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Our first official wedding correspondence is going out in a week or two (as soon as I get around to DIY-ing them) — our Save the Dates. Everyone we’re close to knows that we’re getting married. It shouldn’t be a secret or surprise to anyone when they arrive in the mail. It’s also not as if our wedding and getting married doesn’t already seem real; my dress is ordered, our venue is secured, our photographer is booked.

For some reason, sending out the Save the Dates brings up another wave of the “I can’t believe this is really happening” feeling all over again. I will be both relieved and anxious to drop these bad boys in the mailbox.

Relieved because that’s another thing to cross off the to-do list (or Trello board, which is what I’ve been using to stay organized but that’s a topic for another day). Anxious because other people are officially involved now — people we love and care about. In other words, elopement is off the table, and there’s no going back now.

I love wedding planning. I am a solid decision-maker. I am convinced that we are going to have a lovely wedding, and our friends and family will have a wonderful evening. With that being said, there have definitely been a few times where I look at this production we’re creating (albeit a relatively casual one) and think how much easier it would be to run away with my fiance and go somewhere, anywhere, and get married alone and scrap the whole thing.

But alas, we’re definitely past the point of no return now, and the Save the Dates simply solidify that. From here on out, friends and family are making plans, preparing to attend and we’re preparing to be the centers of attention which is neither of our favorite places to be. Not to mention, it would absolutely devastate my parents, and I’m confident my future parents-in-law as well.

Our Save the Dates will be on burgundy and kraft brown card stock that we’re purchasing from a local store called Broadway Paper, a rubber stamp from Etsy and some undetermined doodads from Joann Fabrics. We have jute string and ivory lace and we haven’t decided which we’re using yet. I purchased gold and black ink pads as well. I’m looking forward to sharing photos with all of you, dear readers, once they’re completed, hopefully next weekend!

Have any of the other BAB’s out there felt this way about their Save the Dates?

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