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I’ve never met a Rue de Seine gown I didn’t love. Case in point, the Fox Gown. It rides the line between free-spirited bohemian and romantic formal, with a corseted bustier bodice and floral patchwork lace that outlines all the curves your mama gave ya. All that hotness comes at a price, though, so reader Amy asked if we could find her some lookalikes for about a third of the cost. You got it, Amy! Coming right up! 

Can't Afford It

Rue de Seine Fox

Rue de Seine’s Fox Gown, $3,250

Get Over It

Free People Aurora Gown

Aurora Gown, $500 at Free People

Strapless Rustic Lace Wedding Gown by Etsy seller hippiebride

Strapless Rustic Lace Wedding Gown, $795 by Etsy seller hippiebride

Drew Gown by Tracy Reese at BHLDN

Drew Gown by Tracy Reese, $900 at BHLDN

Petunia Gown at Kite and Butterfly

Petunia Gown, $1,000 at Kite and Butterfly

Vintage Lace Corset Wedding Gown by HopefullyRomantic

Vintage Lace Corset Wedding Gown, $675 by Etsy seller HopefullyRomantic

Lani Maxi Dress by STYLESTALKER at BHLDN

Lani Maxi Dress by STYLESTALKER, $300 at BHLDN

Zoe High Low Lace Dress at Dreamers and Lovers

Zoe High Low Lace Dress, $785 at Dreamers and Lovers

Luella Mermaid Gown at J. Crew

Luella Mermaid Gown, on sale! for $700 at J. Crew

Roane Gown by Anna Sui at BHLDN

Roane Gown by Anna Sui, $700 at BHLDN

Handmade Unique Lace Boho Wedding Dress by RAWRAGSbyPK

Boho Lace Wedding Dress, $778.05 by Etsy seller RAWRAGSbyPK

French Lace Roses Gown, $975 at Kite and Butterfly

French Lace Roses Gown, $975 at Kite and Butterfly

Ivory Lace Bustier Dress by HopefullyRomantic

Ivory Lace Bustier Dress, $450 by Etsy seller HopefullyRomantic

Or throw a longer skirt on under this crocheted number:

Crochet Lace-Up Mini Dress by cruxandcrow

Crochet Lace-Up Mini Dress, $143 by Etsy seller cruxandcrow

Or pair a skirt with a pretty corset:

Faymi Corset by Jenny Yoo at BHLDN

Faymi Corset by Jenny Yoo, $600 at BHLDN

Lisa’s Bonus Pro Tip: Gown got long sleeves, but you want short? Contact a reputable local seamstress *before* buying, and ask if she can shorten, remove or otherwise alter them for you. 

Whaddya think, Amy? Are any of these gowns foxy enough for ya? Let us know in the comments below! 

Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you.

*As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.
  • 5/18

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewBeau-Coup Celebration Balloons

    Celebration Balloons from Beau-Coup

    As my fiancé and I are in the home-stretch to the big day (17 days to go, June 4!), I’ve been reflecting on the ups and downs we’ve had in the last year planning our wedding, and there’s a big, obvious headache that sticks out. What I’m about to state may be controversial, but here goes: you do not have to have a theme for your wedding. There, I said it.  But let me clarify a bit further.

    Getting sucked into the world of wedding magazines and gorgeous Pinterest photos early on in the wedding planning process is so, so easy. I think it was the very next day after we got engaged that I ran out to the store to scoop up all of the wedding magazines available and devoured them as quickly as I could. Every night I came home from work and read wedding websites to get an idea of the type of wedding I wanted to have, took polls to find out “what kind of bride” I was and started pinning up a storm of “real wedding” ideas. Eventually, my head was spinning with everything I consumed and I had no idea where to even start to pull together a plan for our wedding. One thing was consistent though: every single picture, every single bride on “Say Yes to the Dress” had a wedding theme.

    “You have to have a theme,” my sister said. She was planning on designing our invitations and wanted to make sure they were consistent with what we are planning on doing to decorate our venue. I told her the only thing I could think of based on things I saw that I liked combined with our personal tastes: “umm … modern French garden party?” It sounded good, and it wasn’t a cheesy cliché wedding theme that everyone and their best friend has done. Perfect.

    The best part was when I asked her what her theme was at her wedding, she said she didn’t have one. So … yeah, not sure why I felt the pressure to have a theme. More on that later.

    Fast-forward several months to us planning out how to decorate the venue based on what we had available in our budget. Since we were DIYing our flowers for the centerpieces, we had a good chunk free in our budget to play with. Oh, the ideas I had — large topiaries flanking the aisle, strung garlands of carnations hung on the archway for the ceremony, a backdrop of giant paper flowers for our guests to take photos in front of, seed packets with everyone’s names attached for the place cards, even a large, distressed trellis with garlands of fake flowers to display behind the cake table. My biggest fear was all of the ideas we planned on ending up being too difficult to execute and would look, you know, lame and not like those weddings I saw on Pinterest. On top of that, once we started tallying up how much it would cost to buy or make these ideas, it ended being pretty pricy and we were stuck scratching our heads about what we would do with some of this stuff after the wedding. The biggest kicker was that these ideas didn’t really bring us a lot of joy and they felt forced — this wedding was starting to not feel like us.

    martha stewart

    After a night of tears of frustration and not knowing what to do with our limited budget as the days ticked closer, we went back to the drawing board: What did we ultimately want our wedding to be like and how did we want our guests to feel. We wanted a happy vibe throughout the whole day and just wanted our family and guests to have fun and celebrate with us — that’s ultimately the point of our wedding and what’s most important to us. And that’s how we decided to decorate our wedding, with what makes us happy: giant 3′ balloons everywhere for the ceremony and reception in our wedding colors, giant tissue poofs and streamers, a crazy-fringed backdrop for photos with props we’re borrowing from a friend’s wedding and word-balloon garlands at the bar.

    That’s the point I’m trying to get at — do what makes you happy, not what you feel you “have” to do or what the wedding industry/Pinterest/your friends/your family tells you or makes you feel you should do. If having a shabby-chic wedding theme makes you excited and feels like you both as a couple, then go for it by all means. But you may find while planning your wedding that pigeon-holing yourself into a theme may be more expensive to pull off, stressful and not at all what you wanted. And that’s damn OK — it’s your wedding, and you can do whatever makes you happy.

    Have you felt pressured into making a decision that’s just not quite right for you?

  • 5/17

    Paperrama Custom Wedding Guestbook

    After the wedding is all said and done you and your new partner will be settling into married life and tackling whatever challenges come along with it, which may include decorating your new home together with artwork and other goodies. You may have a few wedding odds and ends that will wind up on shelves -- or in drawers -- for years to come, but…

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    Photograph available from Etsy seller StovallPhotography Whelp, BABs. Turns out the hotel contract that I raved about in my previous post got pulled. Last week Monday, I gleefully took my lunch hour to walk up to the hotel to drop our contract off. The hotel was more beautiful than the pictures. The historic look of the hotel would be perfect for our photos. I ended…

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  • 5/13

    Etsy ChicagoFactory Mutual Weirdness Forever Cake Topper

    Cake toppers are a fun way to add a personalized touch to your wedding reception without spending a billion bucks. Whether you're going all out with a multi-tier cake, are doing a fun twist with individual cupcakes or are turning the whole cake tradition on its head and opting for pie, donuts or some other kind of awesome treat, a cake topper gives your sweet…

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    Etsy PaperPunched Personalized Vows Wedding Book

    Personalized Vow Books available from Etsy seller PaperPunched Picture this: You're well-versed in rom-coms and you’re full of ideas for personalized vows that you're sure will melt your partner’s heart (and probably your mom’s, too). Weeks and months pass, and now you’re a week out from your W day with a recycling bin full of rejected vow drafts. What’s a Broke-Ass to do??? Let's back it up…

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    Melissa Sweet Tank Tulle Wedding Dress with Beads at Davids Bridal

    Illusion necklines are becoming increasingly popular in wedding dress land these days, and there's no denying that they make a great alternative to a strapless gown. Reader Becca has fallen in love with one such illusion gown from David's Bridal, commenting on this previous post with: "I'm stuck in a similar conundrum. I've tried on several different silhouettes of what I thought I liked, and…

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    Photo by Shaina Sheaff

    So, uh, this is weird, even if it is really wonderful. It may not be weird for you if, say, your parents divorced in your childhood as many people's did, but after 36 years and a whole lot of hell, my parents called it quits. That's not the weird part. In fact, I'm about as happy about the situation as an adult kid can be. I…

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