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Affiliate Disclaimer NewI am totally married and stuff, but I just realized I never filled you guys in on my amazing bachelorette party. For shame! My bestie/bridesmaid Adrienne went above and beyond and made it the perfect day. It’s such a fantastic feeling to know your friends just get you and want to celebrate with you.

I love sports. Other than the whole marrying Russel thing, my top 2016 moments were watching the Cavs win an NBA championship (I cried happy tears on June 19th … I did not cry on my wedding day), celebrating with 1,000,000 other Cleveland fans at their parade, and the Indians going to the World Series – we even got to attend games six and seven. (Let’s not talk about the results, okay??) So yeah, sports are a big part of my life. When it came time for my bachelorette party, Adrienne decided on a baseball game and a night on the town — AKA the best time ever for a girl like me. We have a minor league team right in Akron, so we got to keep it local, which was a huge bonus. No hotels, no major traveling for most of my girls and no trying to figure out which bars are the best, etc.

We started by meeting at my friend’s office before the game (shouts out Laura W.!) so we could hang out and I could open gifts. Her office is right across the street from the stadium, so it gave us a chance to meet up, plus there was free parking which was amazing. In case I haven’t mentioned it, my friends are legit and they got me so many amazing goodies. Shirts, koozies (I collect them), alcohol, gift cards, penis party favors galore, and two of the greatest items on planet earth — I am sure of it. My sister and her girlfriend turned a wooden bat into a Sh-Bat — basically a shotski but baseball style. It is the gift that keeps on giving, and any time I take it someplace, everyone loves it.


Adrienne, me and my sister/MOH Caty taking root beer moonshine shots. (Photo from me)

Adrienne got me my other favorite thing in the world — a Chambong. Champagne is my favorite beverage, and I had been wanting one forever. Yes, it is amazing in real life.

After our office shenanigans, we headed over the the ballpark. We had an entire section blocked off for us, and our tickets includes a buffet of amazing stadium food. We were also right next to the tiki bar in right field, so the drinks were flowing all evening. Two of my girlfriends volunteered to do ribbon dancing on the field between innings, we got bobbleheads…it was just fantastic all around.


Most of my ladies and Webster the mascot. (Photo from me)

Post-game, our shuttle took us to a festival with a live band and two bars that we love. I don’t remember much from the end of the night, so that must mean everything went according to plan, lol.

It really was a wonderful day, and I love that my girls and I are all in agreement on fun, low-key parties. Weddings are expensive enough without adding trips or other pricey activities to the mix, so we are all for keeping it local and cheap. Btw, if an out of town weekend is your thing, I totally get it. I love to travel and take girls trips, but that was the last thing I wanted to do in the weeks leading up to our big day. Everyone has to do what works for them, and my girls did exactly that.

How did you and your crew keep your bachelorette simple and sane?

  • 4/6

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewLucinda and her girls gear up for the bachelorette bash!

    Being a Broke-Ass Bride, with a similarly-minded circle of ladies, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a rocking bachelorette party. When my friends asked me a while ago what I wanted to do for my bachelorette, I was pretty stumped — like many major cities, Boston can be a pretty expensive place to have fun, and the last thing I wanted to do was to have my closest friends shell out a bunch of cashola for 24 hours of crazy-girl fun. They did a knock-out job of planning my bachelorette party, and we had a blast on a budget.  Here’s how they pulled it off:

    Local mani-pedis

    One of my ideas was some kind of “spa day,” nothing crazy, just painting some paws ‘n claws. We opted to stay close and get our nails done in the morning at our local salon before heading into the city, which made it a more affordable option.

    Split a big hotel room

    One of the girls found a good deal online when searching for hotels to stay at, and we got a suite at a really nice hotel in the fancy Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. With two large adjoining rooms, we had plenty of room to spread out and get ready for a night out on the town.


    I’m not one for typical bachelorette party shenanigans like, um, strip clubs or Chippendale dancers … just not my thing. However, I’m always up for a drag show!  After Mexican food for dinner, we headed to Jacques Cabaret in the theater district, which is a destination for birthdays and bachelorette parties like ours. Plus, tickets were only $10! We had an outrageous time watching the show (I highly recommend it if you’re in the area) and got some pictures with the drag queens afterwards.

    Drag show for Lucinda's bachelorette bash!

    After that, we headed to a nightclub for drinks and dancing, where I think we were the oldest people  in the club by several years … oops. We got there so early after the drag show that we practically had the whole place to ourselves and got to request our fave ’90s songs!

    It’s definitely doable to have a bachelorette party on the cheap but still have an amazing time, it just takes a little resourcefulness (but I think all of us Broke-Asses know that, right?).  I wouldn’t have asked for anything more, my bachelorette was perfect the way it was and I got to spend it with the gal pals who matter to me. We’re a crazy bunch!

    What did you get into for your pre-wedding shenanigans? Tell us in the comments!

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    landscape portrait

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  • 9/23

    Wow, Broke-Ass Brides and Grooms! My wedding is this Saturday, September 27th! On one hand, I entirely believe it, as I have been planning this day for almost a year. On the other hand, even with all the planning and wedding talk, it really snuck up on me. I will admit – I’m really over the idea of this wedding. I am ready to end…

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  • 9/4

    ATTN: All you maids of honor and best men! Wondering what to do for your bestie on their last big night of singledom? Well, if you're in the U.K., you can put your pretty little head to rest and hand over the responsibilities to Hangover Weekends. Specialising in planning for a hen and stag weekend in Newcastle, Nottingham and Brighton, Hangover Weekends takes control by…

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