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As I’ve mentioned, I got an amazing deal on my invitations. But of course, I can’t just throw them in the mail and hope for the best! I mean, normal people might be able to, if they’ve included all the necessary information, but I can’t leave well enough alone. So, I set about crafting all the pieces necessary to create a mockup of our invitation suite.

Here are the invitations themselves:

2015-05-15 17.30.47 Lovely, but simple! I’d have liked to have matted them, but then I would have to buy new envelopes, and that’s just not worth it.

When I made my water marbling post, I was envisioning a center piece to hold the band together, so that’s what I created first. Guys, I learned a whole new program for this wedding! I took to the internet, found this amazing tutorial, got myself a free trial of Adobe Illustrator, and got to work pretending I had any idea what I was doing. A couple hours of painstaking line drawing later, I had a result I was really happy with. 

I distilled the very middle into a logo and a separate little bat to be used in all kinds of other places.

Then I created an RSVP card with our newly-selected menu choices and a card with accommodation information.

Accommodations Redacted Because this is my first attempt at putting my invitations together, I used bobby pins to hold it all together, and printed on plain computer paper.  2015-05-10 21.45.15

The front of the envelopes will be embellished in some way, and will likely be written in either gray or gold.

2015-05-10 20.18.05 2015-05-10 21.45.39 It’s just a random fluke that this piece of marble paper split evenly between colors, but it did do a good job of showing me that I haven’t pulled in all my colors well enough.

We’re using black, purple, a range of grays, and silver and gold metallic (this is why we don’t tell people specific colors! We just know it when we see it). The current thinking is that I will print the RSVP cards on purple paper, and either print in gold or use gold paper for the centerpiece on the belly band. I’m hoping to be able to use some tricks in order to emboss the design as it’s coming out of the printer.

Have you designed your own wedding invitations? Any tips or tricks you want to share with BAB? Tell us in the comments below!




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    Affiliate Disclaimer New

    Admittedly, I’m not quite the Queen Bey worshipper that much of the world seems to be, but I respect the shit out of her. I get it though — homegirl has some tight game. She’s a stone cold fox, has pipes for days (and legs to match) and she’s solid about feminism and being a woman. She’s a mother, a wife (in a seemingly pretty solid relationship) and a business woman. What she also has, though, is some schamazing song lyrics that pretty much make perfect art that I can totally get behind, and I’d venture to guess all of the Beygency would, too. Here are my five favorite pieces of art inspired by Beyonce herself that could make rad gifts for your bridal brigade … or yourself:

    Beyonce Pad Thai Print, Etsy

    $7 from Etsy seller PrintPunch

    This is probably my extra-favorite, because it’s a quote from “The Mindy Project” (RIP). And I love pad thai. Drunk in Love Print, Etsy

    $10 from Etsy seller EmilyChalkDesigns

    This one kind of covers all the bases: In love? Check. Drunk? Check. Drunk and In Love? Nailed it!

    Run the World Print, Etsy

    $3 from Etsy seller PartoutDesigns

    Because a little daily, bossy reminder never hurt. Single Ladies Dance, Etcy

    $10 from Etsy seller DrawMeASong

    I mean, I know you already know the steps, but juuuuust in case. Surfboard Print, Etsy

    $10 from Etsy seller DrawMeASong 

    Subtle enough that your folks won’t know what the song lyrics allude to, yet pretty enough to display prominently.

    Bonus: I’m also madly in love with this mug, because, #duh.

    Which of these Beyonce-inspired prints is your favorite, BABs?

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    Credit: Persimmon Images (Who is not a newbie vendor, but the seamstress and hanger-maker were.)

    Limited wedding budgets can feel sooo limited, sometimes. Often, even. So, if an opportunity to save money on a cool wedding thing shows up, no one can blame you for wanting to grab it. Or for …

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    Vera Wang Karen 2

    One of our readers found us an incredible inspiration gown full of drama and sophistication, the Vera Wang Burgundy Karen.

    Here’s what she had to say about it:

    I fell IN LOVE with the 2013 Burgundy Karen dress by Vera Wang. It retailed at about $4500 but I can’t get

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    Wedding planning is interesting because so many of the people you’ll deal with through it are small business owners. Our venue is a family owned and operated business that was started by the grandfather of our coordinator. When I bought my gown, I dealt largely with the shop owner. The …

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  • 5/13

    Kiss My Tulle -- Save on Centerpieces

    Aisle Perfect launched their own app, and to celebrate they’re giving away an Apple Watch.

    Struggling with the guest list? You’re not alone. Every Last Detail took a poll and posted the results about who’s in and who’s out.

    Trying to find an area to cut back on …

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    What beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Philadelphia. The sun is shining and there is just a hint of a breeze in the air. It almost feels like I’m at the Jersey Shore, and definitely makes me want to take a ride on the ol’ bike. It’s like the …

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    BHLDN Cate Gown

    Have y’all been over to BHLDN lately? No? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

    OK, ya back? Good. Now let’s chat. Because this line is awesome. Immediately I spied a few hot, new numbers well under the $1000 line — making them bona fide Broke-Ass friendly — and totally almost fell of …

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    In our quest to save money we have decided to bake our own “wedding cake” or in this case a cupcake tower “cake.” Friends and family have called us totally crazy for undertaking this. However, I think we can pull it off. We are a pretty crafty and capable pair …

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