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Affiliate Disclaimer NewA few months ago, we had received some invitation samples from Minted and fell in love with their Delicate Dots design. I loved the extra elegance foil adds, and since we have a relatively short guest list, we decided to splurge on the invitations a little.

We were finally able to get our order in this past weekend, and I can’t wait to receive them! My plan is to get burgundy paper or ribbon to use as bands, wrap some of the same jute string around them as I used for our Save the Dates, then use a wax seal to hold the string in place. We’ll see how DIY I’m feeling, given my overly ambitious Save the Date fiasco. They turned out great, I just spent way more time and effort on them than I had intended.


What’s perfect about this design is the kraft paper pulls in some rustic elements, the gold and lowercase type font feels a little vintage, and the modern calligraphy and gold brings out the industrial elements. I don’t think that you could say our wedding is rustic, or vintage, or industrial — it’s very much a mix of our favorite elements of each. These are a perfect indication of what guests can expect at our wedding, and I love that!

Do you feel like your invitations were a good representation of what guests can expect from your wedding?

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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewHi there all my broke brides-to-be! After my engagement photos came back, I got a lot of questions about who did my hair in the 1920s finger waves style.

    Real Bride Heather's 1920s Engagement Session || Photo: Jessica Bailey

    Photo: Jessica Bailey

    Answer: I DID!! It was really simple, and really cheap, so I thought I would share with you the cost and the process! This is a great look for any occasion. You could rock this look at your wedding, engagement session, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just for a date night with your future hubz!

    If you have a few minutes, check out the video I made that shows you how to achieve the style!

    I am not a hairstylist, but I am constantly changing my hair, so I have a Beauty Club Card from Sally Beauty Supply because the $5 investment saves me TONS throughout the year when on a whim I may go from black hair to red (this month its blonde), or even to purple or some other whacky color depending on my mood!

    To get the look you are going to need the following stuff, but if you don’t have a Sally near you, you can order it online, or any beauty supply store should have these things.


    Wave clips

    • With my Beauty Club Card the price was $2.99 each (I purchased 2 packs)

    Setting lotion

    • With my Beauty Club Card the price was $4.69 (one bottle)

    So there you have it! That’s a grand total of $10.67 and a little bit of time for a super cute hairdo, and that folks, is how Broke-Asses get their hair done!

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    Etsy PaperPunched Personalized Vows Wedding Book

    Personalized Vow Books available from Etsy seller PaperPunched Picture this: You're well-versed in rom-coms and you’re full of ideas for personalized vows that you're sure will melt your partner’s heart (and probably your mom’s, too). Weeks and months pass, and now you’re a week out from your W day with a recycling bin full of rejected vow drafts. What’s a Broke-Ass to do??? Let's back it up…

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    Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.19.40 PM

    On top of making my wedding dress and flowers for my centerpieces, I came to the conclusion not that long ago to yes, DIY most of our printable materials for the wedding as well. This isn't because I'm a crazy-insane person that decided to take on even more to DIY during our wedding planning chaos, but resulted from not finding the exact kind of designs…

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    Photo available from Etsy seller KevinKlimaPhoto Hotels have been my largest vendor disappointment to date. Last year, I was really excited to learn that a brand new, boutique-style hotel was being built directly across the street from our ceremony location and venue. Couldn’t get much easier than that, right? I knew it would be a bit pricey, but was prepared to shell out some cash…

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    Beau-Coup Rock Candy on a Stick

    I've had the idea of carnival weddings on my mind ever since Rachel revealed that would be the theme for her Ohio nuptials. I've seen a few weddings with the theme before and have always loved the fun, colorful, eclectic vibes and gorgeous blend of whimsy and romance. It's kind of impossible not to feel like a kid at heart when attending an event with…

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    Bridal shows -- also known as insanely crowded, chaotic mob scenes. Well, that's my experience anyway, limited as it may be. Prior to April 3rd, I had never been to one. I had no desire, and none of the brides I'm close with ever asked me to tag along to one. I do understand their appeal, and I know they can be extremely useful, but they…

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