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Paper Goods Goodies Just for Broke-Ass Brides

Ooohhh … y’all! I’ve got such a treat for you wonderful, amazing BABs today and I’m so excited about it! The amazingly supersweet folks over at Hoopla House Creative reached out and wanted to give YOU, darling Broke-Asses, something in honor of the launch of their wedding paper goods site.

To celebrate their launch, Hoopla House is sharing free printable downloads with you guys — but it’s not that simple, because why would it be? Nope. The printables include favor tags, Mr. & Mrs. signs, bridal shower bingo, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards and blank banners that are awesome for “Thank You!” or “Just Married!” photo props. Because homegirl knows the value of FREE when it comes to wedding land. And for that we thank her.

Hoopla House Southern Belle Thank You Banner

Hoopla House Southern Belle Bridesmaids Cards

Hoopla House Southern Belle Favor Tags

Hoopla House Southern Belle Mr & Mrs Chair Signs

Hoopla House Southern Belle Shower Bingo

Oh, and Hoopla House isn’t just giving you ONE style. Nope. They’re throwing out five gorgeous designs for all five printables. Of course you can find the matching invitation suite on Hooplah House’s website, for about $1.88 per card.

But to make this super fun, we’ll do one new design every few weeks, so it’s like constant presents! Besides, I don’t want to overload you too much today … because … and to make your DIY-ing totally worth it …

Our friends over at Comp and Save, a website that sells ink, toner and printer accessories, has a $50 gift card with one lucky BAB’s name all over it.

So, how do we get this paper party started? Make sure you have some decent card stock (Michaels or other craft stores are good for this), then click below to download the Southern Belle printables (shown above), then head over to Comp and Save to enter the giveaway!



“Will You Be My Maid of Honor?” Card

“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Card

Favor Tags

Mr. & Mrs. Sign

Bridal Shower Bingo

Now, get thee over to Comp and Save to enter to win a $50 credit toward computer ink, toner or printer accessories.

Good luck, and remember who loves ya, BABs!

Real Bride Tiffany: Our Hawaiian Honeymoon with a Dash of Hurricane

Oh, hey there BABs! Long time … too long and for that I apologize! You see, I have been occupying my time quietly stalking our photographer’s blog hoping and wishing and willing our wedding photos to appear. Good things take time, or so I hear … hopefully we will have them soon! I mean, I have already legally changed my name (and no the social security office is not as bad as everyone tells you it is … at least not in San Diego!). Now we just need photos to prove our nuptials and we will be set!

In the meantime, do you want to hear about our honeymoon? OF COURSE YOU DO! We spent the most blissful week in Kauai, which is an actual island of paradise. Yes, it is vastly different that the other Hawaiian Islands, and it is absolutely perfect as a honeymoon destination! Except for that whole hurricane/tropical storm watch that we experienced all week. Luckily, the hurricane was downgraded and by the time the storm hit land it was just a little more rain than normal. The locals weren’t too worried, so neither were we!

We stayed at Kauai Beach Resort, which looked nice online but you never know what you will end up with. We were thrilled with our choice! It was right in our price range, which was mid- to low. The resort was clean, modern, and quiet with a variety of dining and drinking options. We walked the beach a few mornings and enjoyed the saltwater pools (Yes I know the beach is RIGHT THERE but we weren’t on a swimming beach!).


There is so much to see and do on the island, and we didn’t want to overdo it and exhaust ourselves all over again. But we did go on a few adventures and splurged on a few things. The first of those being our helicopter tour. This was definitely a splurge –there is no way around that. But it is entirely worth it. You really do get to see the entire island, including places you can’t get to by car or foot. We would recommend going early in the morning, not eating a ton before (if you are prone to motion sickness), but totally pigging out afterwards on Hawaiian french toast –it really helps with the motion sickness.

We also went on a kayak/jungle hike/most challenging day of my life tour. Allegedly, the mile-long trail was “the muddiest it had been in a while,” meaning my stylish hiking sandals did not stay on my feet. I repeat: my shoes would not stay on. Meaning: I hiked a mile through the muddy jungle barefoot. Basically, I still have mud in my toenails (SORRY). Justin was the proudest he has ever been of me because in any other circumstance I would’ve thrown myself on the ground like a toddler, and also because the god-awful hideous hiking sandals he chose worked JUST FINE. Even though he is still not allowed to wear them in public ever again. But, like, what is one to do in the middle of the jungle, you know? We won’t even get into how many mosquito bites I got. Or how our hippie tour guide kept stopping to talk to birds further delaying some necessary mud rinsing in a glorious waterfall. But really, sans my whining and trauma it was an exhausting and awesome day trip.

We attended one of the few luau options on the island and let’s just say that it was not your typical, big resort, flashy, well-produced luau. It was definitely a mom and pop show (and cousins and neighbors, and hey do you want to be in our luau too?). It was special but entertaining. I owe Justin a proper luau.


We also took advantage of the plentiful (and free!) sightseeing and exploring that Kauai has to offer. In fact, there is an entire North side to the island that we completely missed due to exhaustion and mud-hiking. But we did get to see several waterfalls and Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of Kauai). We did a little bit of offroading (in a rental car … no, it did not go well. yes it was a 4x … ) and a whole lot of eating. And if you are asking yourself about that epic rooster photo, well the island is overpopulated with them and I soon became attached to my new friends and tried to touch them. It doesn’t really work well … in fact I don’t suggest that at all.

If you are heading to Kauai please feel free to contact me with any specific questions! I’d be happy to share more details about the restaurants we experienced and the tour companies we used! All in all, we had the most wonderfully amazing honeymoon with just the right amount of adventuring and relaxing combined. And we didn’t get struck with a hurricane so that is definitely a plus!

Get Inspired: A Sumptuous Lavender, Gold and Mint Palette

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

After Real Bride Jubilance‘s post about her flowers this morning, I was inspired to scheme up an inspiration board based off her colors. And guys, let me tell you: There are too many damn color options out there for weddings. I mean, I knew that, but with colors as specific as lavender and mint, you’d think finding a match would be kind of easy — but OMG. There are probz. at least a bajillion iterations of mint out there. Srsly. And now that I think of it, that’s probably exactly why I went for turquoise + all the colors for my first wedding. On the plus, if you’re not super picky, you can easily have a range of hues in your wedding and that would look absolutely gorge. On the minus, if you’re super picky, then you probably have little hair left on your head by the time your wedding day rolls around. But either way, I found some great options for you — with nearly everything under $100.

Get Inspired A Sumptuous Lavender, Gold and Mint Palette

Top row, from left: Textured Skater Dress, $90.96 at Asos || Love You More Mint Shift Dress, $43 at Lulu’s || Lace Insert Pleated Mini Dress, $90.96 at Asos || Heidi Gown, $595.00 at J. Crew || Content to Curtsey Dress, $84.99 on sale for $58.99 at ModCloth

Middle Row, from left: Eco Chic Bridesmaids Bouquet, $40 at Bloominous || When the Night Comes Dress in Violet, $99.99 on sale for $49.99 at ModCloth || Fine Dining Heel in Gold, $69.99 at ModCloth || Essie Lavenders Nail Polish, $8.50 at Nordstrom || Warehouse Applique Flower Dress, $113.70 on sale for $56.85 at Asos || Kind Bouquet of Lisianthus and White Statice, from $40 at The Bouqs

Bottom Row, from left: Loyal Fanfare Bracelet in Mint, $12.99 from ModCloth || Glam Mercury Glass Candle Holders (Set of 6) in Gold, $37.67 at LunaBazaar || Freshwater Pearl Earrings, $18 from Dessy

What’s your color scheme, BABs? Need a little help in the inspiration area? Feel free to tell me in the comments and I’ll see how I can help!

Real Bride Jubilance: Staying Afloat Among (All) the Flower Options

Hey kids! How’s it going? Me, oh I’ve just been stressing about flowers for my wedding. *sigh* Why is this such a struggle???

Let me back up and start at the beginning. Hi, I’m Jubilance and I love receiving flowers, but can’t identify anything beyond a rose and a carnation. My favorite flower is the yellow tea rose, only because that’s my sorority’s flower. In other words, I’m helpless when it comes to flowers. I’m also helpless when it comes to décor – I can spot something I like but don’t ask me how to put it together, cause I have no clue. I am the type of bride the wedding industrial complex was built for – clueless, aware of it, and with money to throw at the problem. I’m also cheap, so throwing a ton of money at my floral & décor issues is NOT an option. What’s a girl to do???

Well first, a girl breaks down and gets a damn Pinterest account so she can find pretty pictures of things she likes and pin them to her boards.

JET Pinterest


Hey, guys, follow me on Pinterest.

Next she takes 8,000 screencaps on her phone & tablet of Instagram pics from the various wedding related accounts she follows. (Not that I’m she’s obsessed or anything … )

JET IG flowers

Some of my floral inspiration courtesy of Loverly and Munaluchi Bride Instagram accounts

From Pinterest and Instagram I started coming up with an idea of what I wanted our florals and décor to look like. Our Pi Day wedding is all about nerd love, so it’s a must that our décor incorporate some type of cool nerd factor. What’s cooler than using laboratory glassware outside of the lab? To me, Erlenmeyer flasks are kinda boring, but non-science people find them cool, so let’s use them as the centerpieces for our reception. On the plus side, laboratory glassware means smaller arrangements which means lower floral costs, right? Right. We’re getting married in March, and our color palette is mint, lavender & gold. I want lots of in-season, spring flowers but nothing overly designed and fancy. I also want these flowers to be cheap, so I’m attracted to a lot of greens with a pop of lavender blooms. Think flowers like hypericum, mini hydrangeas, boxwood, roses, sword fern, ruscus, tulips, maidenhair fern, statice and phlox.

How cool are these centerpieces? This photo from Hitchdied totally captures the look I’m going for.

But where the hell does one get lab glassware? I was kinda pissy at myself about this, because I was a laboratory chemist for 7 years and had access to glassware I could “borrow” for years … until I decided to make a career change two years ago. Bye-bye glassware hookup! Buying is an option, from a variety of places, but are we really going to use Erlenmeyer flasks after the wedding? Probably not. Bummer.

For my bouquet and my bridesmaids, I’m not super picky on the flowers (I’m sure that’s a surprise to all of you, LOL). My bridesmaids are wearing mint knee-length dresses, so I want their bouquets to be mostly lavender, with a few pops of green. For my bouquet, I want it to be mostly green with a bit of lavender, with some bling. For all the bouquets, the thing I’m going for is texture.  I want flowers that are interesting and cool, but also in-season and cheap. I’m not asking for too much right?

I was clueless when it came to finding a florist so I turned to The Knot. Seriously, I’m addicted to the site, I have a problem. I started looking at their listed florists and I discovered two things: 1) I couldn’t differentiate between what was “good” or “bad” based on their pics and; 2) florists don’t list their prices on their website. Thanks guys, that doesn’t help! The Knot did give me a great suggestion – silk flowers! It was an option I hadn’t considered but lots of brides suggested a few sites and I found flowers I liked on the site. Great, now what do I do?

I was at a loss on this floral thing until I got the bright idea to hit a wedding fair specifically to find a florist. My mom flew out to hang out with me, do wedding stuff and attend a wedding fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center. That place was a  florist jackpot! There were tons of folks to talk to and also displays that I liked, which helped me get my ideas together. Out of all the florists there, I made appointments to meet with three of them.

Pretty much all of my appointments went the same way: I explained our wedding theme/concept and what I’m looking for; the florist shows me pics of their previous work; and then we flip through those flower card things and I point out what I like. Afterwards each florist provided me with a quote, and depending on the quote we did some revisions. Florist A was pretty cheap, which I liked … but the reviews were #meh, and there was a lack of responsiveness when I wanted revisions to the quote. Florist B was the highest-priced of the 3, but they were the most professional and I had the ability to rent the Erlenmeyer flasks from them instead of buying them myself  Florist C was really nice, had the cheapest quote, but had horrible reviews … like 1-star level reviews which were recent.

I got a few people to weigh in on the decision and we all came to the same conclusion – Florist B is the best option, but it’s most cost effective for us to skip real flowers in the centerpieces and go with silk instead. Florist B will be providing the laboratory glassware for our centerpieces so we won’t have to buy them ourselves. And best of all –we’re significantly under budget! We’ll still need to get our silk flowers for the centerpieces – any suggestions?

How did you decide on your flowers, BABs?

Get Inspired: Punch It Up with Berry, Cobalt Blue and Rose Gold

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

While I’m always going to be the biggest advocate of black white and gold glitter, I have a lot of love for bright colors. Cobalt blue has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember — my mother used to collect cobalt glass — and I love the way it pops next to a bright, rich berry color. Add in some pink-tinged rose gold for a little accent and you’ve got a gorgeous color palette perfect for any time of year. All of these finds clock in at under $150, and some of them are even on deep sale right now.

Get Inspired Berry, Rose Gold and Cobalt


Top Row, from left: BHLDN Multi-Colored Wheels,  $22.00 $12.00 || Dashington Flat Cobalt Blue Marbles from Amazon $9.95 for 250-300 marbles || LunaBazaar Tall Fuchsia Pink Capiz Candle Holder $12.80

Middle Row, from left: Lulu’s Sweepstakes Winner Royal Blue Skater Dress $95 || BHLDN Rosalie Dress $200.00 $120.00 || Ann Taylor Jacquard Strapless Wedding Dress $795 || BHLDN Candence Gown $1,950.00, $1,200.00 || Express Pleated Keyhole Fit and Flare Dress $79.90 $39.95 || ModCloth Sapphire and Ice Dress $129.99 $90.99 || ModCloth Bright Where It Belongs Dress$79.99

Bottom Row: BaubleBar Starlight Ear Set $34 || BaubleBar Violet Flounce Collar $44 || ModCloth Never Too Elated Heel in Garnet $59.99 || Zappos Madden Girl KopyKat $49.50 || Angara Solitaire Bezel Round Blue Sapphire Promise Ring $599 $359

What are your wedding colors? Do you have any Get Inspired color requests?


BAB Throwback: Fishing For Budget Decor Has Never Been Easier

This post was one of the first that made me really, truly fall in love with The Broke-Ass Bride when I was planning my first wedding. I loved the colors and the non-floral aspect … not to mention the budget-friendliness. I remember thinking it’d be so great to have one of these at the wedding, then use it for house decor as a little, frequent reminder of that awesome day. The vibrant colors in the LGBT shoot we featured yesterday reminded me of this post all over again, so we’re bringing it back with this BAB Throwback.

I get loads of questions from brides seeking guidance on budget wedding planning, offbeat or green wedding decor, and I can relate! I had many a stressful day pondering how to not only afford decor that would pack a punch, but not lose my limbs paying for it, and still manage to make a statement with it.  But let me tell you, sisters, if you get yourself a roll of fishing line and turn on the creativity. There are loads of unique wedding ideas, affordable and simple opportunities to spruce up a space with little money, little effort, but MAXIMUM flavor, yo! Let me count the ways … Let’s take a walk off the beaten aisle for a moment, shall we?

Clear out the clearance rack at your local post-holiday sale, and string up a dazzling and reflective curtain that’s as festive as it is adorable….

Christmas Ornament DIY

Its raining baubles!
Christmas Ornament Decor
Clearance Ornaments + Fishing Line = broke-ass brilliance!

And use your leftovers to line your aisle, pile into glass vessels for centerpieces, and make a whimsical winter wonderland of it! Wouldn’t it be dreamsicle to hold your ceremony in front of such a shimmery sight?

Hit up your craft shop and go craft pom wild! String these babies up for a light and easy beaded curtain backdrop and give your wedding a modern take on retro design flare.

craft pom wedding DIY

Its the POM diggity!

For a tutorial, click here. And for more pom decor ideas, check out this post!

For the music-oving couple (c’mon rawkstar brides, put your hands up!) How about an edgy and modern (but romantically twinklingly loverly in candlelight) recycled compact disc chandelier or curtain?

Cd curtain at the Sci-port in Shreveport.


Turn up the awesome with a CD backdrop.

DIY CD craft


Colorful compact cuteness. Tutorial here

Whew! That was easy, wasn’t it? And that’s just the beginning – all it takes is a step outside the box and a little fishing line! The best part is, there’s no special DIY talent necessary.

What kind of unusual or found objects will you incorporate into your bad-ass, broke-ass design?

Get Inspired: LGBT Inspired Shoot by Two Sparrows Photography

When Ben and Jenni from Two Sparrows Photography contacted The Broke-Ass Bride little while back asking if we’d be interested in featuring a broke-ass LGBT shoot in honor of October’s roll as LGBT History Month — National Coming Out Day, Oct. 11, also happens to be my birthday – I responded with a resonating HELL YES. Gimme dat! So after hooking them up with some of our amazing homies, like DIY darling Tabitha (of geometric table numbers and cement planter fame) and of course BHLDN and Unique Vintage, I waited oh-so patiently for the photos (read: Not patiently at. all.) and guys, it was SO worth it. Here’s what Jenni has to say:

At Two Sparrows Photography we believe love is love, and when LGBT History Month came upon us we were inspired to celebrate the couples who finally have equal opportunity to exchange vows in California and a growing number of states across the country.


We’ve found that gay and lesbian weddings don’t have nearly enough creative inspiration out there yet, so we wanted to do something bold, affordable, and fabulous to help give Broke-Ass-Brides some fresh new ideas. When we partnered up with Tabitha Johnson at Winston and Main her fabulous DIY style helped our vision came to life; pride rainbow colors with an elegant twist, a nod to 60s style, and some fun splashes of unique ideas.

We wanted to contrast our colorful scene with a natural background so we chose some beautiful landscapes around the Altadena trails to shoot, and we have to say, couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The work certainly isn’t done for marriage equality, but we’re well on our way and are so grateful to have the opportunity to share our inspiration for couples of all kinds with BAB readers. #loveislove

















Check out this behind the scenes video:


Photography – Two Sparrows Photography
Photography – Behind the Scenes - Two Sparrows Blog
Event Design & Styling - Tabitha Johnson
Makeup – Vivian Tran 
Jewelry – Sophia Kaman 
Bridal Dresses – BHLDN
Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories – Unique Vintage
Scooter – Route 66 Modern Classics
Cake – Bakebeth
Popcicles and Candy – Suck It Sweets And Treats
Tableware – Borrowed Blu
Video – Making of The Shoot – Richard Che 

Real Bride Katie: Fun With Florals

Hello again!

I’m back, this time to tell you about the reasons why wedding professionals are awesome.

I came into this process thinking that – since I’d done it before – I knew everything about how to do this whole wedding planning thing, and exactly what I wanted.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into a vendor meeting and went “Uhhhhhhh … ”

Crap! I’m sitting there with a florist, and all I know is that 1) even though we’re aiming at Halloween and fall, I don’t want any orange, and 2) I hate calla lillies (it was pointed out to me that they have a certain … Georgia O’Keeffe kind of feel, let’s say, and now I can’t see anything else). So I’ve got these two really pretty restrictive rules, and nothing else.

“No problem,” said the florist sitting in front of me.


Picture provided by KMB Floral

Kari of KMB Floral is a friend of a friend, and someone I was pretty excited to meet. She had no trouble showing me lots of different ideas and pictures from previous weddings she did, helping me to narrow down what I want. Turns out I’m also not big on greenery, and I like mostly round shapes.

After talking for a while, we settled on this for me:

2014-11-11 11.30.41

Photo by Nicole Spangler Photography, provided and designed by KMB Floral.

This is the inspiration, but some of the ivory roses will be light purple, and there will also be some very dark purple carnations mixed in. I’m in love with these orchids!

I didn’t end up being able to get the lanterns I talked about in my last post (long story short, Target made the raven and the owl have the same item number, and so almost every time we ordered one for in-store pick up, they pulled the wrong one. AND I’m afraid of owls, so that was *not* going to fly!), so we picked these for the bridesmaids.

2014-11-11 11.30.38

 Photo by Kaptured by Kristina, provided and designed by KMB Floral.

Probably with a little less greenery.

I like that the orchids are a little bluish, not just purple. I’m not particularly married to a shade of purple – you’re not going to see me posting about scouring the Internet to find something in just the right color. There’s nothing wrong with that, but for us, I’m more focusing on mood and our general color scheme of black, creams, grays, and purples. All shades are welcome here! It takes a little bit of stress off, and I think it can help add depth.

Kari also helped us think about centerpieces. We plan to do most of them on our own, but are considering having her do them for the six tables that are on the ground floor of our venue. This is the inspiration:

2014-11-11 11.30.36 Source: KMB Floral.

We’re also considering using this as a jumping-off point to create a curly willow centerpiece all our own. Time and budgeting will tell! Kari has been kind enough to provide us a quote with and without the centerpieces, so that we can make the decision, and we’re going to be kind enough to not steal her design directly, but rather use it as inspiration only, if we choose to go that route. Andrew was pretty excited about the curly willow as a way to bring in some woodsy touches, so we may explore that further.

We haven’t booked KMB Floral yet, as we want to shop around a bit before we make up our minds, but she’s definitely someone we know we’d love working with. Her work is beautiful and her prices are BAB-friendly!

How did you figure out what you liked for your decor, BABs? Did you know going in to the meeting or did you kind of figure it out as you went along?



Real Wedding: Ansley and Derrick’s $13K New York DIY Dance Party Bash

Reader Ansley emailed her wonderful wedding to us, and my jaw dropped: Homegirl had a $13,000 wedding. In New York. For 80 people. YOU GUYS. It can be done! She focused a lot of time on DIY, sure, but she and her hubs also prioritized in a big way: They wanted food, pretty things and a good time … but she didn’t want to waste money on flowers that she didn’t really care about or other things she found extraneous. So in a city with an average wedding cost hovering around $63,000, Ansley and Derrick pulled of a superfun bash for a good $50K less than that. And they make it look goooood.

Ansley and Derrick Laughing

Name or how you would like it to appear: Ansley and Derrick

Occupation: Quality Assurance Specialist and Mechanical Engineer

Wedding location: Aurora Gallery, Queens

Wedding Date: 10/25/2014

Budget: $13,000

Animal Place Card Holders

How would you describe your wedding: Secular handfasting/dance party/ DIY

What was your favorite part of your wedding? I loved getting pampered before the wedding and hanging out in my hotel suite with my family and friends. I had a blast eating and dancing at the reception … the highlight was spending time with friends and family.

Mother Son Dance

Greeting Guests

What did you splurge on? Food! About 25% of the budget went to the buffet of comfort food including chicken parm, pulled pork, mac n cheese and 11 other dishes!

Cake Topper and Cupcakes

Sharing Cupcakes

What did you save on? Rings. I got tungsten and cubic zirconia rather than diamonds and gold. I also saved on flowers. I used a paper flower bouquet from Etsy and baby’s breath. Total cost- under $100


Paper Bouquet and Shoes

Was there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect? I probably would have skipped a DJ and made my own playlist, as neither of us really like house music.

What was your biggest challenge in planning? Getting people to reply to RSVPs! I feel like I chased down half the people we invited.

Sweet Ceremony Moment

What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? I learned that you really determine your own experience. I visualized a fun, happy wedding and I felt relaxed all day and really enjoyed the food, dancing and fun with my friends.

Gettin' Down!

What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding? The food, the cake, the dress, the dancing and the decor.



Top 5 least favorite? The DJ… the fact that the venue didn’t have an outdoor space … Not much else.

What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received? “The last week you will panic, you will freak out.” … All the people who told me how nervous I would be.

Ansley and Derrick Black & White

The best? Take time to eat.

Any other bits of wisdom? Skip anything that isn’t important to you. People won’t care/notice/mind. Your wedding is more important to you than anyone else, so be true to yourself.

Bridal Portrait

Dancing with Fun Lights

Budget breakdown:

Buffet, drink mixers and service: $3400, T&C Catering

Cakes: $200, Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Dress and Alterations: $1000, David’s Bridal

Booze: $1000

Paper Bouquets and Boutonnieres: $75, The Paper Flowerbed on Etsy

Venue Rental (including tables and chairs): $2100, The Aurora Gallery

Photographer: $700, Daria Wheaton

DJ: $800

Table linens: $200, Linen Tablecloth

Decor (including candles, spray paint and other craft materials):$300, Save on Crafts and Quick Candles

Cake and cupcake Toppers: $30, Modern Blooms on Etsy

Stationery: $500, Type Ten on Etsy and VistaPrint

Jewelry and veil: $100, Brenda’s Bridal Veils and Glitzette, both on Etsy

Groomswear: $300, Men’s Wearhouse

Hotel and Rental car: $500, The Paper Factory Hotel

Favors: $200, The Knot Shop

Hair and Makeup: $120, Jeannie Lopez and Kristin Bray

Rings: $100, Amazon

Day of Coordinator/Decoration: $500, Sofia Orellana

 Congratulations, you guys! If you want to submit your Broke-Ass wedding, email christen {at} brokeassbride {dot} com to get the how-to!