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You guys. I’m getting married this weekend. In fact, by the time you’re reading this, I may already be married and suffice it to say, I AM ALL OF THE EXCITE. The DIYs are done. The booze is bought. All I have left to do is zip up that dress and marry the love of my life.

In the style of silly tradition, several of my favorite ladies ushered me into the world of the wedded with a bachelorette party for the ages last weekend. Being that I’ve always had far more guy friends than girl friends, this old standby left me a little nervous. “Please no penises. Please no penises. Please no … wait, is it actually ‘penii’? Either way, please none of them,” I thought. I should have known my bestie would do right by me, but the giddiness really set in when I found the second-most exciting dress of my bride-to-be journey.

landscape portrait

“Hey, I thought this was the Broke-Ass Bride! That dress looks expensive!” Well, in another world, this to-die-for Kate Spade sparkledress was totally spendy, but in some broke-ass brilliance fashion, the borrowed dress was a whopping $30 from Rent The Runway. I was gifted a sweet $50 promo-code hookup and managed to snag the earrings as a bonus. Sparklez for days, y’all.

UPS dropped off the garment bag the Friday before the party and all I had to do was wear it, then swap out the pre-paid shipping label and drop it off by noon the following Monday. No muss, no fuss, just a lot of feeling fabulous and mugging for the camera.

pizza party

As a lover of glitz, I knew I was going to have a great night, even though bachelorette parties aren’t really my “thing” … or so I thought. Part of me had been dragging my feet, muttering about gender stereotypes and societal expectations and wondering why these were even still a thing and if I could invite dudes. What I got was a killer reminder that, #duh, I know some really amazing women and I don’t celebrate with them nearly enough. Everyone came together using their respective skills and talents to make it a fun and totally creative night with plenty of quirks and inside jokes … including this glorious example of intentionally bad Photoshop that I will keep forever and display at my wedding.

Wine and picture

I’ve struggled a lot with trends and tradition in this process, but I’ve come to realize that “tradition” hasn’t ever let me down. A lot of things, including the bachelorette party, have been … call it “modified traditional” and it just works. Going for an all-out, no-boys-allowed party gave me the opportunity to re-learn why I love these women so much, but just like literally everything wedding-related, you can do whatever you damn well please if it works for you.

I’m not telling you how to live your life, but I am going to tell you to celebrate. Celebrate everything! Even if it’s just a happy high-five, celebrate every little mundane moment of your love because this is it. This is forever and it’s freaking beautiful. Congratulations, everybody! Now I’m gonna go marry the love of my life. See you when I’m married!

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    MagicCityDesigns get Shit Done Mug

    A little daily caffeine-filled reminder never hurt. From Etsy seller MagicCityDesigns

    Big revelation this week for me: I’m not the only person getting married! After all the stress of the last few weeks, I finally managed to download all my pondering, worries, and tasks to El Fiance.

    BABs: Top Tip for a stress-free wedding is INVOLVE YOUR PARTNER!

    I know it can be tempting to take it all on ourselves, to feel that if you want a job done you have to do it yourself (and maybe assisted by Maids) but the reality is that you’re getting married to someone that you can trust. What’s the point of making vows around doing everything together until you’re dead, if they can’t shoulder the burden of planning the thing with you?

    After making a spreadsheet of tasks, and then sending them to the boy, we have managed to:

    1) Buy two-thirds of all the wine we need
    2) Decide on and confirm with the registry office all of the song choices, readings and wording for the ceremony
    3) Finish sending out all the invites
    4) Order the cheese board

    Mad progress.

    A note on cheese:

    I thought long and hard about having a cheese wedding cake (as in, stacked wheels of cheese to resemble a traditional wedding cake). But the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it was form over function. You end up with one huge block of cheddar on the bottom, and a tiny amount of goat cheese at the top. And who wants that? I want huge hunks of cheese of all kinds. Hopefully my guests do too — because that’s what they’re getting.

    Till next time BAB’s and BAG’s,

    Am Dram Bride, out.

    Emma Watkins
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    milwaukee historic third ward by ron cogswell

    Ah, wedding style. I feel like choosing a wedding style is similar to choosing a major in college. From starting college as a graphic design major, then a social services major (I was gonna save the world!), then finally graduated in interior design. Today I work in web development, so -- just goes to show you that where you start out, is rarely where you finish.…

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    Warning! This post contains a whole lot of spreadsheet-based nerdery! For so many couples, the hardest part of wedding planning is choosing the guest list. Do you want your event to be small, intimate gathering, or do you want to share with all your friends and family? Is Mom going to make you invite that cousin you forgot you even had? Can you invite your…

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    Macy's Adrianna Papell Sleeveless Lace Mermaid Gown

    Oh, guys, Macy's has a wedding shop. Did you know? No? Well, you're welcome. I stumbled upon it last week while browsing -- read, mindlessly shopping (as one does) -- and quite literally squealed in delight (and scared the cats) when I found it. BABs, She of the Beautiful Beads -- Adrianna Papell -- and He of the Clean Lines -- Ralph Lauren -- make…

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    Before I had a ring on my finger, I had a pretty good hunch that I'd sew my wedding dress. An avid sewer, my Mom made her wedding dress in the early '70s when she married my Dad, and I always admired her choice to do so instead of buying something from a boutique. Granted, the wedding scene is a bit different today than it was almost 40…

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    Coming Soon to a TV Near You!

    Guys, I've been sitting on this news for over 2 years now, and I'm SO THRILLED to finally get to share our secret. This fall, FYI network will be airing a 2-episode Broke-Ass Bride TV special!  (It actually experienced a commando airing last Sunday morning, too. And if you are here because you saw that show ... WELCOME!) But the fancy official premiere will be…

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        But seriously, right? Print via Etsy seller Mooredor Creations Let me start this off by saying I don’t think you need to be any particular size to be a beautiful bride. I don’t think that a number on a scale always denotes your overall health. Beautiful, healthy brides (and grooms) come in all shapes and sizes and ultimately, how you look on the…

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