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Timeline Genius
One of the great perks to hiring a great wedding planner is that you have someone who already knows their way around a wedding timeline or two. But a wedding planner certainly doesn’t fit into every broke-ass’ budget, and you still need some sort of schedule to tell you — everyone else — what to do and where to be on the day-of.

You already know some of the basics: Ceremony at 5:30. Hair and makeup at 3. Reception at 7. Gotta be donezo and outta there at 11. But …

When does your partner and their crew arrive? What about the band? And the caterer? When is all the photoing supposed to happen? How about the cake cutting, first dance and toasts?  Timeline Genius

Guys, that’s a lot to wrangle by your self when you’re DIYing your own schedule. But Timeline Genius can give you a little peace of mind. For about $60, you can plug in the pertinents — who, what, where and when-ish — and it’ll spit out a super profesh timeline for you and your crew to operate off. Timeline Genius is totally customizable by what you actually plan on doing during your wedding day — no first dance? No problem. Want to do a first look? There’s a button for that. If you’re wrangling tons of peeps or are just super nervous, you can spring for the VIP package — $99.99 — that includes a review with a Master Bridal Consultant (schmancy!) who’ll make sure all your shizz is in place to help you be a zen bride on your wedding day.

Once you get your super fancy sched from Timeline Genius, pass it out to your peeps — everyone from your photog to your hair and makeup to your flower girl’s mom — to make sure you’re all on the same page so you can glide down that aisle with your sanity firmly intact.


  • 3/24

    You may remember my telling you that English weddings tend to be boozy affairs. And by that I mean that most people measure the success of a wedding on just how trollied they were by the end of the night.



    Trollied” is English slang, meaning “very drunk.” It does not necessarily require a “trolley” (for US readers, we mean “cart”), although this does sometimes happen as well.

    For our evening guests there is a bar, so they can take care of their own inebriation.

    However we will be responsible for the boozy wishes of our day guests for several hours. And we want to get it right.

    Our venue had perfectly lovely wine options, but we knew that we would get a lot more for our money if we supplied our own. Especially after we managed to negotiate down the corkage charge (top tip for success on this — don’t be afraid to be persistent. I had the same conversation with our venue manager over and over again for several days. Eventually one of us had to give ground, and it sure as hell wasn’t gonna be me).

    This week I started looking seriously at different wine options. And there are SO MANY. Supermarkets, independent vineyards, wine clubs and many more.

    If you’re going to supply your own wine the best thing to do first is figure out just how much you’re going to need. There are loads of wine calculators out there, but I used this one from Majestic Wine as it seemed most comprehensive.

    Once you’ve done that you can start to shop around. We have narrowed ourselves down to two options:

    1) Naked Wines (available in the US, UK and Australia)

    Since last year I have been paying into an account for Naked Wines, a company who funds independent winemakers in order to secure the best prices on really great wine. They support small businesses and are all-round good guys. What’s great about having an account with them is:

    1. I put a small amount of money away each month (£20.00, although you can change this if you like) and I don’t notice it.
    2. They do loads of great offers on wines, including adding free ones after you order so many.
    3. They have a wedding service you can take advantage of.
    4. If you decide not to buy their stuff you can get all your money back, no questions asked.

    Pretty darn tasty.

    2) Majestic Wine Calais 

    Wine in France is much less expensive than in the UK, and there are huge superstores over there who are entirely set up to just sell Brits cheap plonk. One such is Majestic Wine, who offer a fab service. You can pop over there on the ferry, try a load of wines in store and then head home, safe in the knowledge that you got your tipples for a tidy price. You can even pre-order online, if you know exactly what you are looking for, which offers you even more savings.

    But how will we decide? Well, I am awaiting a quote from Naked Wines. If it’s not too much more expensive than Calais then I shall go with them, as I really support what they do. But at the end of the day, I am a Broke-Ass Bride, and if the savings on the continent are just too good to pass up … I shan’t.

    So there you have it, alternatives to just going with your venue’s offering. There are deals to be had, my dear BABs – you just gotta go out there and Google for them!

    Am dram Bride out!


    Emma Watkins
  • 3/23

    022_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

    For all the talk we have on BAB about trying on wedding gowns, we rarely discuss our level of expectation when it comes to a gorgeous gown we’ve been ogling online vs. the reality once it hits our likely not-model bodies. With this in mind, I put my head together …

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    You guys. I officially have my dress, and I am so. excited.

    I actually bought my dress in August of last year. I’d finally found a day that two of my besties were available, and had scheduled a few appointments at L.A.-area salons. My BAB strategy was to find a …

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    Swim Spray

    Unless you’ve been hiding under a social media rock — which, amen, sister! — you might have picked up that I’m in Puerto Vallarta checking out some of the amazing places to stay and things to do if you come here for your honeymoon or destination wedding. And y’all, stay …

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  • 3/20

    Real Wedding: Summer & Peter

    Photo: Lauren Lindley Photography

    You know it — your wedding money is being thrown around fast and furious. Hundreds, thousands of dollars. Tens of thousands of dollars. Not all at once, mostly. But the word “eventually” looms closer every day.
    So, what I’m trying to say is this post isn’t …

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    Watters Nyra

    I don’t know about you BABs, but I am all about the big thaw just around the corner! The bunnies are out, the birds have returned, and the daffodils (and wait, weeds?!) are already beginning to pop up! We’ve survived Friday the 13th, the Ides of March and the green beer, …

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    My favorite spot in the world, no filters here! Not pictured: awesome fountain in the middle of the lake.

    Hello, Broke-Asses!

    My name is Julie, and I’ll be totally honest with you, I really struggled with this post. The issue isn’t that I don’t have anything to say … It was more that I have way too much I’d love to talk about. I think that’s a byproduct of …

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  • 3/18


    Spring is upon us, BABs, and you know what that means: wedding season is just around the corner! In honor of this fabulous time of year, I reached out to some of my favorite former BABs to ask them for their tried-and-true wedding planning advice. Every bride’s wants and needs are …

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