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Real Bride Lucinda and her new hubby pose in the photo booth

Oh hey, we’re married!  It’s been a little over a month since we tied the knot, and things are getting back to normal. The first thing that people asked us when we returned from our mini-moon was, “how does it feel like to be married?” And honestly, we both say that nothing really feels all that different … I just have a new last name and it’s been like a Jane Austen novel around here, referring to each other as “Mr. Hamilton” and “Mrs. Hamilton” 24/7. Life is pretty good.

I will say though that all of the wedding cliches people tell you when you’re engaged are absolutely true — especially that the day will fly by and be over before you know it. I couldn’t believe it when our photographer came up to me at the reception, told me that it was 9 p.m., and she was wrapping up for the day — how could it be that late already and the day was coming to an end?? I’m so glad I listened to everyone’s advice to just take in the day and enjoy every possible moment.

Lucinda poses on her wedding day

With my sister, my Maid of Honor

The other cliche I heard time and again was that things will go wrong that you won’t have any control over. Oh boy, was that one right. Not to dwell on the negatives, because I wouldn’t have had my wedding any other way (and hello, the weather was perfect!), but we had our fair share of things going wrong.

  • Balloons: Our main decoration for the ceremony and reception were giant, 3-foot balloons that I ordered through an event company that specializes in balloons for large parties and events. I ordered 14 balloons, all single large balloons of different colors, on a wide ribbon with a weight, to be delivered and set up at our venue. I had a bad feeling about everything before the wedding since my emails weren’t being returned about getting a final bill for what I owed. The day before the wedding, I got a call from the owner saying that she ordered my balloons months ago and they didn’t tell her they didn’t come in the 3-foot size in a specific color I asked for. I could have gone bridezilla, but I didn’t really care all that much, and told her to pick out a color that would coordinate with the rest of the balloons. The day of the wedding, my fiance went over to the venue to make sure they were delivered and texted me a photo — not only were they not set up to my specifications (on the tables and placed outside for the ceremony), they were giant 3-foot balloons with a cluster of four different balloons underneath, on a string, with a ribbon streamer. I’m not sure what got lost in translation when I told her I wanted a single balloon and sent her several photos of exactly what I wanted! My bridesmaids fixed everything when we got to the venue and popped the small balloons, but I forgot to have some of the balloons set up outside for the ceremony, and didn’t realize we didn’t have any ceremony decorations until I saw photos our guests took. But hey, if I didn’t miss the balloons outside, no one else did either. We ended up just having a bunch inside for our reception scattered all across the room.
  • We were late: For some reason I still don’t understand, I had to wait for my sister to get a water bottle from her hotel room before we left to go to the venue and we ended up being a half-hour late for taking photos. Plus, it was 85 degrees out that day and everyone had been waiting outside in the heat when we showed up, the guys all in black suits. I was furious with my sister (who was my Maid of Honor) the whole way to the venue, especially when she flippantly said that the bride is supposed to be late on her wedding day. Not me! I hate being late, and especially having our wedding party and family waiting for us when they showed up on time for photos before the ceremony
  • We had an unexpected guest: Yes, one of my fiance’s family members, who he is not close with and hasn’t seen in years but we had to invite, didn’t RSVP but showed up for the wedding. I didn’t realize this until we were sitting down for dinner and I looked over at a table and asked him who was sitting next to one of his relatives. We called our venue coordinator over and explained everything to her, and she took care if it and had plate of food made up for him for dinner — no extra charge, which was really nice of her.

Dance party at Lucinda's wedding!

All in all, those were the major things that went wrong, but all of the positives outweighed the negative things that we were probably the only ones the noticed or knew about. We had perfect weather, the food was delicious, our guests and friends had a great time, and at the end of the day we were married and ready to start our new adventure together. I wouldn’t have done it any other way!

  • 7/11

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewSo, I am sitting here thinking … Remembering my parents’ wedding story. It was a sweet, simple, small elopement with a cake-and-punch reception that they planned in my grandma’s house without my grandparents knowing. By the time my grandparents got home from work, my parents were off on their honeymoon with a note left behind. I heard stories of and attended countless small, simple weddings when I was a child. Then I started thinking, when did this become so huge? How much has this getting hitched thing changed over the decades? Has it always been commonplace to spend huge percentages of your total annual income on one day? How has this changed over time? Or has it?

    What I can tell from a little Googling, its gone up. From an article that I read that was published in 2014, in the 1930s, the average percentage of the couples’ household income spent on a wedding was about 25%. This would be (adjusted for inflation) $6,481 today. In 2013 couples spent nearly 50% of their household income, or $29,548. So, I got to thinking … let’s see how much the average is now.

    Some more Googling, and we find on CNN Money that the average cost of a wedding in 2015 was $32,641. The last reported stats for income that I could find were for 2014, which showed a median household income of $53,657. Soooo … by my math, this shows the average American wedding now costs almost 61% of the most recently reported median household income.

    This makes my head spin.

    This makes it hard for me to breathe.

    Just the thought of it … GASP …

    Now if you have plenty of money and it doesn’t hurt your soul like it does me to spend it, go for it and rock it! I would if I could, but my personality really prevents it.

    In my last post, I discussed how I just wasn’t comfortable with spending a lot on our wedding day. Turns out, my fiance wasn’t too keen on it either, so we decided to scrap forking money into a venue and all the other novelties, and we vowed to figure out something else. We wanted to do something that would invest in our everyday lives. So we decided to spend our money on bettering our house and our yard and then spend a reasonable amount to have a simple wedding at home.

    Real Bride Heather fixer upper

    Mug available from Etsy seller hellolovehello

    You will see us over the course of the year, get all Fixer Upper on y’all! Then, when we are done, we are gonna have a wedding here in our backyard. It will be fun. It will be Broke-Ass, and it will be us. So that’s the plan, man.

    Have your wedding plans taken a total 180? How have they changed? Share in the comments!

    And if you’re interested in becoming a Real Bride Contributor with The Broke-Ass Bride, check out the deets in this post and email us at!

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