10/5 Real Bride Katie: Bride Brain Has Struck and It’s the Worst

Bride brain is a real thing, and I hate it.



I’m getting this post to our lovely BAB editor late {Eds Note: It’s OK. We still love her.}, after mentally reminding myself about a million times.

I open browser tabs and forget why I opened them.

giphy (1)


Any errands I have to run must come with full lists.

And last night, I caught myself trying to drink out of a glass that didn’t have any water left in it … more than once.



No matter how you slice it, weddings are stressful, and stress brings consequences. With so many things to do and so many bits of information swirling about in my brain, it’s hard to keep track and keep focused. I’ve found myself telling people things repeatedly, because I can remember that it’s important but I can’t remember that I already told them!

At every point in the planning process, but especially in the last couple weeks leading up to the wedding, it’s really important to take time to take care of yourself, whether it’s just a few deep breaths or a day off to relax. Try not to panic, and be gentle on yourself. I know I’ve cut, downgraded, or delegated several things in the past couple days because they just aren’t worth the stress at this point.

I’m focusing on the prize at the end: marriage!

…and maybe a little bit on that beachy honeymoon 😉

How have you been dealing with bride brain?

Katie is a Real Bride Contributor for The Broke-Ass Bride. She is also a lawyer, an actor, a creep, a burlesque performer, a stage manager, and a writer - and that's just the things she gets paid for! In the rare moments that she is off the clock, she enjoys reading, TV both trashy and legit, movies, and hanging out with her fiance, two cats, Pip and Muffin, and a rescued German Shepherd named Spark.