on this or any post on the blog this week, and BAM. You’re ready to get yer craft on!

And of course, we have to take a minute to salute our previous winners…

Shannon M. snagged our Greenvelope wedding invite package!

Emily M. won our trio of Beach Body workout DVDs!

Chanelle R.  was the lucky gal that scored the Literati E-reader!

And Ellen B. scored not one but two great gifts from Clarisonic – one for her amazing Aunt Mary (who we hear gives amazing hugs) and one for herself!

Congratulations to all of our lovely Broke-Ass winners!!!

{Giveaway} Score a Literati E-reader!

Did you ask Santa for a nifty Literati  e-reader this year? Well we hate to upstage the big guy, but kids, the Broke-Ass Bride gift-giving train is pulling into the station!

Literati e-reader from The Sharper Image
That’s right, this week we’re giving away one of the few full color e-readers on the market today – the Literati, from The Sharper Image! It’s slim, super portable, and easily integrates with your laptop or smart phone.

We got one to play with from the fine folks at Sharper Image, and its pretty darn fly! As someone who hates carrying a heavy book around, but hates to sit anywhere with nothing to do, its a great purse-friendly gadget. The full-color screen is enough to make you say, “oooh shiny!”, and its super easy to acquaint yourself with… very user-friendly. Its the only e-reader I’ve ever gotten to play with, but I’m definitely a fan.

Whether you’re a gal obsessed with gadgets, or you’re just dying to snuggle up by the fire with all that premium literature literally right at your fingertips, we’d like to give you one of this holiday season’s hottest gifts!

Granted, there are two types of people in this world – those who feel the fundamental need to own an e-reader, and those who still profess to prefer the look, feel, and slightly musty smell of an actual book. Well, if you’re not already swayed by the power of FREE, here are a few more reasons you should hop on board the e-reader bandwagon:

  • Convenience: Don’t break your back lugging around 4-5lbs worth of bridal books… just download your faves to take along for your hair trial or train rides, so you can plan on the go!
  • Your Honeymoon: Buy six bulky paperbacks and cram them into your beach tote at the airport book store, OR bring your e-reader and have over 2 million titles available in an instant.
  • Coffee Shop Cred: Put an end to shamefests brought on by publicly pouring over your favorite glossies. Browse your favorite gossip rags discreetly via your e-reader! If anyone asks, claim you’re reading A Confederacy of Dunces.
  • The Office: Pop in an SD card for an addition 8 GB of storage, and peruse important documents during the morning meeting! Or… you know, gossip rags.
  • Clutter!: Once all your favorite tomes are loaded on to your svelte little e-reader, you can clear out your bookshelf, and cart your space-sucking novel collection down to the nearest charity shop!
  • Domestic Bliss!: Read after-hours without disturbing your partner – you don’t even have to leave a light on,  just put your e-reader on “night reading” mode! Your partner will wake up refreshed and noticeably less cranky, and they’ll never give you grief for reading until 2 a.m. – because they’ll never know.

Now, are you sufficiently convinced that the Literati will drastically improve your quality of life? Awesome!

There are THREE ways to win! You get….

  • One entry for completing this sentence in the comments below: “If I won a Literati e-reader from Broke-Ass Bride, I would  ___.”
  • One entry for tweeting “If I won a @LiteratiReader from @BrokeAssBride I would ________.”
  • One entry for subscribing to our weekly newsletter, here.

So get it while the getting’s good! Don’t you think you’ve earned yourself the gift of knowledge?

This contest closes Tuesday, January 3rd, 2011.