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Get Inspired: Glitzy, Vintagey, Eclectic Backyard Wedding

These summer nights sitting under twinkly lights at the local watering hole, kicking back with my favorite people and basking in the love and friendship around me had me majorly inspired to dream up a pretty backyard wedding inspiration board. A beautiful, light gown paired with muted and understated earrings and a simple headband. Eclectic table accents include a sparkly runner and a lacy blue runner to highlight the varied tableware patterns and colorful glassware with proper amount of gold and color to delight and luxuriate.

Broke-Ass Hacks:

Varied and gorgeous serveware and dishes can often be found for uber cheap at thrift or secondhand stores, and you can re-donate when you’re done. The table runners and paper lanterns easily translate into home decor items … or you can pass them on to a bride you know who would enjoy them for her wedding.

outdoor wedding inspo.jpg

Chinese Lanterns, Luna Bazaar | “Aurelia” Hoop Earrings, Ruche | “Marvelous Maven” Heel in Mint, ModCloth | “Inside Out” Bowl, Anthropologie | Sequin Table Runner in Gold, Koyal Wholesale | “A Lace for Everyone” Table Runner, ModCloth | “Mira” Gown, BHLDN | Brass Flora Indie Headband, Ruche

What do you think of a pretty, intimate wedding under the stars with your nearest and dearest?

{Real Bride: Carrie} Veggie Tales: A Vegetarian Bride’s Revenge!

I’m about to tell you something you might find shocking.  But hold onto your hats, because our wedding is going to be a….MEAT FREE ZONE!

That’s right folks!  I am a longtime vegetarian and Zach rarely eats meat nowadays.  So we won’t be serving anything that used to breathe and have eyeballs at our wedding.  I think a lot of our non-vegetarian friends and family members are surprised we’re doing this.  But really, even if we were hiring a caterer, I wouldn’t want to pay for people to eat in a way I don’t believe in.  Because we’re cooking all the food ourselves, of course we’re not going to serve meat.  I don’t even know how to cook it!

I hope that people aren’t upset about not eating meat and I really hope they enjoy our food.  If it forces them to try something new, then good!  Maybe some will realize that it is possible to eat a satisfying and delicious meal without meat.  Maybe some will freak out and slam burgers before they come.  I don’t really care.  At least we’ll be showing off our values (and our mad cooking skills, hopefully) on our wedding day!As a side note, I have been to several weddings at which vegetarian options were not even offered!  Both times the couple knew that a few guests were veggie, but I don’t know if it slipped their minds or they just didn’t care.  Last time my friend and I (the only two vegetarians) couldn’t even eat the salad or pasta salad because both had bacon in them!  We ate only bread and potatoes and thus got extra drunk and rowdy with no food in our stomachs.

Vegetarian taco bar! (Photo source:

Maybe I have a slight vendetta, but after not being able to eat at weddings I’ve been invited to, I am super pumped to turn the tables on everyone and not serve any meat!  I promise that the food will be delicious and that there will still be lots of protein (beans, guacamole) and cheese (we’re not vegan).

Is it crazy to have a totally-veggie reception?  Do you think people will freak out or enjoy the food?  Have you ever been invited to a wedding you couldn’t eat at?


{Real Bride: Carrie} We FINALLY Picked A State…AND A Venue!

Remember my state debate from this post?  Well, here’s the follow-up…

Time was ticking away.  More and more people kept asking me if we had set a date yet, as their calendars were booking up for next summer.  My online search for an affordable spot in California was proving fruitless.  More than anything, we just wanted to decide on a place and set a date so that we could give people enough advance notice in this over-scheduled day and age.

So, after much discussion, we made the decision I somehow knew in my gut we would make all along:

We’re getting married in Arizona!

After examining all factors, we decided that having our wedding at Zach’s parents’ house in northern Arizona would allow us the most freedom to DIY and be the most affordable, despite the cost of renting tables and chairs.  We talked to his parents about the idea and they were thrilled!  They’re happy for an excuse to do more work on the house and give some of their relatives an extra reason to come visit.  We’re happy because we know there’s lots of fun stuff for our guests to do in the area, and the hotels are affordable.

I’m already drawing inspiration from gorgeous photos of backyard weddings.  The mission now is to turn this:

into this:

Source: Young House Love


It’ll be a challenge but I think we can do it!  I’m so excited to dance the night away under the gorgeous Arizona stars!

Did anyone else have an at-home backyard wedding?  Was it worth all the DIY work?

Real Wedding: Stacy & Marty’s Friend-Filled Backyard Bash

Stacy and Marty had a gorgeous backyard bash filled with swank and sweetness. Their community of friends rallied around them to help them pull it all off for less than $17, 000.

Name:  Stacy & Marty

Occupation: Tailor and director

Wedding location: Our backyard, Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills

Wedding Date: July 19, 2009

Budget: $17,000

How would you describe your wedding: A mix of civil and traditional of the above with a fun and humorous officiator.

What was your favorite part of your wedding? The ceremony and my backyard.

What did you splurge on? My dress, even though I got it on sample sale.

What did you save on? Food, flowers, rentals, location, DJ & décor, Coordinator, photography.

Was there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect? I would have gone with a different rental company. The guest chairs were old and dirty.  I was told that you get what you pay for in that department and that was true.

The one thing I regret the most was forgetting to thank the key friends that made my wedding possible in our speech, which were Ryan with Savior Flair and Laura with Beautiful Day Photography. I was too nervous and overwhelmed, but my wedding would not have been possible without those two women.

What was your biggest challenge in planning? Money & making a lot of the décor my self, while working a full-time job.

What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? It will never be perfect and listening to my wedding coordinator. She was right every time.

What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding? 

My wedding coordinator

Our pictures & photographer

How many friends and family love us and were so happy to help! Our friends were truly amazing help and willing to offer their services for free.

The music (all my own playlists from music library) also saved on DJ, because it was on my computer. We had a family member play the appropriate play lists at the appropriate times.

My dress!

My décor and that it was exactly the way I wanted it, because I did it myself (ok, that’s 6)

Top 5 least favorite? 

The guest chairs, I didn’t have a dance floor, it was the hottest day of the year, limited space, forgot to thank my dearest friends for their help during our speech.

What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received? I didn’t get any bad advice.

The best? I got all of the best advice from my wedding coordinator, and it was all good.  Also, to be in the moment, because the day goes so fast.

If you’ve been married for more than a year, what have been some challenges? Money.

Any other bits of wisdom? Get everything on sale, do it yourself and accept help from family & friends.

Budget Breakdown?*

Rings: $5,500, 24 Carat

Bride’s Attire: $2,300, R Mine Bridal 

Hair/Makeup: $300, friend

Groom’s Attire: $300, Men’s Wearhouse

Flowers, Decor: $650, Fiore Designs

Food: $1,850, Dawn Gallo / Easy Entertaining

Bar: $300, Bevmo

Cake: $400, Hansen’s

Rentals: $1,500, Queens

Lighting: $200, DIY

Backyard: $1,000, Oscar

Parking: $200

Wedding Party Gifts: $500

Stationery: $100

Officiant: $100

Photography: $500, Beautiful Day Photography

Bridal Consultant: $0, Saviour Flair (friend)

Total: $16,600.00

Congratulations, you two!

{Reader Request} Lacy Dresses

Help!  I recently got engaged and, while searching through a wedding dress look book, I absolutely fell in love with two Claire Pettibone dresses that are way out of my price range.  My fiance and I are planning an evening backyard ceremony and I love the look of the lace in these dresses.  I think it’s elegant without being too formal for our outdoor wedding.  I’m looking to spend around $750-$900.  Thanks in advance!

I think that I can help find a nice, slinky dress with lacy texture for you! What do you think of these?

Ann Taylor $895:

David’s Bridal $950:

David’s Bridal $549:

David’s Bridal, $600:

Etsy Seller WeddingDressFantasy $589
Hope these help!
-Dana F.

{Wedding Inspiration} Backyard BBQ

I’ve been vacationing in Colorado for the past week and the heat here has been killing us! It’s been way too hot to cook or eat indoors so we’ve been at the grill cooking up some bbq for the past four nights…. which got me to thinking: how amazeballs would a backyard bbq wedding be?!

Secretly, in the back of my mind I’ve been plotting out this wedding idea for years. Gather the neighbors, have dad throw some food on the grill and voila! Perfect wedding inspiration in my mind. Although I think my mom would just die if I told her that’s what I truly wanted. Anyways though, I think it makes for an adorable theme!

Have all of your bridesmaids pick out their favorite denim dress and neutral shoe and then accessorize with a bright pop of color! I love the idea of casual bridesmaids dresses and these are great because they come at all different price points and styles and can be worn again and again in the summer time!

As for the appropriate wedding dress? I’m pretty in love with this stunner from The Cotton Bride.

What do you think? Still very bridal feeling, but comfy and casual enough at the same time! And the bubble skirt? I LOVE it.

Set up a veggie bar so guests can choose which veggies they’d like to eat grilled, and serve up some lemonade and iced tea to cool off! I just love the way drinks look in big glass pitchers. I also love the look of wildflower bouquets. Keep it kind of messy and have fun with it! Invite your guests over for a bbq and have a surprise wedding! And, if you have a family recipe of something like bbq sauce, put it into jars and send guests home with it!

What do you think? Are you a casual enough bride that you could rock this bbq wedding or will you be going with something more formal that doesn’t require bibs and a plethora or napkins?