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Happy Monday, darlings! I hope you all had a great, restful Turkey weekend. As per usual, the holiday shopping has been kicked into high gear, and since finding a killer bargain is essential to any Broke-Ass wedding, I’d be remiss if I neglected to share these awesome Cyber Monday deals with you. Since Black Friday was a mashup of all the things, Cyber Monday’s deals are concentrated on Weddingland. From dresses to bridal party gifts to freaking HONEYMOONS, there are deals like whoa in here. Happy shopping!

Cyber Monday Deals for Your Wedding Top row, l to r:

Take 25% off + free shipping on personalized gifts (like these awesome flasks for your groomsmen) at Things Remembered when you use code A130 at checkout.

Bedeck your gals with gorgeous baubles with up to 60% off at Stella & Dot’s flash sale!

Get wedding cards, photo books and guestbooks with Mixbook’s buy more save more deals, up to 55% off with code CYBER16.

Middle row, l to r:

Modcloth is one of our faves for affordable wedding attire, and everything on the site is 30% off with code CYBER16.

Save on honeymoon airfare and travel in serious style with Virgin America, where you can get up to 30% off.

Save your crew some cash and get their dresses from Rent the Runway (or get a killer engagement party dress for yourself). Save 30% on all rentals with code CM2016.

Bottom row, l to r:

From stationery to gifts and everything in between, get custom and awesome details from Zazzle for up to 70% off + 30% off sitewide with code CYBERMONSAVE.

Get your beauty on the pure way with 20 gifts from 100% Pure marked at just 10 each.

Save big on your honeymoon and book a romantic getaway at a Sandals resort.

  • 1/27

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewNow that January is now almost behind us, and those of you who recently got engaged are starting to get into the really-realz of wedding planning, let’s talk cash-money shall we? Figuring out your budget should be Priority No. 1 and might be super simple if you already have the dollarz on hand. If you don’t? Well, it’s time to get into savings shape. GYST (get your shit together) and make a plan so that you’re diligently putting aside the skrilla in a way that makes sense for you. Here are some of our Broke-Ass tried and true tricks to save a little coin without resorting to eating ramen all day, er’ry day (though we love ramen).

    1. Financial Planner

    NinjandNinj Financial Planner

    NinjandNinj Financial Planner Inside

    Get yo-self one. I, personally, love Etsy seller NinjandNinj’s financial planner because it’s compact, but not too compact, and covers a shit-ton of bases. It’s key for helping me track my finances, keep track of bills, know where I stand with credit cards and loans and see how close I am to my savings goals. There aren’t pre-filled months or dates, so you can literally start using it at any time. Plus, in the very back of the planner, there’s an envelope for cash to stash or if you’re doing an envelope-based spending plan.

    2. Penalize Yo-Self

    LittleLostButtonUSA Swear Jar

    Swear Jar Decal available from Etsy seller LittleLostButtonUSA

    Whether it’s for swearing (but what fun is that?), not working out, eating pizza more than once in a week or whatever, make a savings game out of your questionable habits. For every time you do or don’t do whatever pre-determined behavior, throw some moolah into the jar. To keep it lucrative set a minimum amount — $2 for every additional slice of pizza, $5 for blowing off your friends … whatever it may be. Then get a little boost of satisfaction for every time you stray. Win-win, right?

    3. Round Up

    Kaeselotti Unicorn Coin Purse

    Stash the leftovers in a cute purse like this one from Etsy seller kaeselotti.

    Similar to Real Bride Julie’s savings plan of using the difference between current gas prices and the prior year’s higher gas prices as the basis for incremental savings, rounding up to the nearest dollar amount and stashing the rest is a solid savings plan. Of course, it works best with cash, but it can be approached a few different ways — you can round up to the nearest dollar (so, say your latte was $3.26, you’d throw $.74 into savings) or you can round up to the next-closest note denomination (in the latte case, a $5, so you’d save $1.74). Do this every time you make a cash purchase and watch the savings accumulate in no time.

    4. Automatic Transfers / Withdrawals

    Digit Logo

    I’ve been using Digit, which moves teensy amounts of money from my checking account to a separate digital savings account, based on my bills, spending habits and the amount I have currently in my account. In the three or four months since I’ve been using Digit, the withdrawals have been as little as $.09 and as much as about $4, but the increments are generally so small I don’t even notice and that adds up quickly. The only drawback is that there is no interest, but that’s relatively minor when I’m just trying to get a leg up on savings to begin with. The whole thing is managed via text message, which I think is pretty rad — there’s no signing in or out of accounts and I can just send a text to see where my savings stand. Similarly, I have my Chase checking account set up to move $30 from checking to savings every month on a predetermined date. This setup accomplishes two things — one, it gives me a little boost in savings every month that I know must be in my checking and two, I avoid any maintenance fees on my accounts for having this set up. Check with your bank to see if they have any similar options.

    5. Get It To Go

    Superdraven To Go Container Charms

    Charms available from Etsy seller Superdraven

    If you tend to eat out a lot (no shame in that game), you know it can srsly add up like whoa. In my house, we’re also huge fans of not having to deal with shit after a long day of work, especially toward the end of the week when payday has hit and we’re tired af. So, natch, we order out with a fair amount of frequency. While we still usually leave a couple of dollars for the person who took the time to get the order ready (bartender, host, whomever), we save a pretty decent amount of money by not dining at the restaurant itself, mostly because we don’t tip on the whole bill as we would if we were to eat there. If you’re frequent diners out, consider switching it up and getting your grub to go and putting away the amount of money you would normally spend on the gratuity. If you eat out a couple-few times a week, this should start adding up quickly.

    6. Pack It Up, Pack It In!

    French Bull Lunch Box Trio from

    Lunch box trio set available at

    Similar to No. 5: Take your lunch! Man, I know, there are better small pleasures than escaping a hectic day at the office to nosh on one of your fave feasts for lunch, but really think about how much you’re spending if you eat out even three times during the workweek. On the low end, lunch might cost around $10, which — at three times per week — comes out to $120 per month. In wedding terms? That might be your shoes, veil, hair, makeup or gifts for your crew. In one month. Instead, get yourself a great little lunchbox, pre-pack your meal the night before and make sure you’re eating food that you enjoy. Hang on to that lunch money and revel in the sense that you’re probably eating healthier and saving money doing so.

    7. Use Rewards Programs

    ConfettiGirls Gold Star Confetti

    Who says you’re ever too old for a gold star? Confetti from Etsy seller ConfettiGirls.

    I’ve always been a little hesitant about rewards programs, because they seem to take FOR-EV-ER to add up and it seems like a lot of work for, well, not much return. That is until I started using Bing Rewards to earn points for every time I search (and y’all, I search A. LOT. It’s part of my job), and I saw the numbers just skyrocket. I ended up getting like $50 in gift cards within a few months — and let me tell you, you’ll spend a holy buttload of time searching for things when you’re planning your wedding. Make it count! Similarly, I diligently track our gas points when we shop at Kroger — because free gas, y’all — and carefully check Target’s Cartwheel app before I go shopping (which can be used in conjunction with Target’s REDCard, which saves 5% on every purchase). And at the end of all of it? I check Ibotta, an app that lets you unlock rebates (you have to answer a question for each rebate which is mildly annoying but, whatevs) at a bunch of different stores. Dude, that’s some money-saving all over the place.

    Have you come up with some handy ways to save some skrilla for your big day? Share in the comments!

  • 10/6

    And DONE with the JUS Cleanse!

    Way back when, in the early days of BAB, we had a series called Flab to Fab, which chronicled some health and weight loss tips that had worked for us. Those of you paying attention on Instagram a couple weeks ago might have noticed this pop up as a hashtag as I embarked on a three-day juice cleanse. Health, happiness and general badassery have always been a…

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    We love Minted -- we've always loved Minted -- because they have stunningly amazing stationery. But when we got word through a little birdie (in the form of an email from Minted) that they were launching Print-It-Yourself wedding stationery, we kind of died a little (in a good way). Because, you guys, this super affordable option to get the gorgeous designs Minted offers up without spending…

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  • 8/7

    BHLDN Rose Dress

    It's that time again, and I LOVE IT. Whenever our beloved BHLDN drops a new line, I spend hours ogling it and dreaming of beautiful brides twirling in their gowns ... and this line is no exception. Especially with the twirl factor. The dresses are so fluffy and flowy that given my druthers, I'd never, ever stop twirling. Ever. Inspired by fairytales but realistically affordable,…

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    Shark Cake Topper

    It's Shark Week! I tend to get really excited about it, but then the reality hits that I have cut the cable cord, so I have to be content with rewatching "Jaws" for the bajillionth time (SyFy's "Malibu Shark Attack" also comes into play ... but drinking games are totes necessary for that one). Nautical wedding themes are a thing (we all know that, right?),…

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    True & Co. Delano Racerback Bra

    Guys, let's talk about your unmentionables. I'm a firm believer that confidence and comfort in any outfit starts with the base -- your lingerie. It's so vitally important to have a bra and underwear that is comfortable, fits correctly and makes you feel schamazing. Because of this, I tend to be on an eternal hunt for beautiful little underthangs that get the job done while…

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  • 6/19

    Go-Glitter Heel || Five for Friday: Sparkly Shoes Under $150

    It's high time we had a #sparklez roundup around these parts, don't ya think? Gorgeously adorned shoes threaten to be a spotlight stealer on your wedding day ... or any day. Rhinestones, glitter, whatever. Make dem tootsies shine, yo! I wholly believe in investing a little money to get a decent pair of shoes, considering you'll be standing, walking and dancing in them for hours…

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