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{Win This} Wow Your Guests With a Unique Rustic Chic Wedding!

Details details details!

Having a rustic chic wedding isn’t as easy as it looks–there’s a balance involved of form and function. How do you make that folder of inspiration photos on your desktop a reality? Maggie Lord, author of the new book Rustic Wedding Chic and the founder and editor of, wants to help you make the burlap, raw cotton bouquet, and shabby chic chandelier wedding of your dreams come to life!

Rustic Wedding Chic features inspiring real weddings, tips and advice from the pros, and tutorials and highlights of some of the best details that Maggie has seen in her years of chronicling rustic weddings. And as a self-professed wedding junkie since the age of thirteen, you can be certain that Maggie has a discerning eye for details that your guests will talk about for years to come!

Better still, Rustic Wedding Chic will help you put your personal, individual stamp on the rustic wedding trend, ensuring that your wedding speaks to your unique taste! If you’re planning a barn/outdoor/backyard wedding, there’s no better resource than a copy of Rustic Wedding Chic–don’t believe me? Check out the guest post she wrote for Broke Ass Bride for a taste of what Rustic Wedding Chic has to offer!

This week, one lucky BAB will win an autographed copy of Rustic Wedding Chic by Maggie Lord! You must be subscribed to our newsletter to win (we check!). Not a subscriber? No problem! Sign up here:

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Guest Post: Bridesmaid Dress Rehab With Marisa Lynch Of New Dress A Day!


Affiliate Disclaimer NewGuest Post: Bridesmaid Dress Rehab

Before … BLERGH!

Marisa Lynch is the author of the uber popular blog New Dress a Day, AND a brand spanking new book  that just launched this week — “New Dress a Day: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Creating Fashion Dos from Thrift-Store Don’ts“! I received an advance copy, and I have to say, I am super stoked to try out some of these DIY projects — despite my less-than-basic sewing skill set. Marisa presents every project in such a perfectly comprehensible, clear-as-day way, you won’t feel like you need an MFA in Sewing and Serging to get started. (That’s a thing, right?) Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’ve seen literally 1,000 thrift store muumuus that could’ve been AMAZING, if only they weren’t, well, muumuus. This book enables you with the crafty power to change all that! Today, Marisa is deconstructing a truly unfortunate bridesmaid dress, for your viewing pleasure. Take it away, girl! 

So, the question still remains: Can you really wear that bridesmaid dress again? We’ve all either been in weddings or have been to weddings, and the bridesmaid gowns aren’t always the most chic or flattering. And, since it’s up to the bride to decide what she wants, the rest of us just have to smile and nod.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can definitely wear that dress again! Maybe not in the same shade or incarnation, but it’s totally doable with just a little elbow grease and creativity. Katherine Heigl should have read this post instead of coveting all those 27 Dresses in her NYC apartment closet.

This dress is a traditional Filipino butterfly sleeved one, which is pretty much a sight to behold. Bright pink, and big ol’ puffy sleeves! Can it be salvaged? Yes, it totally can!

To make this wearable again, I hacked away at the hard/papery/coffee filter-esque material that was sewn in each of the puffy sleeves to give shape.

Removing the "coffee filter"-esque filler. || Bridesmaid Dress Rehab

Removing the “coffee filter”-esque filler.

We could have used material to brew coffee after! Post-sleeve fix, I worked on removing the bodice from the skirt, to turn this into two separate pieces. Since it won’t work again as a dress, we’re getting crafty and repurposing the skirt into a completely different piece.

Skirt-be-gone! || Bridesmaid Dress Rehab


The stitches around the waist were removed and the dress turned into two pieces! Next, the raw edges at the bottom of the bodice got pinned under and then sewn in place.

Sewing the edges || Bridesmaid Dress Rehab

The neckline was given a little cinch and pinch, whereby cinching the bust area and pinning a safety pin in place, a bit of ruching is created and in just a few easy steps, you can go from frockalicious to super chic and have something appropriate for day …

Love that sweetheart neckline! || Bridesmaid Dress Rehab

Love that sweetheart neckline!

… or night with just some accessory changes!

Sexier by night! || Bridesmaid Dress Rehab

Sexier by night!

And, this piece started out as a number that a handful of gals wore at a wedding. I mean, who would have thunk it? A quick and crafty process to create something fun and current out of something dated and well, not so current.

Have you repurposed a bridesmaid dress? How did it turn out? Tell us in the comments!

Guest Post: Add Simple Fall Elegance To Your Wedding with Inexpensive & Easy Autumn DIY

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Today we’re handing the reins over to one of our favorite ladies in the wedding blog biz — Maggie Lord — Founder and Editor of Rustic Wedding Chic, and author of a book, aptly named: Rustic Wedding Chic! She’s got 3 fabulous DIY ideas to share with you that are absolutely perfect for fall weddings.

Add Simple Fall Elegance To Your Wedding with Inexpensive & Easy Autumn DIY


Image courtesy of EE Photography

The natural beauty that is alive in the fall is just one of the reasons why this season is perfect for rustic chic weddings. In my book, Rustic Wedding Chic, I have several inexpensive wedding décor ideas that play into the fall season effortlessly. These projects are not only budget-friendly, but they’re also low on DIY effort, which allows every bride the ability to pull them off.

When I first started to gather ideas for the “Get The Look” section of the book I went back to my archives of the Ask Maggie section on the Rustic Wedding Chic website to see what advice brides where looking for when trying to design the right fall look. Most of the brides were hoping to incorporate the fall season into their wedding but wanted to stay away from the traditional path of pumpkins, fall leaves, oranges and browns. It was from these cries for wedding décor help that I came up with three fall wedding looks that are both easy on the budget, DIY-friendly, and rustic chic. 

Burlap Table Runners With Hand Sewn Hearts & Initials

Burlap table runners are very trendy right now in the wedding world but I believe that by adding a few small hand-sewn details this look goes from trendy to classic country. In the Rustic Wedding Chic book this image of a long wedding table with the couples initials in this standout red color is one my favorites. There is something so simple and homemade about this project, like something that we would see in another place and time. If you can sew, then this should be an easy weekend project. If you can’t sew then I suggest you try these three strategies:

1. Head over to Etsy and check out a crafter like Antique Linen Store to help you obtain the look.

2. Ask around. You might be surprised that a friend, your aunt, the local craft store or even your dry cleaner can embroider your ideal pattern.

3. You might be able to get the hand-sewn look without actually having to sew it. Head to your craft store and look for iron decals, which can allow you to execute a rustic wedding idea with the latest technology. Use a computer to you can design an image, print it out and iron it on.

Apple Cider In Hollowed Out Apples

Add Simple Fall Elegance To Your Wedding with Inexpensive & Easy Autumn DIY

Image courtesy of Kate Holstein Photography

The warm feeling of hot apple cider warming your body as the crisp fall air settles in is a delightful thought! Treat your wedding guests to a warm drink (can be alcoholic or nonalcoholic depending on your preference) of apple cider as they enter your cocktail hour. Your guests will be charmed to not only have a warm seasonal drink but they will love the fact that they are served in hollowed out apples. The apples are an inexpensive vessel and eco-friendly as well; it’s just up to you to transform them from a snack to a cup.

This project may seem like a lot of work, but after you see the Fall Harvest Inspiration in the book, you’ll be taking on all sorts of projects to bring the autumn look to your wedding day. My tip for making this project easier on the bride is to contact a local apple orchard, buy the apples in bulk and ask them to hollow them out for you since many orchards have this sort of machine on hand.

Hay Bale Seating Option

Add Simple Fall Elegance To Your Wedding with Inexpensive & Easy Autumn DIY

Image courtesy of EE Photography

Whether your wedding is on a farm, in a barn, at a vineyard or just in your back yard, you have the option of using hay bales as seating for your ceremony. If you are worried that this look might be “too country,” add a vintage twist by adding faded tablecloths, mismatched lace and even muted colored blankets help to dress up the hay bales. Farms may have more hay on hand then they have a use for, so reach out to local farms to see if you buy the hay from them or go right to the source and work with a hay farm and have them delivered to your wedding site.

About Maggie Lord:

A self confessed wedding junkie since the age of 13, Maggie Lord loves the romance and beauty of weddings. Passionate about the rustic style and eager to share her discoveries and ideas while planning her lakeside wedding at her family’s summer cabin in Northern Wisconsin she started blogging. Now has become the number one online resource for rustic & country weddings. In addition to being the editor of Rustic Wedding Chic, Maggie is also a contributing author for various other online and print publications and is sought after as an expert on rustic & country weddings.

Maggie is the author of Rustic Wedding Chic, the book, and a contributing writer for DIY Wedding Magazine.