7/1 Hey Four-Eyes! Pump Up Your Bridal Look with Your Glasses

Hey, Broke-Asses, remember this teaser you saw on our social media pages? Well, the time has finally come!

rivet and sway teaser

As a two-decade member of the glasses-wearing community, I often struggle with whether to wear my specs or shove my contacts into my eyeballs. And there are a lots of times that I would really rather wear my glasses, but they just don’t quite go with what I’m wearing — and those times are usually fancier occasions. Granted, my glasses right now are in shambles — broken, smudged, scratched, taped and re-taped — so they aren’t really appropriate to wear anywhere except to the kitchen to get myself a beer. But if I did have a pair that was appropriate for an audience beyond that handsome guy of mine and my kitties, I’d rock the hell out of them.

Which got me thinking about wearing glasses with a wedding dress, and I immediately turned to the Internetz to see what I could dig up on the subject. And here’s the thing guys — brides in glasses is a relatively untouched subject when it comes to wedding world. Sure, there are a handful of photos out there, and even a couple of other blog posts, but it’s largely uncharted territory, especially when it comes to more formal looks and less Zooey Deschanel quirky-esque (but I looooooove her). You want to look good, I assume, and you don’t want to be blind. And there are a holy butt-ton of grooms in glasses. Also surprising was that BAB staffers all rock the specs, but we hadn’t broached this subject on the blog. Huh.

Challenge: Accepted. I got in touch with the now-defunct Rivet & Sway (who have joined up with Glasses.com — stay tuned at the bottom of the post for a killer offer) to find my inner glasses-wearing bridal beauty. As part of their former at-home try-on program, they worked with me to find five pairs that worked with my style preferences and noggin shape, then shipped me the frames.

With the help of Bliss Bridal Salon in Fort Worth and the unbelievably beyond amazing ladies at DFW-based photography studio The Purple Pebble, we tackled the idea of glasses as a bridal accessory — another pretty thing that just so happens to be super functional — for any bridal look.


Ball gowns and a bold frame with a subtle cat-eye? I felt so freaking glamorous in this look, even if the gown did weigh a bajillion pounds.




This Watters dress with the illusion neckline and gorgeous lace detailing was like a a pillowy cloud for my body. I’ve never worn something so gorgeous and so comfortable at the same time. And the green tortoise-shell glasses were a perfect complement for a garden party-inspired look. GUYS: I would get married in all of this, and I’m pretty sure I told my cohorts that at least 15 times. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so comfortably gorgeous in my life.



The girls at The Purple Pebble got in on the action, too, since we all have different body and face shapes. As much as I would have loved to try on ALL THE GOWNS, in the interest of keeping it real, I was stoked to have their help.


Isn’t Ally adorable? These more streamlined frames worked to add a little extra oomph and perfectly complemented the lacy, curve-hugging trumpet gown she rocked.



Megan’s look is so classically retro with the lace sleeves, the adorable fascinator and tortoise shell glasses. And homegirl rocked the hell out of it!




For a more modern look, I was squeezed into a strapless sheath with purple undertones and a big purple sash to match the wire-rimmed purple frames and topped off with a beaded ribbon and fingertip veil for my ‘do. Man, this look had a legit va-va-voom factor going on!




I had so much fun with these two and the whole experience in general.

Whether contacts just aren’t an option for you for whatever reason, or you legitimately feel more comfortable and “you”-ish in your specs, that doesn’t mean you’re relegated to the same ol’ pair on your wedding day. I mean, all the rest of you is going to be a more stylized version of your normal self, so why shouldn’t your peeper pals?

So, how do you find the specs that’ll make you feel extra special? Glasses.com has a really rad 3D virtual app that allows you to virtually try on prospective frames and a rockin’ team of stylists to help you find the right look. Think about this: You could go get your hair and makeup trial done, and then go home to “try on” frames that will complement your wedding day look. That’s pretty freaking cool, and super helpful, since you won’t be left guessing if it all works together.

Glasses.com, whose frames range from about $60 all the way up to $500 designer brands, also offers free lenses (!!!!) and a 30-day money back guarantee — so if you’re not quite stoked with how they look when you’re all dolled up, send ’em back to exchange for another pair. And if you’ve shopped with Rivet & Sway and were devastated when they shuttered, Glasses.com is currently offering any Rivet & Sway customers $25 off any order over $100. Because they’re awesome like that.

I’d like to throw out a super huge thanks to Wendy at Bliss Bridal Salon and Michelle, Ally and Megan at The Purple Pebble (Hey DFW-area Broke-Asses, Megan and Ally have prices that are pretty BAB-friendly. You should probably check them out.)


Also, a super duper huge shoutout goes out to my girl Liz who was super sweet and transported my non-driving ass to Fort Worth for this adventure.

Will you be wearing your glasses on your wedding day? 

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