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{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Lace Coverlets, Capelets, Jackets, & Shrugs for Under $100

Winter brides still want to look beautiful while staying warm, right? This week we’re focusing on  beautiful lace boleros, shrugs, and capelets for brides who choose to say “I do” in colder temperatures. We’re using the BHLDN first light capelet, which sells for $150, as our “Can’t Afford It” ideal. Our alternatives will cost under $100.


First Light Capelet ($150 at BHLDN)


Ivory Short Sleeve Lace Wedding Bolero Jacket Shrug ($49.99 at Alex Bridal via Etsy)

Bridal White Lace Bolero Jacket ($82 at Angelina Design via Etsy)

Short Sleeve Tulle Jacket with Lace Embroidery ($99 at David’s Bridal)

Short Sleeve Lace Jacket ($79 at David’s Bridal)

Sweeping Waltz Capelet ($48.99 at Ruche)

Mandarin Collar Lace Bolero ($69.99 at Tulip Bridal)

Admittedly, a little lace won’t keep you warm. But it’s pretty… and pretty necessary in the winter. Any BABs out there find a super cute coverlet they’d like to share? (P.S. Send your “CAI/GOI” requests to!)

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} A Faux Fur Winter Cover-Up For Under $150

A change in wedding plans means this bride is on the hunt for some new wedding accessories…

I love reading the Can’t Afford It/Get Over It feature, and I would love to see something on winter cover-ups!  I am getting married on December 15th in Los Angeles, and wearing the Avila Bay from Dolly Couture. We were originally getting married in May so I wasn’t worried about being cold, but now that we are having a winter wedding I’m not sure what would go with it to keep me warm. The weather here at that time of year is usually in the 50’s, so I won’t need a coat but I will need a sleeve (and I have taken a liking to faux fur shrugs, but I’m not sure how it would look). Help!

This was a unique challenge for me to take on. I wasn’t sure sure if you want to keep it all white or add a pop of color. Personally I wanted pops of color in the mix, so just in case you’re like me, I gave you both options.


A cover-up for the Avila Bay Dress


Coast Eliana Faux Fur Cover Up (£75 at House of Fraser)

Satin Mid-Length Cape with Faux Fur Trim ($125 at David’s Bridal)

Heartfelt Comfort Jacket ($64.99 at Ruche)

Eliza J Collared Faux Fur Bolero ($138 at Nordstrom)

Calvin Klein Faux Rabbit Fur Jacket ($138 at Zappos)

Vince Camuto Faux-Fur Jacket ($132 at Dillard’s)

With so many faux fur options, the biggest challenge will be picking a style. What will it be? Anyone else have a great suggestion to throw in the mix?

DIY Or DIE: A Broke-Ass Bolero

(Get to know more about Joy, our newest team member and DIY goddess, here and here!)

When I saw the last weather forecast right before our wedding I freak out! — RAIN, and wind!! Ohh NO! my dress and the first handmade wedding bolero I made (which was short-sleeved) were not ready for that.  So instead of scream and pull my hair out, I ran to the thrift store and got two sweaters for $3.00 and got to work. I bought a brown and an off white sweater to see how they will look, but since I liked the first one so much, I didn’t even bother to make the second one.

I love boleros so much, not just for weddings but for all occasions, specially the knitted ones, it makes for a unique wedding look to add to your dress. But without time or money to knit one for yourself, this can be a pretty good alternative.


So to make this beauty you will need:

– Any sweater
– thread and needle
– pins

First cut the sweater across, right below the sleeves, and also right above the bottom hem.  You will be using the bottom part to make the edge of the bolero.

After that remove the middle piece and cut the front of the sweater open.  You will be using just the back and the sleeves. — and a very important step:  Make sure your dog does not fall a sleep on your working area :)

Once that’s ready you have to pin the bottom edge of the sweater around the neck, sleeves and all the way to the back (see detail below). Try it on without sewing the edge first, so you can test if you need to set the edge right on the cut area or a little bit deeper for fit.

After that sew the edges together, you can do that by hand or on a sewing machine with the zig-zag stitch.

After that you are ready to rock your very own up-cycled bolero.

I made mine in long sleeve and wore it late at night at the reception. I wish I could have had more time to wear it, but with a pair of jeans and a top it looks awesome! I did that one night on our honeymoon :)

Hope this little project helps someone just like me (that freak out over a change or weather) or just anyone that want a cute, easy and budget friendly bolero!

What did you do to stay warm on your wedding night?