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Affiliate Disclaimer NewAhoy! Today’s CAI/GOI request comes from reader Meredith, who commented on this post for some help finding a gown similar to Modern Trousseau’s “Sailor.” Meredith says:

“I love everything about the the Modern Trousseau Sailor gown, the trumpet shape, the beautiful lace, but it is waaay out of my price range! Can you suggest any good alternatives in the $1,700 and under range?”

I sure can, Meredith! The “Sailor” gown features a classic fit-and-flare silhouette, embroidered tulle, a sweetheart neckline, and chapel train. I searched for similar strapless fit-and-flare or trumpet gowns, with embroidery or lace. Let’s check them out!

Can't Afford ItModern Trousseau Sailor GownModern Trousseau “Sailor” Gown, $4,360

Get Over ItLace Overlay Charmeuse Wedding Dress with Train at David's BridalLace Overlay Charmeuse Wedding Dress with Train (Style: SWG400), $958 at David’s Bridal

Exquisite Strapless Wedding Dress by Etsy seller LaceMarryExquisite Strapless Wedding Dress, $341 by Etsy seller LaceMarry

Leigh Gown at BHLDNLeigh Gown By Eddy K (Style: 39250873), $1,600 at BHLDN

Truly Zac Posen Strapless Lace Wedding Dress at David's BridalTruly Zac Posen Strapless Lace Wedding Dress (Style: ZP341636), $1,458+ at David’s Bridal

Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress “Levi” Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress, $504.62+ by Etsy seller weddingdesire

Georgia Gown from Kennedy Blue“Georgia” Gown, $1,499 at Kennedy Blue

Strapless Mermaid Wedding Gown with Gold Lace at David's BridalStrapless Mermaid Wedding Gown with Gold Lace (Style: SWG605), $999.99+ at David’s Bridal

Lace wedding dress by Etsy seller ELDesignStudioLace wedding dress, $799.99+ by Etsy seller ELDesignStudio

MacClare by David Tutera for Mon Cheri BridalMacClare by David Tutera for Mon Cheri Bridal (Style: 114274), $1,460 at edressme

Truly Zac Posen Tulle Mermaid Wedding Dress at David's BridalTruly Zac Posen Tulle Mermaid Wedding Dress (Style: ZP341419), $899.99 at David’s Bridal

Double Layer Lace Wedding Dress by Etsy seller LaceMarryDouble Layer Lace Wedding Dress, $457 by Etsy seller LaceMarry

Shea Gown from BHLDNShea Gown By Eddy K (Style: 38020517), $1,260 at BHLDN

Mia Gown from Kennedy Blue“Mia” Gown, $1,399 at Kennedy Blue

What do you think, Meredith? Do any of these “Sailor” look-alikes have you dropping anchor (yep, I went there) on your dream gown? We’d love to hear about your dress decision in the comments! Good luck, and happy shopping!

Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you. Please be aware, though, that because you guys love this column so much, we can often build up quite the queue and it may be a while before we can get to your dream dress. Rest assured, though, Team Broke-Ass is on the case!

*As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.
  • 9/14

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewOkay. So. We’ve been planning this shindig for like 14 months. That’s a long time (haha, just kidding … every bride-to-be know that shit flies by SO quickly). But in the real world, it really is a long time to plan one event. I cannot tell you how many individual decisions we’ve made, nor how many obstacles we’ve had to overcome. Russel and I are both pretty laid back by nature, so if we run into a problem, we just figure out how to fix it. We’ve had no freak outs, no Bridezilla moments, etc. We’re a little over two weeks from the big day, so isn’t RIGHT NOW the perfect time for me to have my first meltdown?? Of course!

    Etsy Echoroad Bridechilla T-ShirtT-shirt available from Etsy seller echoroad

    It starts with my dress. I love my dress. LOVE IT. I went to two shops and tried on about 10 or so total (I would guess). At the first store, I really liked two of them, but I didn’t love either. At the second store, I tried THE dress on last, and knew it was perfect. I had that bubbly, happy, euphoric feeling, even as the consultant was swiping my credit card at checkout. It felt like such a huge weight had been lifted, especially because I put off this very big, important decision until basically the last possible minute. That’s obviously a whole other story. So anyway. I love my dress, but it is rather … unique. I don’t want to spill all the details on the off chance Russel decides to read this. What I can say that it is making finding the right bra IMPOSSIBLE.

    Let us list the reasons it’s impossible.

    1. It has straps, but they are very thin. I knew going in that I could not wear a normal bra. Okay, no big deal. Who wears a normal bra on their wedding day? I am guessing hardly anyone.
    2. The back makes wearing a traditional strapless bra unfeasible. Kind of a bigger deal, but back when I bought the dress, it didn’t seem insurmountable. My mom, bridesmaid Adrienne, the shop consultant and I discussed it and figured I’d be able to find a solution.
    3. One of those solutions was sewing cups into the dress. We all agreed it could be a good option. Including the consultant … who worked there. So when I went in for my first fitting and the seamstress told me that their cups only go up to a size B, well LOL. That would have been fantastic to know. My boobs are effing huge, people. Like way too big. But there is not much I can do about them, so yeah … B cups are not gonna work. Even with cups, I am not sure it would offer quite enough support, thin-strapped dress and all.
    4. Okay. So now I know I need a strapless bra that is either backless, or has a very low one. Those exist, right? Yes. They do. I know that they do because I have now purchased four different options and tried on about 10 others — all without success, of course. Take it from me: the chicken cutlets and other stick-ons aren’t going to work if you have big chesties. And all of those low back bustiers or corsets? They aren’t going to come in your size, either.

    So here we are. Two weeks out and I am braless. I still haven’t done my final dress fitting because my seamstress (not the one at the store, btw — hated her) wants me to wear the actual undergarments I will be wearing on my wedding day. Which makes total sense, obviously. But I don’t own them yet. So yes, the meltdown has commenced. I now spend all my free time scouring the Interwebz looking for something — ANYTHING — that might work. I also spend every other day shopping in real stores, trying to find The One. Note to retailers and manufacturers: girls with boobs bigger than a D cup would love to have shapewear and strapless bras that fit them. Hell, I don’t even mind modifying something if I have to, which is starting to look like my only option.

    So if anyone needs me, I’ll be huddled over my phone or computer or popping in and out of shops all over Northeast Ohio and also having panic attacks in my car between stores.

    PS sorry this post was such a downer! But it feels good to vent, I must admit.

    Do you have any bra leads? What caused your Meltdown Moment? Share in the comments!

  • 9/13

    DIY or DIE arbor decoration

    We love a good paper project, especially when that project can easily, beautifully and affordably replace a more expensive floral decoration. We're huge fans of paper flowers as a broke-ass decor option, but that's far from the only paper decoration option. For this project, made with the Cricut Explore Air machine for Cricut’s Wedding Campaign, “It’s Your Story, Make It Personal,” I found a beautiful lacy doily design…

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    For as long as I can remember, there have been people in my life using 12 step programs to improve themselves and their circumstances. Some were battling addictions, and others loved those that were battling addiction. Whatever their individual case might be, these programs helped bring clarity and some kind of peace to otherwise chaotic life situations. Through those people and their experiences, I've become…

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    etsy pucciprintables rsvp card

    RSVP Cards available from Etsy seller PucciPrintables We are in the home stretch with just a few weeks to go before our big day. There are a lot of last minute details to worry about and loose ends to tie. We're also trying to wrap up our RSVPs. I find it such a nerve-wracking process. Each time I see a response card in the mail,…

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  • 9/9

    Nordstrom Classic Cashmere Sport Coat

    Classic Cashmere Sport Coat, $348.98 from Nordstrom “To achieve the nonchalance, which is absolutely necessary for a man, one article at least must not match.” – Hardy Amies, Fashion Designer Patterns can be a tricky style element—do it wrong and you might end up looking like a character from Alice in Wonderland. There are some pretty simple rules regarding patterns, and how to mix them,…

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    Amelia Sposa Nova

    Sometimes distance is a bigger issue than budget. BAB reader Mary explains in her comment to this post:  Hi! I need help getting over an Amelia Sposa gown: Nova. My budget is $2,000. This dress is under that, but it is strictly online ordering from Italy, and I need to physically be able to try on the dress so this one is out. My specifics: 1.…

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    When it came time to start checking out venues, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. You always hear horror stories about brides going through tons of viewings before they find the perfect location. Everything kind of needs to be put on hold until you snag a place, date and time. It’s kind of hard to plan any other details without being able…

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  • 9/5

    BAB heather life happens

    I am a planner. I was not by nature this way. I was not born with the inherent ability to organize or plan at all. I think I sort of evolved into being one of those beings that were so foreign to me. When I was younger, in my early 20s, I could not be bound by any sort of plan. I was impulsive and…

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