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Affiliate Disclaimer NewHey, Broke-Asses! I’m way too excited about becoming a contributor to this awesome project. I found “The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide” through a simple Amazon search, and could not have been happier with Dana’s approach to planning. I was honestly never sure if I would marry at all (my mother is extremely anti-marriage, and I grew up rejecting the idea!), but here I am — lost in a sea of Pinterest boards and unending questions from family and friends.

The questions came literally days after we got engaged this past February:

“When’s the big day!?”

“What’s your theme?”

“Have you chosen a venue?”

Don’t get me wrong — I was thrilled that so many of my loved ones were eager to know details and get involved. But all these questions really freaked me out. They freaked me out so badly that I refused to start planning until about a month ago. Luckily the date isn’t until May 13, 2017, and now that I’ve done some research and was graced by The Broke-Ass Bride’s wisdom, I actually think I can do this whole wedding thing.

But before I suffocate you with wedding details, I’ll let you know a little more about myself. I’m a 23-year-old college dropout and soon-to-be licensed cosmetologist. I enrolled and began cosmetology school in September last year and in just seven short weeks I’ll be finished! The past year of my life has honestly felt like one single day. I have grown so much as an artist and really settled into who I am. Plus, I’ve already scored my dream job at a salon two blocks away from our apartment!

My super handsome fiance, Josh, is due most of the credit in helping me become who I am today. In August we will have met one year ago. We had both just escaped (wish I were exaggerating when I use the word “escaped”) pretty horribly manipulative relationships and neither of us planned on dating anytime soon. But when we met, we just could not get enough of one another. I have never felt so loved and have never loved the way I love him. I know I’m young, but I have a lot of dating experience under my belt — and I truly did not think I would ever find the type of partnership I wanted with someone.

After just seven months of dating, Josh and I took a vacation to Charleston (our first date was a day trip to Sullivan’s Island!), where he proposed on the steps of the Customs building. It was awkward and cute and nothing short of perfect.

Real Bride BreAnna's now-fiance on their first date

BreAnna and Josh at the beach

We are now five months into our engagement and growing more and more excited about marriage every day.

Our personal styles are mixtures of minimalist, vintage, indie, with a splash of hippie. (I grew up in a weird artsy town in the mountains, what can I say?) And we definitely want our wedding to reflect that.

So far my vision for the wedding is sort of a big, fun BBQ with tons of friends and family, yard games and dancing — all decorated in a thrifty, vintage style. We’ll be renting a large tent and having the wedding on Josh’s grandfather’s farm. Our budget is going to fall somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000. I have plenty of faith that I can pull off a pretty ballin’ wedding with the help of the Broke-Ass Bride’s book, as well as the generosity of friends and family. I have already had FOUR photographer friends offer free engagement sessions and my super sweet graphic designer friend is designing our save the dates and invites as a wedding gift. It is so amazing to realize the amount of love and support we will have throughout this process. And now I’m ready to share my process with you!

Welcome to the team, BreAnna!

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    Affiliate Disclaimer Newpassion_planner

    Four months to go, BABs!

    I’ve always assumed I’d be one of those brides who was impossibly low-key and go-with-the-flow. And that has remained true for most things, but I’m finally starting to feel like things are creeping up on me; family and vendors are needing more and more details and decisions that haven’t been finalized.

    Within the last two weeks or so questions from the officiant, cellist, photographer and venue have all started piling up, and I’ve been too overwhelmed and mentally exhausted from other things in life to tackle any of them.

    In my head, it feels like we have a ton of time. But in reality, I know that we need to start making some of these decisions. If for no other reason than to get it checked off and move on. In order to maintain my sanity between wedding planning, two jobs, co-organizing a Meetup group, quarter-marathon race training and other social events, I really needed to get organized.

    Planners specifically dedicated to weddings are fantastic. I have tried a few of them online, and they are extremely helpful. But for me, I need one place to keep work, wedding, volunteer, personal goals and social things all in one place. I know, it sounds a little Type A, but I needed a singular resource to avoid over-booking, forgetting or procrastinating. For some reason, I never latched on to using a calendar app. I like physically writing things, giving them due dates, highlighting and crossing things off. It’s sort of therapeutic.

    I have gotten a lot of wedding planning use out of my Passion Planner. It’s given me a place to create monthly and weekly wedding-related goals, create work and personal to-do lists, and block out my time so that everything gets appropriate effort dedicated to it. I’ve used the notes section in the back to help with working out wedding timeline, schedules or to simply write notes as I think of them so they don’t get lost.

    I have added my vendors’ needs into my planner and given them due dates so that when my day starts, I can easily schedule in a half-hour to dedicate to it. It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday things that planning begins to slip. Being deliberate about when I spend time on wedding things has been extremely helpful!

    How do you juggle work and your personal life while wedding planning?

  • 6/13

    Personalized Snapchat Filters by XO Bespoke

    We're huge fans of social media here (#duh) and have totes been guilty of Instagramming erry-little-thing, tweeting out cool stuff and (over?)sharing on Facebook. Why would our weddings be any different? That's why we're totally loving the customized, affordable Snapchat GeoFilters created by our homies at XO Bspoke. The stationery company, which should be high on any broke-ass's radar because of its DIY-friendliness, knows that…

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    Hi there all my broke brides-to-be! After my engagement photos came back, I got a lot of questions about who did my hair in the 1920s finger waves style. Photo: Jessica Bailey Answer: I DID!! It was really simple, and really cheap, so I thought I would share with you the cost and the process! This is a great look for any occasion. You could rock…

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    Oleg Cassini Organza Veiled Lace Wedding Dress from David's Bridal

    As a special treat this month, we’re partnering with David’s Bridal to bring you four special edition Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! posts, featuring their very own gorgeous styles. David’s Bridal, a name synonymous with affordable wedding gowns in a huge variety of styles, has been dressing women for all types of special occasions for over 60 years — in fact, 1 in 3 brides…

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    Waterproof Picnic Blanket

    Waterproof Picnic Blanket, $125+ by Etsy seller ModernCabin We talk a lot about wedding planning on the BAB blog, but life doesn't stop just because you're planning a wedding, and nor should you stop having date nights with your sweetie just because you're engaged -- and broke. Today's Broke-Ass Advice is to make time for budget-friendly, non-wedding-related dates with your partner! So what's a broke-ass…

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    Evelyn Bridal Style 234

    You guys, I cannot believe it is June already. Craziness! Today's CAI/GOI request comes from reader Domonique, who emailed with: "First, thanks for the blog, I am a broke ass bride and I am so thankful for you. We're getting married next April and I've been planning my Atlanta wedding from Virginia. It's been a challenge to say the least. So yesterday, I was trying…

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    owning your wedding

    The thing with planning a wedding that gets to a lot of couples is that it feels like there are so. many. decisions. that, in the grand scheme of things, seem pretty inconsequential, but when it comes to the event that is your wedding actually make a big difference. It really is OK to waver back and forth between linen colors and wonder if you should…

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  • 6/8

    Photo: Sharyn Frenkel Photography Wedding parties. They can be a real pain in the ass. Who do you choose? Is your sibling the automatic choice for maid of honor or best man? Do you have to include someone just because you were a member of their wedding party? What if said wedding was like a decade ago ... is there a time limit? My answers are whomever…

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