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Have you seen BHLDN’s Fall 2015 line yet? Well, you should get on that because, as always, it is gorgeous! Today’s CAI/GOI request is from reader Kyla, who emailed us looking for some help finding a dress similar to BHLDN‘s Valentina gown, from the Spring 2015 collection. Oh, the ruffles on the back of that gown! What an unexpected surprise as you walk down the aisle!

A handful of the gowns below are designed by Badgley Mischka, same as the Valentina, so it makes sense that they share similar qualities. I tried to focus on the ruffled back, and I think a couple of my suggestions come pretty darn close, with others showing different takes on the ruffled look. Enjoy!

Can't Afford ItBHLDN Valentina frontBHLDN Valentina backValentina Gown By Badgley Mischka (Style: 34450551), $1,000 at BHLDN

Get Over ItBadgley Mischka Collection Iridescent Strapless Ruffle Gown ShopBopBadgley Mischka Collection Iridescent Strapless Ruffle Gown (Style: BADGA30009), $695 at Shopbop

Tony Bowls Evenings Sleeveless Organza Ruffle Evening Gown edressmeTony Bowls Evenings Sleeveless Organza Ruffle Evening Gown (Style: TBE21517), $558 at eDressMe

Badgley Mischka ivory stretch jersey draped open back evening gown blueflyBadgley Mischka Ivory Stretch Jersey Draped Open Back Evening Gown (Style: 359226601), $349 at Bluefly

Anjolique Wedding Dresses Style- 2165 ruffle backAnjolique “In Stock” Wedding Dress from Fall 2010 (Style: 2165), only available in an ivory size 14, $499.50 at

Mikado Gown with Ruffle BackSAMPLE Mikado Gown with Ruffle Back (Style: AI10030248), $248.48 at David’s Bridal

Badgley Mischka Collection Strapless Ruffle Gown shopbopBadgley Mischka Collection Strapless Ruffle Gown (Style: BADGA30010), $627 at Shopbop

Chiffon Wedding Gown with Ruffle Detail and LaceChiffon Wedding Gown with Ruffle Detail and Lace (Style: MB3491), $299.99 at David’s Bridal

After Six Wedding Dress 1039 ruffle trainAfter Six Wedding Dress (Style: 1039), $435 at The Dessy Group

Badgley Mischka Deep V-Back Pleated GownBadgley Mischka Deep V-Back Pleated Gown (Style: 8569365), $555.99 at

Sleeveless Chiffon Dress with Ruffled Back Detail Davids BridalSleeveless Chiffon Dress with Ruffled Back Detail (Style: F15530), comes in white and ivory, $159.95 at David’s Bridal

Those are some elegant gowns! That last dress is a bridesmaid’s dress, but comes in white and ivory and is SO close to looking like the Valentina gown. Confession: I have seen a real-life non-model wear that dress as her wedding gown and it was seriously beautiful. And Hellooooo, it’s also the cheapest option. Bonus points for saving beaucoup bucks on your wedding gown and looking hot while doing it!

Well Kyla, what do you think? Is there a Valentina look-alike in the bunch that works for you? Please let us know!

Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you.

*As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.
  • 8/20

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    This summer has been nonstop. I finished my spring semester graduate class in mid-May, then jumped into wedding mode full-time (on top of full-time employment). The wedding was at the end of June, then honeymoon, then three days after we got back I started an accelerated six-week summer semester. We rehabbed my apartment, got a new dog and un-rehabbed the apartment until the dog is done potty-training (I want my beautiful new cream rug back!). And all of the Thank You notes! I’m ready for a nap again just thinking about it. So in the spirit of reducing stress, I thought I’d share today a few of the things I am SO glad I did during the month before the wedding that made my life so much better/easier/happier.

    1. Bought my own makeup. I know not everyone has an incredibly talented make-up artist for a friend (the beautiful and amazing YouTuber Sarah Rocksdale), but even if I had gone with a MUA-for-hire, I would have bought a lot of my own products. I went to Sephora and tested a LOT of foundations, concealers, and powders, and ended up with the one that had been most recommended already – Makeup Forever HD Foundation, the Photo Finish powder, and the most miraculous elixir on the planet, the Skin Equalizer primer in Green. I have very ruddy, sensitive skin, and my friends gasped in amazement as I went from flushed to normal white girl in mere seconds. And did I mention my skin was sensitive? I was able to wear all my products for a few weeks before the wedding to make sure nothing broke me out. And even better, I can recreate my wedding look any time I want now that I own all my own products! It still cost me about what I would have paid someone to buy all the products (total, along with concealer, new mascara, and blobby sponge applicator thing, around $200), and I definitely don’t have the same skill in application that Sarah does, but I’ll get to have fun with makeup many more times over the next year.
    1. Splurged on a few things for myself, last minute. So not only did I end up spending $40 more on a new veil (which ended up being one of my favorite parts of my wedding look), but I also splurged on a few other things that made me feel awesome. I know we’re Broke-Asses, but it felt really good to treat myself after months of scrimping and saving toward vendor bills. Though I already had an old, serviceable pair, I got some killer new Spanx for under my wedding dress (that I actually have ended up wearing often since the wedding). I also bought a sexy black dress that makes me feel like a million bucks, and a new cross-body purse that’s just the right size for traveling, both for the honeymoon. Though I didn’t NEED these things, they bring back happy memories everytime I use or wear them. And because I love them, I use and wear them a lot!
    1. Bought a custom address stamp. Etsy has hundreds of adorable designs, in any font imaginable. I found one in a font that was pretty close to the one I used on my wedding invitations, with some pretty little flourishes. It was a HUGE timesaver for both the response card envelopes and our Thank You notes, and added a little something extra to the overall look of the envelopes. Pro tip though: Stamp a test envelope to make sure the ink doesn’t smear! Even though it claimed to be quick-drying ink, I found the envelopes needed about 20 minutes to dry before they were ready to be handled.
    1. Speaking of Thank You cards, I started off writing them as soon as I started getting gifts. While things got a little crazy toward the end and I fell behind, I was so so relieved to have a portion out of the way when I got to the bulk of them after the wedding. Also, Target has some really great designs right now — just sayin’.
    1. Paid for things on a points credit card. Obviously I advocate for responsible credit card use, but everything I could pay for with a credit card during the wedding planning process, I used a points card on. Now that the honeymoon is over and all the final bills are coming in, I just paid myself back a couple hundred bucks!
    1. Stopped looking at wedding blogs and Pinterest about six weeks before the wedding (with the exception of The Broke-Ass Bride, of course). I deleted, unsubscribed, unliked and unfollowed anything to do with dresses, accessories, and décor so I would stop comparing my final decisions to other people’s weddings, and also stop coming up with new ideas that I’d have neither time nor money to do. At that point, my wedding was the way it was, and I had to accept that. I DID keep reading think pieces from other brides, though, as they helped me realize I was not alone in my stress.
    1. Listened obsessively to Pandora and screenshot every song I might remotely want played at my wedding. When it came time to meet with our DJ, I was able to quickly assemble a very long list for him of songs I absolutely loved. Not only did he find it incredibly helpful for building the rest of our playlist, but I found myself really excited about which song was going to come on next during our reception.
    1. Took private dance lessons from a Groupon. I grew up dancing ballet, but I have two left feet when it comes to partner dancing. My fiance wasn’t too thrilled about dancing in front of a crowd either, so we hopped on Groupon and found a deal for three private lessons. Many studios offered First Dance packages for around $400, but our lessons were $75 and just enough to give us confidence on the dance floor.
    1. Wore my wedding shoes all the time around the house to break them in. Oh, and they’re low wedges. Self-explanatory, and best decisions I ever made. I did get horrible blisters, but that’s only because I danced my butt off.
    1. So this technically wasn’t more than an hour before the wedding, and my fiance came up with this idea, but it was too good to not include. He gave our digital camera to a close (re: responsible) family friend and asked her to take pictures on it throughout the night. She gave it back to us at the end of the reception, so we were able to flip through some really great photos in our hotel room without having to wait and see what other guests decided to upload on social media.


    For those married BABs, was there anything you were absolutely thrilled you did on your wedding day? Tell us in the comments!

    Elissa Stooker
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